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GCAGS Transactions

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Benton Field, Bossier Parish, Louisiana: Revitalization of an Old Field in the Lower Cotton Valley

Johnny R. Dean

Brackish Groundwater Resources of the Northern Trinity Aquifer, Texas

Mark C. Robinson, Daniel M. Lupton

A Comparison of Holocene with Pleistocene Interglacial Periods Similarities and Differences

Douglas Carlson

Correlation of Sand Reservoirs of the Lower Tuscaloosa Formation in the Smithdale and East Fork Fields in Amite County, Mississippi

Alexandra Elizabeth Warren

Correlation of the Eagle Ford Group, Woodbine Group, and Equivalent Cenomanian-Turonian Mudstones using Regional Wireline-Log Cross Sections across the Texas Gulf Coast, U.S.A.

Nicholas J. Gianoutsos, Katherine J. Whidden, Russell F. Dubiel, William A. Rouse

Correlation of the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale in Mississippi, Louisiana, and East Texas, U.S.A.

William A. Rouse, Catherine B. Enomoto, Nicholas J. Gianoutsos

Estimating the Effect of Rock Mineral Composition on Reservoir Quality: Application in the Spraberry and Wolfcamp Formations, Permian Basin, Texas and New Mexico

Adewale Amosu, Mohamed Imsalem, Yuefeng Sun

Evaluating Petrophysical Variations of Turbidite Depositional Systems with Implications for Enhanced Reservoir Modeling in Ewing Bank 873 (Lobster Field), Gulf of Mexico

James Pasley, James J. Willis

Extended Abstract: Analyses and Interpretations of a Conventional Core from Central Louisiana, which Contains Deposits Resulting from the Effects of the Chicxulub Impact

Gary L. Kinsland, Kody Shellhouse, Eric Muchiri, Forrest Frederick

Extended Abstract: Carbon Dioxide Sealing Capacity of the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale: Insights from Mercury Injection Capillary Pressure Analyses

Celeste D. Lohr, Paul C. Hackley

Extended Abstract: Characterizing the Natural Fracture System of the Buda Formation, South Texas

Ross Ledoux, Raphaël Gottardi

Extended Abstract: Complex Reef Mound Environment on a Cretaceous Shelf: Facies Analyses and Depositional Environment of the Owl Mountain Province, Fort Hood Military Installation, Texas

Jacob Allan Meinerts, Melinda Shaw Faulkner

Extended Abstract: Finding Sweet Spots: An Outcrop-Based Investigation, Eagle Ford Formation, Val Verde County, Texas

Victoria Chevrot, Raphaël Gottardi

Extended Abstract: Geomechanical Heterogeneity in the Lower Cotton Valley Shelf System—Applications to Completion Design

Craig D. Hall

Extended Abstract: Petrographic Analysis of Tuscaloosa Marine Shale (Upper Cretaceous) Core Recovered from the Eads Poitevent #1 Well in Lacombe Bayou Field, St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana

Mary K. Fearn, Raphaël Gottardi

Extended Abstract: Recent Advances in Pore Pressure Prediction in Complex Geologic Environments

Alan R. Huffman

Extended Abstract: Science under Attack: John T. Scopes, the Monkey Trial, and a Lesson for our Times

Matthew R. Silverman

Extended Abstract: Structural Styles and Geotectonic Elements in Northwestern Mississippi: Interpreted from Gravity, Magnetic, and Proprietary 2D Seismic Data

Nick Loundagin, Gary L. Kinsland

Extended Abstract: Success and Failure in the Deepwater Norphlet Play, United States Gulf of Mexico

Dominic J. Smith

Extended Abstract: The Jackson Gas Rock, a Unique Upper Cretaceous (Selma Chalk) Lithofacies, Mississippi

Steven S. Walkinshaw

Extended Abstract: Using Electrical Resistivity Surveys to Determine Subsurface Connectivity in a Karst Terrain, Fort Hood Military Installation, Texas

Colby Reece, Melinda Shaw Faulkner

Extended Abstract: Weld Types and Classification

James J. Willis

Geochemical Analysis of the Carbonate-Evaporite Miocene Outcrops in the Cyrenaica Region of Libya: Cyrenaica Platform and Sirt Basin

Khaled S. Amrouni, Osama Rahil Shaltami, Ahmed S. El-Hawat, Michael C. Pope, Aimen Amer, Essa A. Elbileikia, Hassan S. El-Bargathi, Adel A. Obeidi, Khalid A. M. Mustafa, Ahmed M. A. Al-Alwani, Mohamed SH. Abdalla El-Jahmi, Salah S. Abdelsalam El-Ekhfifi, Matthew P. Wehner

