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Atlantic Geology

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Abstract: A Chelsea porcelain (London, mid-18th century) P-Pb repair glaze: results of analogue firing experiments and implications for in situ analytical authentication studies

D. Quick

Abstract: A geoheritage strategy for Nova Scotia

John Calder

Abstract: Alleghenian deformation in Nova Scotia: revolution, disturbance or localized transpression?

Fraser Keppie

Abstract: A microbial mat and associated trace fossil assemblage at Coal Mine Point, Nova Scotia: paleoenvironmental significance and evidence of a previously unrecorded transgression

Zabrina M. Prescott, Matthew R. Stimson, Lynn T. Dafoe, Martin R. Gibling, R. Andrew MacRae

Abstract: Analysis of the effect of principle stresses in the Bay of Fundy, Gulf of St. Lawrence, offshore Nova Scotia, and Grand Banks on faults in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick

Ella Goldberg, Djordje Grujic

Abstract: A new geological interpretation of the Antigonish Highlands, northern mainland Nova Scotia

Chris E. White, Sandra M. Barr, Donnelly B. Archibald, Katherin E. Voy, Trevor G. MacHattie, Edwin A. Escarraga, Chris R. M. McFarlane

Abstract: An Investigation of factors influencing drumlin erosion in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia

J. R. Caines, I. Spooner, B. Nodding

Abstract: An overview of the McCoy Brook sauropodomorph dinosaur bone-bed and description of 3D photogrammetry methods for new research methods and documentation of paleontology quarries and site erosionsuture zone, southwestern Iberia

Tim J. Fedak

Abstract: A paleolimnological record of anthropogenic impact on water quality in First Lake, Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia

D. Tymstra, I. S. Spooner, C. E. White

Abstract: Architectural elements of Mesozoic rift basin sediments: offshore Scotian margin

Darragh E. O’Connor, Grant D. Wach

Abstract: Archival documentation of the 1755 maremoto de Lisboa, on the shoreline of Brazil

Alan Ruffman, Jose Alberto Vivas Veloso

Abstract: A revised biostratigraphic and well-log sequence stratigraphic framework for the Scotian Margin, offshore eastern Canada

A. MacRae, J. Weston, P. Ascoli, K. Cooper, R. Fensome, D. Shaw, G. Williams

Abstract: Assessing two methods for estimating bulk density of particles in suspension

Alexander J. Hurley, Paul S. Hill

Abstract: Bedrock incision and surface uplift rates of the western Hangay Dome, Mongolia

T. Forstner, J. Gosse

Abstract: Biotite analysis of felsic intrusive rocks near the Sisson Brook W-Mo-Cu deposit, west-central New Brunswick

W. Zhang, D. R. Lentz, K. G. Thorne, C. R. M. McFarlane

Abstract: Climate proxies from the Siwalik Group in the eastern Himalaya: an oxygen and hydrogen isotope record from authigenic clays

Beth Cowan, Djordje Grujic, Isabelle Coutand

Abstract: Coastline change detection utilizing ground-based laser scanning

Tim Webster, Kevin McGuigan, Nathan Crowell, May Kongwongthair

Abstract: Cooling history of shock melts in meteorites: constraints from finite element cooling models

Cliff S. J. Shaw, Erin L. Walton

Abstract: Current and recent research at the Joggins Fossil Cliffs UNESCO World Heritage Site

Melissa Grey

Abstract: Determining the presence of aqueous fluids in Canadian kimberlites

Natalie Paterson, Yana Fedortchouk

Abstract: Development of a GIS-based approach for the assessment of seawater intrusion vulnerability in Nova Scotia

G. W. Kennedy

Abstract: Early Devonian regional-contact metamorphism in the Juniper region, central New Brunswick, Canada

Carlin Lentz, Chris R. M. McFarlane, Sean H. McClenaghan

Abstract: Employing contact metamorphism to assess the conditions of pluton emplacement in southwestern Kellys Mountain, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

N. A. Shawwa

Abstract: Ephemeral sedimentation in the Early Triassic Bjorne Formation of the Sverdup Basin Nunavut, Canada

Derrick W. Midwinter, Thomas Hadlari

Abstract: Evaluation of the controls on the distribution of scheelite and wolframite in mineralized zones at the Sisson Brook W-Mo-Cu deposit, west-central New Brunswick: a petrogenetic analysis

A. L. Bustard, D. R. Lentz

Abstract: Field observations on D1 and D2 deformation fabrics and metamorphic mineral growth in the Newton Fjord region on Hall Peninsula, Nunavut, Canada

