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Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) Journal

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Analytical Approach for Multivariate Exploration Planning via Secondary Migration Modelling

Amin Shokrollahi, Sara Borazjani, Syeda Sara Mobasher, Ulrike Schacht, Khalid Amrouch, Pavel Bedrikovetsky

Application of Elemental Chemostratigraphy to Refine the Stratigraphy of the Adavale Basin, Queensland

David Riley, Tim Pearce, Morven Davidson, Eva Sirantoine, Chris Lewis, Carmine Wainman

Are All Contingent Resources Equal? A Short History of Outcomes in Contingent Resources Bookings

Katarina Van Der Haar

Assessment of CO2 Storage Capability in Denison Trough, Bowen Basin

Xingjin Wang, Chris Holmes, Ahmad Dehghan Khalili, Joan Esterle

Australian Salt Basins – Options for Underground Hydrogen Storage

Marita Bradshaw, Stephanie Rees, Liuqi Wang, Mike Szczepaniak, Wayne Cook, Sam Voegeli, Christopher Boreham, Carmine Wainman, Sebastian Wong, Chris Southby, Andrew Feitz

Australian Winter 2022: How Did We Get Here? Assessing the Energy Market Conditions in Australia

Joshua Stabler

Australia’s Onshore Basin Inventories – Foundational Knowledge Synthesis for Better Design of Precompetitive Data Acquisition

Adam H. E. Bailey, Lidena K. Carr, Russell Korsch

Australia’s Regulation of Scope 3 Emissions

Matthew Holding

An Automated and Universal Approach for Characterising Cored Formation Intervals: Gaining More Insight from Comparing Zonation Results – According to Geological Facie, Rock Type and Hydraulic Units

Peter Behrenbruch, Trevor Doan, Phil Dohuu, Hussam Goda, Spencer Quam

Benchmarking Corporate Resilience and Sustainability – A Framework for Assessing Corporate Positioning in the Face of Uncertainty and Risk

Andrew Harwood

Better Together – Cooperative Incident Response Testing and Exercising – Exercise Zephyr ‘22

Phillip Starkins

Beyond the TRIFR – Maintaining Safe Operations with a TRIFR of Zero

Andy Bull

Bridging the Gap: Improving Integration between Duty Holders Involved in Well Operations

Claire Hick, Mark Bourne, Tom Barratt, Derrick O’Keeffe

Can Australia Create ‘Super’ Basins?

Angus Rodger, Anne Forbes

Carbon Capture and Storage – A Safe and Reliable Monitoring and Verification Plan Developed Using Oil and Gas Industry Core Skill Sets

Anthony Western

Carbon Capture and Storage’s Role within Australia’s Energy Transition: Necessary, Safe, and Reliable

Matthias Raab, Geoffrey O’Brien

Carbon Dioxide-Enhanced Oil Recovery in Australia – Techno-Economic Evaluation, Carbon Dioxide Source/Sink Networks and Current Policy Landscape

David Bason, Hadi Nourollah, Vello Kuuskraa, Matt Wallace, Tim Duff, Matthias Raab

Challenges and Lessons Learnt from Northern Territory (NT) Orphan Well project

Shaun Hingerty

Collaborative Seismic Environment Plan (CSEP) Project – A Long-Term, Consistent, Consortium-Based Approach to Environmental Approvals

Simon Molyneux, Samantha Jarvis, Shane O’Donoghue, Paul Miller, Tim Duff

Combating Modern Slavery in Australian Supply Chains: A Case Study of a Holistic Approach

Judy Auld, Sophie Ryan

The Complexity of Identifying and Quantifying Natural and Anthropogenic Influences on Surface Movement in Coal Seam Gas Producing Regions within the Surat Basin, Queensland

Sarah Brennand, Phil Hayes, Christopher Leonardi

Connecting a Digital Path from Plan to Execution to Enhance Efficiency

Abhijit Barhate, Bjørn Audun Schibevaag

Conversion of Offshore Hydrocarbon Facilities for Use in Carbon Capture and Storage – Challenges and Solutions

