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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

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Memorial: Alfred Senn (1899-1949)

H. G. Kugler

Memorial: Arthur Gilbertson Hutchison (1902-1949)

J. E. Smith

Memorial: Arthur Raymond May (1893-1948)

E. Fred Davis

Memorial: Bryan Franklin Robinson (1897-1949)

Heath M. Robinson

Memorial: Burton Armand Lilienborg (1900-1949)

Kent K. Kimball

Memorial: Cecil Drake (1899-1949)

G. F. Kaufmann

Memorial: Charles William Honess (1885-1949)

William R. Longmire

Memorial: Charles Worth Fowler, Jr. (1899-1948)

George A. Severson

Memorial: Donald Kelly (1898-1949)

Fred K. Foster

Memorial: Dwight Hugh Fortine (1904-1949)

R. T. White

Memorial: Elwin B. Hall (1891-1949)

Joseph Jensen

Memorial: Floyd Cummings Dodson (1895-1949)

R. L. Cannon

Memorial: Frank Rieber (1891-1948)

J. R. Pemberton

Memorial: Harold H. Henderson (1905-1949)

Thornton Davis

Memorial: James Arthur Wilsey, Jr. (1921-1949)

W. T. Thom Jr., Alex W. McCoy III

Memorial: James Fulton Swain (1903-1948)

M. G. Gulley

Memorial: James Smith Stewart (1883-1948)

W. A. Roliff

Memorial: Joseph Augustine Cushman (1881-1949)

James A. Waters

Memorial: Nelson Horatio Darton (1865-1948)

Watson H. Monroe

Memorial: Richard Robbins Crandall (1902-1949)

L. S. Chambers

Memorial: Robert Hastings Palmer (1882-1948)

Howard M. Kirk

Memorial: Roy Edward Collom (1881-1948)

Roy M. Barnes

Memorial: Thomas Knight Knox (1896-1949)

Charles B. Carpenter

Memorial: Thomas Russell Banks (1900-1948)

B. Coleman Renick

Memorial: Walter Stalder (1881-1949)

G. C. Gester

Memorial: William Harvey Emmons (1876-1948)

George A. Thiel

Memorial: William van Holst Pellekaan (1880-1949)

E. Fred Davis