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Benthic Communities in the South African Devonian

N. Hiller, J. N. Theron

Biostratigraphical Correlations Between Siluro-Devonian Invertebrate-Dominated and Vertebrate-Dominated Sequences: The East Baltic Example

Alain Blieck, Elga Mark-Kurik, Tiiu Marss

Biostratigraphic Scheme of the Devonian of the Russian Platform

M. A. Rzhonsnitskaya

Biostratigraphy of Middle and Upper Devonian Carbonates of Moravia Czechoslovakia

A. Galle, O. Friakova, J. Hladil, J. Kalvoda, Z. Krejci, V. Zukalova

The Brachiopod Succession of the Late Givetian-Frasnian of Iowa

Jed Day

Conodont Biostratigraphy of the Devonian Zdimir from Bahe, Guangxi, China

Z. Bai, S. Bai

Conodont Data in Relation to Resolution of Stage and Zonal Boundaries for the Devonian of Australia

R. Mawson, J. A. Talent, V. C. Bear, D. S. Benson, G. A. Brock, J. R. Farrell, K. A. Hyland, B. D. Pyemont, T. R. Sloan, L. Sorentino, M. I. Stewart, J. A. Trotter, G. A. Wilson, A. G. Simpson

Conodonts and Vertebrates from the Zlobin Horizon and the Favosites regularissimus Zone (Lower Devonian) of Taimyr, Siberia, USSR

N. N. Sobolev, V. N. Karatajute-Talimaa, Y. Y. Valiukevicius

Conodonts from the Frasnian — Famennian Boundary Interval in Western Canada

M. J. Orchard

Correlation of Lower and Middle Devonian Deposits of the U.S.S.R. with Acanthodian Assemblages

J. Valiukevicius

Detection and Significance of Mass Killings

Digby J. McLaren

Devonian Biogeography: An Update

A. J. Boucot

Devonian Brachiopod Zonal Schemes, Provinciality and Crustal Blocks in the Asia-Australia Hemisphere

R. T. Gratsianova, J. A. Talent, E. A. Yolkin

Devonian Bryozoa and Global Events: The Frasnian/Famennian Extinction

Francoise P. Bigey

Devonian Conodonts from the Upper Amazon Basin, Northwestern Brazil

M. A. Hunicken, J. H. Goncalves de Melo, V. Brasil Lemos

Devonian Eustatic Events in the Western United States and Their Biostratigraphic Responses

J. G. Johnson, Charles A. Sandberg

Devonian Faunas and Major Depositional Events in the Southern Alexander Terrane, Southeastern Alaska

N. M. Savage

Devonian Graptoloidea

H. Jaeger

Devonian of the Asiatic Part of the USSR: Recent Achievements and Problems

E. A. Yolkin, A. I. Kim

Devonian of the World

N. J. McMillan, A. F. Embry, D. J. Glass

Devonian Palynostratigraphy of the Pripyat Depression, Byelorussia

V. I. Avkhimovitch, N. S. Nekryata, T. G. Obuhovskaya

The Devonian Rugose Coral Genus Tabulophyllum Fenton and Fenton, 1924

J. E. Sorauf

Devonian Vertebrates from Old Red Sandstone Facies in China

Pan Jiang (P’ an Kiang)

The Distribution of Rugose Corals in Frasnian Outcrop Sequences of North America

R. A. McLean, J. E. Sorauf

Environmental Controls on Fish Faunas of the Middle Devonian Orcadian Basin

R. F. M. Hamilton, N. H. Trewin

Evolutionary Dynamics of the Frasnian-Famennian Extinction Event

G. R. McGhee Jr.

Facies and Faunal Associations of the Telengitian (Emsian) in Its Type Locality

E. A. Yolkin, R. T. Gratsianova, N. K. Bakharev, N. E. Izokh, A. Yu. Yazikov, L. V. V’yushkova, V. A. Zheltonogova, N. M. Petrosyan

Famennian Brachiopods of the Holy Cross Mountains, Poland

Gertruda Biernat

Famennian Faunal Zones in Western Canada

G. O. Raasch

Faunal Change and Events Across the Devonian-Carboniferous Boundary of Huangmao Section, Guangxi, South China

S. Bai, Z. Ning

Faunal Changes and Events Near the Frasnian-Famennian Boundary of South China

K. Wang, S. Bai

Frasnian (Upper Devonian) Conodont Sequence at Luscar Mountain and Mount Haultain, Alberta Rocky Mountains

