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Circum Pacific Council Publications

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2-D Gravity and Magnetic Modeling of Subsurface Domical Structure 11/14

Claudia Alexander

Introduction: Geology and Offshore Resources of Pacific Island Arcs-Tonga Region

David W. Scholl

Accreted Terranes of China

Ji Xiong, Peter J. Coney

Accretion and Dispersal Tectonics of the Southern New England Fold Belt, Eastern Australia

Peter A. Cawood

The Accretion of Gorgona Island, Colombia: Multichannel Seismic Evidence

Susan McGeary, Zvi Ben-Avraham

Acoustic Properties of Sediment on the Southern Tonga Platform as Determined from Seismic Sonobuoy Studies

Jonathan R. Childs

Age and Tectonics of Plutonic Belts in Accreted Terranes of the Klamath Mountains, California and Oregon

William P. Irwin

Age Progression and Petrological Development of Samoan Shield Volcanoes: Evidence from K-AR Ages, Lava Compositions, and Mineral Studies

James H. Natland

Andean Evolution and the Terrane Concept

Ian W. D. Dalziel

Biogeographic Significance of the Upper Triassic Bivalve Monotis in Circum-Pacific Accreted Terranes

N. J. Silberling

Cenozoic Migration of Alaskan Terranes Indicated by Paleontologic Study

R. von Huene, G. Keller, T. R. Bruns, K. McDougall

Cenozoic Planktonic Foraminifers and Coccoliths from 'Eua, Tongtapu, Nomuka Islands, Tonga

Paula J. Quninterno

Circum-Pacific Geologic Map Explanatory Note - Arctic Sheet


Composition and Origin of Ferromanganese Crusts from Tonga Platform, Southwest Pacific

Randolph A. Koski

Continental Terranes in Southeast Asia: Pieces of Which Puzzle?

Peter H. Stauffer

Dredging and Coring; Southern Tonga Platform

Andrew J. Stevenson

Early Cretaceous Orogenic Belt in Northwestern Alaska: Inernal Organization, Lateral Extent, and Tectonic Interpretation

Stephen E. Box

Effect of Subduction of the Louisville Ridge on the Structure and Morphology of the Tonga Arc

Jacques Dupont

Explanatory Notes for the Geologic Map of the Circum-Pacific Region Southeast Quadrant (Text in Spanish also) Notas Explicativas Para El Mapa Geologico De La Region Circum-Pacifica Cuadrante Sureste

Circum-Pacific Map Project

Framework Geology and Resource Potential of Southern Tonga Platform and Adjacent Terranes-A Synthesis

David W. Scholl

FRONTMATTER: Geology and Offshore Resources of Pacific Island Arcs-Tonga Region

FRONTMATTER: Investigations of the Northern Melanesian Borderland

FRONTMATTER: Tectonostratigraphic Terranes of the Circum-Pacific Region

Genetic Relationship between Lower Mesozoic Continental Strata of the Colorado Plateau and Marine Strata of the Western Great Basin: Significance for Accretionary History of Cordilleran Lithotectonic Terranes

Robert Luper, N. J. Silberling

Geology of 'Eua and Other Islands, Kingdom of Tonga

John K. Cunningham

Geology of the Composite Terranes of East and Central Mindanao

J. W. Hawkins, G. F. Moore, R. Villamor, C. Evans, E. Wright

Geology of the Lau Ridge

Derek Woodhall

Geometry and Tectonic Setting of Sea-Floor Spreading for the Josephine Ophiolite, and Implications for Jurassic Accretionary Events along the California Margin

Gregory D. Harper, Jason B. Saleeby, Elizabeth A. S. Norman

INDEX: Tectonostratigraphic Terranes of the Circum-Pacific Region

Jurassic Geologic Framework in the Japanese Islands

Yasuji Saito

Late Cenozoic Coccoliths in Dredge Samples from the Southern Tonga Platform, R/V S. P. Lee Cruise L5-82-SP

David Bukry

Late Neogene and Quaternary Planktonic Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy and Paleobathymetry of Dredge Samples from the Southern Tonga Platform (Cruise L5-82-SP)

George C. H. Chaproniere

Late Tertiary and Quaternary Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy and Paleobathymetry of Cores and Dredge Samples from Cruise KK820316 Leg 2

George C. H. Chaproniere

Latitudinal Motion of the Wrangellia and Alexander Terranes and the Southern Alaska Superterrane

B. C. Panuska, D. B. Stone

Low-K Rhyolitic Pumice from the Tonga Ridge

James W. Hawkins Jr.

The Marine Geology of Sedimentary Basins South of Viti Levu, Fiji

Thomas M. Brocher

Mesozoic Accretion and Collision Tectonics of Northeastern Asia

L. M. Parfenov, B. A. Natal'in

Metamorphic, Deformational, and Temporal Constraints on Terrane Assembly, Northern Klamath Mountains, California

L. Bruce Hill

The Mexican Thrust Belt

Maria Fernanda Campa U.

Mixed Volcaniclastic and Pelagic Sedimentary Rocks from the Cenozoic Southern Tonga Platform and their Implications for Petroleum Potential

Neville F. Exon

Modeling the Motion Histories of the Point Arena and Central Salinia Terranes

L. R. Kanter

Multichannel Profiles Collected in 1982 in the Tonga Region of the South Pacific

Dennis M. Mann

Natural Gas Generation in Sediments of the Convergent Margin of the Eastern Aleutian Trench Area

Keith A. Kvenvolden, Roland von Huene

Navigation Data Collection, Processing, and Display

W. Clinton Steele

The North American-Siberian Connection, a Mosaic of Craton Fragments in a Matrix of Oceanic Terranes

Michael Churkin Jr.