Z. Braden, M. D. Young, M. St-Onge, D. Skipton, D. Mate

Abstract: Field relations and petrology of the Trafalgar plutonic suite, northeastern Meguma terrane, central Nova Scotia

Raya Puchalski, Sandra M. Barr, Chris E. White

Abstract: Fluid-inclusion thermometric and stable isotope data constraints on the occurrence of quartz-carbonate-copper sulphide vein/fracture infill in the Caledonian Highlands, New Brunswick

F. M. Tweedale, J. J. Hanley

Abstract: Form, distribution, and genesis of gold within the contact metasomatic aureole of the Early Devonian Lake George granodiorite, southwestern New Brunswick

C. P. E. Lentz, C. R. M. McFarlane, K. R. Thorne

Abstract: Fracture studies in the Horton Group, Windsor-Kennetcook subbasin, Nova Scotia

Morgan E. Snyder, John W. F. Waldron

Abstract: Geological provenance of the Titanic gravestones in Halifax, Nova Scotia: a 100th anniversary forensic igneous petrology progress report

D. Barrie Clarke, Alan Ruffman, Peter H. Reynolds, Gregory R. Dunning, William C. Allan, Ian G. Meighan, Donald R. Bowes

Abstract: Geophysical modeling in the Cabot Strait - St. Georges Bay area between Cape Breton Island and western Newfoundland, Canada

L. Zsamboki, S. M. Barr, S. A. Dehler

Abstract: Ice cap evolution and polythermal ice dynamics derived from multiple terrestrial cosmogenic nuclide (TCN) dating of tors on Cumberland Peninsula, Baffin Island

A. Margreth, J. C. Gosse, A. S. Dyke

Abstract: Impact of inconsistent density scaling on physical analogue models of margin-scale salt tectonics

Janice Allen, Christopher Beaumont

Abstract: Influence of native Newfoundland sea cucumber Cucumaria frondosa on sediment mineralogy and texture

M. R. Joury

Abstract: Integrated water quality forecasting system for the Annapolis Basin, Nova Scotia

N. Crowell, T. Webster, S. Oldford-MacLellan, S. Butler, W. Livingstone, G. Rose

Abstract: Investigation of the form and age of the Bloody Creek Crater, southwestern Nova Scotia

Mariella Nalepa, Ian Spooner, Peter Williams

Abstract: Laser-ablation ICP-MS analysis of freshwater ferromanganese nodules

Shubhi Singh, Tom Al

Abstract: Late Pleistocene regional unconformity in the Bay of Fundy, coastal southwestern New Brunswick

C. L. Legere, B. E. Broster, J. E. Hughes Clarke

Abstract: Late Quaternary variations of the Labrador Current in Flemish Pass

N. Marshall, D. J. W. Piper

Abstract: Lithogeochemistry of host rocks to the Bisha Cu-Zn-Au volcanic-hosted massive sulphide deposit, Eritrea

Ronald J. Massawe, Clifford R. Stanley

Abstract: Mineralogical study of a uranium-niobium-rich alteration zone at the Lofdal Carbonatite-Silicate Complex, Namibia

M. A. Gaudet, S. Swinden, Y. Fedortchouk

Abstract: Monchiquite dykes on Machias Seal Island, New Brunswick, Canada

J. Gregory McHone, Sandra M. Barr

Abstract: Monitoring coastal areas in Newfoundland and Labrador

Melanie L. Irvine

Abstract: Multi-scale permeability modelling of the Cretaceous Missisauga Formation of the Scotian Shelf offshore Nova Scotia

L. Manoukian, G. Wach

Abstract: New Brunswick surficial mapping program: review and highlights

Serge Allard, Pam Dickinson

Abstract: Occurrence and origin of ring schlieren in the Halifax Pluton, South Mountain Batholith, Nova Scotia, Canada

Fergus M. Tweedale

Abstract: Oil production enhancement strategy by using integrated simulation and well log data, Norne Field, Norway

L. Selviz, T. Johansen, L. James

Abstract: On the discovery of a new ichnofossil assemblage from the Early Carboniferous Bloomfield Formation in Bloomfield, New Brunswick

M. Stimson, S. Hinds, A. MacRae

Abstract: Paleolimnological records of post-glacial wetland evolution from the Chignecto Isthmus region, eastern Canada

Hilary White, Ian Spooner, Chris White, Nelson O’Driscoll, Dewey Dunnington, Timothy Jull

Abstract: Paleoproterozoic Mississippi Valley-Type Pb-Zn mineralization in the Ramah Group, northern Labrador

James Conliffe, Derek H. C. Wilton, Nigel J. F. Blamey, Sandy M. Archibald

Abstract: Paragenesis and composition of native gold from the Valentine Lake Deposit, central Newfoundland: a secondary ion mass spectrometry and S scanning electron microscope - energy dispersive analysis investigation

S. Tarrant, G. Layne

Abstract: Paragneiss, migmatite, and anatectite of the central Miramichi Highlands: a distinct Ganderian basement block?

