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A 200-km Right-Hand Offset in the Cratonic Margin at the Crowsnest Pass Cross-Strike Discontinuity: Tectonic Heredity with Late, Middle and Early Proterozoic Antecedents

R. A. Price

3-D Velocity Model Building via Iterative One-Pass Depth Migration

I.F. Jones

3D and 2D Seismic as a Tool to Understanding the Structure and the Regional Setting of a Mississippian Duplex in the Pocketknife Field of N.E. British Columbia

A.C. Newson, M. Darbousset

3D Seismic and Horizontal Drilling - A Case History, Bodo, Alberta

E. Howell, E. Stacey

Absolute and Relative Dating of Diagenesis: An Overview

R. Spencer, J. Packard

Acquisition and Processing Considerations when Recording 24 Bit Delta Sigma Data

R. Habiak, G. James

Adding Heat to the Vadose Zone to Enhance the Recovery of Spilled Gasoline by Soil Vapour Extraction: Experiment and Field Studies

S. G. Digel, I. E. Hutcheon, M. Shevalier

Adding Value Through Exploration: A New Evaluation and Development

P. Ziff

An Alberta Style Triangle Zone Along the Active Thrust Front in Southern Irian Jaya, Indonesia

D. Klepacki, K.E. Umbach

The Alexander Gas Field, An Ellerslie or Ostracode Sand?

D. L. Safton, B. P. J. Williams

Algeria: Seismic Acquisition in a Desert Environment

R.A. Deutscher, A. Sissani

Along-Strike Variations of the Triangle Zone: Grease Creek, Alberta

G.S. Soule, D.A. Spratt

Alteration of Liquid Hydrocarbons Associated With Thermochemical Sulfate Reduction

R. Sassen, W.J. Wade

Analysis of Apatite Track Data, External Humber Zone, Western Newfoundland: Implicaitons for Petroleum Exploration

G. Stockmal, A. Slingsby, D.R. Issler

Analysis of Direct Wave Arrivals in a Shallow Multi-Offset Reverse VSP

D. G. Parry, D. Lawton

The Anglia Field, Southern North Sea, U.K.

S. Drysdall

Apatite Fission Track Thermochronology Along a Transect Across North-Central Alberta and Northeast British Columbia

D. R. Issler, S. D. Willett, C. Beaumonth, A. M. Grist, R. A. Donelick

An Application of Conventional Biostratigraphy, Biofacies Analysis and Clay Mineralogy to the Dating of Mississippian-age Hydrothermal Dolomites, Wabamun Formation, NW Alberta

J. J. Packard, J. Jansonius

Application of Sulphur Geochemistry to the Petroleum Industry - A Perspective From Russia

L.A. Anissimov

Applying the Process of Diagnosis to Exploration and Development

J. D. Uffen

Bacterial Sulphate Reduction as a Result of Fluid Flow in the Mannville Group, Southern Alberta

J. Cody, I. Hutcheon

Balancing a Duplex in 3D as a Test of the Seismic Interpretation

A. Gibbs, A. C. Newson

Basinal Scale Petroleum Generation, Migration and Trapping Efficiency

J. Allan, K.S. Cole

Basins and Sub-Basins: Controls on Sedimentation and Stratigraphy of the Mannville Group

M.J. Ranger, D. McPhee, S.G. Pemberton, B. Zaitlan

Biodegradation as Naphthenic Oil Generator in the Velebit and Kelebija Fields in Yugoslavia

S.R. Saracevic

Biogenic Siliceous Strata as the Source for Authigenic Oil Accumulation

O. Bazhenova

Blind Bedding-Plane Decollements in the Lower Cretaceous Second White Speckled Shales and Their Relationship to the Triangle Zone

R.G. Dechesne

Blind Duplexes Under the Foreland Basin and the Nature of the Triangle Zone Upper Detachment in West Central Alberta

A.G. Skuce

Bluesky and Gething Formations of the Rainbow-Boyer Field Areas

W. J. Warters

Building an Information Utility in Partnership with the Petroleum Industry

S. L. Scott, M. A. Schofield

Carbonate and Sulphate Diagenesis of Upper Devonian Restricted-Shelf Sediments in the Eastern Part of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

T. Wenbin, S. Whittaker, E. Mountjoy

Carbonate and Sulphate Diagenesis of Upper Devonian Restricted-Shelf Sediments in the Eastern Part of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

T. Wenbin, S. Whittaker, E. Mountjoy

Carboniferous and Permian Gas Resources of Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, Interior Plains

J. E. Barclay, G. D. Holmstrom, P. J. Lee, R. I. Campbell, G. E. Reinson

The Challenge to Use and Improve Geological Software

P. Dankers

Characteristic Brackish Water Trace Fossil Associations: Examples from the Lower Cretaceous Mannville Group

