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D. F. Stott, D. J. Glass

Aggradational Valley-Fill Model for Strata of Cretaceous Lower Mannville Formation, South-Central Alberta: Abstract

T. A. Ryer, J. C. Horne, M. O. Hayes

Anastomosed River Deposits: Potential Hydrocarbon Traps and Fluid Distributions: Abstract

D. G. Smith, P. E. Putnam

Anatomy of a Prograding Wave and Storm Dominated Delta Shoreline Complex, the Chungo Sandstone (Milk River - Eagle Equivalent) in the Southern Alberta Foothills: Abstract

L. Rosenthal, R. G. Walker

Application of Outcrop Information to Subsurface Exploration for Sandstone Reservoirs; Basal Belly River Formation (Upper Cretaceous), Alberta Foothills

C. J. Iwuagwu, J. F. Lerbekmo

Barons Sandstone, Southern Alberta: Abstract

P. E. Putnam, T. A. Oliver

Barrier Island, Tidal Inlet and Flood Tidal Delta Deposits of the Upper Cretaceous Spring Canyon Member, Blackhawk Formation: Abstract

D. L. Kamola, J. D. Howard

The Cadomin Formation: A Model for the Deep Basin Type Gas Trapping Mechanism

C. J. Varley

Circulation in the Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway of North America, a Review

J. T. Parrish, G. C. Gaynor, D. J. P. Swift

Coal Exploration and Development Potential Southern Canadian Rocky Mountains: Abstract

F. M. Dawson, R. G. Morris

The Coalfields of the Northern Foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains

G. L. Hoffman, G. R. Jordan

Comparative Analysis of Coal Accumulation in Cretaceous Alluvial Deposits, Southern United States Rocky Mountain Basins

R. M. Flores

Comparison of Heavy Oil Reservoirs: The Lloydminster Formation, Lloydminster Area, and the Clearwater Formation, Cold Lake Area: Abstract

J. R. McLean, P. E. Putnam

Computer Applications to Salt Solution and Deposition of the Mannville Group, Edam, West Central Saskatchewan: Abstract

B. Wilmot, T. A. Oliver

Continuity of Deposition Across the Cretaceous/Tertiary Boundary in the San Juan Basin, New Mexico: Abstract

E. G. H. Lindsay, R. F. Butler, M. A. Klute, N. M. Johnson, P. K. Zeitler

Cretaceous (Albian-Turonian) Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy and Paleogeography of Northern Montana and Southern Alberta: Abstract

A. McGugan, H. R. Lang

Cretaceous Sedimentary Rocks and Petroleum Resource Potential, National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska: Abstract

T. C. Mowatt

Cretaceous Sequences of the Foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains

D. F. Stott

Depositional Environment of Ostracode Beds in Southern Alberta: Abstract

M. Z. Farshori

The Depositional Environment of the Falher Member of the Spirit River Formation: Abstract

B. W. Barrie

Depositional Environments and Cycles in the Jurassic Fernie Formation, Southern Canadian Rocky Mountains

N. J. Stronach

Depositional Environments of the Early Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway in Southwestern Montana and the Northern United States

S. M. Vuke

Depositional Factors Affecting Coal Development in the Lower Cretaceous Gates Formation, Northeastern British Columbia: Abstract

S. M. M. Carmichael

Depositional Models of Barrier Island Shorelines: Abstract

T. F. Moslow, R. W. Tillman

Depositional Setting of Coal Deposits in the Whitehorse Trough, Yukon Territory, Canada: Abstract

D. G. F. Long

Early Cretaceous Transgressions and Regressions in the Southern Interior Plains

W. G. E. Caldwell

The Eastern Facies of the Cretaceous System in the Canadian Western Interior

D. H. McNeil

Effect of Hot Water on the Petrophysical Properties of Heavy Oil Bearing Carbonates: Abstract

I. Hutcheon, A. Oldershaw, C. Nahnybida

Effect of Sediment Supply on Embayed Shoreline Deposits, Cretaceous (Campanian), Northwestern Colorado: Abstract

R. Stancliffe, D. C. Noe

Effects of Mineral Transformation on Porosity and Permeability of Dolomite During in Situ Recovery of Bitumen: Abstract

W. Kubacki, J. Boon, G. Bird, B. Wiwchar

Estuaries on Mesotidal Shorelines of a Late Cretaceous Epicontinental Seaway, Canadian Western Interior, Drumheller, Alberta: Abstract

R. A. Rahmani

An Estuarine-Embayment Fill Model from the Lower Cretaceous Mannville Group West-Central Saskatchewan

B. A. Zaitlin, B. C. Shultz

Evaluation of a Complex Lower Mannville Channel Prospect: Integrated Geological and Geophysical Models: Abstract

