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Introduction to Salt Basins Special Issue Volume 1: Diapirism, deformation, dating, and exploration in honor of Bruno Vendeville and all the unsung heroes

Timothy A. Shin, Rachelle A. Kernen

Different scales of salt–sediment interaction during passive diapirism

Mark G. Rowan, Katherine A. Giles

Analogue modeling of domino-style extensional basement fault systems with prekinematic salt

O. Ferrer, E. Carola, K. McClay, N. Bufaliza

Aspects of salt diapirism and structural evolution of Mesozoic–Cenozoic basins at the West Iberian margin

João Casacão, Francisco Silva, João Rocha, Joana Almeida, Mário Santos

Salt tectonics along a strike-slip fault system in the sub-Alpine chains of southeastern France, from the Triassic to the Oligocene

Samuel Brooke-Barnett, Rodney Graham, Lidia Lonergan, Lajos Adam Csicsek

Sedimentary evolution of a Late Triassic salt giant and a synchronous carbonate unit between the Peruvian Andean Cordillera and the Brazilian Amazonian foreland

Emilio Carrillo, Roberto Barragán, Christian Hurtado, Ysabel Calderón, Germán Martín, Elizabeth Mariño, Luis Sarmiento, Ariana Rivera, Yaniel Misael Vázquez-Taset, Lluís Fontboté, Silvia Rosas

Salt biostratigraphy: The Miocene palynological assemblages from the Wieliczka Formation, southern Poland

Gil Machado, Manuel Casas-Gallego, Stanisław Burliga

Hydrocarbon-induced bleaching and copper mineralization in the Wingate Sandstone, Paradox Valley, Colorado: Two episodes of fluid migration during the evolution of the Paradox Basin

Timothy J.MacIntyre, Murray W. Hitzman, Jon P. Thorson

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