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3-D AVO and migration

David Gray, Taiwen Chen, Bill Goodway

3-D seismic array design by spatial convolution

Albin K. Kerekes

ABSTRACT: Accurate determination of water table depths using ground-penetrating radar

N. M. Trenholm, L. R. Bentley

ABSTRACT: Advantages of Utilizing Original DST Charts & Water Analysis in Hydrodynamic Studies – Case Histories

Hugh W. Reid

ABSTRACT: Alteration and destruction of hydrocarbons in Devonian of the Western Canada Sedimentary basin: evaluating process through organic geochemistry and organic petrology

L. D. Stasiuk, M. G. Fowler, K. Manzano, Melodye Rooney, A. Vuletich

ABSTRACT: Alterations of Venezuelan Crudes due to Biodegradation Processes Measurable by Biomarker Parameters

Irenio Berrios, Irene Romero

ABSTRACT: A multidisciplinary analysis of anomalous formation water distribution within the Lower Mannville D4D oil pool, Kinnivie West, Alberta

Jason Squires, Donna Bird, Wayne Cox, Ian Hutcheon, Joey Wright

ABSTRACT: Analysis of Very Thin Stratigraphic Reservoirs: An Example from the Countess – Alderson Incised Valley of Southern Alberta

Jonathan Jenkins, John Schaefer, Melanie Kells, Brian Zaitlin, Lisa Griffith, Marc Houle, Roy Karyampundi, Meftah Tiss, Ian Smith

ABSTRACT: Analysis of well data to design side-tracks in structually complex areas: case studies from the Monkman Triassic playtrend, NE. British Columbia

Mike Morrison, David Mitchel, Rick Green

ABSTRACT: An examination of the spatial resolution offered by moving source electromagnetic systems when operated over steeply dipping conductors located in conductive environments

K. Duckworth

ABSTRACT: Anisotropic Wavefield Extrapolators by Fourier Technique

G. F. Margrave

ABSTRACT: Appalachian hingeline: platform margin control on the Taconic orogenic front, and implications for hydrocarbon exploration

Gregory Lynch, Denis Lavoie, Rudolf Bertrand

ABSTRACT: Application of Coherency Technique on 3D Seismic Data

S. N. Dasgupta, V. Sudhakar, A. J. Rebec

ABSTRACT: Application of High Precision Magnetic Susceptibility Logging for Well Log Analysis in Oil Deposits

S. I. Bilibin

ABSTRACT: Application of “Magnetic Resonance Imaging Log” (MRIL) in a Cardium sand in Northern Alberta

Peter Kubica, Andrew Logan, Chris Taggart

ABSTRACT: A Snapshot - Additional Natural Gas Potential in the Scotian Basin

Paul J. Harvey, D. Jack MacDonald, P. K. (Muki) Mukhopadhyay

ABSTRACT: Asset Teams: Implementation and Evolution; Results from an Industry-Wide Survey

John C. Pohlman

ABSTRACT: Asymptotic ray theory applied to pressure fields in a marine environment

Adam M. Baig, Frantisek Hron

ABSTRACT: A time lapse seismic experiment over a carbonate reservoir under-going miscible flood

Keith Hirsche, Larry Mewhort, Ian S. Gordon, Larry A. Carr, Ray G. Nagel, Andre Laflamme

ABSTRACT: Attenuation and velocity of acoustic waves - indicators of reservoir parameters of the formation

Jadwiga Jarzyna

ABSTRACT: Azimuthal anisotropy potpourri

D. F. Winterstein, G. S. De, M. A. Meadows

ABSTRACT: Borehole Image Lithofacies Characterization of the Swan Hills Member, West Central Alberta

Ian F. Smith, Don Stachiw, Andrew Logan

ABSTRACT: Calibration of Fracture Interpretations from Image Logs with Core Data: Example from Norman Wells, N.W.T., Canada

Lyndon Yose, Doug Hamilton, Paul Heffernan, Kris Vickerman

ABSTRACT: Canadian Examples of Multipole Acoustic Data for Gas Sand Identification

Glen Horel

ABSTRACT: Chronostratigraphic framework and reservoir facies of the lower Cretaceous Bluesky Formation, Valhalla area, northwestern Alberta

W. J. A. Walsh, R. W. C. Arnott

ABSTRACT: Coherence Cube™ Processing - Providing the Advantage in 3D Seismic Visualization

Steven J. Maione

ABSTRACT: Complex structural configurations at linkages between frontal and lateral/oblique ramps in the Alberta Foothills

Peter Fermor

ABSTRACT: Core-Calibration of NMR log interpretation models for an improved determination of irreducible water saturation and permeability

Gary Ostroff, Rocco DiFoggio, Dave Shorey

ABSTRACT: Cretaceous reservoir rocks in the Liard Basin, northeastern British Columbia, Yukon Territory, and northwest Territories

Dale A. Leckie

ABSTRACT: Dark field microscopy: a new technique for extracting facies information from drill cuttings

R. T. Brandley

ABSTRACT: Density prediction using P- and S-wave sonic velocities

Colin C. Potter, Ayon K. Dey, Robert R. Stewart

ABSTRACT: Depositional facies and sequence stratigraphy of the Hibernia reservoir sandstones, Hibernia field, Jeanne d’Arc basin

O. M. Soliman, R. J. Rudser, J. R. Howarth, F. A. Banks

ABSTRACT: Depth migration on parallel processors of Lithoprobe Alberta Basement seismic data

