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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

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Memorial: Alfred Bentz (1897-1964)

Wolfgang Schott

Memorial: Allen Walter Tillotson (1905-1964)

Howard J. Conhaim

Memorial: Alva Christine Ellisor (1892-1964)

L. P. Teas

Memorial: Arthur Bunert Gross (1904-1965)

Stanley W. Blanchard, James L. Moody

Memorial: Arville Irving Levorsen (1894-1965)

Frederick A. F. Berry

Memorial: Aylwin L. Smith (1898-1965)

T. I. Harkins

Memorial: Carl Fries, Jr. (1910-1965)

Eduardo Schmitter

Memorial: Carl Peter Thorsen (1927-1964)

Wayne E. Fowler

Memorial: Carroll M. Wagner (1893-1965)

Marion B. Wagner

Memorial: Charles Eugene Fralich (1902-1964)

Wilber H. Young Jr.

Memorial: Charles H. Taylor (1877-1964)

Jerry B. Newby

Memorial: Charles Louis Renaud (1898-1964)

Charles B. Renaud

Memorial: Charles Reiter Canfield (1906-1964)

Harold T. Morley

Memorial: Dean H. Sheldon (1908-1965)

A. F. Woodward

Memorial: Dwight Holbrook Thornburg (1895-1965)

Phillip S. Kistler, Peter H. Gardett

Memorial: Ferdinand Julius Fohs (1884-1965)

W. A. Reiter Sr.

Memorial: Frederic Harrison Edmunds (1898-1965)

W. O. Kupsch

Memorial: Frederick George Phelps (1913-1964)

Paul T. Bauman

Memorial: Garland Peyton (1892-1964)

V. T. Stringfield

Memorial: George Rutherford Wesley (1905-1965)

Richard B. Rutledge

Memorial: Glenn Charles Tague (1905-1964)

R. B. Newcombe

Memorial: Glenn Rodgers Vickery Griffith (1891-1964)

Edward L. Johnson

Memorial: Glen Smith Norville (1899-1963)

R. D. Jones

Memorial: Harold Norman Fisk (1908-1964)

Morgan J. Davis

Memorial: Harvey Whitaker (1906-1964)

Charles A. Daubert

Memorial: Henry R. Joesting (1903-1965)

Roland G. Henderson

Memorial: James Henry Gardner (1883-1964)

Lucian Walker

Memorial: John Edward McDougall (1914-1964)

Arthur H. Trowbridge

Memorial: Joseph Croxton Blankenship (1930-1964)

Parker S. Turner

Memorial: Leland Wayne Ashmore (1916-1964)

Jane Ferrell

Memorial: Leo A. Thomas (1917-1965)

Keith M. Hussey

Memorial: Louis Aubrey Mylius (1890-1965)

Alfred H. Bell

Memorial: Melvin Leroy Irwin (1915-1964)

M. J. Deuth

Memorial: Nelson Bryan Potter (1897-1965)

William M. Plaster

Memorial: Oliver Rudolph Grawe (1901-1965)

Sarah C. Grawe

Memorial: Oscar E. Stoner (1892-1965)

Oscar E. Stoner Jr.

Memorial: Paul Joseph McIntyre (1893-1963)

Russell S. Tarr

Memorial: Paul Weaver (1888-1964)

Marcus A. Hanna

Memorial: Richard Griffith Reese (1902-1964)

Ernest K. Parks

Memorial: Robert Jennings Riggs (1888-1965)

Harold T. Morley

Memorial: Robert Luce Hill (1937-1964)

Donald D. Hollar

Memorial: Roy F. Beery, Jr. (1917-1964)

Phil F. Martyn

Memorial: Vincent Charles Perini, Jr. (1895-1965)

Richard R. Bloomer

Memorial: Weldon Woolf Hammond (1908-1964)

John R. Sandidge, William G. Kane

Memorial: William Frederick Howell (1895-1965)

Everett C. Parker

Memorial: William H. Elson (1895-1965)

H. J. Conhaim

Memorial: William Thomas Nightingale (1897-1964)

W. W. Skeeters