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Sequence stratigraphy of the Niobrara Formation: Implications for age-constraining tectonic events and stratigraphic complexities in the Denver-Julesburg Basin, United States

William R. Drake, Sarah J. Hawkins

Depositional environment and hydrothermal controls on organic matter enrichment in the lower Cambrian Niutitang shale, southern China

Jingqiang Tan, Zhanghu Wang, Wenhui Wang, Jason Hilton, Jianhua Guo, Xikai Wang

Rock classification in the Eagle Ford Formation through integration of petrophysical, geological, geochemical, and geomechanical characterization

Shahin Amin, Matthew Wehner, Zoya Heidari, Michael M. Tice

Comparison of gas, Klinkenberg, and liquid permeability of sandstone: Flow regime and pore size

Tobias Orlander, Harald Milsch, Ida Lykke Fabricius

Deeper-water deposition in intrashelf basins: Example from the Lower Cretaceous (Albian) upper Glen Rose Formation in the Houston trough, eastern Texas

Peter Soto-Kerans, Robert G. Loucks, Charles Kerans

Characteristics and origin of oil and gas in the Nanpu sag, Bohai Bay Basin, China: Insights from oil-source correlation and source rock effects

Gang Gao, Jianyu Zhao, Shangru Yang, Wenzhe Gang, Yuexia Dong, Zhongxin Zhao

Lithological, petrophysical, and seal properties of mass-transport complexes, northern Gulf of Mexico

Nan Wu, Christopher A.-L. Jackson, Howard D. Johnson, David M. Hodgson

Surface fractal analysis of pore structure of tight sandstones: Comparison of different models based on mercury intrusion porosimetry

Wenchao Dou, Luofu Liu, Zhengjian Xu, Mengyao Wang, Yiting Chen, Ximeng Wang

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