Y. Bouzidi, E. R. Kanasewich, M. J. A. Burianyk, S. Phadke

ABSTRACT: Devonian Mud Mounds of Morocco

Jim Gardner, Carmen Luu

ABSTRACT: Differential Alteration of Oil Families in Southwestern Saskatchewan by Biodegradation

Kirk G. Osadetz, Lloyd R. Snowdon

ABSTRACT: Electromagnetism and Anisotropy

M. Okoniewski

ABSTRACT: Estimating Petroleum Resources by Discovery Process Modeling - A Sensitivity Study of the Geoanchored Method

Zhuoheng Chen, Richard Sinding-Larsen

ABSTRACT: Evaluating the cement condition of cased wells in the presence of hard rocks

Lucio N. Tello, Edwin K. Roberts

ABSTRACT: Evaluation of the Debolt formation of N.E. British Columbia

D. V. Allan, A. K. LaFlamme, D. R. Clenchy, D. G. Tivey

ABSTRACT: Explanations for the occurrence of heavy oil accumulations in the Grand Banks area of offshore eastern Canada

M. G. Fowler, L. D. Stasiuk, M. A. Williamson, Z. Huang, H. Qing, C. Yang, D. M. Kirste

ABSTRACT: Exploration significance of healing phase deposits in the Triassic Doig Formation, Hythe, Alberta

Andrew Willis, Joerg Wittenberg

ABSTRACT: Facies controls on the quality of the Glauconitic sandstone reservoirs in the Hoadley and adjacent fields: predicting permeability from compositional and diagenetic trends

Pat Okaro, John Hopkins

ABSTRACT: Few Crystal balls are Crystal Clear, Eyeballing Regression

Rob T. Wittebrood

ABSTRACT: Field Equations for Deformable Porous Media with Spatially Varying Porosity

P. N. Sahay

ABSTRACT: Fluid Inclusion Study of Gas-Bearing Dolomites from Northeast British Columbia: Evidence for Dolomitization Mechanism and Condition of Hydrocarbon Migration

Mengwei Zhao, David W. Morrow

ABSTRACT: Geochemical modeling of fluid-fluid and fluid-rock interaction in areas of cross-formational flow in southern Alberta

Dirk Kirste, Ian Hutcheon

ABSTRACT: Geometry and distribution of the low permeability sandstones of the Upper Colorado Group; Western Canada’s largest gas reservoir

Karsten Schjodt Nielsen, Claudia J. Schroder-Adams, Dale A. Leckie

ABSTRACT: Geopressured limestone Leduc reef reservoirs in the Wild River area, West-Central Alberta

Jack Wendte, Vern Stasiuk, Grant Ward, Lloyd Snowdon

ABSTRACT: High Fidelity Vibratory Seismic (HFVS) - 2D acquisition and testing at Cold Lake

A. W. Siewert, G. F. Millington, R. Habiak, K. W. Wilkinson

ABSTRACT: How could you possibly predict the value of 3-D seismic before you shoot it?

Kim Head

ABSTRACT: Hydrocarbon potential of the Vimy Member (Second White Specks Formation) and Jumping Pound sandstone, Rocky Mountain Foothills, south of Calgary

Patricia Brennan-Alpert, Claudia Schroder-Adams, Peter Adams, Dale Leckie, Jim Craig, John Bloch

ABSTRACT: Implication of Dipping Anisotropy

D. C. Lawton

ABSTRACT: Improved Reservoir Characterization Through the Integration of Borehole Images and Full Core (360°) Images

Bingjian Li, Mark Larsen, Doug Hamilton

ABSTRACT: Integrate more Geology in the Geostatistical Simulation of Reservoir Heterogeneity and Uncertainty Quantification, Examples from Incised Reservoirs

Renjun Wen

ABSTRACT: Integration of Remotely Sensed Lineament and Subsurface Geological Data in the Avonlea-Roncott Region, Williston Basin, Southeast Saskatchewan

Lynden Penner, Murray Stadnyk

ABSTRACT: Integration of seismic data, surface and subsurface bedding orientation data in the discovery of a Foothills gas field: Benjamin Creek, Alberta

Kel Johnston, William Rennie, Bruce Wrightson

ABSTRACT: Integration of surface, seismic, high resolution aeromagnetic, airborne radar and RADARSAT data in the southern Mackenzie and Franklin Mountains, N.W.T., Y.T. and B.C.

Denise N. Hodder, Deborah A. Spratt

ABSTRACT: Jurassic Rift Basin and Sedimentation

Tara Reilly, Bettina Achmus

ABSTRACT: Kaybob South Triassic Coquina Pool

Peter Bower

ABSTRACT: Life on the curve: experiences in Venezuela

Dan Krentz, Gerard Iannattone, Juan Pablo Collazos, Sing Lai, Jan Schmidt, Leslie Hogan

ABSTRACT: Making real time well decisions via rapid data access and custom LAS log viewing

Jim Karst

ABSTRACT: MDT/RFT Pressure Testing: Reservoir Interpretation, Supercharging Evaluation, and Data Processing

Stephen W. Burnie Sr., Z. Andy Chen

ABSTRACT: Model Based Pre-Stack Amplitude Inversion

Florian Romanescu

ABSTRACT: Modelling well logs in the presence of high apparent formation dip

James E. McDonald

ABSTRACT: Multidisciplinary approach to Cretaceous problems - the sum is greater than the parts

