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Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) Journal

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360-Degree Stakeholder Management Driving Successful CO2 Storage Research

Aaron De Fina, Marc Chable, Cameron Wills

Adavale Basin Petroleum Plays

Alison Troup, Behnam Talebi

Ahead of the Game: Working with Local Communities in Frontier Resource Basins

Warwick Squire, Julie-Anne Braithwaite

Application of Computerised Radiography in Lieu of Film Radiography to Streamline On-Site Pipe Weld Quality Inspection Process

Mangala Fernando, Hamid Fard

Application of Deep Learning for Seismic Horizon Interpretation

James Lowell, Jacob Smith

Approaches to Data-Driven Exploration in Queensland

Tony Knight

Asset Management: Listening to Your Asset

David Walker

An Australian First Initiative to Re-Develop the First Commercial Onshore Oilfield into a CO2 Miscible-EOR Project

Stephanie Barakat, Bob Cook, Karine D’Amore, Alberto Diaz, Andres Bracho

Australian Government’s Exploration Initiatives

Keld Knudsen, Lisa Schofield, Tony Knight, Kristina Erzikov, Ross McGowan, Barry Goldstein, Ian Scrimgeour, Jeff Haworth

The Australian Government’s Liquid Fuel Security Review and National Energy Security Assessment

Tim Wyndham

Australian Petroleum Production and Development 2018

Graeme Bethune

Australia — How Do We Compare as an Exploration Destination?

Matthew Quinn

Australia’s Shale Industry — How We Can Become Globally Competitive

Peter Cox

Australia’s Unconventional Future: Where Next?

Christopher Meredith

Better Project Delivery: Australia’s Value Opportunity

Angus Rodger

Big Data for Smart Safety: Applying Engineering Control Analytics to Predictive Safety

How Boon Tay, Nicola Marshall, Andrew McColm, Michael Wood

The Bight Basin: A Tale of Three Deltaic Megasequences

Ingine Strømsøyen, Edwin Schomacker, Bo Søderstrøm, Bärbel M. T. Waagan

Biofouling Risk Management for the Importation of a Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) Facility and the Central Processing Facility (CPF); The World’s Largest Semi-Submersible Platform

Nick Gust, Ashley Coutts, Patrick Lewis, Rene Tigges, Jake Prout, Shannon Carter

Blockchain in Oil and Gas: A Collaborative Approach

L. C. Gallacher, D. Champion

Blue Hydrogen Production: A Case Study to Quantify the Reduction in CO2 Emission in a Steam Methane Reformer Based Hydrogen Plant

Niel Kritzinger, Ravi Ravikumar, Sunil Singhal, Katie Johnson, Kakul Singh

Building Regional Strength through Supporting Social and Economic Activity in Queensland’s Gasfield Communities

Tom Quinn

Challenges in Modelling of Hydraulic Fracturing in Low-Permeability Coal Seams with Complex Cleat Networks and Stress Regimes

Mohammad Ali Aghighi, Raymond Johnson Jr., Chris Leonardi

Coal Identification Using Neural Networks with Real-Time Coalbed Methane Drilling Data

Ruizhi Zhong, Raymond Johnson Jr, Zhongwei Chen, Nathaniel Chand

Coal Permeability Stimulation by NaClO Oxidation

Reydick Balucan, Zhenhua Jing, Jim Underschultz, Karen Steel

Commercial Realities of the Proposed LNG Import Terminals on the East Coast of Australia

Nicholas Mumford

Competency Framework: Environmental Approval Specialists

Petrina Raitt, Stacey Fidgeon

Constructivism: An Answer to Activism

Tara Diamond

Critical Success Factors for Achieving Environmental Approvals

Petrina Raitt

Cumulative Groundwater Impact Assessment and Management in the Surat Basin: A Journey from Framework to Implementation

Sanjeev Pandey

Current Trends in Industry Safety Performance: Applying Scrutiny to Safety Issues Associated with Ageing Facilities

Derrick O’Keeffe

Darwin Harbour — A Partnership Approach to Understanding and Evaluating Environmental Challenges

Richard Brinkman, Edward Butler, Terry O’Connor, Claire Streten

Decision Making through a Bayesian Network for a Pipeline in Design

Francois Ayello, Guanlan Liu, Jiana Zhang

Decommissioning — A Path Forward for Australia

Stuart J. Barrymore, Jane Ballard

Demonstrating an Acceptable Level of Impact: An Assessment of Noise Impacts to Fishes from a Seismic Survey in an Australian Marine Park

