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Atlantic Geology

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Abstract: A geological map of the Jurassic North Mountain Basalt, southern Nova Scotia: a 200 km transect from Cape Split to Brier Island

Daniel J. Kontak

Abstract: Altius Minerals: adding energy to minerals to become a Newfoundland and Labrador natural resources company

Brian Dalton

Abstract: Analogue models of salt dynamics and sedimentary basin evolution on passive margins: implications for offshore Nova Scotia hydrocarbon exploration

Sheila Ballantyne, Juergen Adam, Steve King, Csaba Krezsek, Djordje Grujic

Abstract: Analysis of hierarchical unsupervised clustering of IKONOS data for Pointe de l’Est, Îles de la Madeleine, Quebec

Philip Giles

Abstract: Andalusite in the South Mountain Batholith contact aureole, Halifax NS: a tale of two isograds

Glenn Hart, Rebecca Jamieson, Neil Tobey, Jared Butler

Abstract: A new national uranium research project for Canada

Charles W. Jefferson

Abstract: An ornithischian dinosaur from the Sustut Basin, northern British Columbia, Canada

Victoria Megan Arbour, Milton Graves

Abstract: A paleoecological record of climatic deterioration from middle to late Wisconsinan time on the Interior Plateau of British Columbia, Canada

Brent Ward, Marten Geertsema, Alice Tekla, Rolf Mathewes

Abstract: Applications of Quaternary geology and till geochemistry projects in northeastern New Brunswick

Michael A. Parkhill, Marc Desrosiers, Toon Pronk, Rex Boldon

Abstract: A structural analysis of the MAW zone sub-economic rare-earth element deposit, Wheeler River Property, northern Saskatchewan, and the relationship of structures and alteration to possible uranium mineralization

Marie Barker

Abstract: A study of buried forests from two bogs in northern New Brunswick

André Robichaud, Colin P. Laroque

Abstract: Authigenic carbonate mounds and hydrocarbon seeps of offshore Cape Breton Island

Ryan Cook, Peter Wallace

Abstract: Bedrock geology of 21G and 21B, New Brunswick geological compilation project

Erin A. Smith

Abstract: Biostratigraphic constraints on the Cretaceous Strand Fiord Formation flood basalts, central Sverdrup Basin, Canadian Arctic Islands

R. Andrew MacRae, Len Hills

Abstract: Canadian Geology 12–The inspiration point for many future geologists!

Tracy Webb

Abstract: Carboniferous plays in the eastern Gaspé and Chaleur Bay areas: a synopsis

Pierre Jutras

Abstract: Carboniferous tectonics, sedimentation and evaporite mobility in the Cumberland and Kennetcook basins

John W. F. Waldron, Michael C. Rygel

Abstract: Carbon isotope chemostratigraphy in the Late Ordovician in Arctic Canada: the signal of the Hirnantian glaciation

Michael J. Melchin, Chris Holmden

Abstract: Cenozoic tectonic framework of the Baffin Bay–Nares Strait region of Arctic Canada and Greenland

Gordon Neil Oakey

Abstract: Chaleurs Group stratigraphy in the Petit Rocher area, northern New Brunswick

Steven R. McCutcheon

Abstract: Chronology development from decayed tree-ring samples in Atlantic Canada

Lanna J. Campbell, Colin P. Laroque

Abstract: Climate reconstructions from five conifer species in southwestern Nova Scotia

Colin P. Laroque

Abstract: Coastal processes, hazards impacts, and resilience in Canadian Arctic communities

Gavin K. Manson, Donald L. Forbes, Norman R. Catto, Karissa Belliveau, Kathleen Parewick, Steven M. Solomon, Evan N. Edinger, Tanya Brown

Abstract: Coeval granulites and granites in a metamorphic core complex: the Liscomb complex, Nova Scotia

Aaron Vaughan, J. Victor Owen, Jaroslav Dostal, Brad Redden

Abstract: Comparison of Late Holocene and Pleistocene sedimentologic and oceanographic records in the Amundsen Gulf, Northwest Territories, Canada

Tamara Moss

Abstract: Comparison of the spatial and temporal patterns of change in salt marshes of the Avon and Cornwallis river estuaries

