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Atlantic Geology

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Abstract: 1D and 2D petroleum system modelling of potential Lower Jurassic source rock on the Scotian Margin, offshore Nova Scotia, Canada

Xinyue Hu, Juan C. Wong, Ricardo L. Silva, Grant D. Wach

Abstract: 3D multichannel seismic data analysis of the structure of the Mohorovičić discontinuity (MOHO) at the East Pacific Rise

Graham P. Kerford, Mladen R. Nedimovic, Matthew H. Salisbury

Abstract: 3D seismic geomorphology of paralic channel complexes, Sable Sub-basin, offshore Nova Scotia, Canada

Trevor B. Kelly, Grant D. Wach

Abstract: A characterization of properties of the eutectic mixture of zirconium tetrafluoride and potassium fluoride for a molten salt nuclear reactor

Regan Worden, Christopher McFarlane, Willy Cook

Abstract: A clinoform trajectory model for Late Cretaceous and Cenozoic sedimentation on the Labrador-Baffin Island margins, Canada

Lynn T. Dafoe, Kate Dickie, Graham L. Williams

Abstract: A continent-scale delta’s effect on the north end of a Jurassic-Cretaceous gigaplatform: the Abenaki carbonate-Sable delta study a decade or so later, offshore Nova Scotia, Canada

Leslie S. Eliuk

Abstract: Advances in Mesozoic-Cenozoic stratigraphy in northern and offshore eastern Canada, with emphasis on palynological event stratigraphy

Robert Fensome, Jennifer Galloway, Henrik Nøhr-Hansen, Graham Williams

Abstract: A fresh perspective on the middle Cambrian trilobites from Manuels River, Conception Bay South, Newfoundland, Canada

Rod S. Taylor

Abstract: A geophysical, petrological, and reservoir potential study of the Glass Sand marker unit and associated sandstones in the Upper Horton Bluff Formation, Horton Group, Windsor Basin, Nova Scotia, Canada

Reid Cameron, Ian Spooner, D. Fraser Keppie, Peir Pufahl

Abstract: Aggregation of nTiO2 and illite colloids: effect of co-presence of phosphate and calcium

Zahra Sadat Rastghalam, Tao Cheng

Abstract: A high-resolution record of sediment deposition in the Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea, during the last ~5000 years

Ariel Greenblat, Markus Kienast, Stephanie Kienast, Lachlan Riehl, Adi Torfstein, Natalie Chernihovsky

Abstract: Amplitude variation with offset (AVO) inversion modeling with a local elastic solver

Ligia Elena, Jaimes Osorio, Alison Malcolm

Abstract: A multi-proxy approach to characterizing calcite fracture-filling processes, and the implications for geothermal energy

Jacob VanderWal, John MacDonald, Owen Sherwood

Abstract: Analysis of precious metal mineralization within the Bald Hill Antimony deposit, New Brunswick, Canada: a portable X-ray fluorescence study

Alexandra Gray, David Lentz

Abstract: A new kinematic tool for petroleum system modeling in structurally complex margins: application to the Chidley Basin, Labrador, Canada

Alcide Thébault, Erwan Le Guerroué, Pierre-Yves Filleaudeau, Guillermo Perez-Drago, Luca Micarelli, Paul Jermannaud, Marie Callies

Abstract: A new strategy for higher resolution time — lapse velocity inversion

Maria Kotsi, Jonathan Edgar, Alison Malcolm, Sjoerd De Ridder

Abstract: An experimental investigation of the effect of country rock assimilation on chromite crystallization in the Ring of Fire, James Bay lowlands, Ontario, Canada

Erin Keltie, James Brenan, James Mungall, Ryan Weston

Abstract: An experimental study of reaction textures of volcaniclastic kimberlites to determine their emplacement process

Kanwar Multani, Yana Fedortchouk

Abstract: An experimental study of the effect of water on chromite saturation in komatiite

Kate G. Woods, James M. Brenan

Abstract: An opportunity to re-evaluate the petroleum potential of the Douala Basin, Cameroon

Jean-Pierre Loule, Francis Jifon, Serge E. A. Biouele, Ponce Nguema, David J. A. Spofforth, Daniel Carruthers, Carl Watkins, Joe Johnston

Abstract: An Upper Mississippian rhizodontid (Sarcopterygii, Tetrapodomorpha) from the Bluefield Formation of West Virginia, USA

Michael J. Ryan

Abstract: A paleolimnological approach to understanding metal mobility and retention associated with salt-water inundation at Laytons Lake, Nova Scotia, Canada

Heather E. McGuire, Ian S. Spooner, Amanda L. Loder, Mark L. Mallory, Dewey W. Dunnington, Nic R. Mclellan

Abstract: A palynological Triassic-Jurassic boundary section in the salt-bearing Argo F-38 well, Orpheus Graben, offshore Nova Scotia, Canada

R. Andrew MacRae, Stephen K. Rankin

Abstract: Application of predictive modeling to the Early Cretaceous sedimentary sequences of the Central Scotian Basin, offshore Canada

Christopher Sangster, Nicolas Hawie, Georgia Pe-Piper, Francky Saint-Ange, David J.W. Piper, Emerson Marfisi

Abstract: Application of predictive modeling to the Lower Cretaceous sedimentary sequences of the central Scotian Basin

Christopher R. Sangster, Nicolas Hawie, Georgia Pe-Piper, Francky Saint-Ange, David J. W. Piper

Abstract: Application of the paleolimnological method in the environmental assessment of effluent-influenced freshwater sediment: an example from northern Nova Scotia, Canada