Nick Brown, Ross Weiter

Creating Culturally Responsive and Safe Workplaces for the Advancement of First Nations People

Byron Davis

The Cretaceous-Cenozoic Volcanic Record of the Gippsland Basin: Origin, Nature and Significance for the Energy Transition

Simon Holford, Fun Meeuws, Ernest Swierczek, Nick Schofield, Mark Bunch

Cretaceous Depositional Environment Interpretation of Offshore Otway Basin Cores and Wireline Logs; Application to the Generation of Basin-Scale Gross Depositional Environment Maps

Chris Cubitt, Steve Abbott, George Bernardel, Merrie-Ellen Gunning, Duy Nguyen, Chris Nicholson, Alan Stoate

Cumulative Impact Assessments – Its Relevance for Australia’s Energy Transition

Ashlyn Miller

Decoding Decommissioning Requirements When Using New Technology – Queensland’s Petroleum Wells Code of Practice

Chris Barrand, Radika Lucas

Decommissioning and Restoration (D&R) Timing: Is Later Always Better?

Andrew Duncan

Delivery through Adversity: The Planning and Execution of Beach Energy’s Multi-Year Offshore Otway Program

Jason Storey, David Ross, Mike Zambonini, Sergio Di Prinzio

Designing Out Fabric Maintenance on a New Offshore Development Using Safety Principles

James McKechnie

Developing a ‘Fit for Purpose’ Approach to Managing Methane Emissions

Ian Joynes, Mark Wittwer, Yvette Manolas

Development and Production Review 2022

Martin Wilkes

Development of a Novel Passive Fire Protection System – Humidur Char

Michael Brameld, Travis Baensch

Digital Advanced Work Packaging – A Case Study in Construction-Led Delivery

Bradley Copeland

The Distribution and Morphology of Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous Igneous Intrusions in the Northern Carnarvon Basin

Michael Curtis, Simon Holford, Mark Bunch, Nick Schofield, Alex Karvelas

Do We Know Enough to Make Future-Proofed Decisions about Contaminants When Decommissioning Offshore Oil and Gas Infrastructure?

Darren J. Koppel, Francesca Gissi, Ibukun Oluwoye, Tom Cresswell

Electrodialysis Membrane Technology Applied to MEG Reclamation – A Case Study

Ben Leitinger, Trina Dreher, Michael Cavill, Kobe Thys

Enabling Decarbonisation through the Supply Chain

Tim McCarthy, Mark Goodacre

End to End Emissions Monitoring by Digitalisation

Alexander Roskoss

Energy Transition Risk for Australia’s LNG: How to Build Up Resilience for a Low-Carbon Future

Olga Savenkova

Engineered Flowback and Reservoir Evaluation for Unconventional Wells

Andrew Fontenot, Chau Nguyen

Engineering the Safety Culture in Late-Life Assets

Tom Coolican

Environmental Benefits of Leaving Steel-Piled Jacket Platforms in Place

Sheela Veluayitham, Louise Mayboehm, Katie Martin

Environmental Considerations around in-situ Decommissioning of Oil and Gas Pipeline Infrastructure in Marine Environments

Anam Saeed, Bethan Parnum, Michael Fichera

ESG: To Sound Good, or to Be Good?

