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2D Resistivity Imaging Investigation of Long Point, Katy-Hockley, Tomball, and Pearland Faults, Houston, Texas

Mustafa Saribudak

Assessment of a Marcellus Shale Prospect Using Seismic, Microseismic, and Completions Data

Scott Singleton, Mark Suda

Characteristics of Fluvial Bed Material in and adjacent to Instream Aggregate Extraction Pits along the Bouie River in Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Joseph Grimball, Franklin T. Heitmuller

Depositional Significance of Siliciclastic Component of the Lower Cretaceous Pearsall Cow Creek Limestone Member in the Western Maverick Basin, South Texas

Robert G. Loucks, David C. Hull

Developing Geothermal Energy in Texas: Mapping the Temperatures and Resources

Maria C. Richards, David D. Blackwell

Don’t Mess with a Geophysicist’s House: A Case Study of Ground Penetrating Radar (3D) for Concrete Moisture Mapping and Void Detection in the Saturated Soil beneath the Concrete Foundation

Mustafa Saribudak

Exploration of West Texas Brackish Groundwater to Supply Fracking Fluids for the Bone Spring Play

Allan R. Standen

Exploration Targets of Offshore Western Florida

Scott A. Bowman

Extended Abstract: A Custom Software Approach to Visualizing 4D Models: An Example from the CO2 Sequestration Study Area, Lower Tuscaloosa Formation, Cranfield Field, Mississippi

John R. Andrews, Jong-Won Choi

Extended Abstract: Advances and Challenges in Seismic Data Processing and Imaging for Geologically Complex Areas

Ruben D. Martinez

Extended Abstract: A Hydrologic-Characterization Approach for Texas Aquatic-Species Studies

Brad Wolaver, Cassandra Cook, Bridget Scanlon, Michael Young

Extended Abstract: A Potential Geopressured, Geothermal Area in Southwest Louisiana

Warren Schulingkamp, Chacko J. John, Brian Harder, Reed Bourgeois

Extended Abstract: Constraining Interpretations of the Crustal Architecture of the Northern Gulf of Mexico

Mark G. Rowan, H. Scott Sumner, Holly Huston, Sujata Venkatraman, David Dunbar

Extended Abstract: Continuing Insights into Structure and Stratigraphy of the Onshore Gulf Basin from Prestack Depth Imaging of Mega-Regional Strike Lines from South Texas to the Florida Panhandle

Ed Haire, Don Howard, Barbara Radovich

Extended Abstract: Developing a Geospatial Model for Analysis of a Dynamic, Heterogeneous Aquifer: The Brazos River Alluvium Aquifer, Central Texas

Stephanie S. Wong, Joe C. Yelderman Jr., Bruce Byars

Extended Abstract: Evaluation of Geothermal Energy Potential in Mississippi Counties of the Black Warrior Basin

Cary R. Lindsey

Extended Abstract: Forward Modelling of Turbidite Sand Deposits on Restored Paleobathymetric Surfaces: Case Studies in Salt Tectonics Affected Areas

Anne Domzig, Stuart MacLean, Dave Waltham, Tim Rice, Ryan Shackleton

Extended Abstract: Geoenvironmental Map of the Matagorda—Matagorda SW Quadrangles, Texas Gulf Coast

Thomas A. Tremblay, Edward W. Collins, Jeffrey G. Paine

Extended Abstract: Geologic Evaluation of Regional Production Trends in the Upper Cretaceous Austin Chalk

Krystal Pearson

Extended Abstract: Geoscience Careers in the Oil and Gas Industry: A Most Excellence Adventure

Lorie Dunne, John Barton, David Ewen

Extended Abstract: Geoscience Workforce for 21st Century Challenges

Marilyn J. Suiter, Lina C. Patino

Extended Abstract: Gulf of Mexico Borehole Geothermal Data Integration into the National Geothermal Data Systems, Part 1: Texas Continental Shelf

Seiichi Nagihara, Cory Christie, Nosakhare Ogiamien, Motunrayo Oladokun, Olabisi Ajiboye, Sergio Ojeda

Extended Abstract: Gulf of Mexico Salt Structures and their Impact on Reservoir Quality—An Evaluation Methodology

Zehui (Tim) Huang, Ursula Edwards, Steve Carson, David Eickhoff, Tobi Kosanke

Extended Abstract: How to Make a Geology Major: A Recipe for Success from GeoFORCE Texas

