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Circum Pacific Council Publications

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Introduction to Geology and Offshore Resources of the Solomon Islands

J.G. Vedder

ABSTRACT: Accretion and Hydrothermalism in North Fiji Basin, Southwest Pacific

J. M. Auzende

ABSTRACT: Asia-Pacific Regional Exploration in an Uncertain Oil Price Market

Peter D. Gaffney

ABSTRACT: Basin Development and Petroleum Prospects of Central New Hebrides Arc

H. G. Greene

ABSTRACT: Bathymetry, Tectonics, and Stratigraphy of Northeastern Slope of Manihiki Plateau, Pacific Ocean

Helmut Beiersdorf

ABSTRACT: California Continental Margin Map Series

H. Gary Greene

ABSTRACT: Cenozoic Reconstruction of Southwest Pacific

Chun Yeung Yan

ABSTRACT: Cobalt-Rich Ferromanganese Crusts from Central Pacific

James R. Hein

ABSTRACT: Convergent Plate Margin East of North Island, New Zealand

F. J. Davey

ABSTRACT: Detailed Surveys of Offshore Peru Margin

Donald M. Hussong

ABSTRACT: Dynamics of an End-On Collision, Interpreted from SeaMARC II Swath Mapping and Migrated Seismic Reflection Data on North Margin of Panama

Eli A. Silver

ABSTRACT: Energy Resources of Pacific Coast of Colombia

Rafael Bueno Salazar

ABSTRACT: Eruptions in Space and Time: Durations, Intervals, and Comparison of World's Active Volcanic Belts

Tom Simkin

ABSTRACT: Evolution, Structure, and Petroleum Potential of Aleutian Subduction Complex

Andrew J. Stevenson

ABSTRACT: Fast Spreading and Sulfide Deposition in Manus Back-Arc Basin

B. Taylor

ABSTRACT: From Subduction to Collision: Results of French POP2 Program on Taiwan-Philippine Festoon

R. Blanchet

ABSTRACT: Frontier Basins of Bering Sea

Alan K. Cooper

ABSTRACT: Geologic and Structural Map of Eastern Asia

J. Letouzey

ABSTRACT: Geologic Characteristics of Sedimentary Basins in China

Zhai Guangming

ABSTRACT: Geologic Evolution of the Bering Sea Komandorksy Deep Basin

N. A. Bogdanov

ABSTRACT: Geology, Structure, and Volcanic Processes of Southern Juan de Fuca Ridge

Hugh M. Morgan

ABSTRACT: Geology and Petroleum Potential of Shumagin Continental Margin, Western Gulf of Alaska

T. R. Bruns

ABSTRACT: Geology and Petroleum Prospects in East China Sea

Liu Guangding

ABSTRACT: Geology of Southern Palawan-Balabac Area: Results of Marine Geophysical Studies in Northwest Sulu Sea and in South China Sea

Karl Hinz

ABSTRACT: Geophysical and Geologic Studies at Valu Fa Ridge, Lau Basin, Southwest Pacific Ocean

Janet L. Morton

ABSTRACT: Geophysical Structures and Late Neogene History of Gulf and Peninsular Province of the Californias

Gordon E. Ness

ABSTRACT: Geotectonic Framework of Japanese Convergent Margin

Asahiko Taira

ABSTRACT: GEOTEC—A Promising Energy Alternative

Carla S. Gerrard

ABSTRACT: Geothermal Resource Development for Electric Power Generation in Indonesia: Results and Future Promises

Arifin Sumitramihardja

ABSTRACT: Global Sedimentary Geology Program

R. N. Ginsburg

ABSTRACT: Granites of Southeast Asian Tin Belt

E. J. Cobbing

ABSTRACT: Hydrothermal Sulfide Deposits in Back-Arc Spreading Centers in Southwest Pacific

Ulrich Von Stackelberg

ABSTRACT: Landsat Digital Data as Tool for Mining Exploration and Geologic Mapping in Coastal Plain of Malaysian Peninsula

Alfredo E. Prelat

ABSTRACT: Maps and Sections of Petroleum Geology of Continental Shelf of China

Zhai Guangming

ABSTRACT: Miocene to Holocene Mineralization Associated with Manila Trench Subduction in Central Cordillera, Luzon, Philippines

Jean-Michel Boirat

ABSTRACT: Modern Sea-Floor Hydrothermal Deposits: Their Relationship to Preserved Deposits