Claudia J. Schroder-Adams, Peter J. Adams, Dale A. Leckie, John Bloch, Jim Craig, Safaa A. Seif El-Dein, Jim Haggart, David McIntyre

ABSTRACT: New Exploration Concepts for the Lacustrine Moncton Basin, Onshore New Brunswick

Tom Martel, Paul Durling

ABSTRACT: New model for induced seismicity caused by hydrocarbon production in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

Valya Baranova, Azer Mustaqeem, Sebastian Bell

ABSTRACT: New Techniques in Interpretation and Integration of HRAM data for Domestic and International Exploration

Dr. Zeev Berger

ABSTRACT: Oil and gas plays in western Saskatchewan, Twps 1 to 60, Rges 12 to 30 W3M

E. C. Dahlberg

ABSTRACT: Oil in Granite

Robert O. Russell

ABSTRACT: Oil Quality and Distribution in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin - A Hydrogeologist’s Viewpoint

Phil Esslinger, Dan Barson

ABSTRACT: Operational Aspects of Horizontal Wellsite Geology - Improving Results

Gord Copp

ABSTRACT: Overpressuring and Tectonism in the Sable Sub-Basin, Scotian Shelf, Eastern Canada

S. W. Burnie Sr., R. N. Watson, D. P. Yale

ABSTRACT: Paleocaves in Mississippian carbonates: surface and subsurface examples

John Hopkins

ABSTRACT: Petroleum hydrogeology in the thrust-fold belt, SW Alberta; Mississippian Strata

Richard Bartlett, Jim Underschultz

ABSTRACT: Petroleum hydrogeology of the Triassic in the Alberta Basin

Jim Underschultz

ABSTRACT: Petroleum System in the Scotian Basin, Eastern Canada

P. K. (Muki) Mukhopadhyay, John A. Wade, Michael A. Kruge

ABSTRACT: Physical scale modelling of the relationship between fixed source and moving source electromagnetic responses to steeply dipping targets in free space and in a conductive environment

T. D. Nichols, K. Duckworth

ABSTRACT: Plane waves in dissipative transversely isotropic media

E. S. Krebes

ABSTRACT: Practical inversion of high definition induction logs using a priori information

T. Fishburn, I. M. Geldmacher, M. Rabinovich, L. Tabarovsky

ABSTRACT: Qualitative estimates of reservoir heterogeneity from borehole imaging techniques

L. Mark Larsen

ABSTRACT: Quantitative basin modeling, hydrocarbon generation and migration history of the Moose Mountain structure, Rocky Mountain Foothills, Alberta

C. Ardic, C. L. Riediger, D. A. Spratt, L. R. Snowdon, L. D. Stasiuk

ABSTRACT: Recent advances in borehole resistivity logging

A. G. Mezzatesta, O. N. Fanini, L. A. Tabarovsky, K.-M. Strack

ABSTRACT: Regional Interpretations of Public Domain Seismic in the Liard Region north of 60: Pre-Phanerozoic events, Phanerozoic Stratigraphy and Laramide Deformation

David W. Morrow, Bernard C. MacLean

ABSTRACT: Regional scale flow in southeastern Alberta

Stephen Anfort, Larry Bentley, Stefan Bachu

ABSTRACT: Reservoir Characterization and Modeling of a Keg River “Pinnacle” Reef, Shekilie Oilfield

J. M. Bever, B. Slevinsky

ABSTRACT: Reservoir Characterization of the Clive South A Nisku Field

David Garner, Tony Geier, Mark Balen, Jay Gunderson

ABSTRACT: Sandstone-coquina lowstand shoreline trends in the Triassic Montney, Doig and Halfway Formations; NE British Columbia, NW Alberta

Michael D. Sherwin

ABSTRACT: Sedimentology and Depositional History of the McLaren Formation (Lower Cretaceous), North Bodo Pool, East-Central Alberta – A Compound Incised Valley Fill

R. W. C. Arnott, D. Potocki

ABSTRACT: Seismic data acquisition and processing using measured motion signals on vibrators

Keith Wilkinson, Richard Habiak, Art Siewert, Graham Millington

ABSTRACT: Seismic reflection near critical angles

J. B. Gallop, F. Hron

ABSTRACT: Sensitivity Analysis Related to Anisotropic Phenomena

M. B. Monagan

ABSTRACT: Spatial Modeling and Prediction of Fractures and Small-Scale Faults in Reservoirs

Renjun Wen

ABSTRACT: Statigraphic relationships of the Triassic Doig, Halfway, and Charlie Lake Formations revisited

F. G. (Rick) Young

ABSTRACT: Stratigraphy, structure and thermal evolution of the Humber zone in the Quebec Appalachians: implications for hydrocarbon exploration in eastern Canada

Denis Lavoie, Gregory Lynch, Rudolf Bertrand, Kathleen Lauziere, Guoxiang Chi, Esther Asselin

ABSTRACT: Tectonic Control on Hydrocarbon Plays in the Western Canadian Basin

Dr. Zeev Berger, Dr. Joao Keller

ABSTRACT: Terrestrial sediment response to changes in accommodation

Ron Boyd, Claus Diessel, Patrick Elliott, Brian Zaitlin

ABSTRACT: Tertiary Structure - Rharb Basin: Oil and Gas Potential

Peter Bauman, Chris Cardiff

ABSTRACT: The Application of Iodine Surface Geochemical Surveys in Exploration for Ordovician and Mississippian Reservoirs, Williston Basin

