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Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) Journal

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2021 Offshore Petroleum Exploration Acreage Release

Paul Trotman

Agile Framework for Capital Projects

Polly Mahapatra, Paris Shahriari

Application of Battery Energy Storage Systems in Industrial Facilities

Hamed Sharafizad

Are Bonds the Answer to Managing Environmental Liabilities?

Scott Cawrse, Dominic Pepicelli, Nick Panagopoulos, Piotr Sapa, Daniel Broadbridge

Assessing the Impacts of Scale Residues from Offshore Oil and Gas Decommissioning on Marine Organisms

Tom Cresswell, Sue Brown, Henri Wong, Simon Apte

Australia-Asia Power Link: Environmental and Cost Assessment

Jeremy Gordonnat, James Hunt

The Australian CCS Roadmap – A Reflection on Lessons Learned and Considerations for Future Success

Jerome Paz

Australian Exploration Review 2020

Ian Cockerill

Australia Offshore Well Inventory Characterisation and Decommissioning Cost Saving Opportunities through Cap Rock Restoration and Rigless/Riserless Techniques

Christopher Murphy, Stuart A. Higgins

Australia Petroleum Production and Development - 2020

Joe Keith

The Bamaga Basin: A Frontier Play in a Non-Frontier Location

Wolfgang S. Fischer

Barnicarndy Graben, Southern Canning Basin: Stratigraphy Defined by the Barnicarndy 1 Stratigraphic Well

Leon Normore, Peter W. Haines, Lidena K. Carr, Paul Henson, Yijie Zhan, Michael T. D. Wingate, Yong Yi Zhen, Yongjun Lu, Sarah Martin, David Kelsey, Heidi Allen, Imogen Fielding

Basin-to-Prospect-Scale Subsurface Characterisation: New Insights into the Exmouth Sub-Basin, North West Shelf, Australia

Abdul Kholiq, Claire Jacob, Bee Jik Lim, Oliver Schenk, Anubrati Mukherjee, Alex Karvelas

Blockchains - Achieving Consensus in Oil and Gas Business Processes

Scott Waller

Business Environment Review 2020

Simon Molyneux

Case Study for CO2 Removal Using Fluor Solvent for Offshore Natural Gas Treatment

Niel Kritzinger, Ravi Ravikumar, Sunil Singhal, Kakul Singh, Soumya Jyoti Choudhury

Characterising the Application of Horizontal Wells and Indirect Hydraulic Fracturing for Improved Coal Seam Gas Drainage

Raymond L. Johnson, Sharon Cheong, Andrew Farley

Co-Creation of Knowledge - An Effective Mechanism for Managing Decommissioning Stakeholders

Aaron Tung

CO2-EOR+ in Australia: Achieving Low-Emissions Oil and Unlocking Residual Oil Resources

Eric Tenthorey, Ian Taggart, Aleksandra Kalinowski, Jason McKenna

A Complementary Method of Assessing Clay Stabilisers Used in Hydraulic Fracturing Applications

Jeff Dupont, Jeff Dawson, Richard Mitchell

Controls on Gravity-Driven Normal Fault Geometry and Growth in Stacked Deltaic Settings: A Case Study from the Ceduna Sub-Basin

Monica Jimenez, Simon P. Holford, Rosalind C. King, Mark A. Bunch

Controls on the preservation of Jurassic volcanism in the Northern Carnarvon Basin

Michael Curtis, Simon Holford, Mark Bunch, Nick Schofield

COVID-19 Smashing the Stigma in Mental Health - A Strategic Blueprint for Change/Support

Anna Feringa, Nada Wentzel

The CSIRO in-situ Laboratory: A Field Laboratory for Derisking Underground Gas Storage

Karsten Michael, Ludovic Ricard, Linda Stalker, Allison Hortle

Decommissioning and Rehabilitation: Funding Models

Kenneth Wee

Deferred Maintenance – A Major Industry Challenge?

Kylie Seccombe, Derrick O’Keeffe

Detection of Methane Fugitive Emissions Using Drones

Grazia Gargiulo

Development of the Clean Hydrogen Industry in Australia – A Regulatory and Fiscal Roadmap for the Fuel of the Future

James O’Reilly, Clare Pope, Amy Lomas

Disruption and Damages: Climate-Related Risks to the Australian Oil and Gas Sector

Stephanie M. Downes, Amy Steel, Enrico Favaro, Michael Wood

Distribution and Estimates of Australia’s Identified Energy Commodity Resources

Barry E. Bradshaw, Meredith L. Orr, Tom Bernecker

Effective Engagement on Process Safety Fundamentals in Challenging Times

Olivia K. Cary, Nick Netscher

Embracing Australia’s Decommissioning Liability

Andrew Taylor, Stephen Stokes

Environmental Considerations for Decommissioning

Kayleigh Hughes, Fairul Izmal Jamal Hisne, Li Yuen Su

Establishing Principles in Digital Transformation through Comparative Analysis of Frameworks and Development Strategies in Platform/Coding Development for Consulting