J. C. Hopkins, D. C. Lawton, J. D. Gunn

Facies Description of the Late Jurassic Swift Formation, Southeastern Alberta: An Unlikely Oil Reservoir Deposit: Abstract

S. C. Harding, F. J. Hein

The Falher Member in British Columbia: Outcrop and Subsurface Trends: Abstract

D. Leckie

Foraminifera of the Stelckiceras Zone, Basal Hasler Formation (Albian), Northeastern British Columbia

K. R. Koke, C. R. Stelck

Future Trends in Stratigraphic Analyses, Mesozoic of Middle North America: Abstract

R. J. Weimer

Geometry and Depositional Styles of a Transgressive Shoreline: Cliff House Sandstone (Campanian), San Juan Basin, New Mexico: Abstract

D. H. Wood, J. J. Palmer, A. J. Scott

Glauconitic Sandstone ‘H’ Pool, Countess Area: Abstract

M. Z. Farshori

Hydrocarbon Potential of Low-Permeability Marine Cretaceous Sandstones of Saskatchewan

F. Simpson

Ichnology of Storm-Influenced Shallow Marine Sequence: Cardium Formation (Upper Cretaceous) at Seebe, Alberta

S. G. Pemberton, R. W. Frey

Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous Microfaunas of Western Canada and Their Biostratigraphical Potential: Abstract

W. K. Braun, M. M. Brooke, S. P. Fowler

The Jurassic of the Canadian Western Interior, from 49°N Latitude to Beaufort Sea

T. P. Poulton

Late Cretaceous (Campanian) Estuarine and Fluvial Systems Associated with Rapid Subsidence, Northwestern Colorado: Abstract

K. Nelson, A. J. Scott

Late Jurassic to Albian Paleogeography of the Northern Yukon and Northwestern District of Mackenzie, Arctic Canada: Abstract

J. Dixon

Lithofacies Analysis of the Lower Cretaceous Glauconitic Sandstone, Medicine River Area, Alberta: Abstract

M. E. Reichenbach

Lithostratigraphy and Biostratigraphy of the Fernie Formation (Jurassic) in the Southern Canadian Rocky Mountains

R. L. Hall

The Lower Cretaceous Mannville Group, Northern Williston Basin Region, Canada

J. E. Christopher

The Lower Cretaceous Sparky Formation, Aberfeldy Steamflood Pilot, Saskatchewan: A Wave-Dominated Delta?

S. R. Smith

The Lower Cretaceous Sparky Formation, Lloydminster Area: Stratigraphy and Paleoenvironment

F. F. N. Van Hulten, S. R. Smith

Macro-Invertebrate Depth Zones for the Lower Mesozoic in the Western Interior of the United States: Abstract

D. G. Taylor

Magnetostratigraphic and Biostratigraphic Correlations of Late Cretaceous to Early Paleocene Strata Between Alberta and North Dakota

J. F. Lerbekmo, K. C. Coulter

Mesozoic and Cenozoic Depositional History of the Northern Interior Plains of Canada

C. J. Yorath, D. G. Cook

Mesozoic Coal Occurrence and Production in the Western U.S.A.: Abstract

L. A. Smith, D. L. McKelvie

Mesozoic Geotectonic Setting of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin: Abstract

R. A. Price

The Mesozoic of Middle North America: A Selection of Papers from the Symposium on the Mesozoic of Middle North America, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Donald F. Stott, Donald J. Glass

The Mesozoic of Middle North America: Memoir 9 - Front Matter

Preface D. F. Stott, D. J. Glass

Mesozoic Oil Reservoirs of Western Canada: A Review of Their Potential: Abstract

S. Carroll

Mesozoic Stratigraphy, Sverdrup Basin, Arctic Canada: Abstract

A. F. Embry

The Middle Jurassic Rock Creek Member and Associated Units in the Subsurface of West-Central Alberta

D. J. Marion

Mineralogy and Chemistry of Cretaceous Shales in Southeastern Saskatchewan: Abstract

G. D. Williams, P. L. Bayliss

A Model for Porosity Reduction by Quartz Cementation in Anticlinal Structures: Abstract

J. R. Wood

Molasse of Foreland Basins: The Elusive Model: Abstract

A. D. Miall

Nannofossil Biostratigraphy of Albian to Santonian Cyclothems - Middle North America: Abstract

K. R. Krumbach

Non-Marine Synorogenic Sedimentation in the Wyoming-Idaho-Utah Thrust Belt Foreland Basin: Abstract

J. G. Schmitt

Paleochannel Sedimentology in the Upper Judith River Formation (Campanian); Dinosaur Provincial Park, Southeastern Alberta: Abstract

E. H. Koster

The Paleotopography of the Pre-Cretaceous Erosional Surface in the Western Canada Basin: Abstract