G. Klapper, H. R. Lane

The Frasnian-Famennian Extinction: Current Results and Possible Causes

W. D. Goodfellow, H. H. J. Geldsetzer, D. J. McLaren, M. J. Orchard, G. Klapper

An Ideal Frasnian/Famennian Boundary in Ma-Anshan, Zhongping, Xiangzhou, Guangxi, South China

Hui-chen Jia, Si-yuan Xian, De-li Yang, Huai-lin Zhou, Ying-jian Han, Zhen-huan Chen, Jin-xing Wang, Rui-gang Wang, Shi-tao Wang, Zhen-xian Zhang, ming Wei

Late Devonian Mass Extinction: Episodic Climatic Cooling or Warming?

J. B. Thompson, C. R. Newton

Late Givetian to Early Frasnian Biostratigraphy of Western Canada: The Slave Point—Waterways Boundary and Related Events

W. K. Braun, A. W. Norris, T. T. Uyeno

Late Silurian to Early Devonian Biostratigraphy of Southeastern Australia

M. J. Garratt, A. J. Wright

Lower and Middle Devonian Marine Deposits of the Soviet Arctic and the Correlation With Arctic Canada

S. V. Cherkesova

Lower Devonian (Emsian) Benthic Communities from Kasaan Island, Southeastern Alaska, U.S.A.

C. M. Soja

Lower Devonian Gastropod Biogeography of the Western Hemisphere

R. B. Blodgett, D. M. Rohr, A. J. Boucot

Middle/Upper Devonian Boundary Rugose Coral Stratigraphy in the Rhenish Mountains of W. Germany

R. Birenheide

Middle Devonian Bivalves From Melville Island, Arctic Canada

P. A. Johnston, Q. H. Goodbody

Middle to Upper Devonian Boundary Beds of the Holy Cross Mts, Central Poland: Introduction to Ecostratigraphy

G. Racki

Miospores, Zonation and Correlation of Upper Devonian Sequences from Western New York State and Pennsylvania

J. B. Richardson, S. Ahmed

The Montagne Noire Frasnian (Upper Devonian) Conodont Succession

G. Klapper

New Bivalves, Beichuaniacea, from the Lower Devonian of Sichuan, China

Daoyuan Gu, Xiezhang Liu

The Paleoecology of a Middle Devonian Regression

J. C. Brower, J. A. Thomson, K. M. Kile

Palynostratigraphy at the Devonian-Carboniferous Boundary in the Himalayan Region, Xizang (Tibet), China

Gao Lianda

Position of the Lower/Middle Devonian Boundary from the Viewpoint of Crinoid Evolution

G. A. Stukalina

Preliminary Report on Frasnian-Famennian Events in South China

Hong-fei Hou, Qlang Ji, Jinxing Wang

Preliminary Study on Paleomagnetism of the Lower-Middle Devonian Boundary Beds from Guangxi, South China

H. Liu, J. Wang, S. Bai, Z. Bai

Proposal and Comment on the Definition of Emsian

Chang-min Yu, Yi-ping Ruan

The Radiation and Dispersal of Agnatha in Early Devonian Time

D. L. Dineley

Regional Placement of Middle/Upper Devonian (Givetian-Frasnian) Boundary in Western New York State

W. T. Kirchgasser, G. C. Baird, C. E. Brett

Revision of Upper Silurian and Lower Devonian Graptolite Biostratigraphy and Morphological Variation in Monograptus yukonensis and Related Devonian Graptolites, Northern Yukon, Canada

A. C. Lenz

Stratigraphic and Paleobiogeographic Aspects of Devonian Bivalves of China

Renjie Zhang

Stratigraphy, Paleogeography and Iron-Manganese Ores of the Famennian of Central Kazakhstan

A. B. Veimarn, T. N. Vorontzova, M. V. Martynova

Subdivision and Correlation of the Devonian of South Fergana (Turkestan-Alai Mountain Area, U.S.S.R.)

A. I. Kim, M. V. Erina, E. A. Yolkin, N. V. Sennikov

Tabulata from the Uppermost Emsian and the Eifelian of Poland

Elzbieta Sarnecka

Tetracoral Zonation of the Stromatoporoid-Coral Limestones, Southwestern Holy Cross MTS, Poland

T. Wrzolek