Ashley Starr

Evolution of Process Safety Performance Measurement, Reporting and Management

Binu Baby, Chris Sproston, Huw Jones, Marc Ocampo Ramos

Exploration and Appraisal Year in Review 2022

Adam Craig

Fines Migration during Coal Bed Methane Production: Mathematical and Laboratory Modelling, Field Cases

Abolfazl Hashemi, Bryant Dang-Le, Cuong Nguyen, Grace Loi, Nastaran Khazali

The Framework and Practice of CO2 Storage Resources Evaluation: Santos Moomba CCS Project CO2 Storage Resources Assessment

Chad Wilson, Shane Hattingh, Doug Peacock, Tony Zhang

Geophysical Characterisation and Improved Delineation of Coaly Source Rocks from Integrated Analysis of Laboratory, Well and Seismic Data

Tusar R. Sahoo, Richard Sykes, Ludmila Adam, Robert H. Funnell

A Geopolitical Nightmare: The Battle of Energy Security and the Energy Transition

Daniel Toleman, Lucy Cullen, Gavin Thompson

The Global Status of Carbon Capture and Storage: Ambition to Action

Nabeela Raji, Chris Consoli, Matt Steyn, Ian Havercroft

The Gold Standard for Australian Oil and Gas Corporations to Report Credible Methane Emissions

Helen Riordan, Kane Annesley

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Tracking: Making it Count

Fabio Terzini, Esther Hayes

The Human Side of Transition – Putting People at the Heart of Energy Transformation so No-One Gets Left Behind

Louise Pogmore, Benn Wheeler

The I2 Pillars Model of ESG: Bringing Practical Clarity to ESG across the Australian Gas Industry

Jen Thompson, Matt Colquhoun

Implementing SRMS in the North Perth Basin: Challenges and Practical Solutions

HongFeng Wu, William Walton, Hesham Farhani, Pooya Hadian, Kiong Hooi (Steven) Lee

The Importance of STEM

Jillian Formentin

Improving Energy Efficiency during LNG Plant Turndown Operation

Michael Hanlin, Matthew Ladner

Improving Process Safety for the Operation of Major Hazard Facilities

Erik Vandenberg

Including Sub-Surface Uncertainties in CCS Hub Investment Decision Making – A Case History

Andrew Garnett, Iain Rodger, Joe Lane

An Industry Business Case for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Cynthia Calderon

Integrated System Design for the Moomba CCS Project

Phillip Lemon

Integrated Team Approach to Decommissioning Environment Plan Development

Jessica Harvey

Integrating Sustainability into Your Value Stream

Richard Kydd, Tim Wall

Integrating Underground Gas Storage Experience for CCS Optimisation

Zis G. Katelis, William J. Askham

Integration of the Comprehensive Gorgon CO2 Surveillance Program for History Matching of the Dupuy Reservoir Model

Andrew Haynes, Karl Jager, Jessica Maekivi, Leigh Scoby-Smith, Trent Shawcross

Investigating the Potential for a Blue Carbon Economy on Australia’s Northern Coastline

B. W. Davis, R. A. Groom, C. J. Carle, L. B. Hutley, C. Lovelock, J. Perry

Lessons from the Energy Crisis of an Energy Exporter

Kaushal Ramesh

Maintenance Planning Innovation: Realising Planning and Execution Efficiencies through Process and Digital Transformation

Melinda Clarke, Darrshan Clarke

Maximising Gas Production from Late-Life Assets: A Case Study from the Snapper Field, Gippsland Basin

Hugo B. Burgin, Mohammad Bagheri, Melanie Ryan, Stewart Anderson, Jianlin Wang, Kieran Trump

Maximising Production from the Gippsland Basin: Integrating Subsurface Datasets across Multiple Disciplines to Increase Domestic Gas Supply

Adam Fynnaart, Natalie Debenham, Arun Kumaravel, Kieran Trump, Angus Goody

Measuring Change in the Race to Deliver Net Zero

Clare Anderson, Paul Ebert, Chris Greig

Mental Health, Psychological Safety and Psychosocial Safety – Same but Different?

