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Atlantic Geology

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Abstract: A 12 000-year record of driftwood delivery to the western Queen Elizabeth Islands, Arctic Canada

F. Chantel Nixon, John H. England

Abstract: Abenaki carbonate platform to Sable Island delta transition: in search of modern analogues and towards a seismic-and-well-based model for a major depositional facies change - Late Jurassic, Nova Scotia Shelf, Canada

Leslie Eliuk, Grant Wach

Abstract: A fluid inclusion study of volcano-sedimentary - hosted quartz-carbonate-copper sulfide-gold veins at the Mile Brook occurrence, Broad River Group, New Brunswick

Jacob J. Hanley, Fergus Tweedale

Abstract: A hydrogeological investigation at the Crane Mountain Landfill, Saint John, New Brunswick

M. P. Jacobs, T. A. Al, K. T. MacQuarrie

Abstract: Al Grant, an East Coast icon

Graham Williams

Abstract: A model for the Paleoproterozoic metamorphism, crustal residence, and exhumation of the Repulse Bay block, Melville Peninsula, Nunavut

Crystal Laflamme, Chris Mcfarlane, David Corrigan

Abstract: Amphiboles in A-type granites as indicators of complex magmatic systems: the Wentworth Pluton, Nova Scotia

Angeliki Papoutsa, Georgia Pe-Piper, David J. W. Piper

Abstract: An integrated water quality forecasting model to restrict the harvesting of shellfish following extreme weather events

Charity Mouland, Timothy Webster, Ian Spooner, Nathan Crowell

Abstract: A paleolimnological record of anthropogenic impact on water quality in First Lake, Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia

Drake Tymstra, Ian Spooner, Chris White

Abstract: A preliminary fluid inclusion study of interstitial quartz from pegmatitic gabbro in the East Bull Lake Intrusion, Ontario, Canada

Brandon M. Boucher, Jacob J. Hanley

Abstract: A well-preserved tetrapod skeleton preserved from the Malagash Formation, Nova Scotia, Canada

Deborah Skilliter, Melissa Grey, Ken Adams, Robert R. Reisz

Abstract: Battle Harbour, southern Labrador: from merely geologically interesting to geoheritage status

Charles F. Gower

Abstract: Bedrock incision and relief generation of the western Hangay Dome, Mongolia

Tara Forstner, John Gosse, Karl Wegmann

Abstract: Burning rocks: the history of the petroleum industry in Canada and the Maritimes

Grant Wach

Abstract: Carbon capture and storage: overview, reservoir options, and future possibilities

J. Haynes, G. Wach

Abstract: Carboniferous volcanic and sedimentary rocks of the Lorneville Group, southern New Brunswick

Sandra M. Barr, Adrian F. Park, Robert L. Treat, Chris E. White, Brent V. Miller

Abstract: Coastal erosion along the southeastern coastline of the Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland

Sheridan Thompson-Graham, Norm Catto

Abstract: Comparing auriferous and barren fluid vein systems at the 007 Zone Gold Deposit, Bissett, Manitoba

Kevin Neyedley, Mostafa Fayek, Doug Berthelsen

Abstract: Constructing a 3D-sediment velocity cube and extracting its features in the deep water areas of the Arctic Ocean

Qingmou Li, Sonya A. Dehler, John Shimeld, Deping Chian

Abstract: Contrasting salt tectonic styles on the western versus central parts of the Scotian Margin, offshore Nova Scotia

Mark Deptuck, Kris Kendell

Abstract: Correlating PGE enrichment with alteration assemblages at the Afton-Ajax Cu-Au-Pd porphyry system, Kamloops, British Columbia

M. Garagan

Abstract: Detrital Nd isotopes as an indicator of hinterland tectonics, Jurassic-Cretaceous, Scotian Basin

David J. W. Piper, Georgia Pe-Piper, Ben G. Daniels

Abstract: Diamond-destroying metasomatism under the central Slave craton: constraints from diamond morphology in Ekati mine, Northwest Territory, Canada

Zhihai Zhang, Yana Fedortchouk

Abstract: Discovery of a new ichnofossil assemblage from the Bloomfield Formation in Bloomfield, New Brunswick

Matt Stimson, Steven Hinds, R. Andrew Macrae

Abstract: Employing contact metamorphism to assess the conditions of pluton emplacement in southwestern Kellys Mountain, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Nabil A. Shawwa, Robert P. Raeside, David W. A. Mcmullin

Abstract: Evaluation of uranium accumulation in black spruce trees

Praise Nyade, Derek Wilton, Henry Longerich, Gary Thompson, Paul McNeill

Abstract: Evaporate analysis of quartz-hosted fluid inclusions by SEM/EDS: evaluation of method

Fergus Tweedale, Jacob Hanley, Dan Kontak, Neil Rogers

Abstract: Evolution of the Iapetus Ocean in the Appalachian-Caledonide orogen: what can we learn from modern continental margins?