Nigel Lim, Lucas Lim, Dyota Tanuwibawa

Estimating Porosity and Permeability in the Springbok Sandstone, Surat Basin (Queensland), Using New Wireline Log-Based Workflow

Kasia Sobczak, Heinz-Gerd Holl, Andrew Garnett

Exploring for the Future Geomechanics: Breaking Down Barriers to Exploration

Adam H. E. Bailey, Amber J. M. Jarrett, Liuqi Wang, David N. Dewhurst, Lionel Esteban, Shane Kager, Ludwig Monmusson, Lidena K. Carr, Paul A. Henson

Finding Net Zero: How Green LNG Can Improve the Competitiveness of Australian LNG

Daniel Toleman, Lucy Cullen

A Framework for Inclusion of Faults in Coal Seam Gas Risk Assessments

Titus A. Murray, William L. Power

Gas Sampling for Mercury Analysis

Janelle Lawer

Gas Sources and Concentrations in Surat Basin Shallow Aquifers: A Field Sampling Method Comparison, and Isotopic Study

J. K. Pearce, S. D. Golding, P. Hayes, K. A. Baublys, H. Hofmann, S. J. Herbert, G. Gargiulo

A Generational West Coast Gas Shakeup Looms

Saul Kavonic

Geochemical Evidence for a New Triassic Petroleum System on the Western Margin of Australia

Emmanuelle Grosjean, Dianne S. Edwards, Nadege Rollet, Christopher J. Boreham, Duy Nguyen, Tamara Buckler

Geological and Bioregional Assessments: A Program to Encourage Industry Development and Improve Regulatory Efficiency while Maintaining the Highest Possible Environmental Standards

Andrew Stacey, Mitchell Bouma, Emily Turner, Mitchell Baskys

Geological and Bioregional Assessments: Assessing Direct and Indirect Impacts Using Causal Networks

Luk J. M. Peeters, Kate Holland, Cameron R. Huddlestone-Holmes

Geological and Bioregional Assessments: Assessing the Prospectivity for Tight, Shale and Deep-Coal Resources in the Cooper Basin, Beetaloo Subbasin and Isa Superbasin

Lisa S. Hall, Meredith L. Orr, Megan E. Lech, Steven Lewis, Adam H. E. Bailey, Ryan Owens, Barry E. Bradshaw, George Bernardel

Geological and Bioregional Assessments: A Tale of Two Basins

Cameron R. Huddlestone-Holmes, Kate Holland, Luk J. M. Peeters

Geological Overview of the 2021 Offshore Acreage Release Areas

Thomas Bernecker, Ryan Owens, Andrew Kelman, Kamal Khider

Green Pivot: Can Australia Master the Hydrogen Trade?

Prakash Sharma, Benjamin Gallagher, Jonathan Sultoon

How the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry can Leverage Interdisciplinary Research to More Effectively Engage with Indigenous Communities

Deborah Lockhart, Jessica Xu

Hydrogen in Australian Natural Gas: Occurrences, Sources and Resources

Christopher J. Boreham, Dianne S. Edwards, Krystian Czado, Nadege Rollet, Liuqi Wang, Simon van der Wielen, David Champion, Richard Blewett, Andrew Feitz, Paul A. Henson

Impact of Hydrogen Solubility on Depleted Gas Field’s Caprock: An Application for Underground Hydrogen Storage

Mohammad Bahar, Reza Rezaee

Implications of Thin Laminations on Pore Structure of Marine Shale Reservoir: Goldwyer Formation Case Study from Western Australia

Muhammad Atif Iqbal, Reza Rezaee, Gregory Smith, Partha Pratim Mandal

Importance of Australia’s Offshore Oil and Gas Infrastructure for Fish

D. McLean, T. Bond, E. S. Harvey, D. Ierodiaconou, K. Cure, M. Taylor, S. Whitmarsh, T. Sih, P. I. Macreadie

Improved Modelling of Pressure-Dependent Permeability Behaviour in Coal Based on a New Workflow of Petrophysics, Hydraulic Fracturing and Reservoir Simulation

Honja Miharisoa Ramanandraibe, Ayrton Soares Ribeiro, Raymond Johnson Jr, Zhenjiang You

Innovation and Instrumentation in CO2 Monitoring Wells for Reservoir Surveillance and Advanced Diagnostics

Paul Barraclough, Mohamad Bagheri, Charles Jenkins, Roman Pevzner, Simon Hann, Kelvin Wuttke, Stoyan Nikolov, Michael Mondanos

