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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

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Memorial: Arthur Henry Noble (1887-1979)

Walter M. Small

Memorial: Arthur Sullivan Gale, Jr. (1912-1979)

Robert F. Walters

Memorial: Bruno Rixleben (1899-1978)

H. W. O’Keeffe

Memorial: Clarence E. Brehm (1911-1980)

Charles Pardee

Memorial: Clifford C. (Cliff) Vaughan (1932-1979)

Gene Pollock

Memorial: Cuthbert Deichmann Stephenson (1897-1979)

Charles S. Lavington

Memorial: Edmund T. Benson (1906-1979)

P. M. Konkel

Memorial: Eugene G. Leonardon (1888-1980)

Paul Charrin

Memorial: Frank L. Fournier (1905-1979)

J. P. Gallagher

Memorial: Gregory W. Mannhard (1945-1979)

Karl F. Arleth

Memorial: H. W. Straley, III (1900-1979)

John E. Husted

Memorial: Henry DeRosset McCallum (1907-1979)

J. Ben Carsey, W. B. Oliver

Memorial: J. Claire Sowers, Jr. (1921-1979)

C. W. Denney

Memorial: John Douglas Marr (1900-1979)

Bruce Frizzell, Kathryne Marr

Memorial: John W. Inkster (1905-1980)

Rufus J. Le Blanc, Sr.

Memorial: Joseph F. Moss (1925-1980)

C. M. McLean III

Memorial: Joseph H. Goth, Jr. (1922-1980)

John Erickson, Robert W. Richter

Memorial: Lawrence S. Chambers (1905-1979)

Alfred W. Vitt, John E. Kilkenny

Memorial: Louis Hayes Rogers (1917-1979)

J. Miller Goodger, Donald E. Johnson

Memorial: N. Wood Bass (1893-1979)

John R. Donnell, George H. Horn, Paul Averitt

Memorial: Neal John Harr (1931-1979)

Allen McGlone

Memorial: Reece L. Berry (1929-1979)

Cecil R. Rives

Memorial: Robert (Bert) Hamilton (1920-1980)

K. N. Beckie

Memorial: Rodney G. Colvin (1922-1979)

William Rintoul

Memorial: Roy P. “Ike” Lehman (1901-1980)

C. P. Kaiser

Memorial: Russell Story Tarr (1893-1979)

Ray Constant

Memorial: Victor P. Grage (1907-1979)

Claude N. Valerius

Memorial: Walter S. Olson (1904-1978)

A. J. Hanners