James M. Franklin

ABSTRACT: Morphology and Mineral Resources of Gorda Ridge and Blanco Fracture Zone, Northeast Pacific Ocean

Mark L. Holmes

ABSTRACT: Neogene-Quaternary Volcanism and Mineralization in Central Andes

George E. Ericksen

ABSTRACT: Oil Exploration and Development in Marib/Al Jawf Basin, Yemen Arab Republic

Ian D. Maycock

ABSTRACT: Paleomagnetic Results from Sabah and Sarawak, East Malaysia

E. Schmidtke

ABSTRACT: Peculiarities of Volcanism of Marginal-Continental Volcanic Belts of East Asia

E. V. Bykovskaya

ABSTRACT: Petroleum Geology of Pacific Margin of Central America and Northern South America, from Guatemala to Ecuador

Michael E. Scrutton

ABSTRACT: Petroleum Possibilities in Continental Margin off Central Chile

Eduardo Gonzalez

ABSTRACT: Plans for Ocean Drilling in Pacific Ocean

R. L. Larson

ABSTRACT: Plate Boundaries in Solomon Sea Region and Subduction at Trenches

Eiichi Honza

ABSTRACT: Polygonal Linear Patterns from Satellite Images and Epithermal Gold Deposits in Southern Kyushu, Japan

Ryoichi Kouda

ABSTRACT: Polymetallic Sulfide on East Pacific Rise Between Latitude 21 °N and 21°S

Yves Fouquet

ABSTRACT: Potentially Economic Manganese Nodule Deposits in Western Equatorial Pacific

D. S. Cronan

ABSTRACT: Prebreakup Sedimentary and Volcanic Sequences on Rifted Continental Margin of Wilkes Land, Antarctica

Stephen L. Eittreim

ABSTRACT: Proposed Program for Scientific Drilling in Western Pacific

Eli A. Silver

ABSTRACT: Prospective Frontier Basins off Eastern Australia

D. A. Falvey

ABSTRACT: Recent Acoustic Studies of Western Canadian Continental Margin

B. D. Bornhold

ABSTRACT: Regional Acoustic Imagery and Detailed Geophysical Studies of Northern Juan de Fuca Ridge

E. E. Davis

ABSTRACT: Regional Offshore Geology of Central and Western Solomon Islands and Bougainville, Papua New Guinea

J. G. Vedder

ABSTRACT: Regional Synthesis of Marine Geologic and Geophysical Data from Offshore Circum-Antarctic

Dennis E. Hayes

ABSTRACT: Relationship Between Small and Large Sedimentary Basins: The Scale Spectrum

John F. Dewey

ABSTRACT: Reservoir Engineering Applications for Development and Exploitation of Geothermal Fields in the Philippines

N. C. Vasquez

ABSTRACT: Resource Assessment of Cobalt-Rich Ferromanganese Crusts in Central and Western Pacific

C. E. Helsley

ABSTRACT: SEAPSO Project in New Hebrides-Fiji-Tonga Area

J. M. Auzende

ABSTRACT: SEATAR Transect Project

John A. Katili

ABSTRACT: Sedimentary Basins in Ross Sea, Antarctica

Alan K. Cooper

ABSTRACT: Seismic Images of Modern Convergent Margin Tectonic Structure

Roland Von Huene

ABSTRACT: Seismic Stratigraphy, Sediments, and Basin History of Tonga Forearc Basin, Late Eocene to Pleistocene

Richard H. Herzer

ABSTRACT: Sonograph Mosaic of U.S. West Coast Exclusive Economic Zone

J. V. Gardner

ABSTRACT: SOPAC Marine Geology Atlases

T. E. Chase

ABSTRACT: Southern Rim of Pacific Ocean Basin: Southern Andes to Southern Alps

I. W. D. Dalziel

ABSTRACT: Soviet Deep Drilling Program (No abstract available)

Nikita Bogdanov

ABSTRACT: Structure and Origin of South China Basin

Dennis E. Hayes

ABSTRACT: Structure Imposed on New Hebrides Island Arc by Subduction of d'Entrecasteaux Zone, a Major Submarine Mountain Chain

Michael A. Fischer

ABSTRACT: Tectonic Control of Archean Epigenetic Gold Mineralization in Kalgoorlie-Menzies-Leonora Gold Corridor North of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