Baillie Holmes, Kirklyn Davidson, Ian Spooner, Tony Walker, Craig Lake, Dewey Dunnington

Abstract: Application of the paleolimnological method in the environmental assessment of estuarine sediments in a pulp effluent receiving pond: an example from northern Nova Scotia, Canada

Kirklyn Davidson, Baillie Holmes, Ian Spooner, Tony Walker, Craig Lake, D. Dunnington

Abstract: Applied landscape geochemistry and environmental change in Nova Scotia, Canada

Peter J. Rogers, William Jones

Abstract: A provenance study of Upper Jurassic hydrocarbon source rocks of the Flemish Pass Basin and Central Ridge, offshore Newfoundland, Canada

Matthew W. Scott, Paul J. Sylvester, Derek H. C. Wilton

Abstract: Arctic tsunamis revisited

Alan Ruffman

Abstract: Arctic ULINNIQ-underwater listening network for novel investigations of quakes

John C. Gosse, Mladen R. Nedimović, Calvin Campbell, George W. Wenzell, Björn Lund, Rebekka Steffen, Reginald L. Hermanns, James M. Savelle, Laura-Ann Broom, Tommy Tremblay, Sageev Oore

Abstract: A review of Kinneyia simulans: an ichnotaxonomic approach to wrinkled microbially induced sedimentary structures from New Brunswick, Canada

Matthew R. Stimson, R. Andrew Macrae, Randell F. Miller, Steve J. Hinds, Nicholas J. Minter, Zabrina Prescott

Abstract: A schematic summary of gross depositional environments of the Scotian margin and conjugate margins of the North Atlantic from the Late Triassic to Early Eocene

Darragh O’Connor, Grant D. Wach, Ricardo L. Silva, Carlos Wong, Taylor Campbell

Abstract: Assessing methane emissions from legacy fossil resource development and methane mitigation potential in Atlantic Canada Nova Scotia (GaSP- Gas Seepage Project)

Grant Wach, David Risk, Michelle Gray, Owen Sherwood, Kerry Macquarrie, Karl Butler, Maurice Dusseault

Abstract: A stratigraphic record of enhanced subsidence during continental breakup: do breakup sequences rule over unconformities?

Tiago M. Alves, Tiago A. Cunha

Abstract: A suite of geohazards in the Beaufort Sea, western Canadian Arctic

Edward (Ned) L. King, Gordon D.M. Cameron, Scott Dallimore, Michael Riedel, Charlie Paull, Steve Blasco, Michael Z. Li, Yongsheng Wu, Kevin MacKillop, Mathieu Duchesne, Michelle Cóte

Abstract: Automated quantitative evaluation of minerals in the Kimmeridge Clay Formation (Dorset, United Kingdom)

Ricardo L. Silva, Stephen P. Hesselbo, R. Celestino

Abstract: Bacterial and archaeal intact polar lipids in active petroleum systems of the Scotian margin, Canada

Carl A. Peters, G. Todd Ventura, Casey Hubert, Adam MacDonald, Martin G. Fowler, Julius S. Lipp, Florence Schubotz, Kai-Uwe Hinrichs

Abstract: Beaufort Formation chronostratigraphy and Pliocene landscape evolution — new insights into the formation of the Northwest Passages, Canada

Sydney A. Stashin, John C. Gosse, I. Rod Smith, Adam Z. Csank

Abstract: Breaking down Late Carboniferous fish coprolites from the Joggins Formation

Nikole Bingham-Koslowski, Melissa Grey, Peir Pufahl, James M. Ehrman

Abstract: Breakup in the presence of plume magmatism: implications for South Atlantic tectonostratigraphy

Ken G. McDermott, Elisabeth C. Gillbard, Paul T. Bellingham, Brian W. Horn

Abstract: Building a geological pressure model using global analogues

Sam Green, Alexander P. Edwards

Abstract: Canada’s first in situ 14C extraction line is ready for action

Cody A. Paige, John C. Gosse, Keith Taylor, Annina Margreth, Lukas Wacker, Nathaniel Lifton

Abstract: Changes in dinoflagellate cyst production in the North Water (NOW) polynya during the past ca. 3500 years

Kelsey Koerner, Audrey Limoges, Sofia Ribeiro

Abstract: Characteristics of epithermal-style gold occurrences at the Goldy and Irene showings, Dawson Range, Yukon Territory, Canada: towards a first model

Robin Mann, Mitch Kerr, Jacob Hanley, Tony Baressi

Abstract: Characterization of three mineralization styles of the Revenue Au occurrence, Dawson Range, Yukon Territory, Canada: implications for a large-scale, intrusion-related system

Mariah Williams, Erin Adlakha, Jacob Hanley

Abstract: Characterizing the variation of kimberlitic apatite within kimberlite bodies

Richard Chow, Yana Fedortchouk

Abstract: Chemical signatures and cathodoluminescence of multiple generations of apatite within the Mactung W (Cu, Au) skarn deposit, Northwest Territories, Canada: implications for the evolution of skarn fluids

Andree Roy-Garand, Erin Adlakha, Hendrick Falck, Jacob Hanley, Pilar Lecumberri-Sanchez

Abstract: Chemostratigraphy and sedimentary provenance analysis for the Jeanne d’Arc and Flemish Pass basins, Grand Banks, Canada

Marta Barbarano, John Martin, David A. Riley, Tim J. Pearce

Abstract: Cliffs of Fundy aspiring Global Geopark update

Marlee K. E. Leslie

Abstract: Coastal State extended continental shelves of the Atlantic: exploration frontiers