Jillian Bambrick, Danika van Proosdij

Abstract: Controls on VMS mineralization, Bathurst Mining Camp, New Brunswick

J. A. Walker, S. R. McCutcheon

Abstract: Cu-Mo porphyry deposit of the Erdenetiin Ovoo: an environmental study

O. Gerel, S. Dandar, S. Myagmarsuren, B. Soyolmaa

Abstract: Dating of raised beach deposits in Gipsdalen, coastal west Svalbard, using surface exposure dating (10Be, 36Cl) and radiocarbon ages

K. Förster, A. Reuther, M. Fiebig, H. Strunk, K. Heine

Abstract: Deep crustal structures as controls on magmatism and copper mineralization in the Urumieh-Dokhtar arc, Iran

Alireza Zarasvandi, Sassan Liaghat, Marcos Zentilli

Abstract: Differentiation mechanisms in the Basement Sill, Ferrar Province, Antarctica

Jean H. Bédard, Tom Fleming, Taber Hersum, B. Marsh, H. Richard Naslund, Samuel B. Mukasa

Abstract: Differentiation of silicic segregations in the Ferrar dolerites, Antarctica

Karina Zavala, George W. Fisher

Abstract: Dinosaurs, deserts and volcanoes: the creation of a series of paintings depicting scenes from the Mesozoic Fundy Basin of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick

Rob Fensome, Judi Pennanen, Tim Fedak, Andrew MacRae, Paul Olsen, John Wade, Graham Williams, Ken Adams, Jennifer Bates, Dave Brown, Howard Falcon-Lang, Kathy Goodwin, Randy Miller, Georgia Pe-Piper, Deborah Skilliter

Abstract: Distinguishing primary versus hydrothermal alteration assemblages at the Chuquicamata porphyry copper system, Chile

Alexandra M. Arnott, Marcos Zentilli

Abstract: Distribution of arsenic and mercury in marine sediments impacted by gold mine tailings, Wine Harbour, Nova Scotia

Megan E. Little, Michael B. Parsons, Anne-Marie O’Beirne-Ryan

Abstract: Earth science at the junior high level: a teacher’s perspective

Heather Johnson

Abstract: Ecomorphodynamics of salt marsh and mudflat systems in the Upper Bay of Fundy

Danika van Proosdij

Abstract: Environmental legacy of historical gold mining activities in Nova Scotia

Michael B. Parsons, Paul K. Smith, Terry A. Goodwin, Gwendy E. M. Hall, Jeanne B. Percival

Abstract: Evaluating the source of the East Point Magnetic Anomaly, southern Gulf of St. Lawrence, based on magnetic, gravity, and seismic data

Lori A. Cook, Sandra M. Barr, Sonya A. Dehler

Abstract: Evaluation and characterization of the nickel-copper-PGE potential of the Red Cross Lake intrusive suite, central Newfoundland

Patrick G. Collins, Derek H. C. Wilton

Abstract: Evaluation and characterization of the nickel-copper-PGE potential of the Red Cross Lake intrusive suite, central Newfoundland

Patrick G. Collins, D. H. C. Wilton

Abstract: Examining the relationship between geological properties of mafic intrusive rocks and construction aggregate durability in New Brunswick

Holly J. Stewart

Abstract: Extreme ice-scouring processes on the Canadian Beaufort Shelf caused by sea-ice pressure ridge keels

Erin J. Oickle, Steve M. Blasco, Jim M. Shearer

Abstract: Filling in the gap: Correlation of onshore and offshore geology, southwestern Nova Scotia using geophysical data

Virginia Brake

Abstract: Fine-grained inorganic sediment characterization and size distribution from the last 30 ky in the Eastern Equatorial Pacific as compositional and current intensity proxies

Paul Auerbach

Abstract: First steps in the production of a Geographic Information System for Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Québec

Marie-Claude Williamson, Samantha F. Jones, Denis Lavoie, Peter Giles

Abstract: Foraminifers and associated organisms on the present Mackenzie Shelf/Amundsen Basin, Canadian Arctic and comparison to the Antarctic faunas

David B. Scott, Trecia Schell, André Rochon

Abstract: Form and distribution of gold in the Brunswick No.12 volcanogenic massive sulphide deposit, Bathurst mining camp, New Brunswick

Jillian Martin, Sean McClenaghan, David Lentz

Abstract: From an Éphémérides to 'Observations on The Changes of The Air': documenting the farfield parameters of the November 1, 1755 “Lisbon” tsunami in the western Atlantic