Nada Wentzel

Mercury in Natural Gas: Delivering Accurate Reservoir Sampling and Analysis

Janelle Lawer, John Babadimas, John Bretherton, Bernardus van Deijl, Jack Harfoushian, Damien Gerard, Brian Toole, Mark Anderson

Mercury Management during Decommissioning: Predicting Accumulation and Mitigating Risk of Release

Luke Ellery, Peter Crafts, Andrew Sturgeon, Amit Rajani

Minimising the Burden of Hazardous Area Inspections

Iain MacKenzie, Bruce Hill, Sakeena Dawood

Modelling and 3D Printing of a Random Porous Media Using Iterative Function System Fractals

Nhan Thanh Nguyen Kenny Cao, Chan Mayol, Alireza Salmachi, Agatha Labrinidis

Modelling of Hydrogen Gas Generation from Overmature Organic Matter in the Cooper Basin, Australia

Christopher J. Boreham, Dianne S. Edwards, Andrew J. Feitz, Andrew P. Murray, Nicolaj Mahlstedt, Brian Horsfield

National Decommissioning Research Initiative (NDRI) Phase 2 Determining Outcomes to Inform Offshore Decommissioning Options

Cassandra Schmidt, Luke Smith

New 3D Seismic Imaging of Late Cretaceous Extrusive Volcanics in the Deep-Water Gippsland Basin: Implications and Insights for Paleo-Depositional Environments and Petroleum Systems

Jarrad Paul Grahame

New Partnering Principles on the Path to Net Zero

Bradley Farrell

The Northern Territory Low-Emissions Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage Hub Development – The Collaborative Business Case Development

Andrew Stuart Ross, Matthew Ironside, Ryan Gee

A Novel Method for Simultaneous Determination of Relative Permeability and Capillary Pressure from Corefloods (Gas/CO2-Water Systems)

Nassim Hemmati, Sara Borazjani, Alexander Badalyan, Luis Genolet, Aron Behr, Abbas Zeinijahromi, Pavel Bedrikovetsky

Oil, Gas and New Energy: How to Transform Holistically for a More Efficient and Sustainable Future

Scott Hastie, Tim Wall

Opportunities for CO2 utilisation in the Northern Territory

Dominic Banfield, Anthea Moisi, Vidip Arora, Doug Palfreyman

Opportunity of the Future: Hydrogen as Fuel and Feedstock

Matthew Walden, Senjit Sarkar, Samuel Mugford, Thomas Wood

Optimising the Transition from CO2 EOR-EGR Towards CCS for a Mature Oil and Gas Reservoir

Ilaina H. Rakotondrazaka, Raymond L. Johnson Jr, Xiaoling Li, Andres Bracho

The other Erregulla Discovery, Wagina Sandstone, North Perth Basin

Matthew Wright, Anthony Cortis, Aisling Sloan, Andrew Farley

The Permian Gas Potential of the Taroom Trough, Queensland: New Ideas to Unlock a Multi-TCF Play

Gareth Cooper, Greg Channon, Pete Bekkers, Neil Young

PESA Australia Business Environment Review 2022

Erin Wild

Petrophysical Interpretation and Reservoir Characterisation on Proterozoic Shales in National Drilling Initiative Carrara I, Northern Territory

Liuqi Wang, Adam H. E. Bailey, Emmanuelle Grosjean, Chris Carson, Lidena K. Carr, Grace Butcher, Christopher J. Boreham, Dave Dewhurst, Lionel Esteban, Chris Southby, Paul A. Henson

Preliminary Investigation of the Hydrogen Storage Potential in the Port Campbell Embayment, Otway Basin, Victoria, Australia

Rami Eid, Louise Goldie Divko

Preservation of Thermal Signature of Elevated Syn-Rift Heat Flow during Multiphase Extension: A Case Study from the Duntroon Sub-Basin, Great Australian Bight

Simon Holford, Ian Duddy, Paul Green, Nick Schofield, Richard Hillis, Martyn Stoker

Proppant Powder – The Protection and the Pain – Lurking Hazards of Silicosis

Chris Barrand, Radika Lucas, Anne Nissen

Protecting Whistle-Blowers – Addressing Misconduct and Inappropriate Behaviour in the Workplace

