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Atlantic Geology

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Abstract: Anhydrite distribution in the Pugwash Salt Mine - 830' Level

D. C. Carter

Abstract: A Segment of the Hercynian Thrust Belt Between Saint John and Cape Spencer, Southern New Brunswick

S. E. Watters

Abstract: Avalonian volcanic rocks of Nova Scotia

J. Dostal, J. D. Keppie, J. B. Murphy

Abstract: Basis for Distinguishing Different Terranes Within “Avalonia” in Maine and New Brunswick

D. B. Stewart

Abstract: Bromine stratigraphy of Windsor Group Major Cycle 1, A guide to depositional conditions, correlation and structural configuration

R. Boehner

Abstract: Comparison of Auriferous Structures in New Brunswick and Their Relationship to Tectonostratigraphic Zone Boundaries

A. A. Ruitenberg

Abstract: Contact metamorphic effects of the Liscomb Pluton on the Eastville lead-zinc deposit, Colchester County, Nova Scotia

B. Cameron, I. MacInnis, R. Hingston

Abstract: Contrasting Geology Across the Cradle Brook Thrusts; Subaerial vs Marine Precambrian Environments; Caledonia Highlands, New Brunswick

M. J. McLeod

Abstract: Correlation of the late Precambrian Rocks of the Northern Appalachian Eastern Margin: How is “Avalon” Defined?

H. E. Gaudette, Wm. J. Olszewski, Jr.

Abstract: Did Sulphur in Sydney Coal Come From the Windsor Group Evaporites?

M. R. Gibling, M. Zentilli, H. Mahony, R. G. L. McCready

Abstract: Discordant Blocks of Prince Edward Island: Evidence for Seismic Activity in the Lower Permian?

C. Place, H. W. van de Poll

Abstract: Faulting and Deformational History of the Cobequid Highlands, Northern Nova Scotia

H. V. Donohoe, Jr., P. I. Wallace

Abstract: Geochemical Characterization of Rocks Comprising the Goldenville-Halifax Transition (GHT) of the Meguma Group, Southern Nova Scotia

M. C. Graves, M. Zentilli

Abstract: Geological and fluid Inclusion study of tin mineralization associated with the Wedgeport Pluton, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia

Y. Al, I. Wolfson, M. Zentilli

Abstract: Geological Highway Map of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island

L. Ferguson, L. R. Fyffe

Abstract: Geological History of the Antigonish Highlands, Nova Scotia

J. B. Murphy, J. D. Keppie

Abstract: Geological mapping of plutonic and metavolcanic rocks, Eastern Caledonian Highlands, New Brunswick

S. M. Barr, C. E. White

Abstract: Geological Mapping of the North Mountain, Northern Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia

R. P. Raeside, S. M. Barr, C. E. White, F. A. R. Dennis

Abstract: Geology and Mineralization of the Western Highlands Metavolcanic-Metasedimentary Complex, Cheticamp-Pleasant Bay Area, Cape Breton Island

H. E. Plint, K. A. Connors, R. A. Jamieson

Abstract: Geology and Petrogenesls of the Plutonic Rocks of North Mountain, River Denys Area, Central Cape Breton Island

M. F. Justino

Abstract: Geology of the Burnthill Granite and Its Associated Sn-W-Mo Mineralization

H. E. MacLellan, R. P. Taylor

Abstract: Geology of the Chetwynd Gold Deposit, Newfoundland: A Progress Report

A. Yule

Abstract: Geology Of The Lupin Gold Mine, N.W.T.

