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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

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Memorial: Albert Ferd Morris (1898-1957)

Wilton E. Scott

Memorial: Alden Bruce Rowley (1888-1956)

L. E. Kennedy

Memorial: Arthur Iddings (1891-1957)

Wallace E. Pratt

Memorial: Charles Adelbert Breitung (1892-1958)

William J. Sherry

Memorial: Charles Calvin Toomey (1892-1957)

John W. Merritt

Memorial: Charles McClelland Lind (1911-1957)

J. C. Meacham

Memorial: Charles Robert Hoyle, Sr. (1891-1954)

Roy P. Lehman

Memorial: Clinton Elsworth Nearhood (1915-1957)

Everett C. Parker

Memorial: David Perry Olcott (1896-1958)

J. Brian Eby

Memorial: Frank Marshall Getzendaner (1876-1957)

E. D. Pressler

Memorial: Frank Walbridge DeWolf (1881-1957)

Wallace E. Pratt

Memorial: Henry Cornelius Cortes (1892-1957)

L. P. Teas

Memorial: James Anthony Folger (1896-1956)

George H. Norton, Leland W. Kesler

Memorial: John Wesley Merritt (1885-1958)

Ruth Sheldon Knowles

Memorial: Joseph Edmund Eaton (1895-1958)

William Henry Corey

Memorial: Joseph Wright Johnson (1917-1957)

W. E. Wallis

Memorial: Leroy Thompson Patton (1880-1957)

G. C. Clark

Memorial: Marcellus Henry Stow (1902-1957)

W. Taylor Thom Jr.

Memorial: Melbert Edgar Schwarz (1898-1957)

R. S. McFarland

Memorial: Nathan Perry Isenberger (1896-1956)

D. E. Lounsbery

Memorial: Ralph Homeward Espach (1900-1956)

Edward J. Boos, Thomas S. Harrison, Horace D. Thomas

Memorial: Ray Vernon Hennen (1875-1958)

David B. Reger

Memorial: Roy Lamont Ginter (1892-1958)

Glenn R. V. Griffith

Memorial: Stanley Carrollton Herold (1883-1958)

Joseph S. Hook

Memorial: Stanley Gordon Elder (1904-1957)

Elmer W. Ellsworth

Memorial: Walter Curran Mendenhall (1871-1957)

Morris M. Leighton

Memorial: Wendell Glenn Sanford (1914-1958)

John Marshall

Memorial: Wendell Zerbe Miller (1892-1958)

L. Murray Neumann

Memorial: William Clyde Adams (1892-1957)

Ralph A. Brant