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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

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Memorial: Abdon Joseph Lopez (1924-1972)

A. J. Ferguson

Memorial: Armand J. Eardley (1901-1972)

William Lee Stokes

Memorial: Carl A. Moore (1911-1973)

George G. Huffman

Memorial: Daniel Jarvis (1920-1973)

Leo Hendricks, Jack Walper, Arthur Ehlmann

Memorial: Don L. Frizzell (1906-1972)

Alfred C. Spreng, Ray E. Morgan, John W. Koenig

Memorial: E. G. Thompson (1898-1973)

Orval L. Brace

Memorial: E. H. Rainwater (1909-1972)

Jules Braunstein

Memorial: Erich M. Schlaikjer (1905-1972)

Warren L. Taylor

Memorial: Ernest Albin Hanson (1899-1973)

Douglas L. McBride

Memorial: Esther Richards Applin (1895-1972)

John C. Maher

Memorial: Felix Celso Reyes (1924-1972)

Carlos H. Moreno

Memorial: Forrest E. Wimbish (1900-1972)

John T. Rouse

Memorial: Geoffrey W. Crickmay (1905-1971)

W. Dow Hamm

Memorial: George Means Bevier (1888-1972)

Fred C. Davis Jr.

Memorial: Glenn DeWayne Hawkins (1897-1970)

E. C. Dapples

Memorial: Harry David Pennel (1907-1971)

Donald W. St. Clair

Memorial: Horace N. Goodell (1915-1971)

Robert J. Weimer

Memorial: Howard Clark (1885-1972)

Charles G. Carlson

Memorial: Hugh A. Stewart (1888-1972)

Annora S. Stewart

Memorial: John McKee Ware (1905-1973)

Tom Ware, Herbert E. Ware Jr.

Memorial: Karl William Reynolds (1894-1970)

Harold T. Morley

Memorial: Lewis Alexander Bond (1896-1972)

Thomas L. Bailey

Memorial: Livingstone Pierson Teas (1894-1970)

J. Ben Carsey

Memorial: M. J. Sullins (1930-1972)

Lloyd E. Hatfield

Memorial: O. C. Harper (1897-1973)

H. L. Huffman

Memorial: Otto E. Brown (1896-1973)

Joseph Borden

Memorial: Percy Williams Donovan (1879-1973)

Lee C. Armstrong

Memorial: R. Clare Coffin (1886-1972)

Harold T. Morley

Memorial: Robert G. Hill (1914-1973)

R. C. Slocum

Memorial: Roy S. Hazeltine (1890-1972)

Edgar W. Owen

Memorial: Thomas Gregory Perry (1919-1972)

Alan S. Horowitz

Memorial: Thomas O. Hall (1906-1972)

Ray F. Keller

Memorial: Thomas Preston Ware (1909-1972)

Cleo E. Buck

Memorial: Victor Elvert Monnett (1889-1972)

Clifford A. Merritt

Memorial: W. O. Leutenegger (1903-1972)

H. Anderegg, H. H. Renz

Memorial: William Felbert Jackson Baldwin, Jr. (1927-1972)

William M. Chapman

Memorial: William H. Atkinson (1898-1972)

Fritz Kate

Memorial: William I. Mayfield (1912-1972)

Johnny Moorhead