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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

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Memorial: A. Lyndon Morrow (1908-1983)

Stanley N. Warburton, George G. Illes

Memorial: B. G. Martin (1908-1983)

Jack Colle

Memorial: Benjamin H. Martin (1913-1984)

Jess P. Roach

Memorial: Cecil Francis Blouin (1906-1984)

James A. Wheeler

Memorial: Charles Mumaw Cross (1909-1981)

Elmo W. Adams

Memorial: Clarence A. Cole (1907-1983)

Theo H. Dinkins Jr.

Memorial: Clifton S. Corbett (1891-1984)

Horace Winchell

Memorial: Donald Laurence Smith (1940-1983)

James A. Peterson

Memorial: Douglas Bruce Layer (1914-1984)

G. B. Darling

Memorial: Earl O. Abbott (1912-1983)

Karl A. Olson

Memorial: Eric S. W. Simpson (1924-1983)

C. S. Thomas

Memorial: Everett Cecil “Hap” Parker (1891-1983)

Robert W. Allen

Memorial: Frank T. Clark (1899-1983)

Dick Donley

Memorial: George Robert Stocker (1924-1984)

Guy Sitler

Memorial: George Sherman “Duke” Follansbee, Jr. (1902-1983)

Sam Grinsfelder

Memorial: Hampton Smith (1907-1983)

Rollin Eckis

Memorial: Jack A. Rykken (1928-1984)

C. Rod de Luca

Memorial: James J. Bell (1933-1984)

Donald F. Reaser

Memorial: John Lawrence Garlough (1891-1983)

Larry J. Richardson

Memorial: Joseph Vercellino (1925-1984)

Martin W. Schramm

Memorial: Katherine Greacen Nelson (1913-1982)

Joanne Kluessendorf, Donald G. Mikulic, Rachel K. Paull, Richard A. Paull

Memorial: Maurice E. Forney (1917-1984)

Charles J. Worrel

Memorial: Newton Meade Layne, Jr. (1918-1983)

Glen F. Brown

Memorial: Olaf Pitt Jenkins (1889-1983)

Elisabeth L. Egenhoff

Memorial: Paul H. Allen, Jr. (1923-1983)

William G. Pittman

Memorial: Richard A. Hammes (1935-1981)

R. G. Huppi

Memorial: Richard H. Jahns (1915-1983)

Gordon E. Brown Jr., Konrad B. Krauskopf, Gail A. Mahood, Irwin Remson

Memorial: Richard L. Pierce (1926-1983)

Lee B. Gibson, Robert T. Clarke

Memorial: Robert D. McCluer (1891-1983)

Janet E. McCluer

Memorial: Robert Henson Alagood (1908-1983)

Robert J. Moffatt

Memorial: Robert L. Blocher (1921-1984)

Nat H. MacKevett

Memorial: Russell Stafford Knappen (1892-1982)

Sherman Alexander Wengerd, Florence Mather Wengerd

Memorial: Stanley Earl Jay (1901-1983)

Janice Gay Kimberlin

Memorial: Thomas J. McCroden (1923-1983)

Donald L. Zieglar

Memorial: W. Dow Hamm (1900-1983)

Dean A. McGee, William H. Curry Jr.

Memorial: William J. Hilseweck (1913-1984)

Charles F. Dodge