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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

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Memorial: Andrew D. Baillie (1912-2001)

John M. Andrichuk, Ralph W. Edie, Oscar A. Erdman

Memorial: Bill Jezek (1928-2002)

Mark Orgren, Kathy Lippert

Memorial: Dennis Irwin (1930-2002)

John D. Edwards

Memorial: Frederick H. “Fritz” Kate (1917-2003)

Ralph Espach

Memorial: Fred M. Oglesby, Jr. (1924-2002)

Dick Donley

Memorial: George C. Grow, Jr. (1916-2003)

Ruth A. Grow

Memorial: George L. “Jack” Richards (1926-2003)

Jack C. Richards

Memorial: Gerald R. Grocock (1950-2003)

Matthew R. Silverman, Ed McLaughlin, Brian Blome

Memorial: Gianfranco G. L. Rinaldi (1942-2000)

Gil Stern, Jane Rinaldi, Reyhan Rinaldi, Robert Hickman

Memorial: Gianfranco G. L. Rinaldi (1942-2000)

Gil Stern, Jane Rinaldi, Reyhan Rinaldi, Robert Hickman

Memorial: Grover Elmer Murray (1916-2003)

William L. Fisher, Don Boyd

Memorial: Hans H. Renz (1910-2003)

Georges Pardo

Memorial: Harold Trapp (1940-2002)

Robert D. Cowdery

Memorial: Jacob “Jackie” Sherman (1931-2003)

P. V. Schram

Memorial: John A. Jackson (1913-2003)

William L. Fisher

Memorial: John Edward Johnston (1919-2002)

Wallace de Witt, Jr.

Memorial: Johnny Bill Hailey (1942-2002)

J. M. Herald, Earl Harrison

Memorial: John Robert Berg (1915-2003)

Daniel F. Merriam

Memorial: Joseph O. Carter (1927-2001)

Mary Jo Carter, Roger F. Williams

Memorial: Kenneth Oliver Stanley (1941-2002)

George J. Grabowski Jr., Ian O. Norton

Memorial: Leon M. Roe (1939-2003)

Raymond A. Garber

Memorial: Martin H. Link (1946-2002)

John Wagner, Paul Weimer

Memorial: Richard Lee Hester (1923-2002)

Anthony E. L. Morris

Memorial: Robert P. Kunkel (1926-2003)

Grant I. Gaeth

Memorial: Roger G. Alexander, Jr. (1922-2002)

Donald W. Lewis

Memorial: W. V. Trollinger (1931-2002)

Robert W. Hickman

Memorial: William Raymond Merrill (1916-2003)

William E. Kennett