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"Reefs" as Exploration Targets in the Smackover Formation

David C. Kopaska-Merkel

210Pb and 137CS Geochronology of the Lake Fausse Pointe Region of the Lower Atchafalaya Basin

Luke J. Patterson, Zahid Muhammad, Samuel J. Bentley, L. Del Britsch, Douglas L. Dillon

A 50-Year History of Coastal Studies Institute Contributions to Science

H. H. Roberts, J. M. Coleman

Abstract: 3-D Interpretation Using Seismic and Non-Seismic Data from a Regional to Prospect Scale

Shawn Mulcahy, Patrick S. Millegan, John E. Bain, Steven E. Schulz

Abstract: A Computer-Based System for the Storage and Application of Expert Knowledge in Paleoenvironmental Interpretations

E. Platon, Anthony Gary

Abstract: A Preliminary Examination of the Hydrogeology of the Chicot Aquifer

Douglas Carlson, Riley Milner

Abstract: A Proposed Seismic Network for Louisiana Public High Schools -- Seismeauxgraph

J. Lorenzo

Abstract: Chicot Aquifer in Jefferson Davis Parish, Louisiana

Riley Milner

Abstract: Eolian Reservoir Facies Within the Upper Jurassic Smackover Formation, Western-Central Mississippi: A New Exploration Target

William A. Tedesco, R. P. Major

Abstract: Fifty Years of Achievements and Service to the Geologic Community by the Gulf Coast Section of SEPM

Edward B. Picou Jr.

Abstract: Geologic Sequestration in the Gulf Coast: Subregional Considerations

P. R. Knox, M. H. Holtz, S. D. Hovorka, C. A. Doughty

Abstract: How Accurately Do Offlap-Break Elevations of Shelf-Phase Deltas Record Past Sea-Level Elevations? Clues from the Morphology of the Mississippi River Deltas

Philip J. Bart, Swati Ghoshal

Abstract: Inferred Fracture Patterns within Overlapping Normal Fault Zones from Shallow, High-Resolution Gravity, Seismic, and Laser Altimetry (Lidar) Data Sets: Neotectonics along Northern Gulf Coast of Mexico, Louisiana, USA

J. Lorenzo, C. Cazes, C. Westbrook, I. Van Heerden

Abstract: In Memoriam

Abstract: Investigating a Possible Link Between Water from Aquifers Containing Lignite Deposits and Kidney Disease in the USA: Louisiana Project

Joeseph Bunnell, Rebecca Bushon, William Orem, Calin A. Tatu, Bradford Hanson, Douglas Carlson, Runhua Shi

Abstract: Late Quaternary Avulsion Events Preserved in Mobile Bay, Alabama

Antonio B. Rodriguez, Craig T. Meyer, John B. Anderson

Abstract: Louisiana's Voluntary Remedial Program (VRP), A Case Study

Charles M. Hunter, William H. Schramm

Abstract: Modern Water Chemistry and Benthic Foraminiferal Abundance in Lago Enriquillo, Dominican Republic

David Buck

Abstract: Pontchartrain: Frangenic Lake

Robert W. Sabate, Kathleen S. Waltenmuth

Abstract: Preliminary Examination of the Hydrogeology of the Sparta Aquifer and Adjacent Aquifers in North Central Louisiana

Douglas Carlson

Abstract: Regional and Local Scale Groundwater Modeling of the Chicot Aquifer System

A. Rahman, S. Hortono, C. Willson

Abstract: Remedial Technology Selection and Implementation at a Remote Gasoline Pipeline Release Site: A Study of Proactive Impact Management under Recap

Walliam H. Schramm, Jeffrey T. Jones

Abstract: Reservoir and Hydrocarbon Characteristics of Igneous Rock of Kongdian Formation in Zaoyuan Oil Field, East China

Shiqi Zhang

Abstract: Seismic Sequence Stratigraphic Correlation of the Placid #1 OCS-G-6932, Ewing Bank 1001 and the Shell #1 OCS-G-4888, South Timbalier, Block 292 Offshore Louisiana, Gulf of Mexico

Walter W. Wornardt

Abstract: Seismic Stratigraphy and Late Quaternary Evolution of Eastern Mississippi Sound, Alabama

Larry Greene, Antonio B. Rodriguez

Abstract: Sequence Stratigraphy Models of Rift Lacustrine Basin and Their Applications in Bohai Bay Basin, East China

Shiqi Zhang

Abstract: Tropical Storm Isidore and Hurricane Lili Impact: Implications for Coastal Restoration

