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Stratigraphy and Facies Relationships of the Upper Mississippian Mount Head Formation, Rocky Mountains and Foothills, Southwestern Alberta

R. W. Macqueen, E. W. Bamber

Devonian Nomenclatural Changes, Swan Hills Area, Alberta, Canada

E. M. Leavitt, N. R. Fischbuch

Petrology, Palaeontology, Carson Creek North Reef Complex, Alberta

E. M. Leavitt

Abstracts of Theses: Analysis of the Underground Powerhouse Arch at the Portage Mountain Dam

Imrie, A. S.

Abstracts of Theses: Geological and Groundwater Investigations in the Marmot Creek Experimental Basin of Southwestern Alberta, Canada

Stevenson, D. R.

Abstracts of Theses: Mapping of Naturally Occurring Surficial Phenomena to Determine Groundwater Conditions in Two Areas Near Red Deer, Alberta

Clissold, R. J.

Abstracts of Theses: The Precambrian Geology of the Needle Falls Area, Saskatchewan

Money, P. L.

Abstracts of Theses: A Study of Garnets and Host Rocks from the Central Kootenay Lake Area, Southeastern British Columbia

Dodds, C. J.

Abstracts of Theses: Paleoecological and Biostratigraphic Zonation of Upper Cretaceous Foraminifera, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Langhus, B. G.

Abstracts of Theses: Provenance of Diamonds in the Glacial Drift of the Great Lakes Region, North America

Gunn, C. B.

Abstracts of Theses: The Conodont Fauna of the Stonehouse Formation, Arisaig, Nova Scotia

Legault, Jocelyne

Abstracts of Theses: Sedimentary Petrology and Stratigraphy of the Huronian Rocks, South of Espanola, Ontario

Casshyap, S. M.

Abstracts of Theses: The Surficial Geology of Ben Lomond Area, Saint John and Kings Counties, New Brunswick

Melvin, R. L.

Abstracts of Theses: Structural Analysis in Letang Peninsula and Frye Island, Charlotte County, New Brunswick

Lee, D. T. C.

Abstracts of Theses: Subdivisions and Correlations of the Tully Formation (Upper Devonian) In New York State and Pennsylvania on the Basis of a Statistical and Stratigraphical Analysis of Selected Conodonts

Mayr, U.

Abstracts of Theses: History and Bottom Sediments of Stanwell-Fletcher Lake, Somerset Island, N.W.T.

Coakley, J. P.