Alan Ruffman

Abstract: Furthering understanding of Arctic marine geology through the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea

John Shimeld, Ruth Jackson, Jacob Verhoef

Abstract: Future treeline migration based on past radial tree growth, Jasper National Park, Alberta

Christine Robichaud, Colin P. Laroque

Abstract: Geologic evolution and petroleum potential of the Orphan Basin, offshore Newfoundland and Labrador

Michael E. Enachescu, Stephen Kearsey, Victoria Hardy, Jean-Claude Sibuet, John Hogg, Shiri Srivastava, Phonse Fagan, Renée Burton-Ferguson, Tim Thompson

Abstract: Geology, mineralogy and alteration of Chehelkureh polymetallic ore deposit, southeast Iran

Mohammad Maanijou, David Lentz, Iraj Rasa, Babak Aletaha

Abstract: Geology and geobotany: examples of the influence of local conditions governing alpine plant habitats in the Nain region of Labrador

Bruce Ryan

Abstract: Granitoids of Mongolia and metallogeny: GIS database

S. Myagmarsuren, O. Gerel, S. Oyungerel, B. Soyolmaa

Abstract: Growth of clinopyroxenes in a closed system: relationships between T-t paths and zonation

Thomas R. Mumford, Cliff S. J. Shaw

Abstract: Historical and dendrochronological assessment of the Bay of Fundy forests for dendroclimatological modeling, New Brunswick

Ben Phillips, Colin P. Laroque

Abstract: Holocene paleoceanography of the Mackenzie Trough, Beaufort Sea, Canada: preliminary results

André Rochon, S. Blasco, D. Scott, T. Schell, R. Bennett, K. Jenner

Abstract: How a committee earns its keep: current activities of the Atlantic Geoscience Society Education Committee

Jennifer L. Bates

Abstract: Hydrocarbons in the Paleozoic basins of eastern Canada: significant newly recognized potential

Denis Lavoie

Abstract: Hydrothermal dolomites in Paleozoic rocks of eastern Canada: a story from identification to recent hydrocarbon production record

Denis Lavoie

Abstract: Impact of magmatism on the petroleum system of the Sverdrup Basin, Canadian Arctic Islands, Nunavut; a numerical modeling experiment

Samantha Jones, Hans Wielens, Marie-Claude Williamson, Marcos Zentilli

Abstract: Integrating analogue experiments and seismic interpretation for improved understanding of sedimentation and salt dynamics in Mesozoic sub-basins and their deepwater extensions, offshore Nova Scotia

Juergen Adam, John Shimeld, Csaba Krezsek, Steve King, Sheila Ballantyne, Djordje Grujic

Abstract: Interplay of tectonics, volcanism and diagenetic processes in Lower Cretaceous sediments of the Chaswood Formation and Scotian Basin

Georgia Pe-Piper, David J. W. Piper

Abstract: Kemptville Shear Zone; regional shearing, mineralization and granite emplacement?

Rick Horne, Steve King, Dan Kontak, Nick Culshaw

Abstract: Landslides and avalanches in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada

Fenton M. Isenor, Ian S. Spooner, Kim Wahl, David Liverman, Jeanette Smith

Abstract: Late Cretaceous-Cenozoic biostratigraphic control on the Scotian Margin: an eventful story

Robert A. Fensome, Jason Crux, Gunilla Gard, Graham L. Williams, R.Andrew MacRae, Frank C. Thomas, Flavia Fiorini, Grant Wach

Abstract: Late Pleistocene gravel deposits of ancient Bostwick creek in the Uncompahgre River valley of southwestern Colorado

S. Kelley, A. M. Hudson, B. Kaproth, A. Aslan

Abstract: Learning how to tell the story of a prospective geological World Heritage Site: rejoining art and science at Joggins

John Calder, Hans Samuelson, Jenna Boon

Abstract: Lithofacies and spectral gamma-ray analysis of a potential outcrop analogue for a secondary reservoir in the McCully Gas Field, Sussex, NB

Dave Keighley, Devin Mohan

Abstract: Lower Carboniferous history of the Indian Mountain deformed zone, Westmorland County, SE New Brunswick

