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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

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Memorial: Charles A. Biggs (1919-1971)

Ray L. Harrison

Memorial: Charles Lee McGuinness (1914-1971)

George V. Cohee

Memorial: Charles W. Ellis, Jr. (1934-1970)

Robert J. Weimer

Memorial: Clifford Winkler Byron (1901-1970)

W. A. Clark Jr.

Memorial: Edward Chauncey Hinman Lammers (1910-1971)

Roger G. Alexander Jr.

Memorial: Francis Eugene O’Brien (1916-1968)

R. J. Berryman

Memorial: Fredric Stephen Goerner (1915-1969)

T. P. Ellsworth

Memorial: G Dallas Hanna (1887-1970)

W. F. Barbat

Memorial: Henry N. Toler (1901-1970)

W. D. Lynch, R. Merrill Harris

Memorial: Jesse V. Howell (1891-1971)

Noel Evans, Fritiof M. Fryxell

Memorial: John C. Myers (1894-1970)

Felix A. Vogel Jr.

Memorial: John Emery Adams (1899-1970)

Mary Louise Rhodes

Memorial: John Harger Hoyt (1928-1970)

Vernon J. Henry Jr.

Memorial: John N. Troxell (1895-1970)

Richard K. Troxell

Memorial: Larry A. Headlee (1938-1970)

James W. Vernon, Richard A. Slater, Edwin C. Buffington, Joseph R. Curray, David G. Moore, Robert F. Dill, William B. Huckabay

Memorial: Leo George Keppler (1890-1971)

J. E. Keppler

Memorial: Lucian Hickman Walker (1894-1970)

Charles G. Carlson

Memorial: Martin G. Rutten (1910-1970)

Ernst ten Haaf

Memorial: Neal Johnstone Smith (1912-1971)

Kenneth H. Crandall

Memorial: Orby Clinton Wheeler (1898-1970)

Theodore A. Link, G. Moses Knebel

Memorial: Philip G. Russell (1891-1971)

John W. Harrington

Memorial: Rodman K. Cross (1911-1970)

Arthur S. Huey

Memorial: Roger Wesley Bryan (1927-1971)

Albert M. Tolbert, George Ayres, Gay Helm

Memorial: Siemon William Muller (1900-1970)

A. Myra Keen, Norman J. Silberling, Benjamin M. Page

Memorial: Theron Wasson (1887-1970)

Ira H. Cram

Memorial: Wallace W. Hanson (1921-1971)

Derek B. Tatlock, Paul W. Garrett Jr.

Memorial: Walter Eric Nygren (1907-1971)

J. T. Smith, I. K. Nichols

Memorial: Walter Everett Hopper (1886-1971)

Charles G. Carlson

Memorial: William Eugene Ham (1916-1970)

Robert H. Dott Sr.