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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

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Memorial: Adam Richard Wasem (1917-1995)

Paul Fuenning, Lewis Timothy Braun

Memorial: Albert Ritz Kerr (1914-1995)

Wesla Kerr

Memorial: Antonie Paap (1912-1995)

L. D. Owens

Memorial: Daniel Eugene Boone (1910-1995)

John M. Clayton

Memorial: Dejay Shriner (1919-1995)

Samuel F. Pratt Jr., Joe H. Broome, Patricia Gaffney Shriner

Memorial: Dewey D. Bowling (1927-1996)

Ann Bowling

Memorial: Donald Desmond Utterback (1904-1994)

Thomas A. Philpott

Memorial: Donald S. Nogan (1936-1994)

Neil P. Carroll

Memorial: Edd R. Turner (1921-1995)

Robey H. Clark

Memorial: Edwin T. Ashworth (1924-1995)

Lawrence Weiss

Memorial: F. P. C. M. Van Morkhoven (1922-1993)

Paul R. Krutak, Nancy Day Van Morkhoven

Memorial: Frank Neighbor (1906-1996)

Carl E. Jenkins, Wallace W. Stewart

Memorial: Fred M. Thompson, Jr. (1928-1994)

Robert B. Owen, Coleman Lofton, Al Wagner Jr.

Memorial: Fred Mason Bullard (1902-1994)

William Fisher, Ernest L. Lundelius Jr., Clark Wilson

Memorial: George G. Anderman (1926-1995)

Robert R. Berg

Memorial: Hugh C. Mason III (1925-1994)

Charles W. Hatten, John Carver

Memorial: James Warner Sheller (1916-1994)

Robert T. White

Memorial: John Edward Kilkenny (1913-1995)

George B. Pichel

Memorial: John F. Partridge, Jr. (1916-1995)

Harry Ptasynski

Memorial: John Reid Black (1926-1994)

Edwin H. Franklin

Memorial: Lee C. McFarland (1920-1994)

Lev Sacre, John Kilkenny

Memorial: Lloyd Edward Hatfield (1927-1996)

Stephanie Hrabar, Mrs. L. E. Hatfield

Memorial: Michael B. Morris (1920-1995)

Max G. Pitcher

Memorial: Porter A. Montgomery, Jr. (1916-1995)

George His

Memorial: Ralph W. Disney (1923-1995)

D. C. Anderson

Memorial: Ronald Kinnison Deford (1902-1994)

James R. Underwood Jr.

Memorial: Ronald Ray Sistrunk (1958-1995)

Charles F. Dodge

Memorial: Sherman A. Wengerd (1915-1995)

Frank E. Kottlowski

Memorial: Thomas David Jones (1928-1995)

Wayne A. Schild

Memorial: Wallace B. Howe (1926-1995)

Jerry D. Vineyard

Memorial: William E. Horkey (1898-1995)

Don E. Brown

Memorial: William E. Zajic (1929-1994)

Kim L. Park

Memorial: William Morris Guthrey (1901-1995)

Almena Guthrey

Memorial: Willis G. Meyer (1906-1995)

Duncan A. McNaughton, Diane McNaughton Finstrom