Adrian F. Park, Clint St. Peter, David Keighley

Abstract: Machias Seal Island quartz monzodiorite: the southernmost rocks in New Brunswick

Sandra M. Barr, James K. Mortensen, Heather E. Wolczanski

Abstract: Magmatic-hydrothermal iron oxide-Cu-Au-Ag-U deposits

Hamid Mumin

Abstract: Marine evidence on the Northeast Newfoundland Shelf of outburst floods from glacial Lake Agassiz and the 8.2 cold event

C. F. Michael Lewis, Ann A. L. Miller, Gary V. Sonnichsen, David J. W. Piper

Abstract: Metallogeny of the Caledonian Highlands, southern New Brunswick: a pilot study

J. M. Texidor-Carlsson, S. M. Barr, C. R. Stanley

Abstract: Microborings in the foraminifer Lepidocyclina sp., Cenozoic White Limestone Group, Jamaica: possible causative organisms

Donovan J. Blissett, Ron K. Pickerill

Abstract: Mineralization at Brookfield barite deposit: structurally controled mineralization formed from 250°C, COHN basinal brines in the Carboniferous Maritimes Basin

Daniel J. Kontak, T. Kurt Kyser

Abstract: Modeling groundwater vulnerability in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, using DRASTIC in a GIS

Amanda L. Blackmore, Ian S. Spooner, Timothy Webster, Christine Rivard

Abstract: Mongolian women in geosciences: the appearance and reality of changing gender roles

O. Gerel, B. Batkhyshig, S. Myagmarsuren

Abstract: Monitoring coastal change in the eastern Canadian Arctic

Robert Taylor, Dave Frobel, Don Forbes

Abstract: Monsoon-generated fluvial sequences: Climatic control in the Quaternary of the Himalayan Foreland Basin

Martin R. Gibling

Abstract: Mud breeds mud: the non-linear effect of high sediment concentrations on channel infill downstream of causeways

T. G. Milligan, G. Bugden, B. A. Law

Abstract: Mud volcanoes, diapirs, pingos and relict topographic features on the Canadian Beaufort Shelf

S. M. Blasco, K. A. Blasco, J. M. Shearer, D. Poley, B. R. Pelletier

Abstract: Multidisciplinary approach to assess sediment transport and environmental impacts at an offshore disposal site near Saint John, NB

Russell Parrott, Michael Parsons, Michael Li, Vladimir Kostylev, John Hughes Clarke, Kok-Leng Tay

Abstract: Nannofossil biostratigraphy of Sauk A-57 and Shubenacadie H-100, offshore Nova Scotia

Sara Mason, Victoria Arbour, David Scott, Grant Wach, Chloe Younger

Abstract: Nannofossil biostratigraphy of Sauk A-57 and Shubenacadie H-100, offshore Nova Scotia

Sara Mason, Victoria Arbour, David Scott, Grant Wach, Chloe Younger

Abstract: New 1:250 000 geological map for northern New Brunswick

R.A. Wilson, M.P. Rennick

Abstract: New constraints on deciphering the origin of the Meguma Group in southwestern Nova Scotia

Chris E. White, Sandra M. Barr, Ryan M. Toole

Abstract: Offshore Newfoundland and Labrador: exploration and production update for 2006

Michael E. Enachescu

Abstract: On the rocks with geoscience outreach

Howard V. Donohoe, Jr., Ken Adams

Abstract: Origin and tectonic significance of the Early Cretaceous Fogo Seamounts

David J. W. Piper, Georgia Pe-Piper, L. F. Jansa

Abstract: Orphan Basin: an overview of geology and exploration history

Harold J. Klassen

Abstract: Paleoclimate reconstructions using lake sediment geochemistry: implications for GCM validations

Nick Nickerson

Abstract: Paleontology collections: a vital component of geo-heritage

W. Douglas Boyce, Randy S. R. Batten

Abstract: Petrographic and chemical variations through the Goldenville and Halifax formations, Bear River, High Head, and Broad River sections, southwestern Nova Scotia

Ryan M. Toole, Sandra M. Barr, Chris E. White

Abstract: Petroleum exploration in onshore western Newfoundland: an historical overview

Larry Hicks

Abstract: Petrology and geochemistry of granitoids, Mandalgobi area, central Mongolia

