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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

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Memorial: A. Lyndon Bell (1905-1981)

Alfred G. Fischer

Memorial: Albert J. Stennett (1931-1983)

Tom Hancock

Memorial: Alvin L. Frericks (1915-1982)

William C. Johnson

Memorial: Bruce A. Liberty (1919-1982)

Wayne T. Jolly

Memorial: Carl Bernard Anderson (1889-1983)

Rudolph F. Anderson

Memorial: Carl Lyle Bryan (1908-1983)

Beynon Sale Cheesman

Memorial: Charles R. Kolb (1920-1982)

Grover E. Murray, David E. Pope

Memorial: Claude Nathan Valerius (1904-1982)

C. Lane Sartor

Memorial: Cornelius Grinnell Willis (1899-1983)

Richard S. Ballantyne

Memorial: Darrell M. Putman (1903-1983)

Robert L. Harris

Memorial: David D. Foreman (1927-1982)

Hazel J. Foreman

Memorial: Debra Lynn Schiltz (1954-1981)

Beverly Schiltz

Memorial: Ernest Lynn Patchett (1900-1982)

Frances Donan Patchett, W. M. Chapman

Memorial: Eugene Wagner Tynes (1930-1982)

William R. Guffey

Memorial: Fred W. Bartlett (1897-1982)

W. Dow Hamm

Memorial: Gerald Westby (1898-1983)

Staff of Seismograph Service Corp.

Memorial: Harold W. Hoots (1899-1979)

Ted L. Bear

Memorial: Horace E. Harrington (1914-1983)

Arthur R. Harrington

Memorial: Horst F. J. von Bandat (1895-1982)

Tibor Czako

Memorial: John Henry Earl (1917-1982)

Craig Ferris

Memorial: John T. Rouse (1906-1982)

Robey H. Clark

Memorial: Jules Braunstein (1913-1983)

James A. Hartman, Doris M. Curtis

Memorial: Lowell E. Redwine (1911-1982)

John C. Crowell

Memorial: Margaret H. Hawn Mirabile (1915-1982)

Bridget Kaveny, Robert J. Berven

Memorial: P. Hastings Keller (1890-1982)

Wallace W. Hagan

Memorial: Paul D. Torrey (1903-1982)

AAPG Bulletin Staff

Memorial: Ray Pearce Walters (1898-1983)

Herbert Sawyer, Richard F. Walters

Memorial: Reaves Whitney Jackson (1935-1982)

Robert J. Shrock

Memorial: Sheridan A. Thompson (1893-1982)

William W. Clawson

Memorial: Sidney A. Packard (1897-1982)

Hugo R. Kamb

Memorial: Stanley E. Slipper (1890-1982)

Samuel Aubrey Kerr

Memorial: Stuart James Kidd (1916-1983)

Ralph W. Edie

Memorial: T. E. Weirich (1897-1983)

Bailey Rascoe Jr.

Memorial: Walter Karl Link (1902-1982)

William E. Humphrey, Robert M. Sanford

Memorial: Willis I. Wright (1907-1982)

Richard L. Slavin, John L. Townley III, John G. Gray