On the Age Progression of the Seamounts West of the Samoan Islands, SW Pacific

Thomas M. Brocher

On the Formation of the Vitiaz Trench Lineament and North Fiji Basin

Thomas M. Brocher

Organic Geochemistry of Dredge Samples and Oil Seeps from the Southern Tonga Platform

Mark W. Sandstrom

The Pacific Margin of Antarctica: Terranes within Terranes within Terranes

Ian W. D. Dalziel, Anne M. Grunow

Paleomagnetic Evidence for Accretion and Bending Tectonics of the Hida and the Circum-Hida Terranes, Central Japan

Kimio Hirooka, Satoshi Uchiyama, Tetsuhiro Date, Hiroyuki Kanai, Tadashi Nakajima

Paleomagnetic Results from Alaska and Their Tectonic Implications

Robert S. Coe

Paleomagnetic Studies of the Samoan Islands: Results from the Islands of Tutuila and Savaii

Barbara Keating

Paleozoic Miogeoclines and Suspect Terranes of the North Atlantic Region: Cordilleran Comparisons

Harold Williams

Perspective Physiograpic Diagram of Tonga Ridge

Tau Rho Alpha

Petrography, Phase Chemistry and Provenance of Volcanogenic Debris from the Southern Tonga Ridge: Implications for Arc History and Magmatism

Peter A. Cawood

Petrologic History of the Lau Ridge, Fiji

James W. Cole

Petrology and Geochemistry of Volcanic Rocks from the Northern Melanesian Borderland

John M. Sinton

Petrology of Andesitic Dikes and Flows from 'Eua, Tonga

James W. Hawkins Jr.

Petrology of Igneous Rocks from Ata Island, Kingdom of Tonga

Tracy L. Vallier, Andrew J. Stevenson, David W. Scholl

Petrology of Rocks Dredged from the Landward Slope of the Tonga Trench: Implications for Middle Miocene Volcanism and Subsidence of the Tonga Ridge

Tracy L. Vallier

Provisional Terrane Map of South Island, New Zealand

D. G. Bishop

Radiometric Ages from Volcanic Rocks Along the New Hebrides-Samoa Lineament

Robert A. Duncan

Radiometric Dating of Magmatic Stages in Fiji

Peter M. Whelan

The Recognition of Transform Terrane Dispersion within Mobile Belts

John C. Crowell

Regional Sedimentation Patterns Along the Northern Melanesian Borderland

Thomas M. Brocher

The Relationship between the Tectonostratigraphic Evolution of Southeast Asia and Hydrocarbon Occurrences

A. J. Barber

Rifting, Drifting and Crustal Accretion in the Taiwan Sector of the Asiatic Continental Margin

W. G. Ernst

Salinian Block U/Pb Age and Isotopic Variations: Implications for Origin and Emplacement of the Salinian Terrane

James M. Mattinson, Eric W. James

Seismic Reflections from a Lau Basin Magma Chamber

Janet L. Morton

Significance of a Gabbro Xenolith from Ata Island

Suzanne Mahlburg Kay

Single Channel Seismic and Geopotential Data Collection and Processing

Andrew J. Stevenson

Source Rock Evaluation of Outcrop and Borehole Samples from Tongatapu and 'Eua Islands, Tonga, and from Viti Levu and Vanua Levu Islands, Fiji

Binyamin Buchbinder

Stratigraphy and Tectonic Significance of the Mesozoic Tectonostratigraphic Terranes of the Vizcaino Peninsula, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Thomas Moore

Strontium Isotopic Measurements of Igneous Rocks from Ata and Eua Islands, Kingdom of Tonga

Robert J. Fleck, Tracy L. Vallier

Structural and Metamorphic Aspects of Middle Jurassic Terrane Juxtaposition Northeastern Klamath Mountains, California

N. Mortimer

Structure and Basin Analysis of the Southern Tonga Forearc

Richard H. Herzer

Subduction, Magmatic Arcs, and Foreland Deformation

Warren Hamilton

Submarine Topography of the Tonga-Fiji Region and the Southern Tonga Platform Area

Thomas E. Chase

Suspect Terranes and Cambrian Tectonics in Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica

J. D. Bradshaw

Suspect Terranes in the Tasman Fold Belt System, Eastern Australia

Erwin Scheibner

Tectonic and Geochemical Framework of the Northern Melanesian Borderland: An Overview of the KK820316 Leg 2 Objectives and Results

Thomas M. Brocher

Tectonic Evolution of Kamchatka and the Sea of Okhotsk and Implications for the Pacific Basin

Bruce F. Watson, Kazuya Fujita

Tectonostratigraphic Terranes in Southwest Oregon

M. C. Blake Jr., D. C. Engebretson, A. S. Jayko, D. L. Jones

Tectonostratigraphic Terranes of Japan that Bear on the Tectonics of Mainland Asia

Z. M. Zhang

Tectonostratigraphic Terranes of the Circum-Pacific Region

David G. Howell

Tectonostratigraphic Terranes of the Northern Coast Ranges, California

M. C. Blake Jr., A. S. Jayko, R. J. McLaughlin

Tectonostratigraphic Terranes of the Vizcaino Peninsula and Cedros and San Benito Islands, Baja California, Mexico

David L. Kimbrough

Terranes of Peninsular California and Adjacent Sonora

Gordon Gastil

Terranes of the Central Phillipines

Robert McCabe

Velocity Analyses of Near Seafloor Strata Based on Multichannel Seismic Data from the Tonga Platform

Jeffrey E. Cole

Velocity Variation Along the Tonga Platform from Multichannel Reflection and Sonobuoy Refraction Data

Robert M. O'Connor

Vertical Tectonics on the Tonga Ridge from the Tongatapu Oil Exploration Wells

Gordon H. Packham

Volcanic Episodes At 'Eua, Tonga Islands

Robert A. Duncan