Integration of New Interpretation, Attribute Analysis and Inversion Results for the Dampier Sub-Basin, North West Shelf of Australia

Jarrad Grahame, Jianfeng Yao

International Standardisation Driving Global Competitiveness and Sustainability of the Oil and Gas and Future Energy Industries

Matt Keys, Miranda Taylor

Keeping the Workforce Healthy and Safe during COVID-19 at Woodside

Theo Anderson

Keys to Successful Negotiation of Indigenous Land Use Agreements and Building Consent for the Development of Natural Resources, The Great Sandy Desert Project, A Case Study

Jop van Hattum, Martin (Kusi) Bin-Rasheed, Graham Castledine

Landing with Confidence and Accuracy in a Big Bore Subsea Gas Producer - An Integrated Approach for Setting a Critical Casing Point in the Jansz-Lo Field Development

Leigh Thomas, Matthew Waugh, Matthew Thornberry, Hanming Wang, Haifeng Wang, Farshid Hafezi, James Dolan, Anis Ali

Late Permian-Early Triassic Depositional History in the Southern Bonaparte Basin: New Biostratigraphic Insights into Reservoir Heterogeneity

R. Owens, A. Kelman, K. Khider, T. Bernecker, B. Bradshaw

Low-Salinity Carbonated Water Injection in Sandstone Reservoirs: Interplay between Oil Recovery Improvement, Salinity and Fines Migration

Ehsan Yazdani Sadati, Arman Siahvashi, Suzanne Hurter

Measurement of Gas Contents in Shale Reservoirs - Impact of Gas Density and Implications for Gas Resource Estimates

Jamiu M. Ekundayo, Reza Rezaee, Chunyan Fan

Minimising the Risk of Hydrogen Embrittlement (HE) and Hydrogen Assisted Stress Cracking (HASC) within Steel Lifting Products Used in the Marine Environment

Ben Burgess

Mobile Autonomous Methane Monitoring Stations for Emission Measurement

M. Mainson, C. Ong, M. Myers, A. Spiers

Moomba Carbon Capture and Storage Case Study: Material Emissions Reduction at Moomba Plant

Nick Harley

The Neoproterozoic Gillen Formation, Amadeus Basin, Central Australia: An Intra-Salt Petroleum System and Viable Exploration Target?

Phillip S. Plummer

Net Zero 2020

Iain MacDougall, Ollie Glade-Wright, Bindi Gove, Todd Berkinshaw

A New Engagement Approach for Regulatory Submissions

James Arnott, Ben Wilson, Daniel Kurz

New Insights into the Deep-Water Otway Basin - Part 1. Integrated Depth Imaging Workflows Unravelling the Subsurface

Si Ying Lee, Bee Jik Lim, Arwindran Anantan, Alexander Karvelas

New Insights into the Deep-Water Otway Basin - Part 2. Tectonostratigraphic Framework Revealed by New Seismic Data

Alex Karvelas, Tekena West, Chris Nicholson, Steve Abbott, George Bernardel, Cameron Mitchell, Duy Nguyen, Merrie-Ellen Gunning, Irina Borissova, Oliver Schenk

New Insights into the Deep-Water Otway Basin - Part 3. Petroleum System Modelling

Oliver Schenk, Emmanuelle Grosjean, Dianne S. Edwards, Christopher J. Boreham, Tekena West, Alexander Karvelas

Novel Collaborative P&A Campaign Using Inflatable Packers and Bismuth Alloy Plugs

Adam Bensaied, George Farag, Jeff Fulks

Permian Source Rocks of the Onshore and Nearshore Carnarvon Basin

Charmaine M. Thomas

Petrophysical Analysis of the Unconventional Reservoirs of the Lennard Shelf and Fitzroy Trough in Canning Basin, Australia

Valeri Shelokov, Robert Hull, Tony Rudge, Perry Richmond

Petrophysical and Geochemical Interpretations of Well Logs from the Pre-Carboniferous Succession in Barnicarndy 1, Canning Basin, Western Australia

Liuqi Wang, Dianne S. Edwards, Adam Bailey, Lidena K. Carr, Chris J. Boreham, Emmanuelle Grosjean, Leon Normore, Jade Anderson, Amber J. M. Jarrett, Susannah MacFarlane, Chris Southby, Chris Carson, Kamal Khider, Paul Henson, Peter Haines, Mike Walker

Policy Roadmap to Net Zero: The Role of Gas in Decarbonising the National Energy Market

Stephanie Byrom, Geoffrey D. Bongers, Andy Boston

Potential Impacts of Shale and Tight Gas Developments on Unconfined Aquifers - A Chemical Screening Framework

