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Circum Pacific Council Publications

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Accretion and Collision During East-Asiatic Margin Building--A New Insight on the Peri-Pacific Orogenies

J. Charvet

Accretion and Dispersion of Terranes in Hubei, China

Hao Yongwei

Allochthonous Terranes in Eastern Tianshan, Northwest China

Wang Chao

Andean Chronotectonics

John J. Gallagher

Andean Hydrocarbon Resurces--An Overview

Colin L. Stabler

The Andes of Chile and Argentina

Constantino Mpodozis

Areas of Potential New Gold Deposits in Colombia

Hernando Lozano Q.

Cenozoic Tectonic Events, Magmatic Pulses, and Base-and Precious-Metal Mineralization in the Central Andes

Edwin H. McKee

Characteristics of Colombian Phosphate Deposits

Franciso Zambrano-Ortiz

Coal Resources of Argentina

Federico A.J. Bergmann

Coal Zones of Colombia

Raul Duran Rodriguez

Collisional Tectonics and the Tectonic Evolution of Terranes in Lower Yangzi Region

Gong Yujin

Continental Growth and Terrane Accretion: an Example from China

Ji Xiong

Continental Lithospheric Rifting and Thermal Evolution--Application to the Tyrrhenian Basin and the North China Plain

Chi-yuen Wang

Copper Deposits and Andean Evolution

Richard H. Sillitoe

Cricum-Pacific Orogenic Processes: A View from the Andes and the Antarctandes

I. W. D. Dalziel

Deformed Mesozoic Basins of East-Central Alaska

Thomas J. Wiley

Distribution and Characteristics of Chilean Copper Deposits

Carlos Ruiz Fuller

Docking History of the East Shandong Composite Terrane, East China

Jia Dong

Early Late Cretaceous Overthrusting in the Western Cordillera of Southern Peru

Jean-Claude Vicente

Early Rifting of the China Plate --Relation to Stratabound Copper Deposits

Hua Renmin

Effects of Terrane Accretion During Collision of the Yangtze and North China Plates

Liu Chengyong

Episodic Compressional Tectonism in an Intra-Arc Setting, Eastern Klamath Terrane, Northern California

M. Meghan Miller

Exploration and Geologic Framework of the Cano Limon Oil Field, Llanos Orientales De Colombia

Victor H. Gabela

Field Trip in Shandong Province, Eastern China

Thomas J. Wiley

Formation of Sedimentary Basins and Terrane Movement in Northwestern China

Liu Chiyang

Fossil Osteoglossomorphs (Teleost Fish) in China and Their Zoogeographical Implication

Shen Mei

FRONTMATTER: Geology of the Andes and Its Relation to Hydrocarbon and Mineral Resources

FRONTMATTER: Terrane Analysis of China and the Pacific Rim

Geologic-Tectonic Framework of the Andean Region

Jose Corvalan

Geological Framework of Andean Mineral Resources

Ulrich Petersen

Geologic Occurrence, Paleogeography, and Resources of Phosphate Rock in the Andean Region

Richard P. Sheldon

Geology and Mineral Deposits of the Central Andes, Republic of Argentina

Vicente Mendez

Geology and Resources of Salars in the Central Andes

George E. Ericksen

Geophysical Signature of Terranes in Eastern Australia

Erwin Scheibner

Geothermal Characteristics of North Jiangsu Basin and its Tectonic Implications

Wang Yi-hua

Gold-Silver Occurrences of the El Indio Belt, Chile

Gordon Siddeley

Hainan Island--a Fragment of Gondwana

Yu Ziye

Hydrocarbon Exploration and Potential of the Pacific Coastal Basin of Colombia

Rafael Bueno Salazar

Hydrocarbon Resources in the Coastal Zone of Chile

Eduardo Gonzalez

Hydrocarbon Resources in the Sub-Andean Basins of Colombia

Rafael Bueno Salazar

Hydrocarbon Resources of Venezuela--Their Source Rocks and Structural Habitat

Hans H. Krause

An Incipient Boundary of a Dispersive Terrane in the Asian Continent

Gao Ming-Xiu

Isotope-Geochemical Composition of Cretaceous Basalts from the Southern Koryak Accretionary Complex

P.I. Fedorov

Kinematics of the Dabie Terrane Revealed by Deformation in its Cover Sequence

Li Li

The Laoyeling Composite Terrane and its Relationship to Sedimentary Basins

Cheng Xueru

Late Cretaceous-Early Tertiary Continent-Continent Collision in Borneo

P.E. Pieters

Late Paleozoic and Mesozoic Paleomagnetism and Tectonic Evolution of the Tarim Terrane

