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Atlantic Geology

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Abstract: 40Ar/39Ar traverse across the Reindeer Zone, Trans-Hudson Orogen, Reindeer Lake, Saskatchewan

Joyia Chakungal, Peter H. Reynolds, Rebecca A. Jamieson, David Corrigan

Abstract: A Late Cretaceous polar forest from NW Ellesmere Island: implications for climate, past and future

Adam Z. Csank

Abstract: A new method of simultaneous analysis of isotopic composition and abundance

Carolyn Burridge

Abstract: An integrated structural, fluid inclusion, and stable isotope study of auriferous veins, The Ovens, southern Nova Scotia

Daniel J. Kontak, Rick J. Horne, Darcy Baker, Nicholas Culshaw

Abstract: Applied Quaternary geology and till geochemistry of the Loch Lomond region, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Fenton M. Isenor, Ian S. Spooner, M. Beth McClenaghan

Abstract: A suggestion from mid-coast Maine correlation enthusiasts

Henry N. Berry, IV, Philip H. Osberg

Abstract: As we look forward to the year 2001 hurricane season: remembering the Saxby Gale of 1869

Alan Ruffman

Abstract: Core analysis of the Hiram Brook Member of the Upper Albert Formation, interpretation of the depositional environment, and determination of reservoir prospectivity

Graham B. Price, Murray K. Gingras

Abstract: Cycling of mercury in southwest Nova Scotia: Kejimkujik National Park

Krista D. Page, Terry A. Goodwin

Abstract: Decompressional reaction textures in the southeast Long Range inlier, Newfoundland: products of thermal metamorphism adjacent to the Taylor Brook gabbro complex?

S. Ings, J. V. Owen

Abstract: Diagenetic and burial history of Upper Carboniferous sandstone, Sydney Basin

M. R. Gibling, M. Nguyen, A. T. Martel, R. D. Naylor

Abstract: Distribution and petrology of sandstone identified in core from the Dawson Settlement Member, Albert Formation (Carboniferous), Moncton Basin, New Brunswick

Kevin Sinnott, David Keighley

Abstract: Evidence of precursor events for mega-thrust earthquakes on the West Coast of North America

Andrea Hawkes

Abstract: Evidence of the Younger Dryas re-activation of a Gulf of St. Lawrence glacier from the “great ditch” of Nova Scotia

Rudolph R. Stea, Robert J. Mott

Abstract: Fire ecology of a Late Carboniferous fioodplain, Joggins, Nova Scotia

H. J. Falcon-Lang

Abstract: Geochemistry and regional correlation of Middle Ordovician arc-related volcanic rocks from the Popelogan Inlier (Dunnage Zone), northern New Brunswick

Reginald A. Wilson

Abstract: Geology, geochemistry, and hydrothermal alteration of the Lower AB Zone, Halfmile Lake North volcanic hosted massive sulphide deposit, Bathurst, New Brunswick

Lawrence K. Mireku, Clifford R. Stanley

Abstract: Geology, mineral zoning, and lithogeochemistry of hydrothermal alteration at the El Soldado Manto Type Copper Deposit, Chile

Ricardo Boric, Marcos Zentilli

Abstract: Geology of the Cape Porcupine Complex, Guysborough County, Nova Scotia

Chris E. White, Sandra M. Barr, John W.F.Ketchum, Martin Ethier

Abstract: Geology of the Newbury Neck 1:24,000 quadrangle, coastal Maine

Douglas N. Reusch

Abstract: Heavy metal particulates in the soil surrounding the Tilt Cove smelter, Newfoundland

Kerry Riggs

Abstract: Heavy oil accumulations in the Jeanne d’Arc Basin: a case study in the Hebron, Ben Nevis, and West Ben Nevis oil fields

J. W. Shimeld, P. N. Moir, M. G. Fowler, L. D. Stasiuk, R. A. Macrae, M. A. Williamson

Abstract: How are rocks stuck together in waterless environments?

Kathryn A. MacCarthy, Graham Ryder, John G. Spray

Abstract: Late-glacial and Holocene stratigraphy of Piper Lake, Pictou County, Nova Scotia: evidence for Younger-Dryas perennial ice cover and sustained landscape instability during the Early Holocene

Ian M. L. MacDonald, Ian S. Spooner

Abstract: Lithostratigraphy and sediment failure on the central Scotian Slope

Billie-Jo L. Gauley, David J. W. Piper

Abstract: Lower Ordovician (Arenig/Llanvirn) fossiliferous volcaniclastic rocks, western New Brunswick and adjacent Maine

W. H. Poole, Robert B. Neuman

Abstract: Metamict zircons from the Georgeville pluton

Craig Power

Abstract: Modifications of gravity interpretations for the Shubenacadie-Stewiacke Carboniferous Basin, Nova Scotia