Y. Majigsuren, Antonio Alberti

Abstract: Post-glacial climate change and its effect on the thermal structure and habitat in a shallow dimictic lake, Nova Scotia, Canada

Brent T. Lennox, Ian S. Spooner

Abstract: Preliminary investigations of Nb in melt-fluid systems using in situ X-ray spectroscopy

Adam Jeremy Layman, Alan J. Anderson

Abstract:Preliminary seismic-stratigraphic interpretation and mapping results for the Paleogene - Neogene succession, Orphan Basin, offshore Newfoundland and Labrador

Renée Burton-Ferguson, Michael E. Enachescu, Richard N. Hiscott

Abstract: Preserving geoscience heritage in Saint John, New Brunswick

Randall F. Miller, Nadine J. Wood, Christopher J. G. Baker

Abstract: Primary distribution and possible supergene enrichment of zinc in the Chuquicamata porphyry copper-molybdenum deposit, Chile

Marcos Zentilli, Milton C. Graves

Abstract: Putting it in motion: plate tectonics as a classroom activity

Sonya A. Dehler

Abstract: Recent palaeoceanography of the Mackenzie Trough (Beaufort Sea) with comparisons to Lancaster Sound (Baffin Bay) using foraminifers as proxies

Trecia Schell, David B. Scott, André Rochon, Steve Blasco, Robbie Bennett, Kimberly Jenner

Abstract: Review of hydrocarbon traps in clastic Cambrian strata, western Newfoundland

Elliott Burden, Tom Calon

Abstract: River in a box: sedimentary geology with modified Hele-Shaw cells

D. Patrick Potter, John W. Shimeld, Peter Wallace

Abstract: Rules of Engagement

Brad Tucker

Abstract: Sandstone uranium deposits: examples from the grants district, New Mexico - the largest uranium producers in the U.S.A.

Virginia T. McLemore

Abstract: Schlieren structures in the South Mountain Batholith, Nova Scotia

James C. P. Sykes

Abstract: Seabed morphology, geologic framework, and paleoceanography of the NW Passage

R. Bennett, S. Blasco, J. Hughes-Clarke, J. Beaudoin, J. Bartlett, A. Rochon, T. Schell

Abstract: Seismic stratigraphic and structural characterization of the Snorri J-90 well area, Hopedale Basin, Labrador Sea

Michael E. Enachescu, Andrew B. Carroll

Abstract: SEM cathodoluminescence imaging of quartz phenoclasts in the Nepisiguit Falls Formation, Bathurst Mining Camp: evidence of explosive fragmentation

Warna S. Downey, Dave L. Lentz, Michael D. Robertson

Abstract: Simulating 100 million years of radiation damage in six years

John M. Hanchar

Abstract: Sources and transport routes for Cretaceous turbidite sands from the Newfoundland Basin, ODP site 1276

Rick Hiscott, Kathie M. Marsaglia, Sarah C. Sherlock, R. Chris Wilson

Abstract: Sourcing artifact native copper using electron probe microanalysis: preliminary results

C. Evans, S. E. Blair, D. C. Hall, A. F. Park

Abstract: Stratigraphic revision of the Codroy and Barachois groups (Carboniferous) of western Newfoundland

Peter S. Giles, John Utting

Abstract: Stratigraphy, depositional setting and volcanism of the Letete Formation, southwestern New Brunswick

David Lowe, Nancy Van Wagoner

Abstract: Structure of the western Cumberland Basin: implications for coalbed-methane exploration

John W. F. Waldron, Michael C. Rygel

Abstract: Suspended sediment concentrations in the Shubenacadie Canal, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Lori Wrye

Abstract: Suspended sediment cycles in the mid and outer Bay of Fundy

D. K. Muschenheim

Abstract: Temporal-spatial association between Tertiary lamprophyre dykes and epithermal Au-Ag mineralization in Sonora, northwestern Mexico

A. J. Orozco-Garza, J. Dostal, P. H. Reynolds

Abstract: Tetrapod ichnofossils from the Namurian A (Mabou Group) of Nova Scotia

Daniel A. Lambert

Abstract: The Alpha-Mendeelev Magmatic Province, Arctic Ocean: A new synthesis

Peter R. Vogt, Woo-Yeol Jung, Martin Jakobsson, Larry Mayer, Marie-Claude Williamson