M. J. Ranger

Pembina Oil Field — In Retrospect

A. R. Nielsen, J. W. Porter

Petroleum Geology of Pikes Peak Heavy Oil Field, Waseca Formation, Lower Cretaceous, Saskatchewan

F. F. N. Van Hulten

Petroleum Significance of Sub-Colorado (Cenomanian/Albian) Boundary in Northwestern North America: Abstract

T. P. Storey, P. L. Mitchell

Porosity Development in the Cretaceous Niobrara Formation, Colorado: Abstract

S. M. Billo

Possible Sources of Cretaceous Oils and Oil Sands in the Western Canadian Basin: Abstract

M. J. Leenheer

Possible Tectonic Influence on and Facies Distribution of Shannon Shelf-Ridge Sandstone, Wyoming: Abstract

R. W. Tillman, R. S. Martinsen

The Rapid Creek Formation: An Albian Flysch-Related Phosphatic Iron Formation in Northern Yukon Territory

F. G. Young, B. T. Robertson

Reconnaissance Stratigraphy and Structure, Groundhog Coalfield, Bowser Basin, Central British Columbia: Abstract

I. W. Moffat, R. M. Bustin

Regional Sedimentology and Economic Geology of a Lower Cretaceous Clastic Wedge (Spirit River, Moosebar-Gates in Alberta and British Columbia: Abstract

D. Cant, D. Leckie

Sandstone Body Geometry, Reservoir Quality and Hydrocarbon Trapping Mechanisms in Lower Cretaceous Mannville Group, Taber/ Turin Area, Southern Alberta

M. Hradsky, M. Griffin

Sedimentation in the Lower Cretaceous Gething Basin, Alberta: Abstract

B. A. Rottenfusser

Sedimentology of Coal-Bearing Bearpaw and Horseshoe Canyon Formations (Upper Cretaceous), Drumheller Area, Alberta: Abstract

A. Waheed, A. D. Miall

Sedimentology of the Lower Cretaceous Mattagami Formation, Moose River Basin, James Bay Lowlands, Ontario, Canada

C. F. Try, D. G. F. Long, C. G. Winder

The Sedimentology of the Marine Moosebar Tongue and Bounding Strata, Lower Cretaceous Blairmore Group, Central and Southern Foothills of Alberta: Abstract

D. R. Taylor

Shelf-Bar Variations and a Model for Their Prediction in the Subsurface: Abstract

J. M. Boyles, A. J. Scott

The Spirit River Formation, Deep Basin Gas Reservoir: Abstract

D. Cant

A Storm-Generated Sequence in the Glauconitic Sandstone, Mannville Group, Southern Alberta: Abstract

I. Banerjee

Stormevent Sedimentation: Lithofacies Association in the Cardium Formation, Pembina Area, West-Central Alberta, Canada

F. F. Krause, D. A. Nelson

Stratigraphic Framework of the Niobrara Formation (Upper Cretaceous) in North and South Dakota

G. W. Shurr, J. Reiskind

Stratigraphic Significance of 13C/12C Ratios in Mid-Cretaceous Rocks of the Western Interior, U.S.A.

L. M. Pratt, C. N. Threlkeld

Stratigraphy and Depositional Facies of the Upper Triassic (Norian) Baldonnel Carbonates — A Major Natural Gas Reservoir Unit — Northeastern British Columbia: Abstract

J. M Bever, I. A. McIlreath

Stratigraphy and Petroleum Potential of the Swift Formation, Southern Alberta and North-Central Montana: Abstract

B. J. R. Hayes

Structural and Sedimentological Framework of Lower Cretaceous Coal-Bearing Rocks in the Grande Cache Area, Alberta

C. W. Langenberg

Structural Controls on Thermal Maturation as Determined from Coal Rank Studies, Rocky Mountain Foothills North of Grande Cache, Alberta: Abstract

W. D. Kalkreuth, M. E. McMechan

Subsurface Facies of the Cutbank Sandstone, Mannville Group, Southern Alberta: Abstract

I. Banerjee

Subsurface Facies of the Glauconitic Sandstone, Mannville Group, Southern Alberta: Abstract

I. Banerjee

Terrestrial Palynomorph Biostratigraphy of the Lower Part of the Mannville Group (Lower Cretaceous), Alberta and Montana

E. T. Burden

Triassic Stratigraphy of the Rocky Mountain Foothills and Front Ranges in Western Canada - A Regional Overview: Abstract

D. W. Gibson

Viking and Cardium Depositional Model in West-Central Alberta, Canada: Abstract

C. Grujenschi

Viking Sandstone Depositional Model Along the Eastern Shelf of the Williston Basin, Saskatchewan: Abstract

S. C. O’Connell

Wave Dominated Conglomeratic and Sandstone Marine Sequences of the Gates Formation (Falher Equivalent): Abstract

D. Leckie