Steven A. Tedesco

ABSTRACT: The Carboniferous of Onshore Nova Scotia; Hydrocarbon Potential - Old and New

P. J. Harvey, D. J. MacDonald, P. K. Mukhopadhyay

ABSTRACT: The causes behind oil quality differences in Little Bow and Long Coulee oil fields, southern Alberta

Fotina Karavas, Cynthia Riediger, Martin Fowler

ABSTRACT: The Early Paleozoic sea level record along Laurentia continental margin: significance for hydrocarbon reservoirs and exploration in eastern Canada

Denis Lavoie, Rudolf Bertrand, Gregory Lynch, Guoxiang Chi

ABSTRACT: The evolution of porosity in a complex carbonate reservoir: paleo-sea level history revealed at Rogers Wreck Point, Grand Cayman, B.W.I.

Elizabeth A. Willson, Brian Jones

ABSTRACT: The Flow Rate Tester: A better method to test wells

Gregg Peterson

ABSTRACT: The Propagation of Pressure and Strain Pulses in Porous Media

Tim Spanos

ABSTRACT: The triangle zone north of Grande Cache, Alberta

Nanna Friis, Deborah Spratt, Willem Langenberg

ABSTRACT: Three-dimensional depth migration and analysis of the Clearwater Heavy-Oil Reservoir at Cold Lake

E. R. Kanasewich, Y. Bouzidi, M. Burianyk, Y. Y. Li, S. Phadke

ABSTRACT: Triassic Rifting: Argana Valley and Essaouira Basin

Hannah Froese, Barbara Dean

ABSTRACT: Uniformity, Inhomogeneity and Anisotropy

M. Epstein

ABSTRACT: What! Non-hyperbolic moveout on the prairies? (Anisotropy - a first look)

Arnim B. Haase

ABSTRACT: “Another classic triangle: analysis of depositional environment, reservoir characterization and delineation of reservoir continuity using multiple borehole image acquisition techniques”

Eric F. Paauwe

Anisotropic true-amplitude migration

Tong Fei, Joe A. Dellinger, Gary E. Murphy, Jeffrey L. Hensley, Samuel H. Gray

AVO analysis on 3D land data: A successful case study from the Sacramento Basin

Guillaume Cambois, Jack P. Weyer

AVO case study: Extraction of Lame’s parameters from vertical component seismic data

Yong Xu, John C. Bancroft

The Beaver River Structure: a northeast continuation of the Beaver Fault in the Yukon Territory?

David W. Morrow, Warner C. Miles

Blackfoot 3C-3D, a new interpretation of the compressionnal and converted-wave data

Jocelyn Dufour, Ian Shook, Andy Edmunds, Jason Squires

The Blackfoot high-resolution 3-C seismic survey: design and initial results

Brian H. Hoffe, Robert R. Stewart, Henry C. Bland, Eric V. Gallant, Malcolm B. Bertram

Canadian rules of engagement for foreign survival strategy

Neil V. Leeson

Case Studies of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast Area

Roy Guest, Marcel Di Giovanni, Stacy Smith, Otis Walter, Jon Musselman, Tom Pickens, Steve Crary

Channel detection & visualization through integrated conventional and volume-based voxel interpretation methods

Barrie Jose

Characterization of azimuthally anisotropic formations using full wave synthetic borehole data

Pei-cheng Xu, Jorge O. Parra

Controls on the compositonal variation of natural gas in the Triassic of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

Steven Desrocher, Ian Hutcheon

Cost effective alternative to heavy oil evaluation using nuclear magnetic resonance logs

Dave Curwen, Dave Amendt, Rob Badry

Delineation of the Lower Eocene reservoir facies change using 3-D seismic survey over the Hasdrubal prospect in the Gulf of Gabes, Tunisia

Messaoudi Faouzi

Depth migration by nonstationary phase shift

Robert J. Ferguson, Gary F. Margrave

Depth migration in transversely isotropic media by nonstationary phase shift

Robert J. Ferguson, Gary F. Margrave

Directional permeability anisotropy: a comparison of horizontal and vertical plug- and probe-permeabilities in sandstones

Rudi Meyer, Federico F. Krause

Drilling induced core fractures: indicators of in situ stress states

Yongyi Li, Douglas R. Schmitt

Elastic modeling by phase-shift cascade with scattering matrix control

Chanpen Silawongsawat, Gary F. Margrave

Exploring in the shadow of a supergiant. Hassi Messaoud, Algeria

Jason Nycz, Paul Jackson, David James, Victor Bond

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: 3D Borehole Seismic Imaging by Prestack Kirchhoff Depth Migration

Paul Bicquart

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: A comparison of porosity and permeability in the dolomitized and partially dolomitized limestone reservoirs of Ante Creek A and B pools (Swan Hills Formation) and the dolomitized Leduc Simonette buildup

Luc Rock, Eric W. Mountjoy

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: A Geological Overview of the Panuke Field Reservoir Sandstones, Offshore Nova Scotia

John R. Hogg, Ian D. DeLong

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Ambiguities in Travel Time and Velocity Determinations

Joseph B. Molyneux, Douglas R. Schmitt

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: A model based amplitude correction