John W. F. Waldron, David I. Schofield, J. Brendan Murphy

Abstract: Examination of surface features on kimberlitic iron-titanium oxide minerals

R. Milligan, Y. Fedortchouk, R. Cox

Abstract: Facies variability from an Early Ordovician mud-rich deltaic deposit: Redmans Formation, Bell Island Group, Newfoundland, Canada

Tim J. Fedak

Abstract: Feldspar diagenesis and its significance for sandstone reservoirs in the Scotian Basin

Georgia Pe-Piper, Xiang Yang

Abstract: Fine grained gold analysis in soil samples: a strategy to avoid the nugget effect

Jason Willson, Cliff Stanley, John Murimboh

Abstract: First reported occurrence of Cochlichnus anguineus Hitchcock traces in sediment at Fredericton, New Brunswick

Bruce E. Broster, Annie E. Daigle, Ronald K. Pickerill

Abstract: Fish skeletal assemblages from the famous Joggins Fossil Cliffs of Nova Scotia: systematics, paleoecology and paleoenvironments

David K. Carpenter, Howard J. Falcon-Lang, Melissa Grey, Michael J. Benton

Abstract: Fission-track re-evaluation of thermal inversion of the Scotian Margin: the need to consider the presence of diagenetic apatite and drilling-mud contamination

Marcos Zentilli

Abstract: Fluid and melt inclusions as recorders of the earth’s dynamic history

Robert J. Bodnar

Abstract: Fluid inclusion evaporate mound analysis: a rapid, efficient and informative means of determining fluid chemistry in hydrothermal systems

Daniel J. Kontak

Abstract: Fluid inclusions record a history of melt source, transport and optimum fluid conditions for base-metal mineralization at the Pitarrilla Ag-Zn-Pb deposit, Sierra Madre Occidental, Mexico

Daniel J. Kontak, Claire Sommers, Harold Gibson

Abstract: Fluid inclusion study of salt-dome related hydrothermal development on Axel Heiberg Island, Canadian Arctic Archipelago

Marcos Zentilli, Jacob Hanley, Darren Lefort, Christopher Omelon

Abstract: Geochemical and fluid inclusion study of a suite of samples from Busang, Kalimantan, Indonesia

Evan Slater, Marcos Zentilli, Jacob Hanley

Abstract: Geochemical and mineralogical constraints on the provenance of L’sitkuk pottery from the Annapolis Basin, Nova Scotia

D. Forfa

Abstract: Geoheritage, education and tourism: the Fortune Head Interpretation Centre

Linda Collier

Abstract: Geoheritage as permanent geoscience outreach

Howard Donohoe

Abstract: Geological setting, geochronological constraints and the nature of mineralization at the Mosquito Hill (Huxter Lane) gold deposit, central Newfoundland

H. A. Sandeman, J. Conliffe, D. H. C. Wilton, T. Froude, J. M. O’Driscoll

Abstract: Geology At The Edge: a geologist residency program for Fogo Island and area, northeast Newfoundland

Paul L. Dean

Abstract: Geophysical investigations at Phillip’s Garden, Newfoundland

Corina Tudor, M. A. P. Renouf

Abstract: Geotourism potential of Newfoundland and Labrador: “the good, the bad and the ugly”

Larry Hicks

Abstract: Gold in the Cantung W-skarn deposit, Northwest Territories: distribution, mineralogy, and petrogenesis

E. M. Palmer, C. R. M. McFarlane, D. R. Lentz, H. Falck

Abstract: Gravity and magnetic surveys of a mafic Proterozoic sill at Cape St. Francis, Newfoundland

A. Nurkusuma, A. Leitch

Abstract: Gros Morne National Park - celebrating 500 million years as a geotourism destination

