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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

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Memorial: Alastair Milne Reid II (1940-1998)

S. J. Mazzullo

Memorial: Arnold E. West (1927-1998)

Robert L. Egbert

Memorial: Coleman Leland Lofton (1924-1998)

Alfred Wagner Jr.

Memorial: Dennis W. Cratsley (1947-1998)

Thierry M. De Cort

Memorial: Don L. Hellar (1920-1998)

Robert D. Cowdery

Memorial: Duncan A. McNaughton (1910-1998)

T. S. M. Ranneft

Memorial: Edmund David Sneed (1932-1998)

Thomas E. Fanning

Memorial: Elmer William “Lefty” Ellsworth (1907-1997)

Scott Ellsworth

Memorial: Eric Aroha Rudd (1910-1999)

D. J. McGarry

Memorial: Eugene R. “Bob” Orwig (1919-1998)

Carey B. Orwig

Memorial: Frank C. Crawford (1925-1998)

Thomas H. Philpott

Memorial: Frank M. Brooks (1912-1998)

Clark A. Roach

Memorial: Fred H. Christian, Jr. (1925-1999)

Robey H. Clark

Memorial: George C. Hardin, Jr. (1920-1999)

The George C. Hardin Jr. family

Memorial: George Helm Roth (1911-1997)

Jim C. Roth

Memorial: George Willard Berry (1915-1999)

Anne L. Berry

Memorial: H. Norman Winkle (1925-1998)

Don D. Anderson

Memorial: Harold D. Herndon (1902-1998)

George His

Memorial: Hollis B. Fender (1915-1998)

D. Keith Murray

Memorial: Hugo R. Kamb (1901-1998)

Kenneth Glasscock

Memorial: James W. “Buddy” Twiner (1939-1999)

Alan Cockrell

Memorial: Jan Van Bertsberg (1915-1998)

J. Myles Bowen, Colin J. Campbell

Memorial: Jesse LeRoy Dally (1923-1999)

David J. Dally

Memorial: Jim Law (1923-1997)

David W. Organ

Memorial: John Franklin Bricker (1909-1998)

R. W. Boebel

Memorial: John L. Hoard (1923-1998)

Robert W. Allen, Richard L. Rison

Memorial: John R. Castano (1926-1997)

Wallace G. Dow

Memorial: Joseph Lee Brown (1915-1998)

Roger F. Williams, Ben Hoffacker Jr.

Memorial: Lloyd Dickinson Owens (1918-1998)

L. F. Ivanhoe, E. K. Espenschied, R. E. Cook

Memorial: Lon B. Turk (1907-1998)

Terry L. Hollrah

Memorial: Michael W. Beckman (1914-1998)

C. Lane Sartor

Memorial: N. N. Nemchenko (1936-1998)

Frank J. Picha

Memorial: Patrick J. V. Delaney (1931-1999)

Raul Mosmann

Memorial: Paul T. Walton (1914-1998)

Richard H. Vaughan

Memorial: Peter Henry Gardett (1913-1998)

Cam Gardett, Kit Gardett, Phillip Kistler, Ted Bear

Memorial: Philip McDavid Konkel (1912-1998)

Harrison L. Townes

Memorial: Philip McRae “Mac” Jones (1932-1998)

Philip McRae Jones

Memorial: Philip Oxley (1922-1998)

Philip E. LaMoreaux, Richard Mahard

Memorial: Ralph J. Bernhagen (1910-1997)

James McDonald, Michael C. Hansen

Memorial: Richard B. Laudon (1934-1998)

Hubert H. Hall, John R. Kerns

Memorial: Richard M. Berry (1924-1998)

Robey H. Clark, J. Henry Tanner

Memorial: Richard Victor Bowman (1920-1998)

Jerry Zoble

Memorial: Robert A. Bieberman (1923-1998)

Ronald F. Broadhead, Robert Eveleth, Frank E. Kottlowski

Memorial: Robert F. Walters (1914-1998)

Daniel F. Merriam, Robert D. Cowdery

Memorial: Robert Lee Sprinkel, Jr. (1907-1998)

Kay Sprinkel Beaumont

Memorial: Ronald Earl McAdams (1910-1995)

James E. Wilson, Jack C. Threet

Memorial: Stephen B. Powell (1915-1998)

Wayne E. Walcher

Memorial: Theodore Charles Bartling (1922-1997)

Jerry R. Gips, Ralph H. Akin Jr., Harry Perry

Memorial: Thomas Armet Baldwin (1913-1999)

Richard L. Hester

Memorial: W. David Wiman (1941-1999)

Stephen K. Wiman

Memorial: Wayne Arthur Pryor (1928-1997)

Thomas C. Klekamp

Memorial: Wayne Franklin Meents (1912-1996)

David L. Reinertsen

Memorial: Willard Calvin Gere (1920-1998)

Otto G. Seal, James A. Peterson, Mary Kelly

Memorial: Willard John Classen (1899-1998)

Will Classen, Jim Classen

Memorial: William Kennon McWilliams, Jr. (1922-1998)

C. H. Murrish, James R. Moffett