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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

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Memorial: Boris G. Laiming (1897-1981)

Louis J. Simon

Memorial: Charles Eric Bruce Conybeare (1917-1982)

David Ingle Smith

Memorial: Charles F. Henderson (1912-1982)

Laurence S. Melzer, Samuel P. Ellison Jr.

Memorial: Charles Laurence Baker (1887-1979)

J. E. Wilson

Memorial: Charles Raymond Wilcox (1916-1982)

Lyman Hill

Memorial: Clive Gordon McKnight, Jr. (1926-1981)

Sam S. Reeves Jr.

Memorial: Delbert B. Ringena (1921-1982)

D. H. Lutz

Memorial: Erwin Ralph Scott (1907-1980)

John C. Dunlap

Memorial: Francis B. Stein (1914-1962)

A. I. Bartow

Memorial: Frank R. Stockton (1903-1982)

P. C. McConnell

Memorial: Frank Walter Stead (1912-1981)

William S. Twenhofel

Memorial: George Henry Hansen (1896-1981)

H. J. Bissell

Memorial: Harold Vincent Dunnington (1919-1981)

William F. Bishop, Arthur A. Meyerhoff

Memorial: Henry Emmett Gross (1906-1982)

Mrs. Margrete Gross

Memorial: Henryk Bronislaw Stenzel (1899-1980)

Keith Young

Memorial: Howard A. Gibson (1918-1982)

Charles N. Needham

Memorial: Howard Augustus Meyerhoff (1899-1982)

Sherman A. Wengerd

Memorial: J. Eric Bucher (1915-1981)

Suzanne Takken

Memorial: James Robert Arnold (1923-1981)

R. E. Schmieg, Stratton H. Bull

Memorial: James T. Wood, Jr. (1895-1981)

Sam Grinsfelder

Memorial: Jilson H. Hensley (1909-1981)

Robert L. Begeman

Memorial: Karl Walter Klement (1931-1982)

Bernold M. Hanson

Memorial: Kenneth C. Beresford (1923-1982)

John L. Severson, Robert A. Bishop

Memorial: Leonard D. Harris (1925-1982)

Wallace de Witt, Jr.

Memorial: Max L. Krueger (1902-1980)

Arnold D. Cunningham

Memorial: Merton Eugene Simons (1924-1981)

Norman L. Mundorff

Memorial: Millard B. Arick (1899-1982)

J. Ben Carsey

Memorial: Paul L. Applin (1892-1981)

Paul L. Applin Jr.

Memorial: Richard Dolbow Stewart (1921-1981)

John E. Kilkenny

Memorial: Richard Henry Schweers (1905-1980)

H. H. Bradfield

Memorial: Robert E. Rettger (1897-1981)

E. W. Hard

Memorial: Robert Erwin Gross (1923-1981)

J. W. Mallin, J. R. Strecker

Memorial: Stephen E. Collins (1934-1981)

Patrick J. F. Gratton

Memorial: Thomas Lee Kirby (1920-1981)

Bernie J. Ferris

Memorial: Wallace Everette Pratt (1885-1981)

Amos Salvador

Memorial: Walter Lee Michael (1955-1981)

Tom Moslow, Rosemary McCall, Billy Moore

Memorial: Warren M. Trimm (1928-1982)

Donald E. Napp

Memorial: William D. Barnes (1922-1982)

George R. Gibson, Hollis Brice

Memorial: Willis Storm, Jr. (1896-1980)

W. Dow Hamm