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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

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Memorial: Allen Theodore “Ted” Lee (1908-1971)

John E. Kilkenny

Memorial: Bill Lloyd Bloodworth (1916-1971)

Jerald Alliger

Memorial: Carey Croneis (1901-1972)

James Lee Wilson

Memorial: Carlton Mann Carson (1898-1972)

Henry H. Neel

Memorial: Charles A. Hauptman (1891-1971)

Howard R. Ritzma

Memorial: Charles Albert Milner, Jr. (1900-1971)

Everett C. Parker

Memorial: Donald Meredith Allen (1899-1971)

Roy P. Lehman

Memorial: Edward J. Foley (1908-1971)

H. M. Kirk

Memorial: Elmer Michael Rice (1900-1971)

Theo H. Dinkins Jr.

Memorial: Everett C. Edwards (1897-1972)

Thomas A. Edwards

Memorial: Fielding Breeden Dickson (1912-1972)

Howard R. Born

Memorial: George H. Murray, Jr. (1928-1971)

Arden F. Blair, A. Rex Hafer Jr., John R. Warne

Memorial: George Leavitt Harrington (1883-1972)

J. Herbert Sawyer

Memorial: Harry Roland Johnson (1880-1971)

C. L. (Luke) Severy

Memorial: Henry Nunn Sweeney (1914-1972)

Robert H. Cress

Memorial: Jesse Vernon (1894-1972)

John P. Thompson

Memorial: John E. F. Caston (1925-1972)

R. B. Palmer

Memorial: John Miller Sickler, Jr. (1891-1970)

Homer J. Steiny

Memorial: John Robert Suman (1890-1972)

Carl E. Reistle Jr.

Memorial: Kenneth Albert Simmons (1906-1971)

Noel H. Stearn

Memorial: Kenneth C. Heald (1888-1971)

Kirtley F. Mather

Memorial: O. Robert Lamsens (1922-1971)

Don B. Gould

Memorial: Sam Zimerman (1905-1972)

Bess Zimerman

Memorial: Virgil August Brill (1905-1972)

J. Ben Carsey

Memorial: W. Harlan Taylor (1908-1972)

Sam M. Penn

Memorial: William D. Miller (1930-1972)

C. C. Reeves Jr.