Shane Entriken, Vince Hughes

Quantitative Self-Verification, a Breakthrough in Ultrasonic Metering Technology

Gregor J. Brown, Ross Johnston

Rapid History Matching of Petroleum Production from Well Logs and 4D Seismic via Machine Learning Techniques in the Norne Field, Offshore Norway

Jones Ebinesan, Greg Smith, Ritu Gupta

Rapid Play Evaluation through AI Interpretation

Jacob Smith, Peter Szafian

Re-Discovering the Gummy Gas Field – Gippsland Basin

Eamonn Montague, Brendan Frears, Mark Browne, Peter Strauss, Stephen Adams, Jeremy Prosser

Re-Purposing Onshore and Offshore Infrastructure for CCUS in Gippsland

Alan Black, Xavier Duthie

Regulation of the Australian Carbon Capture and Storage Industry

Matthew Holding

The Rising Influence of Ex-Region Fundamentals on Asian LNG Prices

Kaushal Ramesh

The Road to Integrated Operations

Shawn Fernando

Sanding Evaluation and Real-Time Sand Management Decisions in High-Rate Gas Wells, Ichthys Field, Browse Basin Australia

Abbas Khaksar, Ahmadreza Younessi, Inyau Bada

Seeing Sustainability Reporting through a Lens of Value Creation

Katelyn Bonato

Sense, Insight, Action – Woodside’s Intelligent Asset Journey

Leon Burgin, Lauchlan Wallace

Stepping off the Edge: The Geological Framework of Deepwater Northern Australia

Ciaran Lavin, Angus Goody, Ian Longley

Success Factors in the Creation of a CCS Hub

Phil Grainger, Steve Ovenden

The Surface Challenges of Underground Hydrogen Storage – Pre-Feasibility Studies at the Otway International Test Centre, Victoria

David Whittam, Jai Pandit, Kwong Soon Chan, Max Watson, Matthias Raab

Technology Review of the Northern Bowen and Galilee Basins

Michael P. Scott, Raymond Johnson Jr, Janny Spilsbury-Schakel, Andrew Garnett

Thermal History of the Carrara Sub-Basin: Insights from Modelling of the NDI Carrara I Drill Hole

Tehani J. Palu, Emmanuelle Grosjean, Liuqi Wang, Christopher J. Boreham, Adam H. E. Bailey

Tiny Trains – New Hope? Or the Same Issues in a Smaller Box?

Andy Aston

Towards 2030: Transforming Asset Emissions in Australian Production Operations

Peter Carydias, Preben Nielsen

Towards Building a Successful CCS Hub in Darwin

Alister Trier, Howard Smith, Aiden Anderson-Barr, Simon Flowers

Transient Modelling of Water Condensation Rate for Top of Line Corrosion

Diwu Chen, Shane A. Morrissy, Adam Mackenzie

Transition to Tolling Third-Party Gas at Karratha Gas Plant: An Attractive Investment which Unlocks Infrastructure Utilisation

Tom Lukatela, Holly Thomas

Underexplored but Not Forgotten: Assessing the Energy Resources Potential of the Greater Pedirka Basin Region through Play-Based Mapping

Jeremy Iwanec, Paul Strong, Tom Bernecker

Under the Loupe: The Case for Carbon-Offset LNG from Australia

Kaushal Ramesh, Sally Bogle

Unmanned Rotating Equipment for Normally Unattended Installations

Alessandro Leto, Adolfo Agresta, David Bartolini, Gionata Ruggiero, Daniele Porciani

Upscaling CCUS in Asia Pacific – A Look at Upstream Synergy Projects and Potential for Multi-User Hubs

Antonio Dimabuyi

The Walloon Coal Measures Resource Density: How Low Can We Go?

Brent Glassborow, Michael Scott, Steven Scott

What Lies beneath – A Review of Frontier Exploration for Deep Plays in the Bowen Basin

Raymond L. Johnson Jr, Nathan Parker

Where to from Here for Australian Decommissioning

Francis Norman

Woodside Offshore Dry Deluge Testing

Katy Bastani