David C. Mosher

Abstract: Comparing CO2 sequestration experimental methods and investigating CO2 sequestration using Type I and Type II serpentine groundwaters

Mattea McRae, Penny Morrill

Abstract: Computational modelling of geophysical data without meshing the physical models

Jianbo Long, Colin G. Farquharson

Abstract: Constructing a crustal-scale 3D Earth model of offshore-to-onshore western Newfoundland, Canada, using seismic reflection, gravity, magnetic, and well data

Ederson Villamizar, Kim Welford

Abstract: Continental fragments between cratons during supercontinent assembly; new views on the interactions of the Core Zone with the Saglek and Hopedale blocks during the Trans-Hudson orogeny, Quebec, Canada

Deanne van Rooyen, David Corrigan

Abstract: Cooling history of a failed rift margin - new insights from (U-Th)/He thermochonology along the Labrador passive margin, Canada

Sarima Vahrenkamp, Isabelle Coutand, Deanne van Rooyen

Abstract: Correlating the Albian magmatic rift across the Sergipe-Alagoas and North Gabon conjugate margin: implications for source rocks above SDRs

Alexander Kurobasa, Ian Davison, Helen Doran

Abstract: Correlation among four drill holes in the Faribault Brook Formation near the Road 2 showing, western Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia, Canada: implications for stratigraphy, structure, and economic mineralization

Brendan J. Vibert, Chris E. White, Sandra M. Barr

Abstract: Correlation chart for Late Devonian to Permian stratified rocks of the Maritimes Basin, Atlantic Canada

John W.F. Waldron, Peter S. Giles, Alison K. Thomas

Abstract: Crestal faulting as a cause of trap integrity loss and gas migration in the Migrant structure, Sable Delta, offshore Nova Scotia, Canada

Kenneth T. Martyns-Yellowe, Grant D. Wach, Frank W. Richards, Neil Watson

Abstract: Decoupling sources of natural and anthropogenic impact using lake sediment archives: an example form Cecil Lake, Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada

Garrett Velkjar, Ian Spooner, Mark Mallory

Abstract: Deep-structure of the East-Limpopo margin, Mozambique (the PAMELA project)

Louise Watremez, Sylvie Leroy, Elia d’Acremont, Mikael Evain, Angélique Leprêtre, Fanny Verrier, Daniel Aslanian, Nuno Dias, Alexandra Afilhado, Philippe Schnurle, Raymi Castilla, Frank Despinois, Marilyne Moulin

Abstract: Deep crustal framework of the north-central margin of Angola

Luiz C. L. Empinotti, Pedro V. Zalán, Monica C. P. L Heilbron

Abstract: Deep drilling 1978 into oceanic crust in Iceland — revisited

Marcos Zentilli, Jóhann Helgason

Abstract: Deep structure of the Porcupine Basin from seismic refraction data, offshore western Ireland

Lousie Watremez, Manel Prada, Chen Chen, Timothy Minshull, Brian O’Reilly, Timothy Reston, Gerlind Wagner, Viola Gaw, Dirk Klaeschen, Patrick Shannon, Sergei Lebedev

Abstract: Deepwater exploration along the West Africa Transform Margin: a retrospective and an outlook

Colin Grant, Sanjoy Ghosh, Phil Thompson, Rob Staples, Afra Antonini

Abstract: Detailed structure of a magma-poor continent-ocean transition offshore northeastern Nova Scotia, Canada based on an along-strike wide-angle seismic profile (OCTOPUS)

K. W. Helen Lau, Mladen R. Nedimović, Keith E. Louden

Abstract: Determining the early incision history of the Colorado Plateau using an innovative dating method

Maya A. Soukup, Alan J. Hidy, Joel L. Pederson, John C. Gosse

Abstract: Developing an algorithm for predicting stream dissolved organic carbon concentrations from UV-visible light absorbance

Christian Gaviria, Allison Myers-pigg, Susan Ziegler

Abstract: Diagenetic cements in sandstones of the Scotian Basin: a record of fluid circulation and thermal evolution

Georgia Pe-Piper

Abstract: Diagenetic effects at erosional boundaries in the Triassic Wolfville Formation at Rainy Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada

Erin D. Anderson, Jennifer Lee, Grant Wach

Abstract: DSDP 603B and BR 93-1: examination of clues to the possible presence of petroleum system(s) in the USA Central Atlantic OCS

Dominic Smith, Paul J. Post

Abstract: Early Devonian magmatism, northeastern Dunnage Zone, Newfoundland, Canada, and the nature of basaltic to granitic additions to large magma chambers

Ben Graham, Greg Dunning, Alison Leitch

Abstract: Early Jurassic Earth System and Timescale project (JET): towards an integrated stratigraphy for the Early Jurassic based on the Mochras borehole, Cardigan Bay, Wales

Stephen P. Hesselbo

Abstract: Early Mesozoic detrital and evaporitic synrift series of the Mohammedia-Benslimane-ElGara-Berrechid basin (western Meseta, Morocco): sedimentary and palaeoenvironmental evolution and comparison with the basins of the northeastern American Margin

Abdelkrim Afenzar, Rachid Essamoud

Abstract: Early rift architecture and the creation of accommodation space: insights from the Nova Scotia margin, Atlantic Canada

Pablo Cervantes, Paul Whitehouse, Tim Grow, Patrick Loureiro, Roy Fitzsimmons

Abstract: EdGEO across Canada: a proven recipe for geoscience workshops

Jennifer L Bates

Abstract: Electron microprobe study of lapis lazuli to determine provenance

Sofya Pesternikova, Alexandra Arnott

Abstract: Enigmatic aspects of the early history of the southern Gulf of Mexico margin