Michael Grech, Michael J Jones, Douglas R Schmitt

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Analysing the 3-D VSP data

Jitendra S. Gulati, Robert R. Stewart, Janusz Peron, John M. Parkin

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: An embarrassingly balanced parallel aplanatic migration algorithm

Tony Kocurko, Larry Lines

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Anisotropic imaging assumptions: Don’t forget the dip

Robert W. Vestrum, Ron Schmid, Don Lawton

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: A novel method for the estimation of the recoverable reserves in oil reservoirs using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) relaxometry

Konstantin Mirotchnik, Apostolos Kantzas, Kevin Allsopp, Lev Berman, Michael Aikman, Robert Waymouth

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Application of Fluid Inclusion Stratigraphy (FIS) to Seal, Pay Delineation, and Product Risk: Sour Gas Reservoirs, Devonian Reefs, Alberta

Scott W. Hadley, Don L. Hall, Wells Shentwu, S. Michael Sterner

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Applications of seismic and field data to detect areas non reached by steam

E. Lopez, R. Chedid, D. Romero, C. Perez

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Approaches to defining reservoir physical properties from 3-D seismic attributes with limited well control: an example from the Jurassic Smackover Formation, Alabama

B. S. Hart, R. S. Balch

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: A proposed fracture model to explain the variation in production from a fractured carbonate gas condensate field (Moose Mountain) in the Alberta Foothills of the Western Canadian Cordillera

Andrew C. Newson, J. P. Brown

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: A proposed fracture model to explain the variation in production from a fractured carbonate gas condensate field (Moose Mountain) in the Alberta Foothills of the Western Canadian Cordillera

Andrew C. Newson, J. P. Brown


Guillaume Cambois

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Bluesky and Gething Formation Lowstand Reservoirs in the Sexsmith Valhalla region, Peace River Arch, Alberta

Shaun O’Connell

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Comparison of structural imaging in anisotropic media using P-wave and S-wave data

M. Graziella Kirtland Grech, J. Helen Isaac, Robert R. Stewart, Don C. Lawton

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Coquina facies of the Lower Triassic Montney Formation, Peace River Embayment, northwestern Alberta

Debra R. Kendall, Robert Panek, Charles M. Henderson

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: CUBA: New exploration frontier in Latin American

Marrero-Faz Manuel, Alvarez Rafael, Wong Alberto

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Depositional framework & trace fossil assemblages in an arid, mixed siliciclastic-carbonate marginal marine succession, Liard Formation, Williston Lake, NE British Columbia

John-Paul Zonneveld, Murray K. Gingras

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Depth conversion - a required part of an integrated interpretation

Tom Cox, Sergei Filin

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Depth migration of anisotropic physical model data

Jennifer M. Leslie, Don C. Lawton

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Detection of the first arrivals of seismic reflection data using a length fractal dimension technique

Lingxiu Jiao, Wooil M. Moon

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Diagenesis and reservoir potential of the Bakken Formation in SE Saskatchewan, Canada

Hasan S. Ferdous, Robin W. Renaut

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Dolostone Simonette (Leduc Formation) field versus limestone Ante Creek (Swan Hills Formation) field, with a focus on porosity and permeability

Luc Rock, Eric Mountjoy

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Double vision: case histories showing the value of dual processing for 3D surveys

Jack Bouska

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: DTG case study: differential gas detection using continuous dual sensing process

Kosta Zamfes

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Dynamic fluid contacts in the Ben Nevis Pool, West Ben Nevis Field, offshore Newfoundland: a core study

Eric Bogoslowski, Sebastian Leigh, Ronald Peake

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Early Cretaceous valley incision and fill, Buick Creek – Nig Creek area, northeastern British Columbia

Brad J. Hayes

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Economic benefits of carbon isotope fingerprint-logs used to determine source depths of migrating gas in the heavy oil fields of Alberta and Saskatchewan

D. Rowe, K. Muehlenbachs, E. Jensen

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Eigenimage analysis of common offset sections: Pre-stack data compression and S/N ratio enhancement

M. D. Sacchi, T. J. Ulrych, C. Magnuson

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Evaluating and Managing Risk in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin

Ray Mireault

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Facies sequences and lateral relationships in Ostracod (Glauconitic?) cores - channel, estuary or incised valley fill, does it matter?

G. E. Reinson

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Fair-weather and storm-influenced sedimentation within a marginal marine embayment along the Alabama Gulf Coast

W. Haywick Douglas, Mary L. Grace, Keith G. Blackwell, David T. Allison

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Fault-controlled basin-scale migration of brines in the Rhenish Massif, Germany: a hypothesis

Matthias Grobe, Hans G. Machel

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Faulting and reservoir-scale diagenesis of Swan Hills Formation, Devonian Beaverhill Lake Group, deep west-central Alberta basin

J. P. Duggan, D. G. Green, E. W. Mountjoy

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Finite difference modeling of non-welded contact interfaces

R. A. Slawinski, E. S. Krebes

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: From non-commercial to commercial; horizontal drilling in the fractured Triassic carbonates of the Boulder Field, B.C. Foothills

Mark Cooper, Chris Brearley, Peter Fermor, Doug Bradish

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Getting the Benifits of AVO Inversion

Jon Downton

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Glauconitic pool geologic study, Lake Newell area

