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Atlantic Geology

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40Ar/39Ar age of the Jurassic North Mountain Basalt, southwestern Nova Scotia

Daniel J. Kontak, Douglas A. Archibald

Abstract: A comparison of gold-bearing quartz boulders to their potential bedrock source, Golden Promise Prospect, Badger, Newfoundland

Amy Newport, Derek Wilton, Garfield MacVeigh

Abstract: Analogue experiments of crustal melting and contamination

Alison M. Leitch

Abstract: Anorthositic, granitic and dioritic intrusions of the Nain-Okak Bay area, Labrador: two geographically coincident, but temporally separated plutonic suites

Bruce Ryan, Michael Hamilton, Ronald Emslie, James N. Connelly

Abstract: Basin segmentation, architecture and inversion on a passive margin, offshore Newfoundland (poster presentation)

Tim Thompson

Abstract: Clastic loaded Arctic icebergs as potential threats to northern exploration

Jonathan Crealock

Abstract: Climate change and the northwest Atlantic: driving force, supporting player, or background noise?

Norm Catto

Abstract: Climatic signals from Canadian glaciers and ice caps: what do they tell us?

Christian M. Zdanowicz

Abstract: Description of planispiral burrows in shoreface sandstone of the Redman Formation, Bell Island, Newfoundland, and feeding strategy of the trace-forming organism

Heather M. Hunt

Abstract: Environmental geochemistry of the Cochrane Hill Gold District, Nova Scotia

Andrea L. Mosher

Abstract: Extra-terrestrial impacts: the record and effects

Richard A. Grieve

Abstract: Fold mechanisms in the shallow crust: an example from the Siluro-Devonian Arisaig Group, Antigonish Highlands, Nova Scotia

Jamie Braid

Abstract: Geology and structure of the Kikkertavak Anorthosite, Labrador

Donald M. Wright

Abstract: Geology of Proterozoic anorthosite intrusions in the Nain Plutonic Suite, Nain Bay area, Labrador

Ronald Voordouw

Abstract: Geology of the Washabuck Peninsula, central Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Darin Wasylik

Abstract: Giant Carlin-type gold deposits: characteristics, origins and exploration methodology

Greg B. Arehart

Abstract: Historical records of metal contamination in the Tantramar Salt Marshes, Nova Scotia

Ozlem Suleyman

Abstract: Ice-contact volcanism and hyaloclastite flow emplacement in the Vífilsfell region, SW Iceland

Christopher Hamilton

Abstract: LAM-ICP-MS geochronological studies from the Botwood Basin and Buchans areas, Newfoundland

K. Morrissey, J. O’Driscoll, D. Wilton, J. Pollock, M. Tubrett, P. Sylvester

Abstract: Landscape change and prehistoric settlement, Porcupine Strand, Labrador

Jennifer S. Smith, Trevor Bell

Abstract: Lithofacies, detrital petrology, and diagenesis of the mid-Cretaceous Chaswood Formation, Elmsvale Basin, Nova Scotia

Lila M. Dolansky

Abstract: Macrofaunal evidence for disconformities in the early Ordovician (Canadian) of Ella Ø, north-east Greenland and western Newfoundland, Canada

W. Douglas Boyce, Ian Knight, Svend Stouge, Jørgen L. Chistiansen, David A. T. Harper

Abstract: Metamorphic petrology of calc-silicate nodules from greenschist facies to migmatite grade, Liverpool-Pubnico area, Nova Scotia

Frances Mitchell

Abstract: Microfauna of the mid-Cretaceous turbiditic systems of the Black Sea (off Romania): occurrence interpretations, fluctuations related to sedimentary regime and correlations at an oil-field scale

Dan Georgescu

Abstract: Modelling the thermal sensitivity of shallow organic lakes in Nova Scotia

Erin Oickle

Abstract: New frontiers for petroleum exploration in the deep water of Atlantic Canada

Hugh Wishart

Abstract: Permeability distribution in a deltaic system: a case study in the importance of basin processes in a fluvial-dominated succession

Andy Pulham

Abstract: Sedimentology and stratigraphy of Upper Wisconsinan deglacial marine rhythmites from the Humber Arm, west Newfoundland