Joe Edgell, Jeremy Colman, Samantha Jarvis, Ollie Glade-Wright

Digitalisation as a Critical Tool in Resource Asset Valuations, Acquisitions and Dispositions

Douglas W. Hollett, Craig N. Phasey

Digitalisation Driving Competitiveness

Steve Royston

Diversity and Inclusion — Moving the Needle in Indigenous Employment and Engagement

Mark Williamson, Mark Wilson

Drilling Fluid Waste Treatment Using Polysaccharide-Grafted Copolymers

K. K. Chandan, G. P. Karmakar

East Coast Gas: Resource Potential at Different Gas Price Scenarios (Part 1: Quantification of Unconventional Gas Resource Potential)

Ian Cockerill, Joe Collins, Zain Rasheed

East Coast Gas: Resource Potential at Different Gas Price Scenarios (Part 2: Commercialisation of Unconventional Gas Resources)

Joe Collins, Ian Cockerill, Zain Rasheed

Effect of the Number of Water Alternating CO2 Injection Cycles on CO2 Trapping Capacity

Emad A. Al-Khdheeawi, Stephanie Vialle, Ahmed Barifcani, Mohammad Sarmadivaleh, Stefan Iglauer

Eliminating Fatalities from the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry

Chris Hawkes

The Emergence of China as an LNG Super User

Jane Norman

Enabling a CCS Industry through Research at the CO2CRC National Otway Research Facility

Matthias Raab, Charles Jenkins, Roman Pevzner, Abdul Qader

Engineering and Environmental Studies for Decommissioning of Subsea Infrastructure

Petrina Raitt, Allison Selman, Céline Lanoëlle

Enhancing Indigenous Partnerships in an Increasingly Digitised Oil and Gas Industry

Michael Lynn, David Wirrpanda

Estimating Smectite Content from Seismic Data

Roman Beloborodov, Marina Pervukhina, Valeriya Shulakova, Dimitri Chagalov, Matthew Josh, Michael B. Clennell, Gavin Ward, Matthew Waugh, Juerg Hauser

The Evolution of FWI and its Perceived Benefits

Tony Martin, Andrew Long

Experimental Investigation of Fluid Thermal Effects on Fracture Brittleness

Alireza RezaGholilou, Hossien Salemi, Nathan Tarom, Pouria Behnoudfar, Mohammad Sarmadivaleh

Exploration of an Unconventional Petroleum Resource through Extensive Core Analysis and Basin Geology Interpretation Utilising Play Element Methodology: The Lower Goldwyer Formation, Onshore Canning Basin, Western Australia

Jop van Hattum, Aaron Bond, Dariusz Jablonski, Ryan Taylor-Walshe

Finding a Home for Australian LNG in Developing Power Markets

Craig Henderson, David Miller

Flowing Gas Material Balance — A Useful Tool to Revise Subsurface Maps

Bashirul Haq

Forecasting Growth of the Australian Unconventional Oil and Gas Services Market

Ryan Carbrey

From Initial Advice Statement to Export — A 10 Year Retrospective of Queensland’s Liquefied Natural Gas Industry

Peter Downey, Jon Thomas, Mark Stone

From the Beetaloo to West Texas: Similarities, Differences and Lessons Learned from Water Management in Coal Seam and Shale Field Developments on either Side of the Pacific

Brian D. Webster, Holly Churman, Chris Benjamin, Julian Long, Brett M. Goebel

From the Northern Territory to Western Australia: Fracking, Public Policy and Social Licence

Margie Tannock

Gas Markets — A Bridge Too Far?

Graeme Bethune, Rick Wilkinson

Geological and Bioregional Assessments — Enabling Future Tight, Shale and Deep Coal Gas Development — Cooper Basin Case Study

David Robinson, Merrie-Ellen Gunning, Tim Evans, Lisa Hall, Baskaran Sundaram, Anthony Swirepik, Andrew Stacey, Rodney Dann, Kate Holland

The Gippsland Basin: Reprocessing Reveals New Opportunities in a ‘Mature’ Basin

Peter Baillie, Paul Carter, Jarrad Grahame, Joe Zhou, Nigel Mudge

Gladstone Harbour: A Case Study of Building Social Licence-to-Operate in a Multi-Use Area

Lyndon Llewellyn, Richard Brinkman, Emma McIntosh, Nadine Marshall, Uthpala Pinto, John Rolfe, Britta Schaffelke

Good, Bad or Ugly: All a Matter of Perspective?