Eleanour Snow

Extended Abstract: Hurricane Ike Storm Surge Depths in Southeastern Texas Based on High Water Marks

Joseph M. Kruger, Kristopher Farmer

Extended Abstract: Hydrocarbon Potential of the Deepwater Portion of the “Salina del Istmo” Province, Southeastern Gulf of Mexico, Mexico

Carlos T. Williams-Rojas, Enrique Reyes-Tovar, Lino Miranda-Peralta, Gerardo Reyna-Martinez, Alejandro Cardenas-Alvarado, Rodrigo Maldonado-Villalon, Veronica Munoz-Bocanegra, Carlos Lora-delaFuente

Extended Abstract: Kinematics of Regional Salt Flow in the Northern Gulf of Mexico

Xavier Fort, Jean-Pierre Brun

Extended Abstract: Mudstone Microfabrics and Pore Networks: Gulf Coast Analogs

William C. Dawson, William R. Almon, Laura M. Vestal

Extended Abstract: Pore Morphology and Distribution in the Cretaceous Eagle Ford Shale, South Texas, USA

Robert M. Reed, Stephen C. Ruppel

Extended Abstract: Potential for Carbon Dioxide Sequestration in Five Fields along the Mississippi River Industrial Corridor in Louisiana

Chacko J. John, Brian J. Harder, Bobby L. Jones, Reed J. Bourgeois, Warren Schulingkamp

Extended Abstract: Reducing Environmental Tradeoffs along the Texas Coastal Areas

Richard C. Haut, Tom Williams

Extended Abstract: Salt Tectonics at Passive Margins: Geology Versus Models

Jean-Pierre Brun, Xavier Fort

Extended Abstract: Status of K–12 Earth Science Education in the U.S., with an Emphasis on the Gulf States

Ann E. Benbow

Extended Abstract: Stratigraphy to Seismic (StS™): Integrating Biostratigraphic Interpretations with Seismic Data

Paul Watson, Caroline Reid, Elisabeth Nairn

Extended Abstract: Summer Geoscience Field Trips for Minority High School Students—Successes and Challenges in Louisiana and Beyond

Diane F. Maygarden, Heather L. Egger, Ivan P. Gill

Extended Abstract: The Gulf of Mexico Oil Correlation Study—22 Years Later!

Paul A. Comet

Extended Abstract: WRVAT: A Comprehensive GIS-Based Water Resources Vulnerability Assessment Tool

Abhishek Singh, Toya Jones, John Pickens, Robert M. Holt

Facies Variability of the Oligocene Frio Formation in Growth-Faulted Compartments in Corpus Christi Bay, Texas

Mariana I. Olariu, Ursula Hammes, William A. Ambrose, Robert G. Loucks

Formation of Barrel Concretions around Methane Seepage Pathways in Upper Middle Eocene Shelf Sediments, Stone City Bluff, Texas

Jennifer K. Hendricks, Thomas E. Yancey, James E. Flis, Christopher J. Flis, Ethan L. Grossman

Gain-Loss Studies in the Colorado River Basin of Texas: Drought of 2011–2012 Update

Geoffrey P. Saunders

Geology and Sequence Stratigraphy of Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources in Conventional and Continuous Petroleum Systems in the Upper Cretaceous Eagle Ford Group and Related Strata, U.S. Gulf Coast Region

Russell F. Dubiel, Ofori N. Pearson, Janet Pitman, Krystal Pearson, Scott Kinney

Geophysical Mapping of the Hockley Fault in Northwestern Houston and Recent Surface Observations

Mustafa Saribudak

Geothermal and Geopressure Assessment with Implications for Carbon Dioxide Sequestration, Lower Tuscaloosa Formation, Louisiana

Timmon Drumm, Jeffrey A. Nunn

Influence of Primary Ooid Mineralogy on Porosity Evolution in Limestone and Dolomite Reservoirs: An Example from the Eastern Gulf of Mexico Basin

William A. Tedesco, R. P. Major

LIDAR and Gravity Data Combined to Establish Cross-Cutting Relationships of Features on the Surface of the Prairie Allogroup near Lafayette, Louisiana