J. A. Hallberg

ABSTRACT: Tectonic Evolution and Volcanism of Okinawa Trough

J. C. Sibuet

ABSTRACT: Tectonic Processes Inferred from New Circum-Pacific Geodynamic Map

George W. Moore

ABSTRACT: Terranes and Resources

David G. Howell

ABSTRACT: The Undrilled New Ireland Basin in Papua New Guinea

N. F. Exon

ABSTRACT: Volcanic Processes Influencing Development of Geothermal Resources

L. J. Patrick Muffler

Antarctic Treaty

David Kear

Appendix 1: High-Risk Volcanoes: Mitigating Volcanic Hazards in Developing Nations Through a Program of Integrated Communications, Training, and Field Studies

Australia's New Diamond Search

E.W.J. Tyler

Bima Field, Indonesia, A Sleeping Giant

Scott W. Prior

Bulk Tonnage Gold Mineralization in Eastern Queensland, Australia

David J. Horton

Circum-Pacific Diatomite Deposits

F.K. North

The Circum-Pacific Map Project Geologic Map

H.F. Doutch

Circum-Pacific Tectonic Maps as an Aid for Energy and Mineral Resources Exploration

Erwin Scheibner

Complex Program of Deep Structure Investigations in the USSR Territory

E.A. Kozlovsky

Correlation of Rock Units in the Central and Western Solomon Islands

K. S. Pound

Correlation of Rock Units in the Central and Western Solomon Islands

K. S. Pound

Cost-to-Benefit Ratio of Vocanic Forecasting in Mexico: Looking for Reliable but Inexpensive Monitoring Techniques

Servando De la Cruz-Reyna

A Crustal Classification for Hydrocarbon Exploration

Dave R. Kingston

Deep Convergent Margin Basins of Washington State--Past Hydrocarbon Source

K. Kluger Cohen

Deep Source Gas Potential Along the West Coast of the U.S. (An Overview of the U.S. Department of Energy's Deep Source Gas Project)

W.J. Gwilliam

Deep Structure of the Central and Southern Solomon Islands Region: Implications for Tectonic Origin

A. K. Cooper

Description and Interpretation of Dredged Rocks, Solomon Islands

J. B. Colwell

Development of the Sirikit Oil Field, Thailand

John Brooks

Discoveries, Development and Future Prospects--Eromanga Basin, Australia

R.J.S. Hollingsworth

Economic Assessment and Review of the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)

Reid T. Stone

Elevation of the Pacific Province, Solomon Islands, At the Pacific and Indo-Australian Plate Boundary ¹

J. M. Resig

Energy Resources Map of the Northeast Quadrant: Energy Resources Map Series, Circum-Pacific Map Project

Kenneth J. Drummond

Exploration and Development of Natural Gas, Pattani Basin, Gulf of Thailand

Harold M. Lian

Facts and Perspectives of the Circum-Pacific Mineral Resources Map Series

Jose Corvalan

Figure 1. Correlation Chart of Rock Units in the Central and Western Solomon Islands

K. S. Pound

Foraminiferal Stratigraphy and Paleobathymetry of Dredged Rock, R/V S.P. Lee Cruise, Solomon Islands

J. M. Resig

FRONTMATTER:Geology and Offshore Resources of Pacific Island Arcs--Central and Western Solomon Islands

FRONTMATTER: Transactions

A Geochemical Overview of the Geysers (California) Geothermal Reservoir

A.H. Truesdell

Geology and Oil and Gas Exploration in California's Offshore Basins

William E. Crain

Geology of the Central and Western Solomon Islands

F. I. Coulson

Geology of the Super Giant Cano Limon Field and the Llanos Basin, Colombia

C.N. McCollough

Geotectonic Regionalization and Evolution of the East China Sea and Its Environs

Li Yinhuai

Geothermal Development: A Key to Energy Security

Carel Otte

Geothermal Resources in the Islands of the Southwest Pacific

W.A.J. Mahon

Global Basin Classification and Hydrocarbon Plays

D.R. Kingston

Global Tectonics and Resources

W.S. Fyfe

Granite Provinces in the Southeast Asian Tin Belt

P.E.J. Pitfield

Gravity Anomalies of the Solomon Islands Between 156° and 161° E. Longitude

L. A. Beyer

The Hokkaido Corner--Hydrocarbon Exploration in a Subduction System

Al Sabitay

Identification and Evolution of Antarctic Sedimentary Basins

Patrick G. Quilty

The International Lithosphere Program--Achievements and Challenges

Karl Fuchs

Japan's Geothermal Resources

Yuzaburo Yoshimura

Marginal Deformation of Crustal Plates as a Key to Crustal Motion, Crustal Spirals, and the Driving Force