Abstract: The amazing geology of Mars

John G. Spray

Abstract: The application of high-resolution DEMs derived from LIDAR for geoscience

Tim Webster

Abstract: The Atlantic region teleseismic experiment: a new study of regional structure and seismicity

Sonya A. Dehler, D. Patrick Potter, John F. Cassidy, Isa Asudeh

Abstract: The effects of climate change on the coastal geomorphology of southwestern Banks Island, NWT

Karissa Belliveau, Norm Catto, Evan Edinger, Donald Forbes

Abstract: The first submarine occurrence of baricite: a rare hydrated Fe-Mg phosphate mineral, Mackenzie Bay, Beaufort Sea, Canada

Y. A. Kettanah, D. B. Scott, G. D. Wach, P. Stoffyn-Egli

Abstract: The formation of a glacial meltwater channel in Northern Alberta during the Late Wisconsinan and the potential for aggregate resources in the area

Heather Campbell, Bruce E. Broster, Roger Paulen

Abstract: The geologist’s guide to Gros Morne National Park: a report on an advanced GAC Newfoundland section project

Andrew Kerr, Robert K. Stevens, Rob Hingston

Abstract: The great U-turn: the resurgence of uranium and an overview of deposit types

Derek H.C. Wilton

Abstract: The Guitard Brook shear-zone hosted As-Au-Ag-Cu occurrence, northern New Brunswick

Sabine Vetter, Jim Walker, David R. Lentz

Abstract: The Kashafrud Formation of Iran: Jurassic turbidites in the Neotethys Ocean, and their reservoir evaluation

Mehdi Reza Poursoltani, Martin R. Gibling

Abstract: The Kopanoar mud volcano on the Mackenzie Shelf, Beaufort Sea: implications for methane release on Arctic shelves

Frederick B. Walsh

Abstract: The Lac des Iles palladium deposit, northwestern Ontario: a product of late magmatic mineralization and subsequent hydrothermal enrichment

John G. Hinchey

Abstract: The making of an AGS educational film: from design to production

Gordon Fader, Charles Doucet, George Jordan

Abstract: The Northwest Passage: future dream getaway?

André Rochon

Abstract: The origin of Cambrian-Ordovician ironstones, Iron Brook Group, Antigonish Highlands, Nova Scotia

Kim Ells

Abstract: The origin of reaction textures in mantle peridotite xenoliths from Sal Island, Cape Verde: the case for “metasomatism” by the host lava

Cliff Shaw, Florian Heidelbach, Don Dingwell

Abstract: The past, present and future geoscience research in understanding the Bay of Fundy

Gordon B. J. Fader

Abstract: The post-glacial history of the Labrador Current (dynamics and composition): micropaleontological evidence of outburst floods and Atlantic Canada climate changes

Ann A. L. Miller, C. F. Michael Lewis, Joyce B. Macpherson, Elisabeth Levac, Ian S. Spooner

Abstract: The relationship between mafic intrusive units and the Devil Pike Brook orogenic lode gold deposit, south-central New Brunswick

Jonathan Lafontaine, David R. Lentz, Kathleen G. Thorne

Abstract: Thermal effects of warm fluid circulation associated with the rise of evaporite diapirs in the east-central Sverdrup Basin, Canadian Arctic Archipelago

M. Zentilli, A. M. Grist, M-C. Williamson, D. T. Andersen, W. Pollard

Abstract: The upper Hazelton Group in northwest British Columbia: an example of an ore-forming arc to rift transition

Tony Barresi, JoAnne Nelson, Dani Alldrick, Jarda Dostal

Abstract: The Wolves–a missing link in southern New Brunswick geology

Heather E. Wolczanski, Sandra M. Barr

Abstract: Tourmaline chemistry and emerald mineralization at Tsa da Glisza, southern Yukon Territory

Chris Galbraith

Abstract: Tracking the Ministers Island dyke using marine magnetics, St. Andrews, New Brunswick

John Evangelatos, Karl E. Butler

Abstract: Tree-ring chronology development from house structures in Dorchester, New Brunswick

Nigel Selig, André Robichaud, Colin P. Laroque

Abstract: Trends in sedimentation and erosion at the mouth of the Petitcodiac River, Bay of Fundy, as inferred from sub-bottom profiles

