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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

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Memorial: Andrew Nicholls Mackenzie (1888-1951)

Homer J. Steiny

Memorial: Arthur Wade (1878-1951)

J. N. Montgomery, H. G. Raggatt

Memorial: Bruce Whitcomb (1900-1950)

Dilworth S. Hager

Memorial: Cary Preston Butcher (1898-1950)

J. N. Gregory

Memorial: Charles Henry Wagener (1897-1950)

Grady Kirby

Memorial: Chester Stock (1892-1950)

John P. Buwalda

Memorial: Claude Ervin Needham (1894-1950)

Robert L. Bates

Memorial: Earl Hazen Woods (1902-1950)

Addison Young

Memorial: Edwin Bayer Branson (1877-1950)

Chester R. Longwell

Memorial: Edwin Russell Lloyd, Jr. (1924-1951)

Clyde M. Pederson

Memorial: Eugene Patrick Philbrick (1897-1951)

Edward A. Koester

Memorial: Eugene Stebinger (1883-1951)

L. G. Weeks

Memorial: Frederick Willoughby Penny (1887-1950)

Hans G. Kugler, Gerald A. Waring

Memorial: George Dillon Morgan (1894-1950)

Fred M. Bullard, Hal P. Bybee

Memorial: George Watson Carr (1899-1950)

William H. Newton

Memorial: Harry Alvah Sprague (1913-1950)

William E. Kennett

Memorial: Harvey James Wier, Jr. (1924-1950)

Henry V. Howe

Memorial: Heinrich Ries (1871-1951)

L. P. Teas

Memorial: James Fitzgerald, Jr. (1903-1951)

Willard F. Bailey

Memorial: John Francis Gallie III (1913-1951)

Felix A. Vogel Jr.

Memorial: Joseph Harold Turner (1900-1950)

D. E. Lounsbery, Harry L. Baldwin

Memorial: Julian Q. Myers (1889-1950)

John R. Sandidge

Memorial: Leonidas Chalmers Glenn (1871-1951)

W. B. Jewell, C. W. Wilson Jr.

Memorial: Louis Roark (1890-1950)

AAPG Bulletin Staff

Memorial: Louis Roark (1890-1950)

Robert H. Wood

Memorial: Oley Foster Hedrick (1891-1950)

Glenn E. Crays

Memorial: Paul Henry Clark (1909-1951)

H. J. McLellan

Memorial: Stanley Matthews McDonald (1915-1950)

Richard J. Russell

Memorial: Walter Byron Wilson (1885-1951)

J. V. Howell, L. Murray Neumann

Memorial: Walter James Crown (1901-1951)

E. R. Murray-Aaron

Memorial: Walter March Burress (1893-1950)

C. E. Hyde

Memorial: Wilber Judson (1880-1951)

Albert G. Wolf