M. P. Kells, L. Griffith, M. Houle, R. Karyampudi, D. Potocki, I. Smith, M. Tiss, B. A. Zaitlin

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Heavy oil in Cuban fold-and-thrust belt

Alvarez Rafael, Marrero-Faz Manuel, Wong Alberto

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: High Fidelity Vibratory Seismic “HFVS” application for shallow Heavy Oil Sand targets - Kearl Oil Sands Mine 2D survey and Cold Lake 3D survey, Alberta

Art Siewert, Graham Millington, Keith Wilkinson

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Hydrocarbon potential of the middle Eocene-middle Miocene Mesohellenic piggy-back basin (Central Greece): A case study

Kontopoulos Nikolaos, Fokianou Teresa, Zelilidis Abraham, Alexiadis Christos, Rigakis Nikolaos

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Ichnology and palaeoenvironment of the eastern Montney Formation, Kaybob and Kaybob South fields area, west central Alberta

Demian J. C. Robbins, S. George Pemberton

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Importance of sedimentology in pool optimization - VV and J Pools in the Glauconite Formation, Countess-Alderson incised valley system, southern Alberta

R. G. Walker, D. Bird, W. Cox, D. Dufresne, L. A. Griffith, D. Potocki, R. Senkow, M. Tiss, B. A. Zaitlin, I. Smith

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Improved permeability prediction in carbonates

Taras T. Dziuba

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Integrating very high resolution Platform Express density with core permeameter data for better perm - porosity relationships

Tony Fondyga

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Integration of surface mapping and Vibroseis seismic reflection data: New frontier exploration, Osorno-Llanquihue basin, southern Chile

Michael R. McDonough, Carlos Herrero, Frederick A. Cook, Arie vander Velden, Constantino Mpodozis

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Investigation of a displacement-transfer zone by 3-d seismic interpretation and physical modelling: progress report on computer-graphics visualization and strain analysis

Evsen O. Aydemir, John M. Dixon

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Jurassic paleogeography and Lower Cretaceous valley incision and fill events - Chin Coulee area, southern Alberta

J. D. Cody, Brad J. Hayes

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Lateral numerical dispersion with wave equation migration II

Wen-Jing Wu

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Managing Environmental Risks with New Technologies

Thomas Ha

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Mannville stratigraphy and sedimentology, central Alberta

Douglas J. Cant, Byron Abrahamson

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Middle Triassic reservoir facies, Tommy Lakes Field, northeastern British Columbia

John-Paul Zonneveld, Stephen M. Hubbard, Thomas F. Moslow

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Migration in the equivalent offset domain

Peter W. Cary

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Near-surface refraction statics: a comparison

Tianfei Zhu, Scott Cheadle, Qing Li, Dan Hampson

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Nisku shelf margin and ‘pinnacle’ reef reservoirs, West Pembina area, Alberta

Bill Martindale

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Oil family characterization of Middle Jurassic to Lower Cretaceous oils of southeastern Alberta and north-central Montana

Patrick Stevenson, Cindy Riediger, Martin Fowler

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Organic Geochemistry of the Triassic Basal Montney Formation, Peace River Arch Area, West Central Alberta

Rory C. Hankel

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Ortonella (calcareous algae) as an environmental indicator in the Midale Beds of southeastern Saskatchewan

J. Lake

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Paleofluid flow within the Middle and Upper Devonian Southesk-Cairn carbonate complex, Rocky Mountain Foreland Basin, as determined from carbonate cements

B. E. Buschkuehle, H. G. Machel, P. A. Cavell

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Petroleum prospectivity of the onshore Gaspe and offshore Anticosti Basins, Eastern Canada

Paul Durling, Tom Martel, John W.F. Waldron

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Physical modelling of fault propagation in roll-over structures associated with extensional (growth) faults

John M. Dixon, Simone Garneau, Julia Blackburn

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Physical modelling of fold-thrust shortening across carbonate bank margins

John M. Dixon, Maggie Oliphant, Julia Blackburn

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Practical anisotropic depth imaging

Ron Schmid, Patrick Butler, Bill Rennie

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Prestack depth migration in TI media: examples with numerical and physical modeling data

Nanxun Dai, Scott Cheadle, J. Helen Isaac

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Recent Developments in Anisotropic Velocity Determinations

Marko Mah, Douglas R. Schmitt

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Repeatability Study of Land Data Aquisition and Processing for Time Lapse Seismic

Jan Porter-Hirsche, Keith Hirsche

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Reservoir description and production characterization of the Lower Zone of the Hibernia Formation as tested in the HMDC Hibernia B-16_2 well, Hibernia Field, Offshore Newfoundland

Eric A. Albrechtsons, R. Neil Watson, Larry Hammond, Ted Bornemann

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Reservoir Mapping and Characterization Made Easier and Faster on Windows NT using SMART” (System for Mapping & Analysis in Real TimeR)

Rocky Mottahedeh

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Reservoir monitoring: Attributes from principal component decomposition of seismic data and comparison to conventional attributes

Z. Sun, G. W. Bishop, J. E. Eastwood

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Sedimentary features, reservoir characteristics and seismic signature of an Aptian incised valley and its lateral equivalent, in the North Ben Nevis field of the Jeanne d’Arc Basin

P. J. Meehan, J. Hodder, S. Harding, L. Zanussi, G. Plint

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Sequence biostratigraphic framework of the Grayling, Toad and Liard formations (Lower-Middle Triassic), Williston Lake, northeastern British Columbia