Rebecca Doble, Dirk Mallants, Yousef Beiraghdar Aghbelagh, Dennis Gonzalez, Phil Davies, Luk Peeters, Russell Crosbie

Preparing for Subsea Source Control Response and Optimising Timelines - IOGP Reports 592 and 594

Andrew Best, Patrick Brenan

Process Safety Challenges of CO2 Sequestration

Clinton Smith

Real Time Emissions Monitoring: The Foundation of a Blockchain Enabled Carbon Economy

Preben Nielsen, Shaun Johnston, Philip Black

Reducing the Risk of CO2 Storage Projects through Cost Effective Reservoir Characterisation: Application of Digital Core Analysis to a CO2 Injection Reservoir

Mohammad Bagheri, Mark Knackstedt, Tess Dance, Matthias Raab

Resilient Leadership - The Pathway beyond COVID

Stuart B. Taylor

Resolving Lithostratigraphic Complexities in the Crayfish Group, Otway Basin Using Chemostratigraphy

Betina Bendall, Anne Forbes, Tony Hill

Salt in the Vulcan Sub-Basin, NW Australia: Observations from High-Quality 3D Seismic Data and Implications for Palaeogeography

Simon Molyneux, Stephen Doyle

Sample Preparation for Rock Wettability Studies via Atomic Force Microscopy

Nikolai A. Mitiurev, Michael Verrall, Anastasia A. Ivanova, Alireza Keshavarz, Stefan Iglauer

Sediment Provenance Analysis of the Permian from the Perth Basin Using an Automated Raman Heavy Mineral Technique

Stuart Munday, Anne Forbes, Brenton Fairey, Juliane Hennig-Breitfeld, Tim Breitfeld, Tim Hicks, Jordan Sheehan, Bow Kocijan

Social Licence: What is Really Going on out There?

Sarah Browne, John Scales

Solar Driven Produced Water Treatment for Beneficial Uses

Ralph Gunness, Hensley Wee, Ronald Lee, Luong N. Nguyen, Long D. Nghiem

Storing CO2 in Buried Volcanoes

Simon Holford, Nick Schofield, Mark Bunch, Alan Bischoff, Ernest Swierczek

Structural Containment in the Port Campbell Embayment and on the Mussel Platform, Otway Basin, Victoria

Laurent Langhi, Ernest Swierczek, Julian Strand, Louise Goldie Divko, David Whittam, Andrew Ross

Structural Interpretation of the Beetaloo Sub-Basin, NT from Nonseismic Geophysical Data

Jelena Markov, Claudio Delle Piane, Ernest Swierczek, Clive Foss, Mohinudeen Faiz

Top Three LNG Buyers to Search for Alternative LNG Pricing Structure after Paying a Total Cost Premium of $56 Billion for Oil-Indexed LNG Contracts in 2019 and 2020 - How will This Affect Australia as the Number One Supplier to This Market?

Sindre Knutsson

Tracking Industry Responsiveness to COVID-19 - What Has Happened and What Lies Ahead

Joelle Mitchell, Derrick O’Keeffe

Transforming Australia’s Approach to Decommissioning Research

Andrew Taylor, Peter I. Macreadie

Two Companies Collaborating to Make Real Safety Improvements: Arrow Energy, Shell QGC and the Queensland Coal Seam Gas Industry

Michelle L. Zaunbrecher, Timothy Johnston, Rachael Wood

Understanding Pygmy Blue Whale Movement and Distribution Off North Western Australia

Michele Thums, Luciana C. Ferreira, Curt Jenner, Micheline Jenner, Danielle Harris, Andrew Davenport, Virginia Andrews-Goff, Mike Double, Luciana Möller, Catherine R. M. Attard, Kerstin Bilgmann, Paul G. Thomson, Robert D. McCauley

Using a Satellite-Aircraft Hybrid System Based on the Same Sensor to Monitor Oil and Gas Facilities for Methane Emissions

Hanford J. Deglint, Warren D. Shaw, Jean-Francois Gauthier

Using Digital Twins and Data Analytics to Make Informed Operational Decisions - A Centrifugal Compressor Case Study

Andy Jones, Denis Marshment

Varying Least Principal Stress along Lithofacies in Gas Shale Reservoirs: Effects of Frictional Strength and Viscoelastic Stress Relaxation

Partha Pratim Mandal, Reza Rezaee, Mustafa Sari, Joel Sarout

Velocity Anomalies and Out-of-Plane Reflections in Barnicarndy 1, Canning Basin

Y. Zhan

The West Erregulla Gas Discovery. Implications for an Extensive Permian Play Fairway across the Onshore Northern Perth Basin, Western Australia

A. Cortis, A. Farley, D. Lewis, S. Cheong, A. Chia, W. Zhang