Melissa Putt

Abstract: Structure, stratigraphy, and contact relationships of Middle Ordovician to Lower Silurian turbidites and the Dunnage Mélange, New World Island, Newfoundland

Crispin Pike

Abstract: Technology and the environment: a retrospective examination of 19th century mining and smelting operations at Tilt Cove, Newfoundland

D. Wilton, K. Riggs, R. Rennie, G. Kealey

Abstract: The Barth Island layered structure, Labrador: a reappraisal

Owen Gaskill, John S. Myers, Alison M. Leitch, Marc Poujol

Abstract: The history of gold exploration in the Botwood Basin of central Newfoundland

Roland Butler

Abstract: The oil and gas development partnership, Memorial University: recent activities and new initiatives

Gerrit T. Maureau

Abstract: The Satorsoakulluk ferrodiorite dyke of the Nain Plutonic Suite, Labrador

Cory Furlong, Clare Goddard

Abstract: The search for diamonds in Canada

Harvey Thorleifson

Abstract: The serious side effects of suicidal sulphide segregation systems

Andrew Kerr, Alison M. Leitch

Abstract: The Takla Group of the Stikine and Quesnel terranes, British Columbia: co-genetic, or the product of consistent Triassic volcanism?

Andy Carmichael

Age and geochemistry of Late Neoproterozoic and Early Cambrian igneous rocks in southern New Brunswick: similarities and contrasts

Sandra M. Barr, Chris E. White, Brent V. Miller

Alleghanian faulting in the southern Gaspé Peninsula of Quebec

P. Jutras, G. Prichonnet, S. McCutcheon

Anatomically-preserved cordaitalean trees from Lower Pennsylvanian (Langsettian) dryland alluvial-plain deposits at Joggins, Nova Scotia

Howard J. Falcon-Lang

Archived U-Pb (zircon) dates from southern New Brunswick

Malcolm J. McLeod, Susan C. Johnson, Tom E. Krogh

Atlantic Geology Special Issue Processes in felsic magma chambers: Foreword

David Gibson, Dan Lux, Sandra Barr

The Cretaceous age of the Vinegar Hill silica sand deposit, southern New Brunswick: evidence from palynology and paleobotany

Howard J. Falcon-Lang, Robert A. Fensome, D. V. Venugopal

Emplacement of the Fogo Island Batholith, Newfoundland

K. L. Currie

Foliar forms of Macroneuropteris scheuchzeri (Pennsylvanian, Sydney Coalfield, Nova Scotia, Canada)

Erwin L. Zodrow

Ichnocoenoses from the Carboniferous of eastern Canada and their implications for the recognition of ichnofacies in nonmarine strata

Dave G. Keighley, Ron K. Pickerill

The Moosehorn Plutonic Suite, southeastern Maine and southwestern New Brunswick: age, petrochemistry, and tectonic setting

K. J. McLaughlin, S. M. Barr, M. D. Hill, M. D. Thompson, J. Ramezani, P. H. Reynolds

New U-Pb (zircon) age and geochemistry of the Wedgeport pluton, Meguma terrane, Nova Scotia

Natalie J. MacLean, Sandra M. Barr, Chris E. White, John W. F. Ketchum

Petrochemical evolution of subvolcanic granitoid intrusions within the Late Devonian Mount Pleasant Caldera, southwestern New Brunswick, Canada: comparison of Au versus Sn-W-Mo-polymetallic mineralization systems

Xue-Ming Yang, David R. Lentz, Steve R. McCutcheon

Petrography of a “cryptic” mixed magma system – the Mount Waldo granite, coastal Maine

D. Gibson, D. R. Lux, M. A. Choate

Structural transect through Silurian turbidites of the Fredericton Belt southwest of Fredericton, New Brunswick: the role of the Fredericton Fault in late Iapetus convergence

Adrian F. Park, James Whitehead

U-Pb zircon geochronology of the Galway Granite, Connemara, Ireland: implications for the timing of late Caledonian tectonic and magmatic events and for correlations with Acadian plutonism in New England

Martin Feely, Drew Coleman, Sadhbh Baxter, Brent Miller

When and where did hybridization occur? The case of the Monte Capanne Pluton, Italy

D. S. Westerman, A. Dini, F. Innocenti, S. Rocchi