John-Paul Zonneveld, Charles M. Henderson, Thomas F. Moslow, Murray K. Gingras, Cindy L. Riediger

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Shallow seismic profiles of heated heavy oils: implications for time lapse monitoring

Douglas R. Schmitt

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Shaly sand analysis via density/neutron porosity from pulsed neutron

Richard Odom, Shawn Bailey, Paul Pavlakos, Satwant Diocee, Dennis Zander, John Gillespie

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Structural and stratigraphic resolution of marine 3-D seismic data, Jeanne d’Arc Basin offshore Newfoundland

Michael E. Enachescu, Gerry W. Smee, Dan D. Negut, Andy Skuce, Samo Cilensek, Larry E. Mewhort, Ken J. Hedlin, David J. Emery, Chuck A. Hale

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Structure and Development of the Thebaud field offshore Nova Scotia using 3D seismic

David D. Miller, R. D.(Bob) McMechan, Lance K. R. Berg

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Study and Applications of ‘Model-optimization’- A Log Evaluation Method to Determine Permeability in Lithologically Complex Formations

Yujin Zhang, Henry A. Salisch

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Tectonics, sedimentation and the design of reservoirs during the Middle Triassic Doig and Halfway formations in the Peace River Embayment, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

M. Elhashemi

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Tectono-stratigraphic modeling and hydrocarbon plays in the Jurassic rift basins of Southern Arabia

Istvan Csato, Tamas Foldes

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: The hydrocarbon potential of the East Africa continental margin

O. L. Slind, S. R. DuToit, A. G. Kidston

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: The Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary of west-central Alberta; shedding some light on an “old” problem

Peter E. Putnam, John Cody

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: The Pennsylvanian to Permian Belloy Formation in the Peace River Embayment, West Central Alberta

David B. Moore, Charles M. Henderson

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: The simplest Radon transform

Peter W. Cary

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: The structural style and seismic image of thrust related folding in the southern Canadian Cordillera

Paul A. MacKay

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Three-Dimensional Simulation of Small Scale Heterogeneity in Tidal Deposits – A Process-Based Stochastic Simulation Method

Renjun Wen, W. Martinius Allard, Naess Arve, Philip Ringrose

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Time-lapse seismic data normalization and calibration

Z. Sun, M. P. Harrison

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Transpressional underthrusting: 4-D plate tectonic structural model for evolution of the Rocky-Mountains thrust-fold belts

Maks M. Posavec

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Unambiguous signal recovery above the Nyquist using random-sample-interval imaging

R. Daniel Wisecup

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Utilizing high speed pressure recorders to determine rock properties

David A. Cuthill, Robert L. Haney

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Variations in structural style of the triangle zone and external Foothills between Oldman River and Turner Valley, southwestern Alberta: The influence of mechanical stratigraphy

Glen S. Stockmal, Daniel Lebel, Margaret E. McMechan

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Well log prediction using attributes from 3C-3D seismic data

Todor Todorov, Robert Stewart, Daniel Hampson, Brian Russell

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: “Reservoir Mapping and Characterization Made Easier and Faster on Windows NT using SMART” (System for Mapping & Analysis in Real TimeR)

Rocky Mottahedeh

Fermat’s Principle Raypaths in 3D Anisotropic Media

Bill Vetter

Fracture Identification using Dipole Shear Wireline Logging Techniques

Ronald C. Hinds, Peter Weinheber, Curtis MacFarlane, Mike Jones

Geo-Triad ’98 Plenary Abstracts, Core Workshop Front Matter, and Biographies

Winston Karel, Jim Reimer, Doug Uffen, Monty Ravlich, H. Edward Clifton, Dr. Larry Lines, Dr. Brian Clark, Honorable Steve West, Kevin Brown, Michael Wilson, Mike Sawyer, Donald O. Downing, Harvey Smith, Matthew Brister, Warren Holmes, Ron Caputo, John McKay, Roland George, Martin Molyneaux, Andrew Hogg, John Shiry, George Enyon, Saunder Van Dijk

High resolution seismic data analysis by Wavelet Transform and Matching Pursuit Decomposition

Xiaogui Miao, Scott Cheadle

Image mispositioning due to dipping TI media: A physical seismic modelling study

J. Helen Isaac, Don C. Lawton

Integrated geological and geophysical interpretation of the Blackfoot area, Southern Alberta

Jocelyn Dufour, Jason Squires, Andy Edmunds, Ian Shook

The Integration of Seismic Inversion and Coherence Cube Imaging – A new Seismic Tool

Tony Rebec, Kim Maver

Interpretive seismic imaging in structurally complex areas

Samuel H. Gray

Inversion of nonstationary filters

Gary F. Margrave

Investigation of the linear velocity model in the Western-Canadian Basin

Michael A. Slawinski, John M. Parkin

A kinematic comparison of EOM with DMO-PSI in the prestack volume

John C. Bancroft

Lithofacies associations and depositional environments of the Middle Triassic Grayling, Toad, and Liard formations, Williston Lake, northeastern British Columbia

John-Paul Zonneveld, Thomas F. Moslow, K. Gingras Murray, Charles M. Henderson

Low resistivity pay in carbonates and variable ‘m’