S. G. Pemberton

Chemical and Isotropic Alteration of Groundwater by Industrial Sulphate

C. Van Donkelaar, I. E. Hutcheon, H. R. Krouse

Coal As A Thermal Insulator And Source Rock

D. L. Pearson, T. R. Moore

The Coalspur Triangle Zone of West Central Alberta

W. Langenberg

The Coming Paradigm Shifts in Computer Applications

M. Marchand

Compaction Induced Structures in the Haniging Walls of Normal Faults: Examples from the Sirte Basin and Elsewhere

A.G. Skuce

Comparative Analysis of Oil Output Within Oil Source Rocks of Ancient Basins in Russia

T.K. Bajenova

A Comparative Study of Triangle Zones of the Canadian Cordillera and the Dagestan Thrust Belt, NE Caucasus, Russia

K. Sobornov, P.B. Jones

Comparison of Fluid and Heat Flow in Two Basins: Alberta in Canada and Llanos in Columbia

S. Bachu, J.R. Undershultz, J.C. Ramon, M.E. Villegas

A Comparison of Hydrocarbon Accurences in Some Sub-Andean Basins in South America and the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

R.A. Meneley

A Comparison of Western Canadian and International Fiscal Terms: A Contingent Claims Analysis of the Value of Operational Flexibility

J.C. Burns, G.A. Sick

Compositional Versus Diogenetic Controls of Porosity: Mechanisms of Reservoir Development in Lower Mannville Sandstones - Red Deer-Olds Area

M.E. Reichenbach, A.A. Gordon

Composition Moleculaire des Huiles dw Basin dw Sud-Est Constantinois

I. Gontcharov

Compression Features to the Foreland of the Triangle Zone, Southern Alberta

S. Heibert

Computation of Frechet Derivatives for Simultaneous Inversion of Travel-Time and Amplitude Seismic Data

A.S. Tsemahman, F. Hron

Computer Visualisation of Scattered Geological Data

L.-P. Yuan

Concurrent Processing of Two 3-D Seismic Data Sets: A Method of Quality Control

J.H. Isaac, D.C. Lawton, J. Eastwood

Controls on H2S Content and Thermochemical Sulphate Reduction in Smackover Reservoirs, Alabama and Arkansas

W.J. Wade, R. Sassen

Controls on Triangle Zone Geometry: Variations in Stratigraphic Levels of Detachment Horizons and Positions of Thrust Ramps Along the Alberta Thrust Front

D.A. Spratt

A Converted-Wave (P-SV) 3-D Processing Flow

G.A. Larson, S. Wang, R.R. Stewart, D.C. Lawton

Cool-Water Carbonates: Exploration Model for Paleozoic Limestones

T. D. Boreen, N. P. James

The Correction of Lateral Phase Variations

B. Link, D. Hutchinson

Cross-Formational Fluid Flow and the Generation of a Saline Plume of Formation Waters in the Mannville Group, Central Alberta

B. J. Rostron, J. Toth

Cross-Hole Seismic and Single-Hole Geophysical Surveys for Characterizing an Area of Moderately Fractured Granite

J. G. Hayles, M. H. Serzu, D. K. Tomsons, R. A. Everitt, G. S. Lodha

Crossfield/Delacour: Anatomy of a Lower Mannville Channel Play

B. Robertson, D. Edwards

Crosswell Imaging Using Field Reflection Data

G. Li, R. R. Stewart

Crude Oil Correlation for Source Rock Evaluation in Some parts of the Gulf of Suez Region in Egypt

M. A.-K. M. Abdel-Hady

Current Assessment and Prediction of Hydrocarbon Distribution in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

J. D. Harper, E. Churchill

Current Assessment and Prediction of Hydrocarbon Distribution in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

J. D. Harper, E. Churchill

Data Access Using Alberta’s Land Related Information Systems (LRIS) Network

D. Langille, A. Crouse

Data Networks for Seismic processing

H. Bland

Debt Capital for the Oil and Gas Industry

D.J. Swain

Depositional Systems and Sequence Stratigraphy of the McMurray/Wabiskaw Deposit, Athabasca Oil Sands Area

M. Attalla, D. M. Wightman, D. Cotterill, H. Berhane, R. S. Strobl, T. Berezniuk, D. Wynne

Depth Migration of Ground-Penetrating Radar Data

F. Kalantzis, K. M. Stevens, E. R. Kanasewich, G. S. Lodha

Designing and Finding Optimal colour Displays

D. Bjerstedt

Determination of the Microcrack Porosity and Mineral Anisotropy of Cores: Application to the Lithoprobe Alberta Basement Transect

Y. Y. Li, D. R. Schmitt

Development of Triangle Zone Along Andean margin of Neuquen Basin, Argentina

J. A. Helwig, J. D. McGehee, B. R. Hall

Diagenesis of the Lower Cretaceous Clearwater Formation (Excluding the Wabiskaw Member) Primrose Area, Northeastern Alberta

J. L. McKay, F. J. Longstaffe

The Dina/Cummings/Lloydminster Reserves in East-Central Alberta: An Evolving Perspective at the ERCB

