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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

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Memorial: Albert G. Nance (1902-1985)

J. S. Gilstrap, A. J. Lawson

Memorial: Andrew F. McDade (1925-1985)

L. H. DuBois

Memorial: Berte Rolph Haigh (1890-1986)

George E. Moore

Memorial: Charles Hurst Sample (1908-1985)

J. A. Wheeler, J. O. Lewis

Memorial: Chester Skrabacz (1923-1986)

Mark A. Skrabacz

Memorial: Daniel Kirk Hamilton (1923-1984)

N. P. Carroll

Memorial: Donald James Bonvillain (1930-1986)

Robert R. Evans, Dean Grafton

Memorial: Don Earl Perryman (1934-1985)

A. Darryl James

Memorial: Edgar S. Driver (1921-1985)

Robert V. Brodine

Memorial: Elmer Alfred Markley (1897-1985)

C. Lane Sartor

Memorial: Eugene Robert Schroeder (1924-1984)

Phil Porter

Memorial: Francis Parker Shepard (1897-1985)

K. O. Emery, R. S. Dietz, G. G. Kuhn, R. E. Stevenson, J. R. Curray

Memorial: Frank Reeves (1886-1986)

Eric Rudd

Memorial: Fred H. Wilcox (1900-1986)

William W. Clawson

Memorial: Fred Holmsley Moore (1909-1985)

Milton Hruby

Memorial: Harold E. Enlows (1911-1985)

Keith F. Oles, Robert J. Lantz, John F. Harris

Memorial: Henry Bates Peacock (1894-1985)

John J. Amoruso

Memorial: Howard Stevenson Mullan (1949-1985)

M. A. Bussell

Memorial: Jack Kirby Larsen, Sr. (1919-1986)

Robey H. Clark

Memorial: James Markley Hamill (1895-1983)

Louis J. Simon

Memorial: Joseph Don Garrison, Jr. (1923-1986)

Robert W. Allen

Memorial: M. Ruth Todd (1913-1984)

Doris Low

Memorial: Morton B. Stephenson (1904-1986)

D. E. Powley

Memorial: Noel Evans (1899-1985)

Chesley C. Herndon, Ralph Evans

Memorial: Ricardo Oliveira Mercio (1945-1986)

Lauro P. Vieira

Memorial: Richard G. Griffith (1927-1985)

William E. Shafer

Memorial: Richard S. Travis (1924-1984)

Carl E. Jenkins

Memorial: Robert Bruce McCulloch (1914-1986)

Robert W. Hickman

Memorial: Robert L. Begeman (1920-1985)

M. O. Turner

Memorial: Robert Neil Williams (1906-1985)

William E. Kennett

Memorial: Robert William Crebbs (1925-1986)

Edward B. Walker III

Memorial: Roland Frank Beers, Sr. (1899-1985)

Barbara Beers L. Trafford

Memorial: Thomas Andrews Hendricks (1907-1985)

Paul Averitt, Irving J. Witkind

Memorial: Virgil Bedford Cole (1897-1984)

Robert F. Walters

Memorial: Wayne Z. Burkhead (1909-1985)

Jack Colle, John Preston