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A new method for assessing tight oil, with application to the Lucaogou Formation in the Jimusaer depression, Junggar Basin, China

Junqing Chen, Xiongqi Pang, Xulong Wang, Yingxun Wang

Quantitative diamondoid analysis indicates oil cosourcing from a deep petroleum system onshore Niger Delta Basin

Onoriode Esegbue, D. Martin Jones, Pim F. van Bergen, Sadat Kolonic

How much systems-tract scale, three-dimensional stratigraphic variability is present in sequence stratigraphy?: An answer from the middle Miocene Pearl River Mouth Basin

Shaohua Xu, Jianhui Han, Yingmin Wang, Min He, Xiong Pang, Weitao Chen, Chenglin Gong, Chunyu Qin, Xiaogang Li, Shang Xu

Evaluating the depositional environment, lithofacies variation, and diagenetic processes of the Wolfcamp B and lower Spraberry intervals in the Midland Basin: Implications for reservoir quality and distribution

Ryan D. Wilson, Jayashree Chitale, Katelyn Huffman, Paul Montgomery, Shane J. Prochnow

Origin and migration of oil and natural gas in the central part of the Ukrainian outer Carpathians: Geochemical and geological approach

Maciej J. Kotarba, Elżbieta Bilkiewicz, Dariusz Więcław, Natalia Y. Radkovets, Yuryi V. Koltun, Adam Kowalski, Natalia Kmiecik, Tomasz Romanowski

Sedimentology, diagenesis, and reservoir characterization of the Permian White Rim Sandstone, southern Utah: Implications for carbon capture and sequestration potential

David Wheatley, Spencer Hollingworth, Peter Steele, Marjorie Chan

The effects of pore structure on wettability and methane adsorption capability of Longmaxi Formation shale from the southern Sichuan Basin in China

Zhiye Gao, Yupeng Fan, Qinhong Hu, Zhenxue Jiang, Yu Cheng

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