Ken Howells, Alan Ruffman

Abstract: New geological maps of the Pocologan - Saint John area, southern New Brunswick: implications for terrane interpretation

Sandra M. Barr, Chris E. White

Abstract: New insights on the geology of the southwestern Meguma terrane, Nova Scotia

C. E. White, R. J. Horne, M. S. King, L. A. MacDonald, S. M. Barr, C. M. Muir, P. H. Reynolds, J. W. F. Ketchum

Abstract: Petrography and geochemistry of mafic blocks in the Hurricane Mountain mélange in west-central Maine

Harriet Van Vleck, Rachel Beane

Abstract: Petrological evidence for extensive liquid immiscibility in the Jurassic North Mountain Basalt, Nova Scotia

Michelle De Wolfe, Daniel J. Kontak, Jarda Dostal

Abstract: Petrology, depositional environment, and economic potential of sandstone beds within the Horton Bluff Formation in the Windsor region, central Nova Scotia

J. Byron, B. Cameron, M. Ferry, J. Franko, R. Gould, D. Hagan, B. Hayward, M. Jodrey, K. Johnston, H. Paul, I. Spooner, M. Stokes, J. White, W. White

Abstract: Petrology and lithogeochemistry of volcanic rocks hosting seafloor hot springs systems in the Manus basin, southwest Pacific Ocean

Heather Paul

Abstract: Pre-Mesozoic stratigraphy of Grand Manan Island and possible correlation with the Ellsworth terrane in coastal Maine

Leslie R. Fyffe, Richard H. Grant

Abstract: Proterozoic calc-silicate rocks of the Oaxaca complex (southern Mexico): an example of sabkha evaporites

Helen MacDonald, J. Dostal, A. K. Chatterjee

Abstract: Provenance of detrital zircons from the Silurian Oak Bay conglomerate of southwestern New Brunswick

Leslie R. Fyffe, Vicki McNicoll, Cees van Staal

Abstract: Re-interpretation of the geology of the Cape Breton Highlands using combined remote sensing and geological databases

M. Ethier, S. M. Barr, R. P. Raeside, T. Webster

Abstract: Repetitions in the Kennetcook basin --- structural or stratigraphic? Implications of field and seismic investigations in the Cheverie-Walton area, Nova Scotia

John W. F. Waldron, Paul A. MacKay

Abstract: Resolved Silurian-Devonian stratigraphic correlation across the Québec-Maine-New Hampshire borders and its bearing on Silurian extension

R. G. Marvinney, R. H. Moench, R. Marquis, P. Cousineau, W. A. Bothner

Abstract: Seismic stratigraphy and structural setting of the McCully gas field

Paul Durling, Tom Martel

Abstract: Seismic velocities and reflection sequences of Wisconsinan glaciation in Emerald Basin (Scotian Shelf)

Johanna Hoehne, Keith Louden, Robert Courtney

Abstract: Sequence stratigraphy and hydrocarbon potential of regional Upper Cretaceous limestone units, offshore Nova Scotia

R. Andrew MacRae, John W. Shimeld, Hans J. B. W. Wielens

Abstract: Sequence stratigraphy and palynology, Upper Missisauga Formation, Glenelg area, offshore Nova Scotia

Andrew MacRae, Chris D. Jauer

Abstract: Shock metamorphic minerals in the Popigai impact structure, Siberia

James Whitehead, Richard A. F. Grieve, John G. Spray, Victor L. Masaitis

Abstract: Stratigraphy and structure of mélange in the Humber Arm allochthon at Bear Cove, western Newfoundland

Greg Feltham

Abstract: Stratigraphy and structure of the Horton Group in the Lochaber-Mulgrave area, Nova Scotia

P. J. Ténière, S. M. Barr, C. E. White

Abstract: Stratigraphy and structure of the Humber Arm allocthon, southwestern Bay of Islands, western Newfoundland

J. Young, T. Calon, E. Burden

Abstract: Structural orientations, architecture, and timing of auriferous quartz veins associated with mesothermal saddle reef stockwork gold mineralization, The Ovens, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia

Jason F. O’Connell, Clifford R. Stanley

Abstract: Tectonic history of the Popelogan arc -- Tetagouche-Exploits back-arc system in New Brunswick and adjacent Maine

C. R. van Staal, N. Rogers, R. Wilson, L. Fyffe, S. McCutcheon, V. McNicoll

Abstract: The Baring Granite and St. Stephen Gabbro of New Brunswick and Maine: petrology, geochemistry, and tectonic setting

K. J. McLaughlin, S. M. Barr

Abstract: The development of a Geographic Information System environmental hazard prediction model for Cheticamp River, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Melanie L. Barker, Ian Spooner, Martin Ethier

Abstract: The development of softwood tree-ring chronologies in Nova Scotia: a tool for palaeoclimate reconstruction, archaeological, and heritage building research

Alan Ruffman, Erik Nielsen, Scott St. George

Abstract: The Foy Offset Dike, Sudbury impact structure, Ontario, Canada

Martin Tuchscherer, John Spray

Abstract: The future of the world’s oil supply: are we over a barrel?