Fred Sheppard

Abstract: High resolution sequence stratigraphy of the Banquereau Formation, offshore Nova Scotia

Dawn Tobey, Grant Wach

Abstract: Holocene ice cap dynamics reconstructed from 14C-dated moss and mammal bones currently emerging along receding ice margins

A. Margreth, K. Kosar, A. S. Dyke, J. C. Gosse, Alice Telka

Abstract: Hydraulic fracturing in Nova Scotia

Allison Grant, Lou Kamermans, Erika Perrier, Mike Petrosoniak, Andrew Pye

Abstract: Ice keel features in Amundsen Gulf, Canadian Arctic Archipelago: marine evidence for a glacial ice stream

B. Maclean, S. Blasco, R. Bennett, T. Lakeman, J. Hughes-Clarke, P. Kuus, E. Patton

Abstract: Identification of local maxima in regional geochemical datasets

Stephen Amor

Abstract: Influence of hydrostratigraphy on erosion of drumlin islands in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia

Josh R. Caines, Ian Spooner, Brooke Nodding

Abstract: Integrated structural and petrological observations constraining the Paleoproterozoic polymetamorphic evolution of the Newton Fiord region Hall Peninsula, Baffin Island, Nunavut

Z. Braden, M. D. Young, M. St-Onge, D. Skipton, D. Mate

Abstract: Is the Yucatan Block a Laurentian microplate?

Fraser Keppie, J. Duncan Keppie

Abstract: Lake Ontario was at sea level about 12,900 years ago

Michael Lewis, Brian Todd

Abstract: Late Quaternary variations of the Labrador Current in Flemish Pass

Nicole R. Marshall, David J. W. Piper

Abstract: Late Wisconsinan dynamics of the northwest Laurentide Ice Sheet on Banks Island, Northwest Territories

Thomas R. Lakeman, John H. England

Abstract: Lead accumulation in open water wet ecosystems in the Border Marshes region, Nova Scotia - New Brunswick

Patrick Engelhardt, Ian Spooner, Mark Mallory, Christine Mclauchlan, Nic Mclellan, Chris White

Abstract: Linking Mesozoic and Cenozoic tectonic and stratigraphic events in the Orphan Basin, offshore Newfoundland, Canada

Lynn T. Dafoe, Charlotte E. Keen, Graham L. Williams, Sonya A. Dehler

Abstract: Linking watershed rainfall and storm surge models to better predict flooding in coastal communities: an example from River Phillip and Oxford, Nova Scotia

Nathan Crowell, Timothy Webster, Kevin Mcguigan, Kate Collins

Abstract: Long-term landscape evolution of Hall Peninsula, Baffin Island, Nunavut: insights from low-temperature (U-Th)/He thermochronology

C. Gabriel Creason, John C. Gosse

Abstract: Magma mingling in the Avalonian Holyrood Granite, Newfoundland

Patrick O’Grady, Alison Leitch, Greg Dunning

Abstract: Magma mingling in the Avalonian Holyrood Granite, Newfoundland

Patrick O’grady, Alison Leitch, Greg Dunning

Abstract: Manuels River Hibernia Interpretation Centre: opening this spring!

Jeremy Hall

Abstract: Methods for detecting and monitoring seepage at CCS/CO2-EOR sites

Nick Nickerson, Dave Risk

Abstract: Microbially induced sedimentary structures in the Carboniferous Horton Bluff Formation near Hantsport, Nova Scotia

Jimmy Burg, Martin Gibling

Abstract: Mineralogical study of uranium-niobium-rich alteration zone at the Lofdal carbonatite-silicate complex, Namibia

M. A. Gaudet

Abstract: Miocene-Present shortening in the Himalayan Foreland Belt

John J. Hirschmiller, Djordje Grujic

Abstract: Mistaken Point and the world heritage project - an update

Richard G. Thomas

Abstract: Monazite (U-Th-Pb) dating of polyphase tectono-metamorphic deformation in the Government Point formation, Jordan Falls, southwestern Nova Scotia

Daniel G. Pfeiffer, Richard A. Cox

Abstract: Multiple Sclerosis and geology in Nova Scotia: is there a correlation?