P. B. Cupido, W. G. Bader, J. R. MacGillivray, L. W. Elsner

Direct Dating of Carbonate Diagenesis Using U-Pb

P. E. Smith

Does Subtle Drape Over Devonian Reefs Localize the Initial Position of the Triangle Zone? A Case Study from the Ricinus Oil and Gas Field, Alberta Foothills

S. Farner, D. Fyvie, B. Leibel

Dolomitization, Neomorphism and Porosity Evolution: An Example from the Mississippian Upper Debolt Formation in the Blueberry Field, Northeastern British Columbia

S. Durocher, I. S. Al-Aasm

Dragline Mining in the McMurray Formation

R. Mahood

Duplexes, Triangle Zones and Backthrusts

M.A. Cooper

Dynamic Range and System Integrity, Land Acquisition

R.A. Brook, P.E. Constance, H. Merry

A Dynamic Reflection Traveltime Calculation Method

Y. Wang, D.R. Schmitt

The Economics of the Devonian Gas Resources of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin - Further Analysis

R.R. Waghmare

Elements of a Stratigraphic Framework for the McMurray Formation in South Athabasca

M.J. Ranger, D. McPhee, S.G. Pemberton

Elmworth Revisited: Falher Member Conglomerates and Sandstones, Upper Mannville Group, Alberta and British Columbia

D.J. Cant

Emergent Thrust Fronts and Coeval Growth Folding, Southern Pyrenees, Spain

J. Poblet, J.A. Munoz, K.R. McClay

Evaluation of the Role of Anoxia in the Origin of Petroleum Source Rocks: A Critique and Attempt to Reconcile Modern and Ancient Evidence

R.V. Tyson

Event Stratigraphy and the Different Types of Sequences

A. F. Embry

Evolution of the Lower Mannville Sedimentary Basin in Saskatchewan

J.E. Christopher

Exploitation of a Lloydminster Sandstone Reservoir, Consort, Alberta

W.B. Lathrop, T.J. Podivinsky, D. Romansky, M.J. Woofter, B.A. Zaitlin

Expulsion and Migration Processes in the Williston Basin: 2D Model Results

J. Burrus, K. Osadetz, B. Doligez, K. Visser, D. Dearborn

Expulsion Mechanism: The Role of Formation Pressure

L. Anissimov

The External Rif of Morocco and its Hydrocarbon Potential

G.P. Jobidon, M. Dakki

The Falher “D” Pool, Lower Cretaceous, Northwestern Alberta – Sequence Stratigraphy and the Importance of Transgressive Processes During Reservoir Development

R.W.C. Arnott

Fate of Some Higher Molecular Weight Components of Creosote in a Natural Aquifer

M. G. Fowler, M. Northcott, M. King, J. Barker, L. Snowdon, P. W. Brooks

The Findley Structure: Structural Responses to a Folded “Upper Detachment”

R. G. Dechesne

The Fish Scale Zone (Cretaceous) of West-Central Alberta

W.G. McCloskey, R.M. Bustin

Fluid Geochemistry of the Mannville Group, Alberta: Physical and Chemical Processes, Implications for Basin Evolution

H. J. Abercrombie, J. D. Cody, I. E. Hutcheon, T. R. Myers

Fold-Thrust Style and Evolution of the Mt. Bertha Anticline

W. R. Jamison, S. G. Erickson, A. Pope

Fracture Tectonics of the Mannville Group and its Relationship to Regional Fracture Systems

V. A. Gregor

General Controls on Sulphate Reduction and Related Effects of Water-Rock Interactions

I. Hutcheon, J. Cody, S. McLellan, H. Abercrombie

Geologic Atlas of the Northern Canadian Mainland Sedimentary Basin

D. W. Morrow, D. G. Cook

Geometric or Kinematic Wedges in the Cordilleran Crust of Southwestern Canada

J.L. Varsek

Geometry and Role of Multiple Thrust Decollements, Central Canadian Rocky Mountains

D. Lebel, E. Mountjoy

Geometry of Late Cretaceous - Tertiary Tringle Zones, Northeastern Eagle Plain, Yukon Territory

L. Lane

A Geophysical Investigation of the Role of Tectonic Inheritance in West Central Alberta

D. J. Edwards, R. J. Brown, J. B. Thurston

Geothermometers for Predicting Temperatures During Steam-Assisted Oil Recovery in the Oil Sands Reservoirs of the Mannville Group, Alberta

W.D. Gunter, B. Wiwchar, L. Holloway

Giant Carbonate Reservoirs of the PriCaspian Basin: Architecture, Fluid Properties and Engineering Problems

L. Anissimov

Glauconitic Sandstone Exploration: A Case Study from the Lake Newell Project, Southern Alberta

K. Broger, G. Syhlonyk

Ground Penetrating Radar: Applications

B. Mooney, P. Tarrant, G. McCorquodale

Ground Penetrating Radar Applications

B. Mooney, P. Tarrant, G. McCorquodale

Ground Penetrating Radar of Peatlands for Oilfield Pipelines in Canada

D. G. Smith, H. M. Jol

Heavy Oil and Natural Gas Accumulations in the Grand Rapids Formation, Cold Lake Oil Sands Area, Northeastern Alberta