Reginald A. Wilson, Sean H. McClenaghan

Abstract: Partial digestion geochemistry of Nova Scotia soil samples: monitoring digestion conditions to understand how samples leach

Cliff Stanley, Biniam Bisrat, John Murimboh

Abstract: Petrological comparison of Devonian megacrystic plutons: Cameron Brook pluton, Nova Scotia, and Gaytons pluton, New Brunswick

Jason Willson, Sandra M. Barr

Abstract: Petrology of the Indian Lake and Leadbetter Road plutons, Antigonish Highlands, Nova Scotia

Amy L. MacFadzen, Sandra M. Barr, Chris E. White

Abstract: Placer gold provenance in the Black Hills Creek watershed, west-central Yukon: exploration strategies from grain morphology and geochemical analysis

Mark R. Higgins, Michael D. Young, Richard D. Cox, Dan Macdonald, Adrian Flemming

Abstract: Platinum group element (PGE) mineralization associated with a Fe-Ti-V deposit, located in the Rio Jacaré Intrusion, Brazil

Robert A. Campbell, Yana Fedortchouk, Dan MacDonald, Israel Nonato

Abstract: Post 380 Ma granophile mineralization in southwestern Nova Scotia, Canada: evidence from the Clayton Hill and Gardners Meadow mineralized centres

Daniel J. Kontak, Richard J. Horne, April Bertrand, Robert Creaser

Abstract: Probing the composition of unexposed basement, South Portuguese Zone, southern Iberia: implications for the connections between the Appalachian and Variscan orogens

James A. Braid, J. Brendan Murphy, Cecilio Quesada, Luke Bickerton, James K. Mortensen

Abstract: Quantifying the 'deformable bed' using cosmogenic 10Be concentrations in a paleotill

Logan T. C. Brown, John C. Gosse, Marc W. Caffee

Abstract: Quantitative mapping in the Parry Sound domain for structural analysis

Peter J. Regan

Abstract: Racing to the surface - the dynamics of the feeder system to a cinder cone

B. S. Lebert, C. S. J. Shaw

Abstract: Rare earth element and Y substitution in ynthetic apatite

B. Moore

Abstract: Reconstructing restricted to open marine settings using trace fossils in the Jurassic through Tertiary of Orphan Basin and the northern Grand Banks, offshore Newfoundland

Lynn T. Dafoe

Abstract: Relationship of mineralization in the Volcano Sedimentary Complex (Iberian Pyrite Belt) to the Sierra Norte Batholith, Southern Iberia

S. R. MacInnis, J. A. Braid

Abstract: Remarkable sharks from the Early Devonian Campbellton Formation, New Brunswick, Canada

Randall F. Miller, Susan Turner, John Maisey

Abstract: Seascapes of the St. Anns Bank and adjoining area, offshore Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Edward King

Abstract: Sequence stratigraphy and reservoir analysis of the Cretaceous of the Penobscot area, offshore Nova Scotia

D. Tobey, G. Wach

Abstract: Sisson Brook W-Mo-Cu deposit case study, central New Brunswick: indicator mineral and till geochemical signatures

Michael A. Parkhill, M. Beth McClenaghan, Allen A. Seaman, A. G. Pronk, Jessey M. Rice

Abstract: Spatial pattern of mercury in stream and lake sediments in Nova Scotia, Canada

M. Nasr, P. A. Arp

Abstract: Strategies to avoid the nugget effect in soil samples from the Fifteen Mile Stream Gold Deposit, Nova Scotia

J. C. Willson, C. R. Stanley, J. D. Murimboh

Abstract: Stratigraphic and structural relationships of the Norton to Apohaqui areas, southeastern New Brunswick, Canada: preliminary results from 2010–11 field mapping

Steven J. Hinds

Abstract: Structural geology of the Meguma Supergroup and White Rock Formation contact in the Cape St. Marys area, southwest Nova Scotia