J. Gardiner, J. A. Colwell, G. R. Stevens

Abstract: Gold Mineralization Related to the Evolution of a Miocene Volcanic Complex in the Southern Central Andes

M. Zentilli, T. Muija, P. H. Reynolds, J. A. Walker

Abstract: Gravity modeling of a mafic, ultramafic association, Darvel Bay, East Sabah, N. Borneo

D. Beattie

Abstract: Hadrynian and Lower Palaeozoic Geology of the Western Cobequid Hills

G. Pe Piper, D. J. W. Piper

Abstract: Igneous Geochemistry and Its Implications for Terrane Analysis of the Avalonian Event In Southeastern New England

R. Hon, J. C. Hepburn

Abstract: Indications of source area for Hibernia oil from Vitrinite Reflectance studies, Grand Banks of Newfoundland

M. P. Avery, K. D. McAlpine, J. S. Bell

Abstract: Isotopic Constraints on the Genesis of the Gays River Pb-Zn Deposit

C. Ravenhurst, P. Reynolds, M. Zentilli, S. Akande

Abstract: Large Mafic Intrusions in Devono-Carboniferous Granites Along the Cobequid Fault

G. Pe Piper, David J. W. Piper

Abstract: Late Carboniferous Tectonics and Sedimentation in Stellarton Gap, Nova Scotia

G. M. Yeo, G. Ruixing

Abstract: Late Quaternary Depositional Environments of the Canadian Beaufort Shelf

P. R. Hill

Abstract: Late Quaternary Depositional Environments of the Canadian Beaufort Shelf

Philip R. Hill

Abstract: Lithoprobe East: Marine Deep Seismic Reflection Results Across the Appalachians North of Newfoundland

G. Quinlan

Abstract: Metallogenic Evolution and Migration of the Magmatic Front in the Chilean Andes Between 21° and 26° South

V. Maksaev

Abstract: Possible Avalon Basement in the Miramichi Terrane

L. R. Fyffe

Abstract: Pre-Confederation Historical Seismicity of Nova Scotia With an Examination of Selected Later Events

A. Ruffman, J. Peterson

Abstract: Preliminary seismic refraction and reflection results from the Southwest Newfoundland Transform Margin

B. J. Todd, I. Reid, C. E. Keen

Abstract: Prince Edward Island’s Alkaline Igneous Rocks

J. D. Greenough, V. S. Papezik

Abstract: Recent Developments in the Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of the Avalon of New England: The Boston Basin

A. D. Socci, G. W. Smith

Abstract: Regional Tectonic Implications of the Lithoprobe East Marine Deep Seismic Reflection Line Across the Northern Canadian Appalachians

G. Stockmal

Abstract: Role of Igneous Rocks in Terrane Analysis: Application to Geological Evolution of the New England Avalon

O. D. Hermes

Abstract: Sediment Intrusion Phenomena in the Redbeds of Prince Edward Island. A Preliminary Classification of Pre-Collapse Structures

H. W. van de Poll

Abstract: Seismogram Modelling applied to Surficial Sediments

A. G. McKay

Abstract: Stratigraphic and Petrochemical Evolution of Late Proterozoic Rocks in Southeastern Newfoundland

S. J. O’Brien, D. F. Strong, J. Dostal

Abstract: Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of the Oil Shales and Associated Clastics of the Stellarton Group, Nova Scotia

R. D. Naylor, G. A. Prime, W. D. Smith

Abstract: Syndepositional Evaporite Diapirism and the Effects on Sedimentation in the Permo-Carboniferous Strata of the Northeastern Part of the Cumberland Basin of Nova Scotia

R. J. Ryan

Abstract: Tectonic Subdivisions of the Avalon Zone in Southeastern New England, USA

J. C. Hepburn, R. Hon

Abstract: Tectonism of the Eastern Cape Breton Highlands Metamorphic Units, N.S.