B. M. Beynon, S. G. Pemberton

Horizontal Wells in Carbonate Reservoirs Along the Mississippian Frobisher-Alida Beds Subcrop Trend: Alida East, Nottingham and Rosebank Pools, Southeastern Saskatchewan

L. W. Vigrass, D. M. Kent, F. M. Haidl, L. K. Kreis

How Competitive is Canada in Attracting Petroleum Investment? An International Fiscal Comparison

P.O. Sutton

Hydrocarbon Exploration in a Glauconitic (Lower Cretaceous) Estuarine Channel System at Halkirk, Alberta

J. Visser, G. Tjaden

Hydrogeological Study of the devonian Rimbey-Meadowbrook Reef Trend and Bashaw Reef Complex, Alberta Canada

D. Paul, J. Toth, H.G. Machel

Hydrothermal Brecciation and Associated Dolomitization of the Pika and Eldon Formations, Yoho National Park, Field B.C.

S. L. O. Moore, R. J. Spencer

Ichnological and Sedimentological Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction of the Bluesky Formation in the Sinclair Field, West Central Alberta

H. G. Brekke, S. G. Pemberton

Ichnology of Inclined Heterolithic Stratification in the McMurray Formation, Northeastern Alberta

D. J. Bechtel, C. N. Yuill, M. J. Ranger, S. G. Pemberton

Improvements to Porosity Determination Using Nuclear Log Data: Implications for Exploring in Carbonate Subcrop Belts

J.D. Reimer, J.R. Kovacs

Incised Channel Trends: Glauconitic Member, Southern Alberta

M. D. Sherwin

Incised Lowstand Shoreface Deposits in the Shannon Sandstones: An Alternative Interpretation to the Offshore Shelf Ridge Complex

K. M. Bergman

Inductive Shooting System - A New Approach of Firing Blasting Caps

J.A. Bullon

An Integrated Ichnological-Sedimentological Model for the harmon-Cadotte Shoreface Sucession, West-Central Alberta

J.A. MacEachern, T.D.A. Saunders, S.G. Pemberton

An Integrated Seismic AVO Case study of the Second White Specs Shale at Willesden Green, Alberta

W. S. Jamieson, G. Pye

Integrated Time-Lapse Reservoir Monitoring: Modeling and Imaging

F. Kalantzis, E.R. Kanasewich, A. Kostyukevich, N. Udey

Integration of Geology, Geophysics and Engineering: A Case Study from Thompson Lake, Alberta

W. Cameron, B. Rose, D. Mackie, B. Ford, D. Romansky, B. Zaitlin

Interwell Geological Modelling of McMurray Formation Reservoirs Based on Outcrop Analogues and Dipmeter Derived Subsurface Data

R.S. Strobl, L.P. Yuan, D.M. Wightman, D. Cotterill, M. Attalla

Is There a Relationship between Bottom-Water Oxygen Content and Sedimentary Organic Carbon Concentration on Modern Continental Margins

T.F. Pederson, S.E. Calvert, R. Ganeshram, G.A. Cowie

Kinetics of Hydrocarbon Generation from Coal Macerals

S.-F. Lu, Z.-W. Wang, D.-F. Huang, X.-T. Fu

Laboratory Constraints of Seismic Reflectors in the Granite Lake Area, Trans-Hudson Reflection Profile, Northern Saskatchewan

J. Molyneux, D. Schmitt

Laboratory Simulation of Petroleum Generation and Expulsion From Source Rocks Under Lithostatic Stress

D. Hanebeck, B.M. Krooss, D. Leythauser

LITHOPROBE Crustal Reflection Profiling in the Alberta Basin: Styles of Basement Cover Interaction and Regional Seismic Stratigraphy

D. W. Eaton, B. Milkereit

LITHOPROBE Crustal Seismic Reflection Profiling in Central Alberta: New Constraints on Tectonic Assembly and Basement-Cover Interaction

D. W. Eaton, G. M. Ross, B. Milkereit

Mannville Gas Resources of Western Canada Sedimentary Basin: Geological Play Definition and Resource Assessment

W.J. Warters, D. Cant, H.P. Tzeng, P.J. Lee

Mapping Reservoir Continuity Using Crosswell Data

Y.T. Chon, J.H. Queen, B. Mandal

Mapping the Downdip Limits of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs: An Integrated Approach

D. B. Neff

Maturation, Generation and Expulsion Efficiencies in the Devonian Canol and Jurassic Husky Formation Source Rocks of the Mackenzie Valley and Onshore Delta, Northwest Territories, Canada

C. Cornford, M. Groves-Gidney, P. Smith

Maturation Models and Distribution of Petroleum in Different Sedimentary Basins of Algeria