Mark G. Rowan

Abstract: Environmental data for future generations: storage formats for multi-parameter, spatiotemporal data

Dewey W. Dunnington, Ian S. Spooner

Abstract: Episodic lithospheric orogenic collapse of the Newfoundland Appalachian orogen

Jeffrey Pollock

Abstract: Evaluation of hercynite and gittinsite as indicator minerals, Voisey’s Bay area, Labrador, Canada

Victoria Currie, Derek Wilton

Abstract: Evidence for active petroleum systems on the deepwater Scotian Slope, Canada

Martin Fowler, Jamie Webb, Adam Macdonald, Matt Luheshi

Abstract: Examining controls on sediment delivery into a passive continental margin: a 200 Ma source-to-sink record on the Moroccan Atlantic Margin

Jonathan Redfern, Tim Luber, Remi Charton, Luc Bulot, Giovanni Bertotti

Abstract: Experimental imaging of a vertical vein using controlled-source seismic interferometry

Kriselle Dias, Charles Hurich

Abstract: Experimental imaging of a vertical vein using controlled-source seismic interferometry

Kriselle Dias, Charles Hurich

Abstract: Exploration creativity in the golden age of Super Basins

Charles A. Sternbach

Abstract: Exploration of the Chidley Basin, offshore Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Erwan Le Guerroué, Paul Jermannaud, Pierre-Yves Filleaudeau, Guillermo Perez-Drago, Pierre-Yves Chenet, Erin Gillis, Victoria Mitchell, Nicholas Montevecchi, Richard Wright

Abstract: Exploration well failures and reservoir distribution along the Scotian Slope (eastern Canada)

Francky Saint-Ange, Nicolas Hawie, Emerson Marfisi, Benard Colletta, Dimitri Savva, Laurent Cuilhe, Adam MacDonald, Matt Luheshi

Abstract: Facies, stratigraphic evolution and dolomitization of the Jurassic carbonate system, Agadir-Essaouira Basin, Morocco: an outcrop analogue for the Central Atlantic margin

Aude Duval-Arnould, Nawwar Al-Sinawi, Stefan Schröder, Cathy Hollis, Jonathan Redfern

Abstract: Factors controlling mineralization in Silurian and Devonian plutons in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada - Ganderia vs Avalonia

Alicia Moning, Sandra M. Barr, Chris E. White, Deanne Van Rooyen

Abstract: Fault-controlled submarine mass failure in the 1929 Grand Banks earthquake

Irena Schulten, David C. Mosher, David J. W. Piper, Sebatian Krastel

Abstract: Fish coprolites and new insights into the brackish Carboniferous ecosystem of the Joggins Formation

Max Chipman, Melissa Grey, Peir Pufahl

Abstract: Flemish Cap: a unique part of the Canadian continental shelf

David J.W. Piper

Abstract: Fluid inclusion and textural evidence of boiling in epithermal veins in the Cobequid Highlands, central Nova Scotia, Canada

Preetysha Ramlochund, Jacob Hanley, Kevin Neyedley, Trevor MacHattie

Abstract: Fluid inclusion systematics of the polymetallic (Co-Ni-As-Au) veins of the Nictaux Falls Dam occurrence, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, Canada

Nicole Kennedy, Erin Adlakha, Natalie McNeil, Mitchell Kerr, Jacob Hanley, Geoff Baldwin, John Wightman

Abstract: Fluids implicated in hydrocarbon migration: Identifying the perpetrators in rifted margins

Holly J. Stein, Judith L. Hannah

Abstract: Formation and restoration of the diachronous, polyphase southern North Atlantic: links between the Iberia- Newfoundland and neighbouring rift systems

Gianreto Manatschal, Michael Nirrengarten, Pauline Chenin

Abstract: Fossil Finder: a case study of the use and development of machine learning models to identify fossils in situ

Nathan Rowbottom

Abstract: From active extension to passive sag basin: how Variscan orogenic events may explain the early Visean evolution of the Maritimes Basin, Canada

D. Fraser Keppie

Abstract: From the equatorial Atlantic to the Laptev Sea: the role of tectonic inheritance in the continental breakup and evolution of the Atlantic and Arctic oceans

Bridget E. Ady

Abstract: Frontier exploration in the Peniche Basin (West Iberia Margin): new insights from recent 3D seismic and Grav-Mag modeling

João Casacão, Susana Fernandes, Francisco Silva, João Rocha

Abstract: Full-fit reconstruction of the central Atlantic

Naila Dowla, Dale E. Bird, Michael A. Murphy

Abstract: Geochemical and mineralogical dispersal in till from the East Kemptville Sn-Zn-Cu-Ag deposit, southwest Nova Scotia, Canada

Crystal Smith, Denise Brushett, Ian Spooner

Abstract: Geologic characterization and historical context for the Gas Seepage Project (GaSP) study areas in the Maritimes Basin, Canada

Fiona Henderson, Elliot McLauchlan, Grant Wach

Abstract: Geophysical investigation of the Gullbridge tailings facility, central Newfoundland, Canada

Andrew G. Blagdon, Alison M. Leitch

Abstract: Geophysically constrained microplate fragmentation model and terrane-controlled evolution of Mesozoic basins - rifted North Atlantic borderlands, offshore Newfoundland, Canada

Brant D. Gaetz, Kim Welford, Luke Beranek

Abstract: High pressure situations: understanding reservoir compartmentalization in the Sable Sub-basin

Carla H. Skinner, Grant D. Wach, Juan C. Wong

Abstract: High resolution regional earth systems modelling in the predictive mapping of reservoir and source rock environments in the Late Permian North Atlantic

Alexandra J. Ashley, Jim P. Harris, Simon C. Otto, John Watson, Simone Agostini, Mike Goodrich, Paul J. Valdes, Alexandros Avdis

Abstract: How conjugate margins enhance our understanding of lithospheric processes while reducing risk in frontier exploration

Douglas A. Paton, Paul Markwick, Mohamed Gouiza, Estelle Mortimer, Karyna Rodriguez

Abstract: How much salt is there in Ireland’s Porcupine Basin?