R. P. Raeside, S. M. Barr

Abstract: Tectonostratigraphic subdivisions of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

S. M. Barr, R. P. Raeside

Abstract: The Avalonian terrane around Saint John, New Brunswick and its relation to the evolution of the Appalachians

K. L. Currie

Abstract: The Character and Tectonic Implications of Cambrian Volcanism Over Avalonian Terrane: An Overview

J. D. Greenough, V. S. Papezik

Abstract: The Deep Cove Pluton and associated Polymetallic Mineralization, Gabarus Bay, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

F. A. R. Dennis

Abstract: The Eastern St. George Batholith - Recent Advances in Interpretation

M. J. McLeod

Abstract: The Geological Structure of the Paleozoic Rocks on the Avalon Platform, Offshore Newfoundland, Canada

P. W. Durling, J. S. Bell, G. B. Fader

Abstract: The Gulf of St. Lawrence Carboniferous Basin; The Largest Coalfield of Eastern Canada

P. A. Hacquebard

Abstract: The Hope Valley Shear Zone in Rhode Island

L. P. Gromet

Abstract: The Stratigraphic Nomenclature of Atlantic Canada

A. Fricker, W. C. MacMillan, J. A. Watt, G. L. Williams

Abstract: Variscan Tectonostratigraphy in the Avalon Terrane of Southern New Brunswick

R. D. Nance

Acado-Baltic Volcanism in Eastern North America and Western Europe: Implications for Cambrian Tectonism

John D. Greenough, V. S. Papezik

Anorthosites and Gabbroic Bodies in Northern Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

C. Dupuy, J. Dostal, P. K. Smith, J. D. Keppie

Application of Airborne Gamma Ray Spectrometric Surveys Meguma Terrane, Nova Scotia

K. L. Ford, J. M. Carson

Constraints on the Origin of Gold in the Meguma Zone, Ecum Secum area, Nova Scotia

M. N. Henderson, J. R. Henderson

Contrasting Geology Across The Cradle Brook Thrust Zone: Subaerial vs Marine Precambrian Environments, Caledonia Highlands, New Brunswick

M. J. McLeod

Distribution and Localization of Gold in Meguma Group Rocks, Nova Scotia: Implications of Metal Distribution Patterns in Quartz Veins and Host Rocks on Mineralization Processes at Harrigan Cove, Halifax County

J. H. Crocket, F. Fueten, P. M. Clifford, A. Kabir

Formation of Spaced Cleavage and Concurrent Mass Removal of Si02, Meguma Goup Metagreywackes, Goldenville, Nova Scotia

F. Fueten, P. M. Clifford, L. L. Pryer, J. H. Crocket, M. J. Thompson

Fossil Myriapod Trails In the Permo-Carboniferous Strata of Northern Nova Scotia, Canada

R. J. Ryan

Late Carboniferous Tectonostratigraphy in the Avalon Terrane of Southern New Brunswick

R. Damian Nance

Lead Isotope Data for Gold-Bearing Veins and Their Host Metasedimentary Rocks of the Goldenville Formation, Eastern Nova Scotia

R. M. Farquhar, S. J. Haynes

Pre-Carboniferous Tectonostratigraphic Subdivisions of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Sandra M. Barr, Robert P. Raeside

Precambrian Evolution of the Avalon Terrane in the Northern Appalachians: A Review

R. Damian Nance

Rb-Sr Isotopic Data from Three Suites of Igneous Rocks, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

J. Duncan Keppie, A. N. Halliday

A Re-Appraisal of the Alaskite/Muscovite-Biotite Granite Suite of Halifax County, Nova Scotia

T. E. Smith, D. Peck, C. H. Huang, P. E. Holm

A Stratabound Zinc-Lead Deposit in Meguma Group Metasediments at Eastville, Nova Scotia

W. P. Binney, K. A. Jenner, A. L. Songster, M. Zentilli

The Stratigraphy And Structure Of The Avalonian Terrane Around Saint John, New Brunswick

K. L. Currie

Stratigraphy and Structure of the Southeastern Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia

Robert P. Raeside, Sandra M. Barr

Structural Study of Highly Deformed Meguma Phyllite and Granite Vicinity of White Head Village, S.E. Nova Scotia

C. K. Mawer, P. F. Williams

Two Rb-Sr Whole Rock Isochrons from Plutons in the Cobequid Highlands, Nova Scotia, Canada

H. V. Donohoe, A. N. Halliday, J. Duncan Keppie