Jane Lovell

The Great Australian Bight Right Whale Study, 1991—2018: Bridging the Gap between Science and Industry to Provide Baseline Data for Impact Assessment in Oil and Gas

Claire Charlton, Robert D. McCauley, Rhianne Ward

Groundwater Management — Working with Queensland and EPBC Regulation and Processes

James Barker, Sanjeev Pandey, Jackie McKeay, Kerynne Birch, Matthew Paull

The Hardy Perennials of Maintenance

Nell Clegg

Has the ‘Golden Age of Gas’ Bypassed Australia?

Joshua Stabler

High Frequency Full Waveform Inversion as an Interpretation Solution

Laurence Letki, Matt Lamont, Troy Thompson

How Can We Reduce the Environmental Impact of Marine Seismic Surveys?

Andrew Long, Mickael Bastard, Endrias Asgedom, Jens Fredrik Wisløff, Magnus Christiansen

How Diversity Can Alleviate Sharks and Bandwagons in the Gas Sector

Joanna M. Spanjaard, Sarah A. McAlister-Smiley

Impact of Capillary Trapping on CSG Recovery: An Overlooked Phenomenon

Yiran Zhu, Zhongwei Chen, Huilin Xing, Victor Rudolph

Impact of in-Seam Drilling Performance on Coal Seam Gas Production and Remaining Gas Distribution

Fengde Zhou, Glen Fernandes, Joao Luft, Kai Ma, Mahmoud Oraby, Mariano Ospina Guevara, Dan Kuznetsov, Brad Pinder, Sean Keogh

Improving Decision Making through Data Analytics to Drive Best-in-Class CSG Rig Performance

Kyle Koziol

Industry 4.0 and the Digital Transformation Journey

David Makin, Evan Boyle

Influence of Elastoplastic Embedment on CSG Production Enhancement Using Graded Particle Injection

Zhenjiang You, Duo Wang, Christopher Leonardi, Raymond Johnson Jr, Pavel Bedrikovetsky

Innovation and Technology in Marine Science: AIMS’ North West Shoals to Shore Research Program — An Update

Miles J.C. Parsons, Karen J. Miller, Michele Thums, James P. Cilmour, Luciana C. Ferreira, Robert D. McCauley, Mark C. Meekan

Integrated Activity Planning: A Proven Approach to Optimising Operations Outcomes

Bradley Farrell, Vikrant Mulgund

An Integrated Approach to Determining 4D Stress Development at Castle Cove

Hugo B. Burgin, Khalid Amrouch, Philippe Robion, David Kulikowski

An Integrated Approach to the Surat Basin Stratigraphy

Mark Reilly, Suzanne Hurter, Zsolt Hamerli, Claudio L. de Andrade Vieira Filho, Andrew LaCroix, Sebastian Gonzalez

Integrating Multi-Disciplinary Data for Building Fit-for-Purpose 3D Mechanical Earth Model

Peter G. Boothby, Ratih Puspitasari, Sanjay Thakur, Zachariah John Pallikathekathil, Chris Walton

Integration of Biostratigraphy into a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework for the Surat Basin, Eastern Australia

Claudio L. de Andrade Vieira Filho, Mark Reilly, Suzanne Hurter, Zsolt Hamerli

Investigation of Permeability Change in the Bandanna Coal Formation of the Fairview Field Using Time-Lapse Pressure Transient Analysis

A. Salmachi, J. Barkla

Lined Tubing Performance in CSG Wells Operated in Australia

Jonathan Martin, Robert Carmichael

LNG Production Revenue Enhancement

Michael J. Vines

Managing Escape, Evacuation and Rescue (EER) Risk on Aging Offshore Facilities

Nick Netscher, Jaime Thompson

Managing Well Integrity in Queensland

Michael P. Scott

Meeting Demand in a New Era of East Coast Gas Supply

Will Pulsford

Monitoring Marine Effects of Produced Formation Water Discharge in Bass Strait

Lachlan Barnes, Katrina Hall, Craig Blount, Madelaine Hooper, David van Senden, Andrew Costen, Chris Scraggs, David Provis, Daniel Pygas

Moomba Reset — Breathing New Life into a 50 Year Old Asset

Vincent Santostefano

Multiphase Gas Compression to Boost Unconventional Production and Reserves

Robert Perry, Jeffrey Martini, Pandurang Kulkarni

Natural Gas Separation at CO2CRC’s Otway National Research Facility

Abdul Qader, Jai Kant Pandit

New Deep Crustal Seismic Data Acquisition Program for NWQ’s Frontier Petroleum Basins