Lucie Lamourette, Gregor Duval

Abstract: Hunting unconformities on Fogo Island and Change Islands, Newfoundland, Canada: stratigraphic constraints and preliminary U-Pb geochronological data

Andrew Kerr, Michael A Hamilton

Abstract: Hybrid breakup: spanning end-member models towards a full tectonostratigraphic understanding of the central South Atlantic

Ken G. McDermott, Neil Hurst, Paul T. Bellingham, Brian W. Horn

Abstract: Hydrocarbon and aqueous fluid inclusion signatures in well cuttings from Newfoundland and Labrador’s offshore basins

Alessandra Costanzo, J. Hunt, M. Feely, D. H. Wilton, D. Norris

Abstract: Hydrological analysis of municipal source water availability in the Canadian Arctic territory of Nunavut accounting for population growth, infrastructure upgrades, and climate change

Jenny Hayward, Amy Jackson, Lindsay Johnston, Rob Jamieson

Abstract: Hydrothermal rutile and the history of Clarke Head, Minas fault zone, Nova Scotia, Canada

Georgia Pe-Piper, David J.W. Piper, Justin Nagle

Abstract: Ichnology and sedimentology of Cretaceous and Paleogene strata on Bylot Island, Nunavut, Canada: development of a rift-basin succession in Baffin Bay

Lynn T. Dafoe, Jim Haggart

Abstract: Improved spatio-temporal polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) characterization and assessment in small craft harbour sediments in Nova Scotia, Canada

Emily Davis, Tony R. Walker, Michelle Adams, Rob Willis

Abstract: Influence of global mean sea level and mantle dynamic topography variations on passive-aggressive continental margins

Kenneth G. Miller, William J. Schmelz, James V. Browning, James D. Wright, William J. Schmelz

Abstract: Insights into crustal structure and rift basin development off central and western Nova Scotia, Canada – a reflection seismic perspective

Mark E. Deptuck

Abstract: Insights into the gold metallogeny of the Meguma terrane of Nova Scotia, Canada, from LA-ICP-MS arsenopyrite geochemistry

Daniel J. Kontak, Blandine Gourcerol, Joe Petrus, Phil C. Thurston

Abstract: Integrating data sets to enhance the subsurface interpretation of the Carboniferous to Permian rocks of the offshore Sydney Basin, Nova Scotia, Canada

Kristopher L. Kendell

Abstract: Investigating fluid exchange between host granitic magma, enclaves and dykes in the South Mountain Batholith, Nova Scotia, Canada

Dana K. Thomsen, Richard A. Cox

Abstract: Investigating the Barra Volcanic Ridge System and overlying Paleogene sills in the Rockall Basin in the North Atlantic Ocean using seismic reprocessing and potential field modelling

Miguel Shano, Kim Welford

Abstract: Investigating the influence of soil organic matter and Fe/Al-oxyhydroxides on nanoscale titanium dioxide (nTiO2) transport in natural sediment

Leanne M. Fisher-power, Tao Cheng

Abstract: Investigating the potential for economic mineralization in the Jumping Brook Metamorphic Suite, Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia, Canada

Garrett Hooey, Sandra M. Barr

Abstract: Investigating the presence of boudinage structures offshore Newfoundland, Canada, using geophysical data

Malcolm D. J. MacDougall, Alexander Braun, Georgia Fotopoulos

Abstract: Investigating the relationship between the Bras d’Or and Aspy terranes in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada: insights from Devonian plutonic rocks

Caleb Grant, Donnelly B. Archibald, Dawn A. Kellett, Nicolas Piette-Lauzière

Abstract: Investigation of a Holocene marine sedimentary record from Pond Inlet, Nunavut, Canada

Laura Ann Broom, Calvin Campbell, John C. Gosse, Kimberley A. Jenner

Abstract: Investigation of legacy methane seepage into freshwater food webs using novel applications in Stoney Creek, New Brunswick, Canada

Ifedayo Abel-Adegbite, Brian Hayden, Michelle A. Gray

Abstract: Island at the Centre of the World: why PEI needed a popular book on their geology

John Calder

Abstract: Joggins 30 million years plus 10: thoughts and reflections

John Calder

Abstract: Jurassic-Early Cretaceous stratigraphy of North Atlantic sedimentary basins: a review

Colm S. Pierce, Simon Schneider, Peter Hülse

Abstract: Jurassic environments (Iroquois Formation) of the Scotian Basin (Nova Scotia, Canada)

Ricardo L. Silva, Maya Soukup, Grant D. Wach

Abstract: Jurassic seaways offshore Portugal: subsidence history and early-rift evolution of the North-Central Atlantic

Olivia A. Walker, Tiago M. Alves, Stephen Hesselbo, Tim Paraoh, Marianne Nuzzo

Abstract: Kouphichnium aspodon, a new occurrence of invertebrate traces from the Joggins Fossil Cliffs UNESCO World Heritage Site, Nova Scotia, Canada