Shea Penland, Asbury Sallenger

Abstract: Wetland Loss and Barrier Shoreline Erosion Along the Plaquemines Barrier Shoreline

Paul Connor, Andrew Beall, Phil McCarty, Shea Penland, Karen Westphal

Anatomy of a Barrier Island Beach Ridge Aquifer, Eastern Florida

Hugh J. Mitchell-Tapping, Aleta M. Mitchell-Tapping

Aspect Ratios in Coarse-Grained and Fine-Grained Submarine Fan Channels

Anne M. Delery, Arnold H. Bouma

An Assessment of the Late Holocene Record of Severe Storm Impacts from Lake Shelby, Alabama

W. Joe Lambert, Paul Aharon, Antonio B. Rodriguez

Cenozoic Deformational Styles of the Laguna-Madre - Tuxpan Shelf and Mexican Ridges Fold Belt, Mexico

Tim Wawrzyniec, Khaled Fouad, Dan Schultz-Ela, William Ambrose, David Jennette, Shinichi Sakurai, Edgar Guevara, Mario Aranda, Juan Alvarado, Ulises Hernandez, Eduardo Macias, J. Roman, C. Rosas, K. Rosas, L. E. Salomon

Character of Overpressure in the Deep Tuscaloosa Trend, Louisiana

Philip H. Nelson

Coalbed Methane in Late Pennsylvanian to Early Permian Coal, Kerr Basin, Edwards County, Texas

Charles E. Barker, William Heck, Cortland Eble

Coastal Observing Systems: Key to the Future of Coastal Dynamics Investigations

Gregory W. Stone, Xiongping Zhang, Jian Li, Alex Sheremet

Combining Dipmeter Measurements and Formation Imaging to Improve Reservoir Characterization

Roy L. Yates, Joel H. Le Calvez

Comparisons between Compacted and Decompacted Turbidite Systems, Tanqua Karoo, South Africa

Judith Fridge, Arnold H. Bouma

Deposition and Resuspension of Fluid Mud on the Western Louisiana Inner Shelf

Kristina A. Rotondo, Samuel J. Bentley

Diagenetic Patterns and Reservoir Development in the Woodbine Formation, Tyler County, Texas

G. Russell Young, Mary L. Barrett

Dolomitization of the Smackover Formation and Hydrocarbon Exploration in Mississippi

Ezat Heydari, Monyette Keyes

Economic Biostratigraphy in the Gulf of Mexico Basin: A Review of Application Advances, Limitations, and Challenges for the New Millennium

S. Q. Breard, A. D. Callender, M. J. Nault

Elevated Arsenic Levels in the Weches Formation, Nacogdoches County, Texas

E. B. Ledger, Kathy Judy

An Embryonic Major Delta Lobe: A New Generation of Delta Studies in the Atchafalaya-Wax Lake Delta System

H. H. Roberts, J. M. Coleman, S. J. Bentley, N. Walker

Enhanced Temperature Gradient in the Deep Tuscaloosa Trend--Is It Really There?

Philip H. Nelson

Event Sedimentation and Long-Term Accumulation in a Salt Marsh: St. Louis Bay, Mississippi

Lawrence A. Febo, Triniti A. Dufrene, Dana A. Watzke, Samuel J. Bentley

Evolution and Stratigraphy of a Recent Flood Tidal Delta: Raccoon Pass, Timbalier Islands Louisiana

Mark A. Kulp, Duncan FitzGerald, Shea Penland, Jeffrey Motti

Examining the Definition and Significance of the Maximum Flooding Surface Through Fuzzy Logic Modeling

William C. Parcell

Exploitation of Thin Basin-Floor Fan Sandstones, Navarro Formation (Upper Cretaceous), South Texas

Richard C. Bain

Exploration of the Sunniland Formation of Southern Florida

Hugh J. Mitchell-Tapping, Aleta M. Mitchell-Tapping

Exploration Potential and High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy of Shelf-Sand Reservoirs, Miocene, South Mississippi

C. Robertson Handford, Lawrence R. Baria

Exploring "Sweet Spots" in the Deep Shelf, Gulf of Mexico

Selim S. Shaker, Walter W. Wornardt Jr.