Sally Edwards, Behnam Talebi

New Insights on Upper Cretaceous Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of the Bight Basin, Australia from IODP Site U1512

Carmine Wainman, Peter McCabe, Simon Holford, the IODP Expedition 369 Scientific Party

A New Spatially Continuous Basement Heat Flow Map for NW Queensland

C. Jorand, K. Connors, L. Pryer, C. Pietrucha

Northern Gas Pipeline Project — A Case Study in Safe, Professional Gas Pipeline Construction

Leon Richards, Tony Green

Offshore Data Acquisition in Shallow Water: Challenges and Opportunities

Simon J. Molyneux, Samantha Jarvis, James K. Dirstein

Offshore Structures — Why All Offshore Facilities Should Have a Demanning Requirement

Matt Keys

Oil and Gas Project Management and Success: A Critical Evaluation of Oil and Gas Project Management Success in Australia

Cornelius Ikediashi, Bassam Bjeirmi

Old Rocks, New Tricks: A Reinvigorated Cooper Basin Offers Growth Opportunity

Bill Ovenden

Opportunities for Collaboration in the Australian Oil and Gas Industry: Learning Lessons from More Mature Basins and International Best Practice (North Sea, Norway, Gulf of Mexico, Onshore US)

Jonathon Peacock, Steve Dow

PESA Australian Exploration Review 2018

D. Lockhart, D. Spring

The Power of Digital: Workplace Tools to Modernise Safety Compliance

Karl V. Ahlgren, Naaman Shibi

A Practical Fracability Evaluation for Tight Sandstone Reservoir with Natural Interface

Runhua Feng, Ruijie Chen, Mohammad Sarmadivaleh

A Practical Guide to IT OT Convergence — Getting Value from Your Business Analytics

Russell Byfield

Prediction of Groundwater Impacts from Coal Seam Gas Extraction in the Surat Basin

Keith Phillipson

The Prospectivity of the Cape Vogel Basin, Papua New Guinea

Said Amiribesheli, Andrew Weller

Proxy Modelling for Multi-Well Simulations: Enabling Identification of Major Input Variables and Reduced Computation Time over Monte Carlo Sampling

Thomas A. McCourt, Ryan Blackmore, Iain Rodger, Suzanne Hurter, Bevan Thompson, Mark Reilly, Diane Donovan

Pushing the Boundaries — Deployment of Innovative Drilling, Completion and Production Technology to Advance a Deep Coal Seam Play

Romi Branajaya, Peter Archer, Andrew Farley

Real-Time Drilling Optimisation — Driving Drilling Excellence

Abhijit Barhate, Piyush Patel, Egil Abrahamsen

Reduced Manning with Improved Safety and Reliability: How Classification Societies and Digital Solutions can Support Operators

Mark Tipping

Reducing Maintenance Burden on Established Facilities through a Targeted Risk Review of Safety Critical Equipment

Bronwyn Innes

Reducing the Complexity of Environmental Approvals: Learnings from an Industry-Wide Collaborative Effort

Matthew Smith

Reflections of a Contemporary Gas Regulator in Queensland

William Date

Regional Paleodepositional Environment of the Cretaceous in the Great Australian Bight — A Support for Frontier Exploration

Detlef Klauser-Baumgärtner, Thomas Reichel, John-Are Hansen

A Regulator’s Vision and Perspectives on Key Environmental Management Challenges

Cameron Sim

Renewables, Gas and Batteries: Reliable and Efficient Power for Industry

Tom Lukatela

Renewed Energy in Asia’s Upstream

Gero Farruggio, David Dixon

Results of Hydraulic Fracturing Design Improvements and Changes in Execution Strategies for Unconventional Tight Gas Targets in the Cooper Basin, Australia

Raymond Johnson Jr, Ruizhi Zhong, Lan Nguyen

Revisions to the Chronostratigraphic Framework of the Upper Jurassic Walloon Coal Measures of the Surat Basin, Australia

Carmine Wainman, Peter McCabe

Rigorous Decommissioning Decision Making with Strong Stakeholder Engagement Using Comparative Assessment