Barry G.M. Wood

Mineral and Energy Prospects in the Small Island Nations of the South Pacific: Vanuatu a Typical Example

A. Macfarlane

Mineralization Associated with Volcanic-Related Hydrothermal Systems in the Circum-Pacific Basin

Jeffrey W. Hedenquist

Minerals Overview

H.M. Morgan

Mode of Subduction Collision, and Types of Metallogenesis

Chikao Nishiwaki

Monitoring and Forecasting of Volcanic Eruptions with Reference to Active Volcanoes in Indonesia

Adjat Sudradjat

A Multichannel Seismic-Reflection Profile Across the Solomon Islands Arc

T. R. Bruns, A. K. Cooper, J. G. Vedder

Multichannel Seismic Operations for CCOP/SOPAC Cruise, Leg 3, Solomon Islands

D. M. Mann

Natural Gas Hydrates of the Offshore Circum-Pacific Margin--A Future Energy Resource?

Keith A. Kvenvolden

Navigation for CCOP/SOPAC Cruise, LEG 3, Solomon Islands

W. C. Steele

Neogene-Quaternary Volcanism and Mineralization in the Central Andes

George E. Ericksen

Offshore Petroleum Potential, Solomon Islands

J. G. Vedder

Oil and Gas Potential of Papua New Guinea

E.F. Durkee

Oil Exploration in Australia

Bryan R. Griffith

The Olympic Dam Copper-Uranium-Gold Deposit, South Australia

J.H. Lalor

Opening Address

Lee Boon Yang

Philippine Microplate Tectonics and Hydrocarbon Exploration

John J. Gallagher Jr.

Preliminary Descriptions of Gravity Cores from New Georgia Sound, Solomon Islands

J. B. Colwell

Recent Depositional Patterns in the Central Solomons Trough of the Solomon Islands

J. B. Colwell

Recent Developments in the Australian Petroleum and Minerals Industries

T.J. McMahon

Recent Trends in Geothermal Science and Development: New Zealand

R.W. Henley

Regional Offshore Geology of the Solomon Islands

J. G. Vedder

Report on Global Geoscience Transects Project

J.W.H. Monger

Sampling Methods, Solomon Islands

J. B. Colwell

Seismic Stratigraphy and Structure of Sedimentary Basins in the Solomon Islands Region

T. R. Bruns

Shallow Crustal Structure of the Solomon Islands Intra-Arc Basins from Sonobuoy Seismic Studies

A. K. Cooper

Single-Channel Seismic, Uniboom, and 3.5-kHs Systems Used in Solomon Islands

D. L. Tiffin

Source-Rock Evaluation of Outcrop Samples from Guadalcanal, Malaita, and the Florida Island Group, Solomon Islands

B. Buchbinder

Southeast Asia: A Tectonic Triptych

Richard W. Murphy

Southeast Asia Strives for Rapid Reserve Additions

H.F. Keplinger

Speculations on the Late Mesozoic and Cenozoic Evolution of the Southeast Asian Margin

Robert McCabe

Submarine Topography of the Solomon Islands Region

T. E. Chase

Summary of the Geology and Offshore Resources of the Solomon Islands

J. G. Vedder

Tectonic Implications of Seismicity Northeast of the Solomon Islands¹

P. A. Cooper

Tectonic Setting and Petroleum Possibilities of Philippine Sedimentary Basins

Arthur Saldivar-Sali

Tectonics of the Southeastern Solomon Islands: Formation of the Malaita Anticlinorium¹

L. W. Kroenke

Tertiary Depositional Features, Source Beds, and Reservoir Beds in the Northern Part of the South China Sea

Wang Shanshu

Tertiary Evolution and Petroleum Potential of Oregon-Washington Continental Margin

Parke D. Snavely Jr.

Two Decades of Hydrocarbon Exploration Activities in Indonesia

Atik Suardy

Wide-Angle Seismic-Reflection and -Refraction Data from the Solomon Islands

A. K. Cooper

World's Offshore Petroleum Potential

Michel T. Halbouty

The World Bank and the Private Sector

Eric S. Daffern