M. S. Malla, R. Hached, B. Khatir

The McMurray Formation: An Overview of the Surface Mineable Area

D.M. Wightman, S.G. Pemberton

Megascale Diagenesis in the Denver and Appalachian Basins: Applications of K-Ar Dating of Autheginic Clays

W. C. Elliott, J. L. Aronson, S. M. Savin

Migrated Focus Panels: Focusing Analysis Reconciled with Prestack Depth Migration

F. Audebert, J.P. Diet

Modifications to Upper Blairmore Stratigraphy and Recognition of a Previously Unidentified Marine Unit in Southwestern Alberta

D.A. Leckie, E.T. Burden

A Multi-Zone, Multi-Prospect Value Dilemma

W. J. Haskett

The Multi-Zone, Multi-Prospect Value Dilemma

W. J. Haskett

Multicomponent Seismic and Borehole Experiment to Establish and Identify the Cause of Anisotropy in the 2nd White Specs at Garrington, Alberta

W. N. Goodway, L. Mayo

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Horizontal Well Management

T. Butaud, D. Kyte, D.N. Meehan

A New Approach to Crosswell Reflection Imaging

G. Li, R. R. Stewart

New International Opportunities, Emerging Countries and Emerging Companies

G.T. Maureau

Norman Wells, Canada’s Largest Conventional Oil Producer

J.W. Chriasty, R.J. Luckasavitch, J.J. Waterfield

Off-Line Imaging Using Three-Component Seismic Recordings

Y. Zheng, R. Stewart

Oil and Gas Capital Strategies - A Moving Target

A.L. Hogg

Oil and Gas Field Operations and Induced Earthquakes

J. R. Century, D. H. Greggs

Oil Discovery Onshore West Greenland: Characterization of Thermal History and Depositional Environment of an as Yet Untouched Source Rock

F.G. Christiansen, J.A. Bojesen-Koefoed, G. Dam, P. Nytoft, A.K. Pedersen

On the Optimal Use of Workstations and Super-Computers for Geophysical Processing

P. W. Cary

Operational and Cultural Issues of Conducting Seismic Programs in Mexico

M. Little, D. Jordhoy

Optimizing Horizontal Well Locations: Indirect Porosity Detection Via 3D Inversion

R. Wallace, D. Hampson

Organic Carbon Burial In The Black Sea

S.E. Calvert, R.E. Karlin

Organic Matter Characteristics and Biomarker Analysis of the Lower Cretaceous Ostracode Zone, A Source for Some Mannville Oils in Alberta

C. L. Riediger, M. G. Fowler, L. R. Snowdon

An Overview of Environmental Geophysics

J. Henderson, M. Bowman

An Overview of Nigeria’s Petroleum Geology and Industry Activity

Tako Koning

Palaeoecological, Palaeogeographical and Palaeoclimatical Setting of the Petroleum Source Rock in Reconcavo Basin - NE Brazil

A.T. Picarelli, R. Rodrigues, J. Caixeta, P. Milhomen

Palaeosalinity and Paleoenvironment of the Early Cretaceous Ostracode Sea

C. Holmden, K. Muehlenbachs, R. A. Creaser

Paleomagnetic Dating of Orogenic Fluid Migration Events in Carbonates From the Western Canada Basin and Northern Alaska

D. R. Van Alstine, J. E. Butterworth

Paleoproterozoic Collisional Orogen Beneath the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin Imaged by Lithoprobe Crustal Seismic Reflection Data

G. M. Ross, B. Milkereit

PanCanadian Petroleum’s International Strategy: A Focussed Approach

R. Schofield

Pb Isotropic Evidence for the Timing of U-Enrichment in Dolostones from the Wahoo Formation (Pennsylvannian) Lisburne Field, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

J. A. Hoff, J. Jameson, G. N. Hanson

A Perspective on the New Geological Atlas of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

G. D. Mossop, I. Shetson

PetPractical Risk Analysis: Straightforward Tools and Techniques for Prospects and Portfolios

W.J. Haskett

Petrographic, Source and Palaeographic Implicaitons of the Quartzarenite paddy member Sands (Peace River Formation), Alberta

R. S. Hyde, D. A. Leckie

Petroleum Geology of Nepal

O.L. Slind, O.R. Friedenreich, J.R. McLean, P. Fuenning, I.M. Harris, U.M.S. Pradhan

Petroleum Geology of Nepal

O. L. Slind, O. R. Friedenreich, J. R. McLean, P. Fuenning, I. M. Harris, U. M. S. Pradhan

Petroleum Hydrogeology of Southern Alberta

H. K. Lies

Petroleum Source Potential in Nepal

L.R. Snowdon, M.G. Fowler, D.N. Subedi

Petroleum Source Potential of the Debolt Formation

L.R. Snowdon, J.C. Beauvilain, G.R. Davies

Petroleum Source Rocks and Distribution of Oil and Gas Fields in the West Siberia Province

N.N. Nemchenko, A. Rovenskaya

Phase Balancing Using Interactive Work Stations

D. Hutchinson, B. Link

Phosphatic and Non-Phosphatic Petroleum Source Rocks in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