N. Plummer, G. Wach

Abstract: Nalcor Energy: exploration strategy and activity

Ian M. Atkinson, Richard Wright

Abstract: New insights into the Gander margin system in northern New Brunswick

Reginald A. Wilson, Cees Van Staal, Sandra Kamo, William Mcclelland

Abstract: New U-Pb and Nd data for the Kiruna iron oxide apatite ores and their host rocks in the Norrbotten region of northern Sweden

Anne Westhues, John M. Hanchar, Martin J. Whitehorse

Abstract: Not just for the birds: geological heritage and geotourism possibilities in the Cape Shore region

Andrew Kerr

Abstract: Ordovician/Devonian bedrock on Orphan Knoll? Was Alan Grant ahead of his time?

Alan Ruffman

Abstract: Paleoceanographic evidence of climate change in the Canadian Arctic: the past 10 000 years

André Rochon, Peta J. Mudie, David Ledu

Abstract: Paleontological geoheritage of Newfoundland and Labrador

W. Douglas Boyce

Abstract: Permeability and porosity of collapsed cone structures associated with Ophiomorpha trace fossils in offshore Newfoundland cores

D. Niquet

Abstract: Petrography, geochemistry, age and tectonic significance of the Paul’s lake dyke swarm in northcentral Dunnage Zone

Monica Barrington, Greg Dunning, George Jenner

Abstract: Petrological comparison of sills and dykes in metasedimentary rocks of the Meguma terrane, Nova Scotia, and the Harlech Dome, Wales

L. Mundry

Abstract: Petrology and geochemistry of ca. 2680 Ma pillowed lavas at Sharrie Lake, southern Slave province, Northwest Territories

S. S. G. McGoldrick, L. Ootes, V. A. Jackson

Abstract: Petrology of drill core from the Taylors Brook property in the Stirling belt, southeastern Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia: implications for tectonic setting and economic potential

M. G. Reid

Abstract: Pliocene landscape and environmental evolution in the Canadian Arctic: when was the Beaufort Formation incised?

L. C. Braschi, J. C. Gosse, N. Rybczynski

Abstract: Potential for lacustrine source rocks in Middle Triassic-Early Jurassic synrift basins offshore eastern North America

David E. Brown

Abstract: Preliminary assessment of marine geological hazards in Baffin Bay, eastern Canadian Arctic

D. Calvin Campbell, Robbie Bennett, Gordon Cameron, David J. W. Piper, Kimberley A. Jenner

Abstract: Preliminary bedrock geology of the eastern Cobequid Highlands, northern mainland Nova Scotia

Trevor G. Machattie, Chris E. White, Chris Mcfarlane

Abstract: Preliminary evaluation of trace hydrocarbon speciation and abundance by bulk GC analysis of fluid inclusion volatiles as an exploration tool for footwall-style sulfide ore associated with the Sudbury Igneous Complex, Ontario, Canada

Mitchell J. Kerr, Jacob J. Hanley

Abstract: Production and transport of radon-222 gas through Halifax Regional Municipality’s bedrock and till units

Kelsey E. O’brien, Dave Risk, Daniel Rainham, Anne Marie Ryan

Abstract: Provenance and depositional environment of the Lumsden Dam formation, Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Hayley Pothier, John W. F. Waldron, Chris E. White, Dave I. Schofield

Abstract: Provenance of pre- and post-contact copper artifacts used by aboriginal people in Atlantic Canada: implications for understanding historical metal trades and usage

J. Whattam

Abstract: Recognition of geoheritage: a vital bridge between geoscientists and the public

John Calder

Abstract: Remote assessment of instantaneous changes in water chemistry after liming in a Nova Scotia catchment

C. Angelidis, M. Armstrong, K. Biagi, A. Breen, T. A. Clair, S. Sterling

Abstract: Reservoir characterization and forest density of the Joggins Formation, Joggins, Nova Scotia

J. C. Wong, G. Wach

Abstract: Reversing the impact of the Haughton Crater, Devon Island, Canada

J. C. Gosse, K. Stübner, N. Rybczynsky, D. Stockli, K. Taylor, R. Barendregt, Y. Kettanah, M. Dawson, N. Marshall, C. Sampson, B. Maguire, J. Hinch, H. Semotiuk

Abstract: Seabed geological and geohazard investigations, Canadian Beaufort Sea outer shelf and upper slope