C. H. Dickson, N. Culshaw

Abstract: Structure and petrology of the Partridge Island block and the tectonic evolution of the Saint John area, New Brunswick

Adrian F. Park, Robert L. Treat, Sandra M. Barr, Chris E. White, B. V. Miller, P. H. Reynolds

Abstract: Tectonic evolution of mafic dykes in a suture zone, southern Iberia: implications for the formation of Pangea

D. E. Nicolle, J. A. Braid, J. B. Murphy

Abstract: Tectonic significance of a mafic mélange in the Pangean suture zone, southwestern Iberia

Dustin R. L. Dahn, James A. Braid, J. Brendan Murphy

Abstract: TGI-4 intrusion-related mineralization project: identifying new vectors to hidden mineralization

Neil Rogers, Bob Anderson, Alain Plouffe, M. Beth McClenaghan

Abstract: The Gil Marquez Pluton, southern Iberia: magmatism during continental collision and the amalgamation of Pangea

Evan R. Gladney

Abstract: The impact of ice sheets on slope sedimentation: a long-term perspective

T. J. Huppertz, D. J. W. Piper

Abstract: The Mabou Group in the Penobsquis area, Sussex, New Brunswick: preliminary chemostratigraphy and correlation

Nazrul Islam, David Keighley

Abstract: The paleogeography of glacial lake Shanadithit in the Red Indian Lake Basin, Newfoundland

Jennifer S. Smith

Abstract: The Paleozoic development of fluvial systems as terrestrial vegetation evolved, and implications for organic evolution

Martin R. Gibling, Neil S. Davies

Abstract: The petrogenesis of REE-enriched dykes in the Eastern Cobequid Highlands, Nova Scotia

S. Broughm, T. MacHattie, R. Cox

Abstract: The smallest known tetrapod footprints: Batrachichnus salamandroides from the Carboniferous of Joggins, Nova Scotia, Canada

Matt Stimson, Spencer G. Lucas, Gloria Melanson

Abstract: Three-dimensional identification and orphological characterization of a Trichichnus-like trace fossil

A. Noftall, D. Mcllory

Abstract: Tracking the crystallization of a magma chamber: rare earth element geochemistry of amphibole, Greendale Complex, Antigonish Highlands, Nova Scotia

J. Brendan Murphy, Stephanie A. Blais, Michael Tubrett, Daniel MacNeil, Matthew Middleton

Abstract: Using a portable XRF spectrometer to determine geochemical and spatial correlations between alteration and gold mineralization at the Beaver Dam deposit, Nova Scotia

Jessica A. Guselle, Michael D. Young, Rick J. Horne

Abstract: Withdrawal of Windsor evaporites and the stratigraphy of the Maritimes Basin

John W. F. Waldron

Abstract: X-ray diffraction results from the weathering zone above the Bisha volcanic hosted massive sulphide deposit, Eritrea

Kacper Halama, Cliff Stanley

Abstract: “Teardrop” structures of the Nepewassi domain in the Central Gneiss Belt of the Grenville Province, Ontario

S. Tyler, N. Culshaw

The Cape Porcupine Complex, northern mainland Nova Scotia - no longer a geological orphan

S. M. Barr, C. E. White, J. W. F. Ketchum

A eurypterid from the lacustrine facies of the Early Devonian Campbellton Formation, New Brunswick, Canada

Randall F. Miller, Kirsten Kennedy, Martin R. Gibling

A model for uranium mobility in groundwater in the Grand Pré region, Nova Scotia, Canada

Mary A. Samolczyk, Ian S. Spooner, Clifford R. Stanley

Precise age and petrology of Silurian-Devonian plutons in the Benjamin River - Charlo area, northern New Brunswick

Jean-Luc Pilote, Sandra M. Barr, Reginald A. Wilson, Sean McClenaghan, Sandra Kamo, Vicki J. McNicoll, Mary Lou Bevier

Provenance of the Lower Carboniferous Horton Group, Petit-de-Grat Island, Nova Scotia, as revealed by detrital zircon ages

Eric R. Force, Sandra M. Barr

Regional hydrothermal alteration and 18O-depletion of the ca. 620 Ma Huntington Mountain pluton and related rocks, Cape Breton Island, Canada

Duane C. Petts, Frederick J. Longstaffe, Joanna Potter, Sandra M. Barr, Chris E. White

Specimen Collections from Abraham Gesner’s Geological Survey of New Brunswick (1838 to 1842)

Randall F. Miller, Diane N. Buhay, Michelle Hébert