H.L. Halbertsma

Physical Models of a Basic Triangle Zone

J.H. Spang, J.S. Chester, D.V. Wiltschko

Porosity Creation/Modification and the Origin of H2S and Elemental Sulphur in Deep Carbonate Reservoirs

C. Viau, L. Eliuk, K. Aulstead, R. Krouse

Porting an Interactive Geophysical Application Written in C++ from a Unix Workstation to a Windows NT Personal Computer

N. Martini, K. Andersen, H. Hoy

Potential Reservoirs and Source Rocks in Late Cretaceous-Palaeogene Sediment of the East Coast Basin, North Island, New Zealand

D.A. Leckie, H. Morgans, G. Wilson, H. Cutten, C. Uruski, D. Francis

A Preliminary Assessment of Thermal History and Tectonic Development in the Western Sichuan Foreland Basin and Longmen Thrust-Nappe Belt, Sichuan Province, China

D. Arne, S. Chen, C.J.L. Wilson, P.H.G.M. Dirks, Z. Luo, S. Liu

Program & Table of Contents

Proterozoic and Palaeozoic Tectonic Inheritance in Northeastern British Columbia

J. L. Varsek, A. N. Hutton

PSPI Prestack Migration of Shot Records

M. Ng

A Re-Evaluation of Major Petroleum Systems in Williston Basin (Canada-U.S.A.) Using 2D Regional Basin Modelling

J. Burrus, B. Doliges, K. Osadetz, K. Visser, D. Dearborn

Recognition and Lack of Effect of a Sea-Level Fall on Porosity Generation in Devonian Swan Hills Reef Complexes, Alberta

J.C. Wendte, I.D. Muir

Reconstructing Sedimentary Basin Thermal Histories: Some Implications of Combining Apatite Fission Track and Vitrinite Reflectance Data

D. R. Issler

Refundability and the Incentive Effects of Flow-Through Shares

K.J. McKenzie

Regional Mineralogical Variations in the Clearwater Formation, Cold Lake Deposit and Their Implications for Reservoir Quality

F.J. Longstaffe, J. Dudley, M. Racki

Regional Surfaces of the Mannville Group: Preliminary Work from Southwest Saskatchewan

N. Vanbeselaere, D.A. Leckie, D.P. James

A Relict Triangle Zone at Benjamin Creek Gas Field, Southern Alberta Foothills

R. G. Dechesne, J. W. Muraro

Remediation of Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soils and Water Using an Instiu Funnel and Gate Strategy

J. K. Weber, J. F. Barker, J. F. Devlin

Remington Energy Ltd. - A Capital Sources Case Study

P.R. Baay

Reservoir Characteristics of a Heavy-Oil Carbonate Reservoir: The Grosmont Formation, Alberta Canada

E. A. Dembicki, H. G. Machel, H. Huebscher

Reservoir Characterization of the Wilcze Field, Fore-Sudetic Monocline, Western Poland

K. Head, J. Twyman

Reservoir Description - Bouri Field, Libya

K. Edwards, H. Fares, D. W. Holmes, A. J. Jenik, J. E. Klovan, W. Pethrick

Reservoir Geology of the Mannville Group, Surmount Lease, Athabasca Oil Sands, Northeastern Alberta: Implications for Potential Application of SAGD Technology

B.W. Mattison, J.A. Campbell, D.P. Gatto

Reservoir Geology of the Simonette Leduc D-3Pool, Alberta

F. Stoakes, D. Robinson, L. Pudsey

Resinite-Rich Coals of Northeast Greenland - A Hitherto Unrecognized, Highly Oil Prone Jurassic Source Rock

J.A. Bojesen-Koefood, F.G. Christiansen, H.I. Petersen, S. Piasecki, L. Stemmerik

The Role of Organic Matter in Thermochemical Sulphate Reduction and Dolomitization at Pine Point

M.G. Fowler, H. Qing, R.W. Macqueen

Seasonally Recurring (Winter) Storms and Their Preservational Consequences in the Cadotte Member Sandstone

T.D.A. Saunders, J.A. MacEachern, S.G. Pemberton

Seawater As The Source Of Minor Elements In Black Shales, Phosphorites, And Other Sedimentary Deposits

D.Z. Piper, C.M. Isaacs

The Sedimentary and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Upper Devonian to Lower Mississippian Bakken Formation, Williston Basin

M.G. Smith, R.M. Bustin

Sedimentology and Depositional History of the Lower Cretaceous Grand Rapids Formation, Northeast Alberta: A Sequence Stratigraphic Approach

B. M. Beynon, S. G. Pemberton

Sedimentology and Ichnology of the McMurray Formation at the OSLO and Steepbank Study Areas in Northeast Alberta

C. N. Yuill, D. J. Bechtel, S. G. Pemberton

Sedimentology and Sequence Stratigraphy of an Organic-Rich Source Rock: Upper Devonian to Lower Carboniferous Exshaw Formation, Alberta - Preliminary Results