Paul L. Gordon, Edward H. Poot, Grace S. O’Connor

Rigorous Gas Field Production Data Analysis

Christopher Evans, Antony Corrie-Keilig

Risk-Based Asset Performance Management in CSG Production Operations

Peter Carydias, James Gregory

Rock Properties and in-situ Stress State of the Egilabria Prospect, Lawn Hill Platform, Queensland

Adam H. E. Bailey, Liuqi Wang, Lisa Hall, Paul Henson

The Roebuck Basin, Beagle and Barcoo Sub-Basin Well Folio

Duy Nguyen, Nadege Rollet, Emmanuelle Grosjean, Dianne S. Edwards, Steve Abbott, Claire Orlov, George Bernardel, Chris Nicholson, Andrew Kelman, Kamal Khider, Tamara Buckler

Roma Development Drilling — Evolution of Well Design and Drilling Performance

Andrew Sellars, Thivanka Dedigama, Mohammad Zaman

Safe and Efficient Delivery of Logistics Solutions to Coal Seam Gas Well Sites, Utilising Our ‘Well in a Box’ Methodology

Jason King, Brandon Yeong

Safe Autonomous Systems Require Changes to Business Relationships

Martin Shadbolt

SEAR JIP: The Value of Sharing of Lessons Learned on Subsea Integrity and Reliability

Adriana Botto

Securing Industrial Systems in a Digital World

Benjamin Dickinson, Daniel Wilkinson

Signposts to a Robust Liquid LNG Market

Bernadette Cullinane, Susan Sakmar, Nye Hill

Social Licence has Changed. It is Time to Build Trust with Society Using the Tools of Today

Amber Johnston-Billings, Louise Pogmore, Mike Kaiser

Some Economic Estimates of Gas-Fired Power Generation in a Carbon Constrained Australia

Chai H. McConnell, Christian Dorgelo

Stratigraphic and Structural Architecture across the Central North West Shelf — Implications for Triassic Petroleum Systems

Steve Abbott, Claire Orlov, George Bernardel, Chris Nicholson, Nadege Rollet, Duy Nguyen, Merrie-Ellen Gunning

Subsurface Engineering of CCUS in Australia (Case Studies)

Mohammad B. Bagheri, Matthias Raab

Sustainability Trends in Oil and Gas

Piers P. Tonge

Synergies in the Role of the Office of Groundwater Impact Assessment and the Independent Expert Scientific Committee on Coal Seam Gas and Large Coal Mining Development in Environmental Assessments

Chris Pigram, Sanjeev Pandey, Peter Baker

Tailored Acquisition and Processing Providing an Enhanced Subsurface Image of the Basin Architecture, Exmouth Sub-Basin, North West Shelf, Australia

Alexander Karvelas, Bee Jik Lim, Lianping Zhang, Haryo Trihutomo, Oliver Schenk, Sugandha Tewari

The Tax Profile of Different Models of Infrastructure Asset Ownership and Funding

Michael Chang

Technical Safety: Use of Concept Risk Assessment for Field Development Certainty

Colin Crowley, Dave Ashton

Towards the Development of a Baseline for Surface Movement in the Surat Cumulative Management Area

Mohsen S. Masoudian, Christopher Leonardi, Zhongwei Chen, Jim Underschultz

The Use of Integrated Production Modelling to Assess Network Efficiency and Production System Optimisation

Y. Fei, G. Lydyard, A. Mantopoulos, D. Marques, M. Rondon

Variation of Vertical Stress in the Onshore Canning Basin, Western Australia

Adam H. E. Bailey, Paul Henson

Walk to Work Systems as an Enabler of Reduced Maintenance and Manning

David B. McCarthy

Well Log Data Analytics: Overview of Applications to Improve Subsurface Characterisation

Irina Emelyanova, Chris Dyt, M. Ben Clennell, Jean-Baptiste Peyaud, Marina Pervukhina

Western Australian Marine Oil Pollution Risk Assessment: Identification of Protection Priorities

Raphael Morgan, Emily Gifford, Annette Jacobs, Kate Swain

What were They Thinking? How the Brain is Wired for Limbic Risk

Robert Wentzel, Nada Wentzel

What’s Your Gas Worth: A Thrilling or a Taxing Matter?

Kenneth Wee

Zero Waste Well — The Beneficial Use of Produced Water from CSG Projects

Paul Wybrew

‘Back to the Future’ A Review of Australian Reservation and other Natural Gas Export Control Policies

James Plumb

‘Lawfare’ in the Oil and Gas Industry

Xavier T. McMahon, Jake D. Williams