Gary L. Kinsland, Shawn Kushiyama, Christoph Borst

Northern Belize’s Onshore Petroleum Stratigraphy, Structures, and Oil Seeps

David T. King, Lucille Petruny

Numerical Modeling of Groundwater Flux through a Low-Level Radioactive Waste Repository for Performance Assessment

Abel Porras, Changbing Yang, Kan Tu, Brad Broussard, Alex Sun

Paleocene-Eocene Marine Transgression in the Upper Calvert Bluff Formation, Wilcox Group, Bastrop County, Texas

Thomas E. Yancey, Andrew Dunham, Kevin Durney

Pre-College Student Involvement in Texas Coastal Research

Tiffany L. Caudle, Jeffrey G. Paine

Preliminary Evaluation of the Shale Gas Prospectivity of the Lower Cretaceous Pearsall Formation in the Onshore Gulf Coast Region, United States

Catherine B. Enomoto, Krystina R. Scott, Brett Valentine, Paul C. Hackley, Kristin Dennen, Celeste Lohr

Proposed Microbial Origin of Kaolinite in Simsboro Sandstone (Upper Paleocene), Limestone County, Texas

Robert L. Folk, Earle F. McBride, Thomas E. Yancey

Real and Apparent Daily Springflow Fluctuations during Drought Conditions in a Karst Aquifer, Barton Springs Segment of the Edwards Aquifer, Central Texas

Brian B. Hunt, Brian A. Smith, Nico Hauwert

Regional Analysis of Stratigraphy, Reservoir Characteristics, and Fluid Phases in the Eagle Ford Shale, South Texas

Yao Tian, Walter B. Ayers, William D. McCain Jr.

Resistivity Imaging and Natural Potential Applications to the Antioch Fault Zone in the Onion Creek / Barton Springs Segment of the Edwards Aquifer, Buda, Texas

Mustafa Saribudak, Brian Hunt, Brian Smith

Retention of Talent and Elevation of Performance among Petrotechnical Professionals

Frank Wantland

Seismic Facies Study of 3D Seismic Data, Northern Louisiana, Wilcox Formation

Kaare Egedahl, Gary L. Kinsland, Dan Han

Shelf-Edge Deltaic Depositional Systems in the Upper Woodbine Succession, Double A Wells Field, Polk County, Texas

William A. Ambrose, Tucker F. Hentz

Silica-Cemented Sandstones (Groundwater Silcretes) in Outcrops of the Jackson Group, Texas Coastal Plain

Earle F. McBride, Robert L. Folk, Thomas E. Yancey

Spatial and Temporal Trends in Louisiana Water Use: 1960 to 2005

Jeffrey A. Nunn

Spatial Variations in Pore Water Salinities above and below Allochthonous Salt in Offshore Gulf of Mexico Sediments—Implications for Mechanisms of Solute Transport and Timing of Salt Emplacement

Miles A. McCammon, Jeffrey S. Hanor

Temporal Trends in Precipitation and Hydrologic Responses Affecting the Barton Springs Segment of the Edwards Aquifer, Central Texas

Brian B. Hunt, Brian A. Smith, Raymond Slade Jr., Robin H. Gary, W. F. Kirk Holland

Transactions: Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies; Frontmatter

Tucker F. Hentz, James J. Willis, Changbing Yang, H. Scott Hamlin, H. Seay Nance, Jill C. Willis, Kristen M. Willis

An Undescribed Fauna from the Upper Cretaceous ‘Pyroclastic Zone’ of the Austin Group at Pilot Knob, Central Texas

Linda McCall, James Sprinkle, Ann Molineux, Christopher Garvie

Urban Geophysics: Geophysical Signature of the Mount Bonnell Fault and its Karstic Features in Austin, Texas

Mustafa Saribudak

UTIG Reprocessing and Interpretation: Stratigraphic Framework and Play Concepts, Alaminos Canyon, U.S.A., to Bay of Campeche, Mexico

Andrew Hartwig, James Pindell, Don Van Nieuwenhuise, Barbara Radovich

Variability of Sandstone Architecture and Bypass Systems of the Miocene Oakville and Lower Lagarto Formations in the Carancahua Bay Area, Texas Gulf Coast

Rattanaporn Fongngern, William A. Ambrose

Wetumpka Impact Structure’s Resurge Chalk Deposits—Insights from X-Ray Computed Tomography

James K. Markin, David T. King Jr.