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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

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Memorial: Alan B. Leeper (1916-1989)

C. Hayden Atchison

Memorial: Allen N. Quick (1929-1988)

Dick Donley

Memorial: Caswell “Cas” Silver (1916-1988)

Nolan L. Ashburn

Memorial: Charles Edward Pittman (1922-1989)

J. W. Soward

Memorial: Charles V. Millikan (1896-1987)

Fred W. Kelly Jr.

Memorial: Clifford Carl Church (1899-1989)

Alvin A. Almgren, Edwin H. Stinemeyer

Memorial: David “Red” Cerkel (1904-1989)

AAPG Bulletin Staff

Memorial: Edward A. Krieg (1914-1988)

Mickey L. James, William L. Holloway, Lee H. Meltzer

Memorial: Francis Edward Vaughan (1889-1988)

Sam Grinsfelder, Mason Hill

Memorial: Frank J. Bell (1906-1988)

John E. Utgaard, Stanley E. Harris Jr.

Memorial: Frank Thomas Connolly (1921-1988)

William Gibson

Memorial: Fred Bates (1911-1988)

Marc Bates

Memorial: George R. Boyle (1899-1986)

Robert J. Ross, James R. Moyer

Memorial: Gerald E. Stengl (1931-1987)

Will Green, Marianne Green

Memorial: H. B. “Babe” Fuqua (1895-1988)

R. E. Klabzuba, Edd Riddle

Memorial: H. M. Kirk (1899-1989)

G. R. Schoonmaker

Memorial: Hollis Dow Hedberg (1903-1988)

Georges Pardo

Memorial: Ira H. Cram, Sr. (1901-1989)

Howard Conhaim, Bill Elson Jr.

Memorial: J. Ben Carsey (1902-1988)

Bernold M. Hanson

Memorial: Jesse William West (1923-1988)

Alan Jackson

Memorial: John Barratt Patton (1915-1988)

Haydn H. Murray, Maurice E. Biggs, Donald D. Carr, John B. Droste, Judson Mead, David G. Towell

Memorial: John Enoidem Ebukanson (1954-1985)

Robert Kinghorn

Memorial: John L. Jobling (1944-1987)

John C. Crelling, John E. Utgaard

Memorial: John Moore Hills (1910-1988)

Edward M. Anderson, Hugh N. Frenzel, John E. Turner

Memorial: John Wesley Skinner (1907-1988)

Garner L. Wilde

Memorial: Karl F. Hagemeier (1922-1988)

Charles Weiner

Memorial: Keith Austin Yenne (1914-1988)

Harold L. Cousminer, Frank L. Webster

Memorial: Kenneth L. Gow (1902-1989)

John Capshaw

Memorial: Leo Hendricks (1907-1988)

Garner L. Wilde

Memorial: Peter Vernon Kemp (1952-1988)

D. I. McEvoy

Memorial: R. R. (Bob) Rieke (1913-1988)

Jack Colle

Memorial: Raymond Joseph Berryman (1919-1987)

Karl H. Arleth

Memorial: Robert B. Mitchell (1902-1987)

John J. Amoruso

Memorial: Robert Henry Dott, Sr. (1896-1988)

Sherman A. Wengerd

Memorial: Robert L. Swanson (1929-1987)

Daniel Bakker, Shirley Swanson Jones

Memorial: Roger G. Ludwig (1931-1988)

Franklyn R. Engler

Memorial: Roscoe E. Shutt (1894-1988)

Sherman A. Wengerd

Memorial: Victor C. Miller (1922-1988)

Timothy A. Gognat, Donald E. Owen

Memorial: Wayne Moore Felts (1912-1988)

Bernard Guarnera

Memorial: Willard Lyle Dockery (1914-1987)

Don E. Lawson

Memorial: William A. Gorman (1906-1988)

Jack Colle

Memorial: William Armstrong Price, Jr. (1889-1987)

Mary J. Thorpe

Memorial: William Edward Remy (1927-1988)

Gary A. McDaniel