Phil Bateman

Merging inverse-Q filtering and deconvolution

A. R. Schoepp, G. F. Margrave

Migration in the compressed data domain

Jack Bouska, Samuel H. Gray

Migration without migration noise

Peter W. Cary

Neural net generated seismic facies map and attribute facies map

Sunit K. Addy, Philip Neri

Ocean-bottom-cable dual-sensor summation: A robust approach

Jianwu Jiao, Stewart Trickett, Brian Link

One pass 3-D phase-shift plus interpolation (PSPI) migration without x-y splitting

Wen-Jing Wu

Optimal drilling direction in folded fractured Triassic carbonates in NE British Columbia determined by applying fracture “occurrence” to frequency intercept and flow intercept diagrams

Terry Joubert, Craig Rice, Deborah Spratt

An Overview of the Venture Field, Offshore Nova Scotia

David D. Neil, Robert L. Yates, Ron A. Hamm

P-P and P-S Inversion of the Blackfoot 3C-3D Data and Estimation of Vp/Vs

John V. Pendrel, Robert R. Stewart, Paul van Riel

Patterns of directional permeability heterogeneity in Upper Cretaceous (Santonian) Virgelle Member sandstones, Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada

Rudi Meyer, Federico F. Krause

Post-Variscan pervasive dolomitization of the Devonian Brilon Reef Complex, Germany: an example of fault-controlled hydrothermal dolomitization

Matthias Grobe, Hans G. Machel

Prestack Inversion: Extension and application to carbonate lithology

Rick Wallace, Roger Young

Productivity prediction from well logs in variable grain size reservoirs, Cretaceous Qishn Clastics, Republic of Yemen

Michael Cheng, Marco Leal, Dave McNaughton

Ray parameters and the modeling of complex features

Marcelo Epstein, Michael A. Slawinski

Recrystallization and metamorphism of the Stephen Formation and its implications for the preservation of the Burgess Shale fossils

Wayne G. Powell, Charles M. Henderson, Deb A. Glatiotis

Regional interpretations of public domain seismic in the Liard Region north of 60: Pre-Phanerozoic events, Phanerozoic stratigraphy and Laramide deformation

David W. Morrow, Bernard C. MacLean

Repeatability study, - a step in the right direction

C. H. (Bibi) Aritman

Reservoir architecture and porosity distribution, Pegasus Field, West Texas – an integrated sequence stratigraphic–seismic attribute study using neural networks

James S. Schuelke, John A. Quirein, J. Fredrick “Rick” Sarg

Reservoir characteristics of the Sand intervals in the Beanibazar Field, Surma Basin, Bangladesh

Hasan S. Ferdous, M. Mustafa Alam

Reservoir Saturation Tool: Lithology without Open Hole Logs

Mike Perri

Resolution matrix as a diagnostic tool for seismic processing and acquisition

Xishuo Wang, Mike Perz

Sedimentology and depositional history of the McLaren Formation (Lower Cretaceous), North Bodo Pool, east-central Alberta – a compound incised valley fill

R. W. C. Arnott, W. Lathrop, D. Potocki

Seismic Petrophysics: A Rock-Based Platform for Geoscience Integration

Roger A. Young

Sequence biostratigraphic framework for the Montney Formation and tectonic origin of the mid-Montney sequence boundary, Peace River Basin, northwestern Alberta

Charles M. Henderson, John-Paul Zonneveld

Sequence biostratigraphy in a tectonically active region: correlating across the Sukunka uplift, the Belloy Formation, and the Spray Lakes and Ishbel groups

David B. Moore, Charles M. Henderson

Sequence biostratigraphy in a tectonically active region: Pennsylvanian and Lower Permian conodonts and sequence stratigraphy in the Southern Canadian Rocky Mountains

David B. Moore, Charles M. Henderson

Signal deconvolution for improved vertical resolution

Scott Haffner, Scott Cheadle

Start Right: Understand Seismic Field Parameters

Albin K. Kerekes, C. H. (Bibi) Aritman

State-of-the-art 3-D DMO

Philippe Herrmann, Eric Suaudeau, Bernard David

Stratigraphic Analysis of Reservoir Geometry and Reservoir Quality, Venture Field, Scotian Shelf

R. D. Kreisa, W. R. L. Yates, D. D. Neil

Stratigraphic framework and sedimentology of the Falher “C” based on outcrop observations at Bullmoose Mountain, northeastern British Columbia

E. Matthew Caddel, Thomas F. Moslow

Structural style variations in the BC foothills

Mark Cooper

A study of the heat flow patterns of the Cascadia margin from methane hydrate bottom simulating reflector

N. Ganguly, G. D. Spence, N. R. Chapman, R. D. Hyndman

The Terra Nova oil field, offshore Newfoundland - a reservoir comprising superimposed incised valleys filled with composite progradational and aggradational braided fluvial sediments

Hugh Wishart, John Knight, Gerald Sullivan, Beth Haverslew, Doug Bradish, Mari Skaug

A three-component field study of the effect of the low-velocity layer on converted-wave seismic data

Dan Cieslewicz, Don C. Lawton

Time lapse AVO analysis of an Alberta reef under miscible flood

Ken Hedlin, Larry Mewhort, Keith Hirsche

Using PPDM to Improve Geophysical Data Management

Yogi Schulz, Philip H. Stark, Chuck Brophy, Jerry Jelinek, Siamak Hassanzadeh, Charles C. Mosher, Laurent Masse, Pat Rhynes

Wavelet transform filtering of tube waves

Bingwen Du, Larry Lines