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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

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Memorial: Albert Ray Jennings (1926-1999)

Earl Harrison

Memorial: Byron E. Van Arsdale, Jr. (1926-1999)

Samuel C. Guy, Philip M. Mudgett, Thomas W. Rollins

Memorial: Charles Day Masters (1929-1999)

James A. Peterson, Mahlon Ball, James Clarke, Ozzie Girard, John Kingston, Doug Klemme, Richard Mast, Gregory Ulmishek

Memorial: Charles Lamb Severy (1951-1998)

Charles L. Severy

Memorial: D. H. “Doug” Elliott (1917-2000)

John M. Parker

Memorial: Edward H. Chittick, Jr. (1927-1999)

Neal L. Hurley

Memorial: Edward Lawrence Bowman (1926-1999)

Jodi Bowman Krueger

Memorial: Forest B. Rees (1920-2000)

Stuart Grossman, Duane O. LeRoy

Memorial: Gabriel Dengo (1922-1999)

Grover Murray, Arthur R. Green, John C. Maxwell, Gregorio Escalante, Michel T. Halbouty

Memorial: George E. Higgins (1916-1999)

John B. Saunders

Memorial: George Ernest Mulle (1919-1999)

Charles E. Jacobs

Memorial: Gerald A. Cooley (1926-1999)

Sharie Sartain, Dixie Cooley Hicks

Memorial: Harold J. Funkhouser (1915-1998)

Georges Pardo

Memorial: Harry William Settle (1923-1999)

David A. Williams

Memorial: Henry Homer Hinch (1942-2000)

Michael Lewan, Marwin Kemp

Memorial: James Jones (1935-1999)

William P. “Bill” Wilbert, E. Gerald Rolf

Memorial: James Russell Moyer (1923-1999)

Ed W. Heath, Robert J. Ross

Memorial: John Howard Bass (1926-1999)

Corinne Bass

Memorial: Louis C. Conant (1902-1999)

Mary Lou Conant Callas, Philip E. LaMoreaux

Memorial: Patrick J. Hurley (1938-1999)

James W. Fambrough

Memorial: Perry Lawrence Ehlig (1927-1999)

Kathy Proffer

Memorial: Richard Paul “Dick” Swirczynski (1920-2000)

Roy H. Guess

Memorial: Robert B. Erwin (1928-1999)

Larry D. Woodfork

Memorial: Robert Melton Watkins (1948-2000)

Susan Watkins

Memorial: V. Richard (Dick) Hoover (1926-2000)

Robert D. Cowdery

Memorial: Wilbur L. “Steve” Stevenson (1931-1998)

Fred L. Stricklin Jr.

Memorial: William A. Jenkins, Jr. (1926-1999)

Frank W. Podpechan

Memorial: William Dabney Lewis (1915-1999)

Richard A. “Dick” Ganong

Memorial: William “Bill” Edmon Dunaway (1936-1999)

David H. Glenn, Robert E. “Bob” Hilty