Karl E. Butler, E. Jane Simmons, Murray K. Gingras, Gary Bugden, Peter G. Simpkin

Abstract: Unconformity-associated uranium deposits: characteristics, geological environments, and exploration methodology

Charles W. Jefferson, D. J. Thomas, S. S. Gandhi, P. Ramaekers, G. Delaney, D. Brisbin, C. Cutts, P. Portella, R. A. Olson

Abstract: Under-appreciated hydrocarbon potential of the Devonian to early Permian Maritimes Basin of eastern Canada

Peter S. Giles

Abstract: Upper Cretaceous-Cenozoic salt movement in the Abenaki Subbasin, offshore Nova Scotia

Brent LaPierre, Andrew MacRae

Abstract: Uranium and arsenic in ground water in the Grand Pré region in southwestern Nova Scotia: a geochemical and social study

Mary A. Samolczyk, Ian S. Spooner, Clifford R. Stanley, Linda A. Lusby

Abstract: Uranium and radioactive elements in the Horton Group: possible connection to palaeosaprolites developed under the Carboniferous unconformity in the Maritimes Basin of eastern Canada

R. J. Ryan, A. M. O’Beirne-Ryan

Abstract: Uranium mineralization in the Makkovik province, central mineral belt, Labrador: the ongoing Fronteer Development Group - Altius Minerals project

Matthew Lennox-King

Abstract: Uranium mineralization in the Moran Lake area of the central mineral belt of Labrador: new models and developments from the Crosshair Exploration project

Timothy Froude

Abstract: Uranium potential in Labrador: don’t neglect the Grenville Province!

Charles F. Gower

Abstract: Volcanology of the upper cone of the Rockeskyller Kopf volcano, West Eifel volcanic field, Germany

Nesha D. Trenholm, Cliff S. J. Shaw, Alan B. Woodland

Abstract: Weathered granites as potential chemical sieves: impacts of ancient pre-glaciation weathering on the granitoids of southwestern Nova Scotia and the environment

Anne-Marie O’Beirne-Ryan, Marcos Zentilli

Abstract: Western Newfoundland petroleum geology and exploration opportunities

Phonse Fagan

Abstract: “Schools on Board!” Bridging Arctic sciences and education

Lucette Barber, Trecia Schell

Carbonate blocks found in muddy sediment off Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia: pieces of small authigenic carbonate mounds and vents related to hydrocarbon seeps?

Peter Wallace, Matt Harrington, Ryan Cook

Discovery and paleoenvironmental implications of a Zoophycos-group trace fossil (?Echinospira) from the Middle Pennsylvanian Sydney Mines Formation of Nova Scotia

Duncan McIlroy, Howard Falcon-Lang

Environmental Geoscience Research in the Atlantic Region: Foreword

Don Fox, Michael Parsons, Marcos Zentilli

Geoscience at the nanometre scale: review of analytical transmission electron microscopy applications

B. M. Petrunic, T. A. Al, L. C. Cavé, V. J. Banks, D. B. Loomer, C. S. Belfry, S. R. Cogswell, L. Weaver

A Lower Carboniferous two-stage extensional basin along the Avalon-Meguma terrane boundary: evidence from southeastern Isle Madame, Nova Scotia

Eric R. Force, Sandra M. Barr

Mercury in till and bedrock southeast of Kejimkujik National Park, Nova Scotia

Belinda M. Culgin, Terry A. Goodwin

The origin of mafic-ultramafic bodies within the northern Dashwoods Subzone, Newfoundland Appalachians

C. Johan Lissenberg, Vicki J. McNicoll, Cees R. van Staal

Petrology, geochemistry, and U-Pb (zircon) age of the quartz-feldspar porphyry dyke at the Lake George antimony mine, New Brunswick: implications for origin, emplacement process, and mineralization

P. R. R. Leonard, D. R. Lentz, M. Poujol

Relict seawater as a source of stratified groundwater in glaciated estuarine valleys: an example from Fredericton Junction, New Brunswick

Gina M. Giudice, Bruce E. Broster

Weathering of Devonian monzogranites as recorded in the geochemistry of saprolites from the South Mountain Batholith, Nova Scotia, Canada

Anne Marie O’Beirne-Ryan, Marcos Zentilli

“Coal Age Galapagos”: Joggins and the Lions of Nineteenth Century Geology

John H. Calder