M. L. Caplan, R. M. Bustin

Seismic Characterization of Tectonic Wedging in the Rocky Mountain Foreland Basin West of Calgary

D.C. Lawton, D.A. Spratt, J.C. Hopkins, C. Sukaramongkol, R.T. Slotboom

Seismic Data Loading

M. Chidwick, B. Youmans, S. Youmans, E. Koloditzky

Seismic Identification of the Proterozoic Forward Orogeny in the Colville Hills Region, Correlations to Coppermine Homocline, and Implications for Regional Stratigraphy

D. G. Cook, B. C. McLean

Seismic Identification of the Proterozoic Forward Orogeny in the Colville Hills Region, Correlators to Coppermine Homodine, and Implications for Regional Stratigraphy

D. G. Cook, B. C. MacLean

Seismic Migration for Transversely Isotropic Media with Variable Directions of Symmetry

N. Dai, G. West, E. Kanasewich

Sequence- and Event-Stratigraphy of the Judith River Group (Upper Cretaceous) in the Southern Alberta Plains

D. A. Eberth

Sequence Stratigraphy and Depositional Facies of an Incised Valley Fill, Lower Cretaceous Bluesky Formation, Aitken Creek Field, Northeastern British Columbia, Canada

R. H. S. Alway, T. F. Moslow

Sequence Stratigraphy and Resource Characterization of the McMurray/Wabiskaw Deposit, Western Portion of the Athabasca Oil Sands Area, Northeastern Alberta

D. Cotterill, H. Berhane, D. M. Wightman, R. S. Strobl, M. Attalla, T. Berezniuk, D. Wynne

The Sequence Stratigraphy of Coal-Bearing Sediments in Alberta

S. O’Connell

Sequence Stratigraphy of Falher Members A and B of the Lower Cretaceous Spirit River Formation of Northwestern Alberta

R.G. Rouble, R.G. Walker

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Cretaceous Bluesky Formation in the Northern Flank of the Peace River Arch, Alberta

S.L.O. Moore, D.G. Smith

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Lower Cretaceous Mannville Group of East Central Alberta

D. McPhee, S.G. Pemberton

Similation Experiment of Generation and Migration of Oil Generated From Coal: Characteristics of Aromatic Products and its Significance

S.-F. Lu, D.-F. Huang, X.-G. Zhao, X.-Y. Liu

Some Constraints for Mechanical Models of Triangle Zones

B. A. Couzens, D. V. Wiltschko

Sour Gas and Pb-Zn Ore Deposits in Carbonate Rocks

G.M. Anderson, R. Randell

Sour Gas in the Nisku Formation of Central Alberta: Geochemical Evidence for Biological and Thermochemical Sulphate Reduction

H. G. Machel, H. R. Krouse, J. M. Foght, L. R. Riciputi, D. R. Cole

The Southern Alberta Foothills NATMAP Project - New Data on the Triangle Zone

D. Lebel, G. Stockmal

Spiral Coprolites from an Estuarine Paleochannel in the Judith River Group (Upper Cretaceous), Southern Alberta

C. E. Coy

Stock Market Performance of Oil Companies

W.A. Gobert

Stratigraphic Correlation and Petroleum Geology of the Central Maritimes Basin, Eastern Canada

T.A. Rehill, M.R. Gibling, M.A. Williamson

Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Palynology of the Calcareous Member, Blairmore Group, Alberta

I. Banerjee, E. H. Davies

Stratigraphy and Sedimentologic Analysis of the Mannville Group

D.J. Cant

Structural Geology of the Triangle Zone at Langford Creek, Southwestern Alberta

B. Veilleux, H. Charlesworth

Structural Geometry of the Triangle Zone in the Alberta Foothills Between 53°15′ N and 54° 15′ N Parallel

S. Liu, D.C. Lawton, D.A. Spratt

Structural Patterns of Imbrication in the Pine River Area of Northeastern British Columbia: Role and Importance of Back Thrusts and Roof Thrusts

S.H. Lingrey

Swan Hills Unit #1: Adding Value with Seismic Through Reservoir Delineation and Characterization

J.D. Uffen

Tectonically Influenced, High Frequency Stratigraphic Sequences in a Foreland Basin: Lower Cretaceous, Middle Mannville Subgroup, West-Central Alberta

J.E. Mathison, I.P. Proverbs, A.K. Mehra

Tectonic Evolution of the Cordillera Oriental of Columbia

P. Brown, H. Caceres, E. Malterre, C. Lopez

Tectonic Evolution of the Upper Magdalena Valley, Columbia, South America

P. Brown, H. Garzon, M.C. Rueda, V. Galindo

Tertiary Wrench Tectonics and Sedimentation in the Central Basin of Myanmar

A.J. Tankard, H.R. Balkwill, A. Mehra, A. Din

Textural Evidence for the Origin of Dolomitization in the Slave Point Hamburg to Clarke Lake

A. N. Hutton

The Thin “Green” Line - Geophysical Operations in Environmentally Sensitive Areas, Zimbabwe and Zambia