S. Blasco, J. Hughes Clarke, R. Bennett, P. Campbell, E. Carr, S. Rankin, E. Patton

Abstract: Sediment geochemistry as a provenance indicator: climate change, tectonism, and volcanism in the hinterland of the Scotian Basin, offshore eastern Canada

Yuanyuan Zhang, Georgia Pe-Piper, David J. W. Piper

Abstract: Sedimentologic and structural studies of the Fredericton Trough west of Fredericton, New Brunswick

Breagh Lebert, Adrian Park, Dave Keighley

Abstract: Sedimentology and chemostratigraphy of the Mabou Group from drill-core in the Penobsquis area, New Brunswick: evidence of Gussow’s unconformity?

M. M. N. Islam, D. Keighley

Abstract: Sedimentology and paleoenvironment of a Jurassic dinosaur bone bed, Parrsboro, Nova Scotia

L. van Drecht

Abstract: Seismic stratigraphy and attribute analysis of Mesozoic and Cenozoic geology of the Penobscot area, offshore Nova Scotia

T. Campbell, G. Wach

Abstract: Sm-Nd and U-Pb isotope geochemistry of the Sweetwater Wash Pluton, Mojave Desert, California

Stacy Phillips, John Hanchar, Calvin Miller

Abstract: Stratigraphic revelations regarding Mesozoic salt on the Scotian Margin and implications for early trans-Atlantic basin history

R. Andrew Macrae, Georgia Pe-Piper, Mark Deptuck, Allie Decoste

Abstract: Stratigraphy and salt tectonics of Mississippian-Pennsylvanian strata of the northern Cumberland Basin, Maringouin Peninsula, southeastern New Brunswick

S. Craggs, D. Keighley, A. Park, J. W. F. Waldron

Abstract: Stratigraphy and structure of the Scotsburn anticline, Pictou County, Nova Scotia

Fraser Keppie

Abstract: Structural geology of the Meguma Supergroup and White Rock Formation contact in the Cape St. Marys area, southwestern Nova Scotia

Carla H. Dickson, Nicholas Culshaw

Abstract: Substrate (CO and CO2) utilization in chemolithotrophic microorganisms at a site of serpentinization: Tablelands Ophiolite, Newfoundland

S. Miles, P. L. Morrill, L. Khol

Abstract: Suprastructure-infrastructure boundaries in polydeformed metamorphic rocks as moving targets: a case study in the Thor-Odin - Pinnacles area of southeastern British Columbia, with future applications on Cape Breton Island

Deanne Van Rooyen, Sharon D. Carr

Abstract: Tectonic evolution of mafic dykes in a suture zone, southern Iberia: Implications for the formation of Pangea

Nicolle E. Dupuis, James A. Braid, J. Brendan Murphy

Abstract: Tectonic significance of a mafic mélange in the Pangean suture zone, southwestern Iberia

Dustin R. L. Dahn, James A. Braid, J. Brendan Murphy

Abstract: Tectonic synopsis and petroleum geology of the Peekaboo Corner to Sussex area, southeastern New Brunswick - preliminary results from 2012 field mapping

Steven J. Hinds, Matt Stimson

Abstract: The development of an aspiring geopark on the Bonavista Peninsula of Newfoundland and Labrador

John Norman

Abstract: The Early Devonian, Evandale Porphyry Cu-Mo-(Au) deposit, southern New Brunswick: petrologic, geochemical, geothermobarometric, and geochronologic characterization of the host rocks and its origin

T. White, D. Lentz

Abstract: The Far East - Canada’s Atlantic Provinces - opportunities and challenges

Peter Dimmel

Abstract: The geological collections of Dr. Abraham Gesner (1797–1864)

Randall F. Miller, Diane N. Buhay

Abstract: The Late Neoproterozoic Greendale Complex, Avalon terrane, Nova Scotia: an example of feedback between igneous and tectonic processes

J. Brendan Murphy

Abstract: The Orpheus Graben Triassic Eurydice and Chedabucto formations and their relationship to the Fundy Basin Wolfville Formation

Darragh O’connor, Grant Wach

Abstract: The petrogenesis of REE-enriched granite dykes in the northeastern Cobequid Highlands, Nova Scotia

Shannon G. Broughm, Richard Cox, Trevor Machattie

Abstract: The Porter Puddle Complex, petrology and geochemistry of the Marmot Formation (Group II), Northern Canadian Cordilleran Miogeocline

Ben Williams, Georgia Pe-Piper, Beth Fischer

Abstract: The possible role of the petroleum system in ore genesis in Nova Scotia: spatial coincidence or active involvement?

