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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

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Memorial: Albert Eduard Wirz (1910-1973)

Hans G. Kugler

Memorial: B. E. “Boots” Bremer (1904-1974)

Shelby W. Smith

Memorial: Benjamin Franklin Hake (1895-1973)

Ben B. Cox

Memorial: Bing Q. Yee (1924-1973)

Wilbur E. McMurtry

Memorial: Byron Rife (1892-1974)

Arvin F. Scott

Memorial: Charles M. Linehan (1913-1973)

Max M. Crunk Jr.

Memorial: D. Hoye Eargle (1905-1973)

Jules Braunstein

Memorial: Edgar DeWitt Klinger (1897-1973)

George W. Pirtle

Memorial: Ernest Guy Robinson (1893-1973)

Mark Leighton Robinson

Memorial: Frank B. Notestein (1885-1973)

Herbert V. Lee

Memorial: G. Wendell Smith (1917-1974)

Donald M. West

Memorial: Harold Kenneth Koch (1927-1973)

Donald G. Baker

Memorial: Henry Rogatz (1902-1974)

Willis G. Meyer

Memorial: Herman Gunter (1885-1972)

Victor T. Stringfield

Memorial: Horacio Jaime Harrington (1910-1973)

J. C. M. Turner

Memorial: Hugh Hamilton Beach (1909-1973)

Richard B. Palmer

Memorial: J. T. Thaemar (1911-1972)

Billy E. Maxwell

Memorial: James David Aimer (1899-1973)

Claude N. Valerius

Memorial: James Garland Mitchell (1908-1972)

J. L. Borden, F. A. Thurman

Memorial: James Logan Ballard (1902-1974)

A. L. Ladner

Memorial: James William Kisling, Jr. (1898-1973)

Dollie Radler Hall

Memorial: John Charles Hazzard (1903-1973)

John F. Mason, Arthur A. Meyerhoff, William R. Moran, William T. Roeseler, Stanley G. Wissler

Memorial: John L. Ferguson (1893-1973)

Andrew Gilmour

Memorial: Kenneth L. Cochran (1910-1973)

W. F. Gerhard

Memorial: Lawrence J. Zoller (1895-1973)

Harry L. Berry

Memorial: Lewis Martin (1920-1973)

Lester W. Clutter, Edward J. Bolin, Gerald W. Fuller, George H. Tappan

Memorial: Myron Amos Dresser (1894-1973)

Lewis G. Weeks

Memorial: Orville L. Bandy (1917-1973)

William H. Easton

Memorial: Phil F. Martyn (1903-1974)

J. Brian Eby

Memorial: Roland K. Thies (1905-1973)

Henry G. Guest

Memorial: Sidney Arthur Judson (1887-1971)

Charles W. Carter

Memorial: Thomas John Fitzgerald (1903-1973)

Miguel deLaveaga

Memorial: Walter J. Boyle (1897-1973)

Edgar W. Owen

Memorial: Willard L. Miller (1896-1973)

E. G. Dahlgren

Memorial: William B. Heroy, Sr. (1883-1971)

Frank B. Conselman

Memorial: William J. McMannis (1924-1973)

John Montagne

Memorial: William Maurice Ewing (1906-1974)

J. Lamar Worzel, F. T. Manheim