S.A. Mulcahy

Three-Dimensional AVO Analysis and Anisotropic Modeling Applied to Fracture Characterization

A. Ramos, T. Davis, R. Benson

Three Dimensional Geological Computer Model of the Mannville Group coals and Adjacent Strata for Coalbed Methane and Conventional Exploration

J. D. Hughes, J. R. Hitchner, F. M. Dawson

Three Dimensional Seismic and Horizontal Drilling: Optimizing Pool Recovery from Ordovicain Carbonates in Southeastern Saskatchewan

D. Washenfelder, R. Thompson

Thrust-Wedge Structure in the Frontal Zone of the Southern Pyrenees

J.A. Munoz, M. Sans, J. Verges

Timing of Diagenesis: Constraints From Field Relationships and Depositional Fabrics

R. V. Demicco

Timing of Dolomitization and Secondary Porosity in Upper Devonian Leduc Dolostones, Southern Rimbey-Meadowbank Reef Trend, Alberta

E. Drivet, E. W. Mountjoy

Transgressive Sedimentation and Shoreface Incision in the Basal Bluesky Formation, Deep Basin Area, Western Canada

A.J. Baxter, D.G. Smith

Trends in Information Technology Management

P. Quinlan, D. Smillie

Triangle Zone 3D Seismic Interpretation, Rocky Mountain Foothills

D. Lawton, H. Isaac, D. Spratt, H. Bland

The Triangle Zone and Foothills Structures Adjacent to Oldman River, Southern Alberta: A Reappraisal Based on Seismic Data and New Structural and Stratigraphic Observations

G.S. Stockmal, P.A. MacKay

The Triangle Zone at Willow Creek, a Re-Interpretation of the Highwood Structure in the Chain Lakes Area of the Southern Alberta Foothills

P.A. MacKay, J.A. Theriault

Triangle Zone Evolution Mechanistic Approaches

W.R. Jamison

Triangle Zone Geometry and Terminology

P.B. Jones

Triangle Zone Wedges and Their QD Evolution

M. M. Posavec

Triassic Gas Resources of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

R. R. Waghmare

Triassic Gas Resources of Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, Interior Plains - Geological Play Analysis and Resource Assessment

T. D. Bird, J. E. Barclay, R. I. Campbell, P. J. Lee

Triassic T-R Sequence Analysis of Western and Arctic Canada

A.F. Embry, D.W. Gibson

Two-Dimensional Kinetic Modelling of Petroleum Generation - How Well do Kinetic Parameters from Open Pyrolysis Describe Simulated Maturation Results?

T. Barth, J. Schmidt, S.B. Nielsen

Two Complete Sequences of Lowstand Valley Incision, Lowstand Shoreface Development and Transgressive Shoreface Incision Within the Viking Formation, Central Alberta

T. R. Wiseman, R. G. Walker

Unconformity- and Hydrothermal-Controlled Dolomitization, Exploration Plays in Western Canada and Elsewhere

A. H. Majid

Upper Vozey Field, Komi S.S.R., Russia Part 1: Development History of a Canadian Joint Venture

G. J. Gurba

Upper Vozey Field, Komi S.S.R., Russia Part 2: Geology and Geophysics

G. A. Crawford, J. D. Speelman, A. N. Hutton

The Use of Fluid Inclusions in Dating of Diagenesis

R. J. Spencer

Use of Hydrodynamics in Hydrocarbon Exploration in the Llanos Basin, Columbia

S. Bachu, M.E. Villegas, J.C. Ramon, J.R. Underschultz

Velocity Analysis with Prestack Migration using the S-G Method: A Unified Approach

J.P. Diet, F. Audebert, I. Huard, P. Lanfranchi, X. Zhang, M. Darbousset

Velocity Anisotropy Estimation in the Vertical Plane Using VSP Data

A. Kebaili, D. R. Schmitt

Vertical Fluid Migration in Sedimentary Basins: A Necessity to Explain the Large Amounts of Oil Found to Date

P. Gretener

A Volumetric Mapping Technique for Variable Terrigenous Sediments

A.W.E. Bell

VSP Match Filtering of 3D Seismic Data to Identify Glauconitic Channels, Interpretation and Results

S. Boochoon, K. Chow, W. Goodway, N. Pashak

Western Newfoundland, Canada: A Lower Palaeozoic Basin with Hydrocarbon Potential

I. Knight, D. Hawkins

Yemen: From Discovery to Production in Three Years

C. M. Wickens, M. Larson, G. Kendall, K. Kowalchuck

The “Greening” of Canadian Seismic Acquisition: Current Issues in Environmental Sensitivity

L. Herd, H. Selcho

“Thick - Skinned” Triangle Zone of the Precordillera Thrust Belt, Argentina

T.R. Zapata, R.W. Allmendinger

“Triangle Zones” as Elements in a Temporal and Spatial Spectrum of Tectonic Wedging and Delamination

R.A. Price