Olivia A. King, Matt Stimson

Abstract: Lab and numerical experiments of how cracks influence the nonlinear interactions of P- and S-waves

Meghdad Darijani, Mandy Sin Huay Lim, Herurisa Rusmanugroho, Alison Malcolm

Abstract: Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous sand supply in the Scotian Basin, Canada: insights from Pb isotopic fingerprints

Aoife Blowick, Georgia Pe-Piper, David J.W. Piper, Shane Tyrrell

Abstract: Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous depositional systems and sequences, Flemish Pass extensional basin, offshore Newfoundland, Canada

Anthony Scott, Stephen Schwartz, Xavier M. T. van Lanen, Allard W. Martinius, James A. MacEachern

Abstract: Legacy infrastructure in the Stoney Creek oil field based on well site visits and magnetic surveys

Mitch Grace, Karl E. Butler

Abstract: Leveraging Nova Scotia’s Carboniferous to communicate earth science concepts: following Ireland’s lead

Jason Loxton

Abstract: Life in the Iapetus Ocean: insights from Paleozoic drill cores and thin sections, southeastern Baffin Island shelf, Canada

Nikole Bingham-Koslowski

Abstract: Linking remotely sensed reflectance to suspended sediment stratification in tidal channels in southwest Korea

Catherine Evans, Paul Hill

Abstract: Lithofacies analysis and diagenesis of strata in a salt-withdrawal mini-basin: Bashkirian Grand Anse Formation, Maringouin Peninsula, southeast New Brunswick, and Minudie Point, northern Nova Scotia, Canada

Fadel Bahr, Dave Keighley

Abstract: Lithogeochemical classification of clastic sedimentary rocks using a quartz-feldspar-mica ternary diagram

Clifford R. Stanley

Abstract: Lower Jurassic organic matter preservation events and their record offshore Nova Scotia, Canada

Ricardo L. Silva, Luís V. Duarte, Juan J. Gómez, Stephen Hesselbo, João G. Mendonça Filho, Driss Sadki, Bruno Rodrigues, Darragh O’Connor, Grant Wach

Abstract: Lower Jurassic organic matter preservation events in the Central and North Atlantic conjugate margins

Ricardo L. Silva, Grant D. Wach, Luís V. Duarte, Juan J. Gómez, Stephen P. Hesselbo, Driss Sadki, João G. Mendonça Filho, Bruno Rodrigues, Darragh O’Connor

Abstract: Magnetics and coring study of a newly discovered reducing spring in the Tablelands ophiolite, Newfoundland, Canada

Stephanie M. Abbott, Alison Leitch

Abstract: Marathon’s Valentine Lake Property — A developing multi-million ounce gold camp in central Newfoundland, Canada

Sherry Dunsworth, Phillip Walford

Abstract: Margin segmentation during polyphase rifting in the southern Bay of Biscay

Patricia Cadenas, Gianreto Manatschal, Gabriela Fernández-Viejo, J. Kim Welford

Abstract: Marine influence and other controls on organic matter preservation in Langsettian, Carboniferous lacustrine source rocks of the Joggins Formation, Nova Scotia, Canada

G. Todd Ventura, R. Andrew MacRae, Yaisa Owino, Matthew R. Stimson

Abstract: Marine Influence and other controls on organic matter preservation in Langsettian, Carboniferous lacustrine source rocks of the Joggins Formation, Nova Scotia, Canada

Todd G. Ventura, Andrew R. Macrae, Yaisa Owino, Matt Stimson

Abstract: Mercury and other toxic metals in organic-rich mudstone (oil shale) from the Green River Formation, eastern Uinta Basin, Utah, USA

Alexander Ani, David Keighley

Abstract: Metamorphic evolution of low-pressure metapelite in the Escoumins Supracrustal Belt, central Grenville Province, Québec, Canada

Kirsten E. Costello, Aphrodite Indares

Abstract: Methane emissions from abandoned oil and gas wells at the Stoney Creek oilfield, New Brunswick, Canada

James P. Williams, David Risk, Grant Wach, Mitch Grace, Karl Butler

Abstract: Middle to Upper Ordovician ironstone of the Western Asturian-Leonese Zone, Spain: coastal upwelling, ocean anoxia, and Paleozoic biodiversity

Alexandra D. Squires, Peir K. Pufahl, J. Brendan Murphy, Cecilio Quesada, Jason Hatch

Abstract: Mineralogical controls on carbon reservoirs across a boreal forest climate transect

Mackenzie Patrick, Susan Ziegler

Abstract: Mineralogy, porosity, and provenance of Upper Jurassic reservoir sandstones in Mizzen F-09 drillcore, Flemish Pass Basin, offshore Newfoundland, Canada

Sandra Murphy, Luke Beranek

Abstract: Mitigating Gas Seepage — Creating a Road Map

Mohammad Oyarhossein, Maurice B. Dusseault

Abstract: Mixed siliciclastic- carbonate systems and their impact on the development of the Nova Scotian continental margin

Lorena Moscardelli, Jesús Ochoa, Ian Lunt, Laura Zahm

Abstract: MLA-SEM analysis of well cuttings from Newfoundland and Labrador offshore basins

D. H. C. Wilton, M. Feely, A. Costanzo, J. Hunt, D. Norris

Abstract: MLA-SEM and fluid inclusion analyses – A twin-track approach to the study of cuttings from the Margaree A-49 well, offshore Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Derek Wilton, Jon Hunt, Martin Feely, Alessandra Costanzo, David Norris

Abstract: Mobile methane monitoring for energy sector applications

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Abstract: Multiple Jurassic source intervals in the subsurface of offshore Nova Scotia, Canada

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Abstract: Nelly Koziel: you took the time

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Abstract: Numerical and experimental observation of nonlinear responses from the interaction of two progressing waves at an interface

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Abstract: Numerically modelling Miocene stratigraphic sequences on the New Jersey shelf

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Abstract: Paleozoic orogenesis and Pangea amalgamation controlled by mantle circulation changes?

