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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

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Memorial: Angus Scott Campbell (1929-2004)

F. T. Barr, Greg Antonini

Memorial: Anthony E. L. Morris (1920-2005)

Mark Morris

Memorial: Arthur E. Burford (1928-2004)

L. Lynn Chyi

Memorial: Bronston Webster “Bronc” James (1904-2001)

R. W. Allen, M. D. Allison

Memorial: Hans Friederich Ashauer (1910-2004)

Margo Stuart

Memorial: I. L. “Irv” Tailleur (1924-2004)

Gil Mull, Paul Weimer

Memorial: Jack William Shirley (1929-2004)

Steven Shirley

Memorial: James E. Hooks (1937-2002)

Jayne L. Sieverding

Memorial: Jerome Max Westheimer (1910-2004)

Robert W. Allen

Memorial: John M. “Jack” Parker (1920-2005)

M. Ray Thomasson, John J. Amoruso

Memorial: Jose Rafael Dominguez (1919-2004)

Hans H. Krause

Memorial: Larry Seright (1927-2004)

Darryl James

Memorial: Lewis F. Wells (1920-2004)

DeForrest Smouse

Memorial: Mark Eidelbach (1926-2004)

Charlie Kosarek, Malcolm D. McGregor

Memorial: Marvin Dean Horton (1925-2004)

Curtis C. Humphris, Joe Siegmund, John Ryall, Bob Beu, Dick Swanson, Charlie Holbrook, Milfred Lewis

Memorial: Marvin Lesley Reinold (1925-2004)

Ellen Jeanne Reinold

Memorial: Paul August Mescher (1918-2001)

Paul K. Mescher

Memorial: Paul H. Horn (1920-2004)

Charles Horn

Memorial: Richard W. Harding (1917-2000)

Arthur M. Van Tyne

Memorial: Thomas David Barber (1919-2005)

Robey H. Clark

Memorial: Thomas Wayne Campbell (1929-2004)

John B. Dunlap, Arthur S. Waterman

Memorial: Vernon Peppard (1927-2005)

Katherine Brewer, Alan Peppard

Memorial: William Benjamin Oliver III (1919-2004)

William B. Oliver IV

Memorial: William Bird Rodan (1919-2004)

Donald I. Andrews

Memorial: Zuhair F. Al-Shaieb (1940-2004)

Jim Puckette