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Atlantic Geology

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Abstract: A metallogenic study of the Antigonish Area, Nova Scotia with special reference to copper occurrence of the Ohio-Sylvan Glen Belt

P. D. Bourque

Abstract: A Middle Eocene pine cone and twigs from northwestern British Columbia and its bearing on evolution within the genus Pinus

Ruth A. Stoekey

Abstract: A Middle Lower Cambrian cavity-dwelling biota from Nevada compared to a late Lower Cambrian cavity biota from Labrador

David R. Kobluk

Abstract: Biostratigraphic correlation by means of sea-level curves: the Lower Silurian of northern Michigan and Central Ontario

Markes E. Johnson

Abstract: Coal Resources of Nova Scotia

K.S. Gillis

Abstract: Conodont biostratigraphy of the Windsor Group (Lower Carboniferous), Les lies de la Madeleine, Quebec

H. A. Plint-Geberl, P. H. von Bitter

Abstract: Diagenesis in relation to bathymetry in the Silurian of northern New Brunswick

James P.A. Noble

Abstract: Diagenetic alteration of 'red bed' clastics and potential uranium and petroleum resources, Carboniferous Basin, Atlantic Canada

H.E. Dunsmore

Abstract: Elphidium Excavatum (Terquem): Part I. Ecophenotypic versus subspecific variation

Ann A. L. Millev

Abstract: Genesis of Late Tournaisian lead + zinc + copper + baryte deposits in Ireland and Nova Scotia

M.J. Russell

Abstract: Geology of the Austin Brook Iron Formation

J.L. Davies

Abstract: Late Paleozoic Plutonism and related Mineralization in New Brunswick

L. R. Fyffe, A. A. Ruitenberg

Abstract: Lithogeochemical indicators of uranium and tin mineralization in the South Mountain Batholith, Nova Scotia

A. K. Chatterjee, G. K. Muecke

Abstract: Lower Carboniferous ostracodes of western Newfoundland

C. P. Dewey, L. E. Fahraeus

Abstract: Lower Devonian brachiopods of the Blue Fiord Formation (Devonian), southwestern Ellesmere Island, Arctic Canada

Douglas A. Smith, Colin W. Stearn, Gary P. Smith

Abstract: Marsh foraminifers of Prince Edward Island: their Recent distribution and application for former sea level Studies

Mark A. Williamson

Abstract: Megashear tectonics and Appalachian magmatism

D. F. Strong

Abstract: Mineralization indicators in granitoid plutons of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

S. M. Barr, J. R. D. Setter, R.M. Campbell

Abstract: Oil and gas in Canada: past, present and future

D. C. Umpleby, G. L. Williams

Abstract: Recent interpretations of the Geology of the Springhill Coalfield

John H. Calder

Abstract: Salmon River lead mine-Current Research

Oliver J.H. Bonham

Abstract: SN, W, MO, and U mineralization in the Appalachian-Hercynian Fold Belt: A regional metallogenic comparison

A. K. Chatterjee

Abstract: Solitary rugose corals of the Selkirk Member, Red River Formation (Upper Middle or Upper Ordovician), Southern Manitoba

Robert J. Elias

Abstract: Some geological features which affect the minability of coal of the Sydney Coalfield, Nova Scotia

S.V. Forgeron

Abstract: Stratiform and vien-type lead-zinc ores at Gays River metallogenic implications

Samuel Akande

Abstract: Stratigraphy and conodont faunas of the Lower and Middle Ordovician Romaine and Mingan Formations, Mingan Islands, Quebec

Godfrey S. Nowlan

Abstract: The evolution of dinoflagellates

G.L. Williams

Abstract: The Hibernia Structure

Gene M. Leavit

Abstract: The Lazy Head tungsten-copper-zinc prospect, Guysborough County, Nova Scotia

William G. Shaw

Abstract: The mineral aggregate resource inventory program of New Brunswick

Jacques J. Thibault

Abstract: Trilobites and associated trace fossils from the Georgian Bay Formation (Upper Ordovician), Toronto Region

David M. Rudkin

Abstract: Uranium deposits, episyenites and peralkaline rocks: the carbonate connection

D. F. Strong

Abstract: Uranium favorability interpreted from Uranium Reconnaissance Program data, ground radiometry and gravity (New Brunswick)

J. J. Chandra, D. E. Gemmell

Abstract: Value of occurrence of detrital particles of coal in tracing the provenance of sedimentary rocks

Peter A. Hacquebard

The Acadian plutonic rocks of New Brunswick

L. R. Fyffe, G. E. Pajari, M. E. Cherry

Age and regional significance of Brachiopods from the Temiscouata Formation of Madawaska County, New Brunswick

C. St. Peter, A.J. Boucot

Flute casts and related structures on moulded silt injection surfaces in continental sandstone of the Boss Point Formation: southeastern New Brunswick, Canada

H. W. van de Poll, I. M. Patel

Joints, tensile strength and preferred fracture orientation in sandstones. New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, Canada

E.Z. Lajtai, P. Stringer

Marsh foraminifera of Prince Edward Island: Their recent distribution and application for former sea level studies

David B. Scott, Mark A. Williamson, Thomas E. Duffett

Observations on the Ichnology of the Meguma Group (? Cambro-Ordovician) of Nova Scotia

R. K. Pickerill, J. Duncan Keppie

Trace fossils in a Lower Palaeozoic submarine canyon sequence—the Siegas Formation of northwestern New Brunswick, Canada

R. K. Pickerill