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Derald G. Smith, Brain A. Zaitlin, Gerald E. Reinson, Ray A. Rahmani

Analysis of Modern Equatorial Tidal Periodicities as a Test of Information Encoded in Ancient Tidal Rhythmites

Allen W. Archer, Erik P. Kvale, Hollis R. Johnson

Characteristics of Two, Pennsylvanian-Age, Semidiurnal Tidal Deposits in the Illinois Basin, U.S.A.

Erik P. Kvale, Allen W. Archer

Depositional Facies and Controls on Parasequence Development in Siliciclastic Tidal Deposits from the Lower Proterozoic, Upper Mount Guide Quartzite, Mount Isa Inlier, Australia

Edward L. Simpson, Kenneth A. Eriksson

A Depositional Model for a Flood-Tidal Delta and Washover Sands in the Late Pleistocene Paleo-Tokyo Bay, Japan

Naomi Murakoshi, Fujio Masuda

Diagnostic Attributes of Clastic Tidal Deposits: A Review

Swie-Djin Nio, Chang-Shu Yang

Ebb-Tidal Delta Deposits Along the West Frisian Islands (The Netherlands): Processes, Facies Architecture and Preservation

L. P. Shah, P. L. de Boer

Effects of Seagrass Beds on Tidal Flat Sedimentation, Corner Inlet, Southeast Australia

Wu-Yi Zhuang, John Chappell

An Exhumed, Lower Cambrian Tidal Flat: The Antietam Formation, Central Virginia, U.S.A.

Edward L. Simpson


Derald G. Smith, Brain A. Zaitlin, Gerald E. Reinson, Ray A. Rahmani

Front Matter - Clastic Tidal Sedimentology

D. G. Smith, B. A. Zaitlin, G. E. Reinson, R. A. Rahmani

The Influence of Flocculation on Cohesive Sediment Transport in a Microtidal Estuary

Morten Pejrup

A Large Flood-Tidal Delta and Its Successive Spill-Over Apron: Detailed Proximal-Distal Facies Relationships (Miocene Lignite Suite, Lower Rhine Embayment, Germany)

J. R. Boersma

Lateral Variations in Tidal Deposits of the Upper Cretaceous Neuquen Basin, Western Argentina

Claudio A. Barrio

Lower Paleocene Drowned Valley and Barred Estuaries, Canadian Arctic Islands: Aspects of Their Geomorphological and Sedimentological Evolution

Brian D. Ricketts

The Post-Glacial Evolution of Chignecto Bay, Bay of Fundy, and Its Modern Environment of Deposition

Carl L. Amos, Kim T. Tee, Brian A. Zaitlin

Sedimentary Processes and Facies in the Gironde Estuary: A Recent Model for Macrotidal Estuarine Systems

George P. Allen

Sedimentology of Subarctic Tidal Flats of Western James Bay and Hudson Bay, Ontario, Canada

I. P. Martini

A Short Historical Review of Clastic Tidal Sedimentology

Gerard V. Middleton

Storm- and Tide-Influenced Prograding Shoreline Sequences in the Middle Devonian Mahantango Formation, Pennsylvania

William L. Duke, Anthony R. Prave, PennStrat

Temporal and Spatial Patterns of Rhythmite Deposition on Mud Flats in the Macrotidal Cobequid Bay-Salmon River Estuary, Bay of Fundy, Canada

Robert W. Dalrymple, Yasuhiko Makino, Brian A. Zaitlin

Tidal and Seasonal Cycles in a Lower Cambrian Shallow Marine Sandstone (Hardeberga Fm.), Scania, Southern Sweden

Lars Hamberg

Tidal Estuary and Marine Facies of the Glauconitic Member, Drayton Valley, Central Alberta

Steve Brownridge, Thomas F. Moslow

Tidal Influence on Foreshore Deposits, Pacific Coast of Japan

Miwa Yokokawa, Fujio Masuda

Tidal Sand Sheets of the Late Albian Joli Fou-Kiowa-Skull Creek Marine Transgression, Western Interior Seaway of North America

Indranil Banerjee

Time-Series Study of Mesoscale Tidal Bedforms, Martens Plate, Wadden Sea, Germany

Richard A. Davis Jr., B. W. Flemming

Upper Proterozoic Tidal Rhythmites, South Australia: Sedimentary Features, Deposition, and Implications for the Earth’s Paleorotation

George E. Williams

Zonation and Sedimentology of Estuarine Facies in an Incised Valley, Wave-dominated, Microtidal Setting, New South Wales, Australia

Scott L. Nichol