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Application of Outcrop Analogues and Detailed Reservoir Characterization to the AOSTRA Underground Test Facility, McMurray Formation, North Eastern Alberta.

Rudy S. Strobl, Daryl M. Wightman, Walid K. Muwais, Darrell K. Cotterill, Liping Yuan

Coal and Coalbed Methane in the Mannville Group and Its Equivalents, Alberta

C. W. Langenberg, B. A. Rottenfusser, R. J. H. Richardson

Cross-Formational Fluid Flow and the Generation of a Saline Plume of Formation Waters in the Mannville Group, West-Central Alberta

B. J. Rostron, J. Toth

Depositional Environment of the Early Cretaceous Ostracode Zone: Paleohydrologic Constraints from O, C and SR Isotopes

C. Holmden, K. Muehlenbachs, R. A. Creaser

Diagenesis of the Lower Cretaceous Clearwater Formation, Primrose Area, Northeastern Alberta

Jennifer L. McKay, Frederick J. Longstaffe

Elements of a Stratigraphic Framework for the McMurray Formation in South Athabasca Area, Alberta

Michael J. Ranger, S. George Pemberton

Evolution of the Lower Cretaceous Mannville Sedimentary Basin in Saskatchewan

J. E. Christopher

Foreword - Frontmatter

S. George Pemberton, David P. James

Geological Modelling of McMurray Formation Reservoirs Based on Outcrop and Subsurface Analogues

Rudy S. Strobl, Daryl M. Wightman, Walid K. Muwais, Darrell K. Cotterill, Liping Yuan

Geothermometers for Predicting Temperatures During Steam-Assisted Oil Recovery in the Oil Sands Reservoirs of the Mannville Group, Alberta

William D. Gunter, Brian Wiwchar, Larry Holloway

Glauconite Sandstone Exploration: A Case Study from the Lake Newell Project, Southern Alberta

E. J. Kevin Broger, Garth E. Syhlonyk, Brian A. Zaitlin

The Lower Cretaceous (Aptian) McMurray Formation: An Overview of the Fort McMurray Area, Northeastern, Alberta

Daryl M. Wightman, S. George Pemberton

Mannville Linears in the Lloydminster Heavy Oil Area and Their Relationship to Fractures and Fluid Flow in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

Vojtech A. Gregor

Organic Geochemistry of the Lower Cretaceous Ostracode Zone, a Brackish/Non-Marine Source for Some Lower Mannville Oils in Southeastern Alberta

C. L. Riediger, M. G. Fowler, L. R. Snowdon

Petroleum Geology of the Cretaceous Mannville Group, Western Canada - Table of Contents - Frontmatter

S. George Pemberton, David P. James

Regional Sedimentology, Sequence Stratigraphy and Petroleum Geology of the Mannville Group: Southwestern Saskatchewan

Dale A. Leckie, Nancy A. Vanbeselaere, David P. James

Sedimentology, High-Resolution Allostratigraphy, and Key Stratigraphic Surfaces in Falher Members A and B, Spirit River Formation, West-Central Alberta

Richard Rouble, Roger Walker

Sedimentology, Ichnology and Stratigraphy of the Ostracode Member (Lower Cretaceous) in the Jenner-Suffield Area, Southeast Alberta

Rhea L. Karvonen, S. George Pemberton

Sequence Stratigraphy and Depositional Facies of an Incised Valley Fill, Lower Cretaceous Bluesky Formation, Aitken Creek Field, British Columbia

Robert H. S. Alway, Thomas F. Moslow

Stratigraphy, Depositional Modelling and Resource Characterization of the McMurray/Wabiskaw Deposit, Western Portion of the Athabasca Oil Sands Area, Northeastern Alberta

Daryl M. Wightman, Rudy S. Strobl, Darrell K. Cotterill, Habtemicael Berhane, Michelle N. Attalla

Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Palynology of the Calcareous Member, Blairmore Group, Alberta

Indranil Banerjee, Edward H. Davies

The Upper Mannville Group in Southeast Alberta, Canada: An Example of Multiple Incised Valley Fill Deposits

Rhea L. Karvonen, S. George Pemberton