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Abstract: Predicting clastic plays on the USA eastern seaboard—does the northwest African margin offer insight into potential plays?

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Abstract: Preliminary results of a pilot study on automated quantitative evaluation of minerals (QEM) in the Kimmeridge Clay Formation (Dorset, UK)

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Abstract: Promoting Nova Scotia’s culture of geoscience: the past is the key to the future

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Abstract: Re-stitching the Newfoundland-Ireland conjugate margins back together with geophysical megatransects and plate reconstructions

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Abstract: Recent advancements in scanning electron microscopy-mineral liberation analysis (SEM-MLA)

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Abstract: Reconstructing the Carboniferous paleogeography of the northeast Atlantic margin using provenance tools

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Abstract: Sedimentological evidence for Late Triassic (Rhaetian) marine incursion in the Central Atlantic Scotian Margin

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Abstract: Sergipe-Alagoas Basin, eastern Brazilian margin - oblique rifting with an igneous overprint

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Abstract: Shortening of southern Tibet

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Abstract: Simultaneous in-situ U-Pb dating and Hf-isotope ratio determination of zircons with laser ablation ICP-MS

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Abstract: Solid phase extraction of dissolved organic matter from across the terrestrial to aquatic interface

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Abstract: Sourcing methane from Tablelands, Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland, Canada, and comparing extraction methods for dissolved gas sampling

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Abstract: Structural style and fault evolution in the greater Bay du Nord area, Flemish Pass Basin, offshore Newfoundland, Canada

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Abstract: Synthetic 3D CSEM forward modeling for hydrocarbon exploration applications

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Abstract: Taconian subduction zone paths of metamorphosed mafic rocks west of the Red Indian Line in Vermont, USA

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Abstract: Tectonically driven temporal and spatial controls across an accretionary orogen: tectonic setting of post-orogenic, polymetallic porphyry-style ores

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Abstract: Tectonic emplacement of the Musquash Harbour granite pluton, southern New Brunswick, Canada

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Abstract: Tectonic evolution of the northern block Phyllite Quartzite Group, South Portuguese Zone, Spain

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Abstract: Tectonic implications of Mesozoic-Cenozoic magmatism on the Newfoundland-Ireland-Iberian margins

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Abstract: Terrestrial to marine transitions recorded in invertebrate trace fossils of the Joggins Formation

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Abstract: Testing sequence stratigraphic models through high-resolution 3D seismic imaging of Miocene foresets on the New Jersey shallow shelf, USA

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Abstract: The aeolian Triassic rift fill sediments at Red Head, Five Islands, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Abstract: The Carboniferous (Namurian) Clare Shale: a possible petroleum system in western Ireland

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Abstract: The crustal structure of the Porcupine Basin, offshore Ireland

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Matt Stimson, Andrew Macrae, John Calder, Brian Hebert, Len Reid

Abstract: The effects of salt on Lower Jurassic source rock maturation on the Scotian Margin

Juan C. Wong, Xin Yue Hu, Ricardo L. Silva, Grant D. Wach

Abstract: The fate of intact polar lipids in hydrothermally altered sediments and their short road to oil formation

Jeremy Bentley, Carl Peters, Todd Ventura, Stefan Sievert

Abstract: The hydrothermal system of the Miocene volcanic rocks of Western Lesbos, Greece

Alexis Imperial, Georgia Pe-Piper, David J.W. Piper

Abstract: The impact of the Oligocene sea level lowstand on petroleum systems worldwide

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Abstract: The Margaree pluton, Aspy terrane, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada: evidence for Late Devonian terrane convergence

Gabriel Sombini, Dos Santos, Sandra M. Barr, Deanne Van Rooyen, Chris E. White

Abstract: The mineralogy, paragenesis, and petrogenesis of the polymetallic (Co-Ni-Au-Ag-Bi) veins of the Nictaux Falls Dam occurrence, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, Canada

Natalie McNeil, Erin Adlakha, Nicole Kennedy, Mitchell Kerr, Geoff Baldwin, John Wightman

Abstract: The northern Appalachian tin metallotect: what conditions led to formation of Canada’s only past primary tin producer, the East Kemptville Sn-Cu-Zn-Ag-In deposit?

Luke Bickerton, Daniel Kontak, Iain Samson, Brendan Murphy, Dawn Kellet, Rob Creaser

Abstract: The occurrence of methane and other hydrocarbon gases in private water supply wells in the vicinity of the Stoney Creek oil and natural gas field, New Brunswick, Canada

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Abstract: The ocean-continent transition zone underlying the central Labrador margin, Canada

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Abstract: The results of a major source rocks and oils study of the North Atlantic conjugate margin with a focus on offshore Ireland

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Abstract: The role of inherited thermal and lithospheric heterogeneities in rifting and continental breakup

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Abstract: The structural and metamorphic evolution of the northern New Quebec Orogen of northern Quebec, Canada

Celine E. Porter, Deanne Van Rooyen, Chris McFarlane, David Corrigan

Abstract: The structural evolution of the central basin of the Malawi (Nyasa) Rift, Africa: methodologies, tectonic insights, and stratigraphic implications