J. W. Shimeld, W. C. MacMillan, G. L. Williams

Abstract: The geology of the Fogo seamounts

Ashley de Jonge

Abstract: The New Cornwall syenogranite, Nova Scotia: petrology and geochemistry

Stephen Ingram, Georgia Pe-Piper

Abstract: The New River terrane revisited: insights into the relationship with the St. Croix and Ellsworth terranes in New Brunswick and Maine

Susan C. Johnson

Abstract: The Pacific Decadal Oscillation and its effects on the climate on northwestern British Columbia and southeastern Alaska

Kelley B. Baltzer, Ian Spooner, Rob Raeside

Abstract: The petroleum geology of the McCully #1 gas discovery

Tom Martel, Paul Durling

Abstract: The role of chance in exploration: the McCully #1 gas discovery -- an example from southern New Brunswick

Brian Roulston

Abstract: The use of foraminifera and thecamoebians as freshwater/marine transition zones in mangrove environments of southern Florida

Laura Schrumm

Abstract: Trace fossils are useful --- an example from Willapa Bay, Washington

M. K. Gingras, S. G. Pemberton

Abstract: Trace fossils are useful - an example from the Caribbean

R. K. Pickerill, S. K. Donovan, R. W. Portell

Abstract: Trace fossils of eastern Canada: a traveling exhibit prepared by the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History

Deborah M. Skilliter

Abstract: Type and nature of sulphides in the Whistle-Parkin Offset Dyke, Sudbury impact structure, Ontario, Canada

Alain J. Murphy, John G. Spray

Abstract: Ultramafic rocks in a Neoproterozoic arc, Antigonish Highlands, Nova Scotia

Dan MacNeil

Abstract: Upper-crustal fault processes in southern New Brunswick

Paul Wilson

Abstract: Volcanic rocks in the White Rock Formation in the Torbrook area, Nova Scotia: petrology and tectonic setting

D. M. Hagan, S. M. Barr

Abstract: When has a rounded cobble not traveled far? Recycling of corestones from weathered granitoids: examples from the South Mountain Batholith in Nova Scotia, Canada

A. M. O’Beirne-Ryan, R. J. Ryan, M. Zentilli

Abstract: X-ray spectroscopic investigations of the hydration structure of aqueous La3+ at elevated pressures and temperatures

Alan J. Anderson, William A. Bassett, I-Ming Chou, Sumedha Jayanetti, Robert A. Mayanovic

Contrasting geology in the Pocologan River and Long Reach areas: implications for the New River belt and correlations in southern New Brunswick and Maine

Susan C. Johnson

Geochemical comparison of mafic, felsic, and ultramafic rocks in the Hurricane Mountain mélange to the Boil Mountain ophiolite complex, west-central Maine

Harriet E. Van Vleck, Rachel J. Beane

Geochemistry, provenance, and tectonic significance of sedimentary rocks of the Middle to Late Devonian McArras Brook and Viséan Martin Road formations, Merigomish Subbasin, northern Antigonish Highlands, Nova Scotia

J. Brendan Murphy

Geochemistry and petrogenesis of the East Branch Brook metagabbroic dykes in the Sawyer Brook fault zone, Clarence Stream gold prospect, southwestern New Brunswick

Kathleen G. Thorne, David R. Lentz

Mafic intrusions on Campobello Island: implications for New Brunswick -- Maine correlations

Malcolm J. McLeod, Ron K. Pickerill, R. Dan Lux

Minimum age of the Neoproterozoic Seven Hundred Acre Island Formation and the tectonic setting of the Islesboro Formation, Islesboro block, Maine

David B. Stewart, Robert D. Tucker, Robert A. Ayuso, Daniel R. Lux

The New Cornwall syenogranite, Nova Scotia: petrology and geochemistry

G. Pe-Piper, S. Ingram

Stratigraphy and geochemistry of Ordovician volcanic rocks of the Eel River area, west-central New Brunswick

L. R. Fyffe

Surface- and deep-water hydrography and meltwater events in the mid-latitude North Atlantic Ocean over the past 160,000 years

Myong-Ho Park, Thorsten Kiefer, Rainer Zahn

An Upper Carboniferous trigonotarbid, Aphantomartus pustulatus (Scudder, 1884), from the Maritimes Basin (Euramerican Coal Province), New Brunswick, Canada

R. F. Miller, W. H. Forbes