I. Borg

Abstract: The public’s knowledge of earth sciences

Diane N. Buhay, Lisa A. Best

Abstract: The role of geology in the development of the International Appalachian Trail

Walter A. Anderson, Robert G. Marvinney, Douglas N. Reusch, Julia Daly, W. Donald Hudson

Abstract: The southern margin of the Rhodes Basin and its geological relationship with the Anaximander Seamounts, eastern Mediterranean

C. Squires, J. Hall

Abstract: The temporal evolution and volcanic plumbing system beneath the southeast Lammersdorf Volcanic Center, West Eifel Volcanic Field, Germany

Breagh Lebert, Cliff S. J. Shaw

Abstract: The use of integrated fluid-inclusion studies in constraining the petroleum charge history at Parson’s Pond, western Newfoundland

James Conliffe, Elliott Burden, Derek Wilton

Abstract: The Voisey’s Bay footprint - tracking the geochemical signal of magmatic Ni-Cu-Co sulphide mineralization in northern Labrador

Derek H.C. Wilton, Gary Thompson, James Conliffe, Praise Nyade, Paul J. Sylvester

Abstract: Timing and conditions of polyphase deformation and plutonism during Paleoproterozoic assembly of northeast Laurentia

Mike Young, Mary Sanborn-Barrie, Nicole Rayner, Marc St-Onge

Abstract: Torngat Mountain National Park: an ancient land, an Inuit homeland

Gary Baikie, Judy Rowell, Fred Sheppard

Abstract: U-Pb ages and Lu-Hf isotope compositions of magmatic and detrital zircon in the Mira terrane, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada

A. P. Willner, S. M. Barr, A. Gerdes, H.-J. Massonne, C. E. White

Abstract: Volcanic stratigraphy and setting of the Hood volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS) deposit, Nunavut, Canada

Hannah K. Mills, Stephen J. Piercey, Ian Neill

Abstract: Vulnerability of Nova Scotia’s transportation link to Canada from coastal climate change impacts

Tim Webster, May Kongwongthai, Nathan Crowell, Bob Pett

Abstract: Widespread collapse of the southwestern Scotian margin triggered by the ∼51 Ma Montagnais marine bolide impact, offshore Nova Scotia

Mark E. Deptuck, D. Calvin Campbell

Abstract: Winds of change: a new benchmark in public perception concerning well control

Bob Hutchins

Abstract: Writing for tourists: one woman’s perspective

Martha Hickman Hild

Alleghanian deformation of Cambrian metasedimentary rocks on Avalonia in south-central Rhode Island, USA

Matthew J. Carter, Sharon Mosher

Beach Morphological Dynamics at Cocos Bay (Manzanilla), Trinidad

Junior Darsan

Digital compression maps: an improved method for studying Carboniferous foliage

Erwin L. Zodrow, José A. D’angelo

Donald Baird and his discoveries of Carboniferous and early Mesozoic vertebrates in Nova Scotia

Hans-Dieter Sues, Robert W. Hook, Paul E. Olsen

Medusaegraptus (Chlorophyta, Dasycladales) from the Pridolian to middle Lochkovian Indian Point Formation, New Brunswick, Canada

Steven T. LoDuca, Randall F. Miller, Reginald A. Wilson

Re-Os geochronological constraints on the W-Mo mineralizing event in the Mount Pleasant Caldera Complex: implications for the timing of subvolcanic magmatism and caldera development

Kathleen G. Thorne, Leslie R. Fyffe, Robert A. Creaser

Slope failure hazard in Canada’s Atlantic Provinces: a review

Ian Spooner, Martin Batterson, Norm Catto, David Liverman, Bruce E. Broster, Kim Kearns, Fenton Isenor, G. Wayne McAskill

Whole-rock chemical and Sm-Nd isotopic composition of a Late Proterozoic metasedimentary sequence in Ganderia: Kellys Mountain, Bras d’Or terrane, Nova Scotia, Canada

Sandra M. Barr, Christian Pin, David W. A. McMullin, Chris E. White