Tannis McCartney

Abstract: The Taconic and Grampian orogenies: Ordovician arc-continent collision

John F. Dewey

Abstract: The ‘Helmut’ geophysical anomaly: a regional transfer zone connecting Santos and Campos basins, southeastern Brazil

Nolan Maia Dehler, Felipe Domingues da Costa, Leonardo Correia Gomes, Caesar Rigoti, João Alberto Bach Oliveira, Marília Vidigal Sant’anna

Abstract: Thin carbonates in thick siliciclastic successions: a useful key to depositional environments and sequence breaks as revealed by two core examples (#9 limestone in South Desbarres O-76 and West Venture N-91 wells) from the Jurassic-Cretaceous offshore Nova Scotia, Canada

Leslie S. Eliuk

Abstract: Three-dimensional seismic geomorphology of paralic channel systems, Sable Sub-basin, offshore Nova Scotia, Canada

Trevor B. Kelly, Grant D. Wach

Abstract: Time travel at Arisaig, Nova Scotia, Canada, an Atlantic Geoscience Society video production

Robert G. Grantham, Martha E. Grantham, David Frobel, Robert Fensome, Graham Williams

Abstract: Trilobite-based recognition of the Early-Middle Cambrian (Dyeran-Delamaran) boundary in the Labrador Group, western Newfoundland, Canada

W. Doug Boyce, Ian Knight

Abstract: Understanding the characteristics of hyperextended margins to model and predict new hydrocarbon plays in Atlantic deepwater provinces

Richard C. Whittaker

Abstract: Untested plays in deepwater Nova Scotia, Canada - analogs to successes along the circum-Atlantic margin

Randolph G. Hiscock, Adam MacDonald

Abstract: Uranium/lead dating of lacustrine microbialites and other carbonates using LA-ICP-MS

David Keighley, Chris McFarlane

Abstract: Using a watershed modeling approach to assess changes in phosphorus loading in the Mattatall Lake watershed, Nova Scotia, Canada

Lindsay Johnston, Jenny Hayward, Meggie Letman, Richard Scott, Rob Jamieson

Abstract: Using old seismic and new analogs to evaluate USA Atlantic offshore oil and gas prospectivity

Paul J. Post, James L. Coleman Jr.

Abstract: Using sulfur isotopes to determine the sulfur budget of Brothers volcano, Kermadec Arc, New Zealand

Melissa Mills, John W. Jamieson

Abstract: Valence state of arsenic and antimony in basalts: an experimental and synchrotron study

Bryan Maciag, James Brenan, Erin Keltie

Abstract: Validation of a recently proposed method for coda wave inversion: a comparison between real and synthetic data

Alejandro Jaimes, Alison Malcolm

Abstract: Varied carbonate facies from the Jurassic-Cretaceous gigaplatform margin of the Baltimore Canyon Trough, offshore New Jersey, USA

Leslie S. Eliuk, Bradford E. Prather

Abstract: When did plants influence river landscapes much as they do today? Evidence from Early Pennsylvanian strata of the Joggins Fossil Cliffs

Martin R. Gibling

Abstract: Worth a thousand words: the use of photographs in geoscience outreach

Robert Fensome

The fossil flora and age of the Wamsutta Formation red beds (Middle Pennsylvanian), Narragansett Basin, southeastern Massachusetts, USA and correlation with the Cumberland Group of the Maritime Provinces of Canada

Paul C. Lyons, Robert G. Sproule

Granitoid plutons in peri-Gondwanan terranes of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada: new U-Pb (zircon) age constraints

Sandra M. Barr, Deanne Van Rooyen, Chris E. White

Investigation of the 1727 Newbury, Massachusetts, USA, earthquake using liDAR imagery and P-wave velocity tomography

Ronald T. Marple, James D. Hurd Jr., Lanbo Liu, Seth Travis, Robert J. Altamura

Microvertebrates from the Silurian-Devonian boundary beds of the Eastport Formation, Maine, eastern USA

Susan Turner, Carole J. Burrow

Ring-shaped morphological features and interpreted small seamounts between southern Quebec (Canada) and the New England seamounts (USA) and their possible association with the New England hotspot track

Ronald T. Marple, James D. Hurd, Robert J. Altamura

Seafloor pockmarks and gas seepages,northwestern Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick, Canada

Bruce E. Broster, Christine L. Legere

Sedimentology and chemostratigraphy of Carboniferous red beds in the western Moncton Basin, Sussex area, New Brunswick, Canada: possible evidence for a middle Mabou Group unconformity

M. M. Nazrul Islam, David G. Keighley

SHRIMP U-Pb zircon evidence for age, provenance, and tectonic history of early Paleozoic Ganderian rocks, east-central Maine, USA

Allan Ludman, John Aleinikoff, Henry N. Berry IV, John T. Hopeck

U-Pb (zircon) age, petrology, and tectonic setting of the Canaan River pluton, southeastern New Brunswick, Canada

Susan Johnson, Sandra M. Barr, Deanne van Rooyen, Chris E. White

U-Pb geochronology and geochemistry from the northeastern New River belt, southern New Brunswick, Canada: significance of the Almond Road Group to the Ganderian platformal margin

Susan C. Johnson, Gregory R. Dunning, Brent V. Miller

U-Pb zircon geochronology of Proterozoic and Paleozoic rocks, North Islesboro, coastal Maine (USA): links to West Africa and Penobscottian orogenesis in southeastern Ganderia?

Douglas N. Reusch, Christopher S. Holm-Denoma, John F. Slack