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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

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Memorial: Albert G. Wolf (1885-1964)

H. V. W. Donohoo

Memorial: Albert Rodger Denison (1897-1962)

John L. Ferguson

Memorial: Alfred Dexter Zapp (1916-1962)

James R. Gill

Memorial: Alfred Paul Frey (1893-1963)

J. Lester

Memorial: Barnum Brown (1873-1963)

G. Edward Lewis

Memorial: Benjamin Charles Lupton (1908-1964)

William E. Kennett

Memorial: Clarence Lemuel Moody (1888-1963)

Frank R. Clark

Memorial: Dabney E. Petty (1891-1963)

Edgar W. Owen

Memorial: Ernest John Marti (1913-1964)

William A. Sax

Memorial: Floyd Kellogg Beach (1884-1964)

Joseph S. Irwin

Memorial: Forrest Wilson Hood (1897-1963)

R. J. Berryman

Memorial: Garrett Lincoln Bolyard (1897-1963)

R. C. Lamb, U. R. Laves, R. B. Morton

Memorial: Geoffrey Barrow (1899-1963)

O. C. Wheeler

Memorial: George Magee Cunningham (1895-1963)

Richard N. Nelson

Memorial: George William Schneider (1899-1963)

D. D. Utterback

Memorial: Harold Kerr Armstrong (1893-1962)

Louis N. Waterfall

Memorial: Henry Carter Rea (1900-1963)

Raymond M. Thompson

Memorial: Jack Malcolm Copass (1906-1963)

John P. Thompson

Memorial: James Owen Gresham Sanderson (1898-1963)

M. B. B. Crockford

Memorial: James Wardy Ducote (1919-1964)

E. G. King Jr.

Memorial: John Barron Souther (1894-1964)

Kenneth A. Simmons

Memorial: John Edward Owens (1912-1963)

J. W. Inkster

Memorial: Joseph Theophilus Singewald, Jr. (1884-1963)

J. Brian Eby

Memorial: Julius Rex McGehee (1905-1963)

W. C. Finch

Memorial: Justin Matthew Rukas (1910-1963)

D. N. Rockwood

Memorial: Kenneth Alfred Ellison (1902-1963)

George Elliott Sweet

Memorial: Lloyd Alvino Nelson (1895-1964)

Berte R. Haigh

Memorial: Marion Stanton Roberts (1909-1963)

Richard L. Denham, Kirby L. Cockerham Jr.

Memorial: Maurice E. Kirby (1909-1963)

Robert A. Bishop, Arthur R. Erickson

Memorial: Milton Diez Blumenthal (1922-1964)

Frank R. Moulton Jr.

Memorial: Park J. Jones (1904-1963)

University of Houston

Memorial: Richard Newman Nelson (1897-1964)

Richard H. Hopper

Memorial: Robert Doyle (1913-1963)

Samuel P. Ellison Jr.

Memorial: Robert Louis Gollnick (1918-1963)

E. Raymond Ring Jr.

Memorial: Roland Leroy Clifton (1884-1962)

J. Lawrence Muir

Memorial: Thomas Samuel Harrison (1881-1964)

Arthur E. Brainerd

Memorial: Vertress Lawrence Vander Hoof (1904-1964)

A. I. Levorsen

Memorial: Walter Hasebrook Holleran (1908-1964)

J. W. Pittman

Memorial: William Baltser Kramer, III (1896-1963)

Glenn R. V. Griffith

Memorial: William Clement Putnam (1908-1963)

Cordell Durrell

Memorial: William Clifford Morse (1874-1962)

Franklin E. Vestal

Memorial: William Greame Argabrite (1885-1963)

Clarence S. Ross

Memorial: Will McClain Winton (1885-1960)

F. E. Lozo