Exploring for Deep Gas in the Gulf of Mexico Shelf and Deepwater Using Gas Chimney Processing

David Connolly, Fred Aminzadeh

Facies Identification and Depositional Environment Interpretation, North Blowhorn Creek Field, Alabama

Brian J. Panetta

Field Studies in the Chandeleur Sound Area, Offshore Louisiana (State Waters)

Chacko J. John, Bobby L. Jones, Brian J. Harder, Reed Bourgeois, M. Byron Miller

General Geology of the Mid-Tertiary Block 889 Field Area, Offshore Mustang Island, Texas

Ramon H. Trevino, Robert G. Loucks, L. Frank Brown, Randy L. Remington

Geochemistry of an Oil Seep and Gas Hydrate on the Lower Slope, Central Gulf of Mexico: Significance to Paleogeography and Possible Source Rocks

Roger Sassen, Paul J. Post, Debra A. DeFreitas, Stephen T. Sweet

Geologic and Geoscoustic Study of Surficial Deposits, North-Central Gulf of Mexico Continental Shelf

Triniti A. Dufrene, Samuel J. Bentley, Yvonne C. Allen

Geology, Geological History, and Exploration Potential of the Middle and Late Miocene Natural Gas Sands of Alabama

Charles C. Smith

Geometric Properties of Active Piercement Structures: Geologic Insights From 3-D Kinematic Models

Hongwei Yin, Richard H. Groshong, Jr.

High-Frequency Cycles (Parasequences) in the Edwards Group, Central Texas

Brian E. Lock, Francisco Cardona S., Jamsie Roberts

How Many Species of the Fossil Rodent Copemys Occur at a Single Prolific Screening Site in the Miocene, Fleming Formation at Fort Polk, Louisiana?

Grant S. Boardman, Judith A. Schiebout, John Wrenn

Hydraulic Entrapment of Relict Saline Water within Semi-Confined Aquifers in Southwest Florida

Thomas M. Missimer, W. Kirk Martin, Weixing Guo

Hydrocarbon Production and Surface Expression of the China Segment of the Tepetate Fault Zone, Louisiana

Byron Miller, Paul V. Heinrich

Impacts of Tropical Systems on the Sedimentary Fabric of the Mississippi Sound

Brian M. Velardo, Samuel J. Bentley, Gregory W. Stone

Integrated Biostratigraphic and Sequence Stratigraphic Approach for Correlation and Basin Interpretation

Ernest A. Mancini, T. Markham Puckett

Integrated Exploration Scheme for Lower Wilcox Coalbed Methane in Central Louisiana

Gary L. Kinsland, Joseph E. Zeosky, Gilbert B. Smith, Robert V. Schneider

Integration of Geologic Model and Reservoir Simulation, Popeye Field, Green Canyon 116

Beth Yuvancic-Strickland, Eric Kuhl, Tin-Wai Lee, Benjamin Seldon, Peter B. Flemings, Turgay Ertekin

Intellectual Property Rights and Geoscience Technology

Wendy K. B. Buskop

Interpretation of High Resolution Seismic Data from a Geologically Complex Continental Margin, Northern Gulf of Mexico

Carol Lutken, Allen Lowrie, Erika Geresi, Richard Bennett, Richard Faas, Bradley Battista, Tom McGee

Is Drilling in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Uncorking Bad Genies?

Paul Aharon

Land Surface Subsidence Caused by Groundwater Withdrawal in Southeastern Louisiana

Jeffrey A. Nunn

Large-Scale Fluid Migration Driven by Salt Dissolution, Bay Marchand Dome, Offshore Louisiana

R. Stephanie Bruno, Jeffrey S. Hanor

Lithofacies Classification Based on Spectral Yields and Borehole Microresistivity Images

Anish Kumar, George R. Kear

Lower Cretaceous Glen Rose "Patch Reef" Reservoir in the Chittim Field, Maverick County, South Texas

Robert G. Loucks, Charles Kerans

Managing the Probability of Making at Least One Discovery

George H. Rhoads

Meta-Attributes: A New Concept for Reservoir Characterization and Seismic Anomaly Detection

Fred Aminzadeh

Metal Distribution and Metal Site Partitioning, Mobile Bay Surface Sediments

J. Ashley Cordi, Maurice A. Meylan, Wayne C. Isphording

Middle Holocene Sea-Level and Evolution of the Gulf of Mexico Coast

Michael D. Blum, Amy E. Sivers, Tracy Zayac, Ronald J. Goble

Miocene Lower Vertebrates from Fort Polk, LA: a Preliminary Report

Michael J. Williams, Judith A. Schiebout

Miocene Valley-Fill, Slope, and Submarine-Canyon Systems in the Laguna Madre-Tuxpan Area, Mexico

William A. Ambrose, K. Fouad, D. Jennette, L. F. Brown Jr., T. Wawrzyniec, S. Sakurai, E. Guevara, M. Aranda, J. Alvarado, U. Hernandez, E. Macias, D. Velez, F. Sanchez, G. Lopez, J. C. Flores