Fang Dajun

Leaky Transform Faults and Terrane Migration During Seafloor Spreading

Zhang Fuqin

Lithotectonic Terranes and the Plate Tectonic Theory of Orogeny: A Critique of the Principles of Terrane Analysis

A.M.C. Sengor

Mesozoic-Cenozoic Paleogeography of the Circum-Pacific Region

George W. Moore

Mesozoic Shear Disintegration and Terrane Motion of the East Asian Continental Margin

Zhu Guang

Mesozoic Tectonic Evolution of Eastern Fujian and Adjacent Areas

Z.Y. Zhou

Mineral Deposits in the Venezuelan Andes

Simon E. Rodriguez

Model for the Geodynamic Evolution of the Western North America Cordillera During Paleozoic and Early Mesozoic

Lapierre H.

Movement Along the Great Glen Fault and Related Problems

T.C. Xu

Mylonites of the East Qinling Proterozoic Terrane

Zhong Zengqiu

On the Accordion Movements of Plate Tectonics of the Chinese Tianshan and its Terrane Characteristics

Wang Zuoxun

Origin of Lithium in Salar De Atacama, Northern Chile

Fernando Ide Y.

Paleomagnetic Constraints on Relative Motions of the Asian Blocks and Terranes

Jin-lu Lin

Paleomagnetism and Tectonic Evolution in Mesozoic for North China Plate

Fang Dajun

Petroleum Prospects of the Sedimentary Basins of Ecuador

Giovanni Rosania S.

A Post-Collision Model for Late Triassic to Late Cretaceous Tectonic Evolution of the Lower Yangtze Area

Wang Liangshu

Precious-Metal Mineralization of Cenozoic Age in the Andes of Peru

Donald C. Noble

Preliminary Investigation of Tectono-Geochemistry in a Ductile Shear Zone Bodering the Yunkai Terrane

Ma Jinlong

Preliminary Study of the Terranes in West Sichuan

Lu Huafu

Preliminary Tectonostratigraphic Terrane Map of the Southern Part of the New England Orogen, Eastern Australia

J.C. Aitchison

Prospects for Mineral Exploration and Development in the Andes

Juan A. Proano

Recognition of Tectonostratigraphic Terranes in the Dabieshan Region, Central China

Fang Guozhu

Recognition of the Yanyuan Nappe Terrane, Western Sichuan, China

Ge Xiaohong

The Relationship between Tecto-Stratigraphic Provinces and Tectonostratigraphic Terranes

Fang Yiting

The Relationship Between Terranes, Hidden Granite, and Ore Deposits

Yuan Kuirong

Ridge Collisions Along the Plate Margins of South America Compared With Those in the Southwest Pacific

H. Gary Greene

Structural Reconnaissance of the Jiangnan Geanticline: A Suspect Terrane of Compressional Tectonic Character

Simon J. Haynes

Structure of the Andean Convergent Margin and Some Implications for Hydrocarbon Resources

Roland von Huene

Structure of the Southern Margin of the North China Platform

Hu Shouxi

A Study of the Middle-Late Proterozoic Terranes and Tectonics in North Jiangxi, Eastern China

Shu Liangshu

Sub-Andean Hydrocarbon Resources of Argentina

Marcelo Reinaldo Yrigoyen

Tanlu Fracture Zone, East China: An Element of an Ancient Transform Belt?

Stephen Kumarapeli

Tectonic Evolution of the Northern Qilian Mountains, Western China

Lin Jichen

The Tectonics of Crustal Growth, Examples from Cordilleran and Tethyan Orogens

David G. Howell

Tectonostratigraphic Terranes in China

George W. Moore

Terrane Accretion and Continental Collision Between the Sino-Korean Plate and the South China Plate During the Hercynian-Indosinian Orogeny

Liu Benpei

Terrane Accretion on the Continental Margin of Southeastern China--the Southeastern Fujian Terranes

Wang Erkang

Terrane Amalgamation and Superposition in North China

Tian Zaiyi

Terranes, Tectonics and the Pacific Rim

Peter J. Coney

Terranes of South China

Guo Lingzhi

Terranes of Southwest China Since the Late Paleozoic

Guo Fuxiang

Terranes of the Southern Part of the New England Fold Belt--A Critical Review

E.C. Leitch

Terranes of Xizang (Tibet), China

Xia Bin

Thermal Structure of the Lithosphere in the Panzhihua-Xichang Paleorift Zone, Southwestern China

Wang Ji-yang, Huang Shao-peng

Tin and Tungsten Deposits of the Bolivian Tin Belt

Fernando Urquidi-Barrau