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Carbonate Buildup Reservoirs, Lower Mississippian Lodgepole Formation, Dickinson Field, North Dakota, USA

Randolph. B. Burke

A Comparison of Core and Crosswell Seismic Data from a Carbonate Reservoir

Karla E. Tucker, Paul M. Harris

Comparison of Simultaneous Acoustic and Resistivity Images in a Cored Nisku Interval, Southern Alberta

Ian F. Smith, Richard C. Thom

Core Conference: CSPG-SEPM Joint Convention, with the Participation of the Global Sedimentary Geology Program and the Geol. Survey of Canada

Bill Martindale, Jim Wood

Cretaceous Paleogeography and Play Types of the Mannville Group in Southwestern Saskatchewan

Dale A. Leckie, Nancy A. Vanbeselaere, David P. James

Developing a Compound Morrow Valley Fill: Reservoir Heterogeneity and Implications for Reservoir Management and Field Expansion, State Line Trend, Colorado/Kansas

Lee F. Krystinik, Beverly Blakeney Dejarnett

Facies, Diagenesis and Petrophysics of a Prograding Carbonate Platform Margin, Neogene, Great Bahama Bank

Gregor P. Eberli, Flavio S. Anselmetti, Leslie A. Melim, Jeroen A. M. Kenter

Gilwood Member, Watt Mountain Formation, North Central Alberta, Canada: Prograding Parasequences within a Devonian (Givetian) Transgressive Systems Tract

C. A. Williams, F. F. Krause, K. Michel, K. Wilde

High-Resolution Allostratigraphic Analysis of the Upper Jurassic (Callovian-Oxfordian) Roseray Formation, Southwestern Saskatchewan

D. G. P. Labelle, K. M. Bergman

Hydrogeologic, Stratigraphic, and Diagenetic Controls on Petroleum Entrapment in Devonian Reefs, Bashaw area, Alberta

Mark R. Hearn, Ben J. Rostron

Ichnology: Biogenic Utility in Genetic Stratigraphy

James A. MacEachern, S. George Pemberton

A Lithological Core Evaluation of the Calcarenite and Breccia Formations Within the Ku-Maloob-Zaap Fields, Offshore Campeche, Mexico

R. I. Gardner, J. E. Klovan, J. J. Rios-Lopez, B. L. Anderson

New Discovery in the Montney Formation: “Sturgeon Lake South, Triassic F-Pool”, a Shoreface Sandstone Reservoir

Rita H. Polt, Federico F. Krause

New Discovery in the Yeoman Formation (Ordovician), Midale Field, Southeastern Saskatchewan

Robert Yurkovich, Claus Sitzler

Paleokarst in the Grosmont Formation, Northeastern Alberta, Canada

Harald Huebscher, Hans G. Machel

Productive Dolomitized Coquinal Facies of the Lower Triassic Montney Formation, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

Graham R. Davies, Mike D. Sherwin

Productivity Versus Preservation Controls on Two Organic-Rich Carbonate Facies of the Devonian of Alberta, Canada: Sedimentological and Organic Petrological Evidence

N. Chow, J. Wendte, L. D. Stasiuk

Representative Core Samples from the Hibernia and Avalon Reservoirs, Hibernia Field, Offshore Newfoundland, Canada

Eric A. Albrechtsons, Iain K. Sinclair

Reservoir Heterogeneity in the Pekisko Formation, Medicine River Field, Alberta, Canada

John C. Hopkins

Revised Livingstone/Turner Valley to Mount Head Stratigraphy - Mississippian of Southwestern Alberta Foothills

Robert W. MacDonald, Graham Davies

Sedimentology and Diagenesis of Tertiary Carbonates from Grand Cayman, British West Indies: Effects of Sea Level Fluctuation on an Isolated Buildup

Brent Wignall

Sequence Stratigraphic Framework of Upper Jurassic Oxfordian Smackover Equivalents Illustrated by the Humble McKean #12 Core, Buckner Field, Southern Arkansas, Central Gulf of Mexico, USA

Clyde H. Moore

Sequence Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of Incised Valleys within the Clearwater Formation (Albian-Aptian) of East Central Alberta

Terrence R. Wiseman

Simonette Beaverhill Lake Oil Field: A Multi-Cyclic Approach to Understanding Reef Growth and Reservoir Heterogeneity

A. Cortis, L. Ollenberger, M. Fawcett

Tidal-fluvial Facies of Stacked Incised-valley Complexes in the Lower Cretaceous Clearwater Formation, Cold Lake, Alberta

Glen McCrimmon, Burns Cheadle

The Topset and Upper Foreset of the Modern Fraser River Delta, British Columbia, Canada

Patrick A. Monahan, John L. Luternauer, J. Vaughn Barrie

Upper Devonian Nisku Reservoirs in a Barrier-Lagoon Complex, South Alberta and Northwest Montana Plains

Don L. Kissling

Upper Qishn (Lower Cretaceous) Reservoirs at Masila, Yemen

Peter E. Putnam

Variations in Lithofacies in Upper Ordovician Herald and Yeoman Formations (Red River), North Dakota and Southeastern Saskatchewan

F. M. Haidl, Mark W. Longman, Brian R. Pratt, Lawrence M. Bernstein