Multiple Overlapping Foraminiferal Litho-Biofacies: Applications to Deep-Water Sedimentology and Reservoir Properties of Turbidites

Richard H. Fillon

Neo-Tectonic Framework of Southeast Louisiana and Applications to Coastal Restoration

Sherwood M. Gagliano, E. Burton Kemp III, Karen M. Wicker, Kathleen S. Wiltenmuth, Robert W. Sabate

Origin of a Circular Depression and Associated Fractured and Shocked Quartz, St. Helena Parish, La

Paul V. Heinrich

Paleoenvironment of Paleocene Wilcox Big Shale in LaSalle Parish, Louisiana

Lloyd N. Glawe

Palynologic Age Determination of the Catahoula Formation, Big Creek, Sicily Island, Louisiana

John H. Wrenn, William C. Elsik, Richard P. McCulloh

Petroleum Exploration for Upper Jurassic Smackover Carbonate Shoal and Microbial Reefal Lithofacies Associated with Paleohighs, Southwest Alabama

Juan Carlos Llinas

Petroleum Potential of Aggrading Sandstones of Transgressive-Regressive Cycles in the Mississippi-Alabama Area

Ernest A. Mancini, T. Markham Puckett

Preservation Potential of Paleocyclone Deposits Ln Gulf of Mexico Coastal Sediments

Lisa Marie Mertz, Marylea Hart, John Jaeger

Radial Faulting Above Salt-Diapir Overhangs: Natural Example, and Physical and Kinematic Models

Bruno C. Vendeville, Khaled Fouad, Paul R. Knox

The Regional Geothermal Heat Flow Regime of the North-Central Gulf of Mexico Continental Slope

Michael L. Jones, Seiichi Nagihara, Michael A. Smith

Reservoir Characterization and 3-D Geologic Modeling, North Blowhorn Creek Oil Field, Alabama

Brian J. Panetta

Role of the Earth Scan Laboratory

Oscar K. Huh, Nan D. Walker

Rudistids of the South Florida Lower Cretaceous Sunniland Formation

Hugh J. Mitchell-Tapping, Aleta M. Mitchell-Tapping

Sedimentary Evidence for Turbidity Maximum Influenced Fluvial Deposition in the Modern Mahakam Delta

Brian Vosburg, Harry H. Roberts

Sedimentary Thermal Maturation Models for the Deepwater Eastern Gulf of Mexico

Kelly Opre Jones, Seiichi Nagihara

The Sedimentology of Muddy Coastal Systems: The Research Legacy and New Perspectives from the Coastal Studies Institute

Samuel J. Bentley, Harry H. Roberts, Kristina Rotondo

Seismic-Sequence Stratigraphy and Petroleum System Modeling of the Downdip Tuscaloosa-Woodbine, LA and TX

Russell F. Dubiel, Janet K. Pitman, Douglas Steinshouer

Semiquantitative Estimation of Carbonates in Holocene Siliciclastic Sequences of the Mississippi Delta

Alan M. Bailey, H. H. Roberts, S. Pal

Sequence Biostratigraphy and a New Nannofossil Zonation of the Pleistocene Gulf of Mexico

Richard A. Denne

Shallow-Marine Facies of the Orange Walk Group, Miocene-Pliocene, Northern Belize (Central America)

David T. King, Jr., Lucille W. Petruny, Kevin O. Pope

Shallow Miocene and Oligocene Gas Potential: Southeastern Louisiana's Florida Parishes

Donald A. Goddard, Ronald K. Zimmerman

Spatial Variations in the Salinity of Produced Waters from Southwestern Louisiana

D. Scott Szalkowski, Jeffrey S. Hanor

Temporal Dynamics of Paleogene Paleovegetational Response to Climatic Changes and Regional Upwelling, West Africa (ODP Site 959)

Sarah R. de la Rue, Francisca E. Oboh-Ikuenobe

Tidal Prism Changes Within Barataria Bay and Its Effects on Sedimentation Patterns and Barrier Shoreline Stability

Duncan FitzGerald, Mark A. Kulp, Shea Penland

Tropical Storm Isidore and Hurricane Lili: Louisiana Barrier Shoreline Response, Preliminary Results

Asbury Sallenger, Shea Penland, William Krabill

Underexplored Oil and Gas Trends of Mississippi

Stephen D. Champlin

Water Supply in Lafayette, Louisiana

Timothy W. Duex

Wave Evolution in Cohesive Sedimentary Environments: Open Problems

A. Sheremet, J. M. Kaihatu, G. W. Stone, X. Zhang