Influence of Fracture Proximity and Vertical Extent on Source Water Quality from the Lower Arcadia Formation (Miocene) Brackish Groundwater Public Water Supply Wellfields in Southwest Florida

Daniel J. Acquaviva, Omar Rodriguez

Influence of Shale Distribution Types on the Effective Porosity of Sandstone Reservoirs

Gregory J. Ferguson, James J. Willis, Duncan S. McIntosh, Jr., Jesse W. Zwennes, James Pasley, Garrett M. Goettel

Machine Learning using Multiple Seismic Attributes could be the Paradigm Shift in the Interpretation Process

Deborah K. Sacrey

A Microseismic Case Study: Cotton Valley Taylor Sandstones, Overton Field, Texas

Nick B. Pollard, Nicole Elhaj

The Milano Fault System, Central Texas: Structure and Implications for the Simsboro Aquifer

Thomas E. Ewing, Steven Young

Mineralogical, Geothermal, and Porosity Analysis of the Eagle Mills Formation, Newton County, Mississippi

Tim Palmer, David Dockery

The Myles Companies—From Salt to the Short-Lived First Pine Prairie, Louisiana, Oil Boom

Jeff A. Spencer

The Peripheral Graben System in Texas: An Overview

Thomas E. Ewing

Petrology and Geochemistry of a Mitchell Dam Amphibolite Core, Chilton County, Alabama

W. Kaleb Kirk, David B. Bieler, Scott K. Vetter

Petrology of the Beaverdam Amphibolite, Eastern Blue Ridge, Alabama

Zachary Harrison, David B. Bieler, Scott K. Vetter

Quick-Look Deterministic Approach for Evaluating Shale Distribution in Sandstone Reservoirs: Progress Report

James J. Willis, Duncan S. McIntosh, Jr., Gregory J. Ferguson, Jesse W. Zwennes, James Pasley, Garrett M. Goettel

Reservoir Quality Assessment of the Lower Acacus and Tannezuft Formations in the NC4 Block, Ghadames Basin, Libya

Mohamed Imsalem, Adewale Amosu, Matthew Wehner, Anne Raymond, Yuefeng Sun

Sedimentary Characteristics and Geological History of the Cenozoic Red Bank Group, Northern Belize

David T. King, Jr., Jean Cornec, Lucille Petruny, Douglas Milham, Brian Holland, Sandor Ricketts, Nicholas R. Myers, Ryan D. Weber, Richard George

Sedimentary Facies Analysis and Strontium-Isotope Stratigraphy of the Hillbank and Yalbac Formations, Corozal Basin, Belize

Karena K. Gill, David T. King, Jr., Haibo Zou, Fay Smith

Sedimentology, Petrography, and Mineralogy of the Tallahatta Formation near the City of Meridian, Mississippi

Kiana McFadden, Ezat Heydari

Slabbing Borehole Images: A True 2D Visualization of Wellbore Geology

Anish Kumar, Josselin Kherroubi, Florent Bringer, George Richard Kear, Robert Laronga, Juan Herrera

Structural Styles of Eocene Jackson and Oligocene Vicksburg Formations within the Rio Grande and Houston Embayments near the San Marcos Arch, Refugio and Calhoun Counties, South Texas Gulf Coast

Osareni C. Ogiesoba, Angela K. Eluwa

Tectonics of the Texas Portion of the Sabine Island

Dale Short

A Tight Gas Sand Reservoir Characterization Approach in Delineating Different Benches across Lower Cotton Valley Rocks

Matthew Chumley, Bhaskar Sarmah, Joseph Anderson, Rojelio Medina, Hoda Tahani

Transactions: Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies; 2018 Front Matter

James J. Willis, Norman C. Rosen

U.S. Geological Survey Assessment of Undiscovered Conventional Oil and Gas Resources in Downdip Paleogene Formations, U.S. Gulf Coast

Marc L. Buursink, Catherine B. Enomoto, Colin A. Doolan, William H. Craddock, James L. Coleman, Jr.

The Use of Gravitational and Electrical Resistivity Techniques to Delineate the Big Barn Fault Located within the Gulf Coastal Plain, Montgomery County, Texas

Danielle Minteer, Wesley A. Brown

Using Legacy Data from Cores, Open Hole Logs, and Production Logs to Optimize the Placement of Horizontal Well Targets in the Cotton Valley Formation of North Louisiana and East Texas

Marvin E. Markley, Ian M. Byram

Warming is a Benefit to Humans and the Biosphere

John Dale Dunn

What if Climate Skeptics are Wrong? Best Policy Responses in the Face of Anthropogenic Climate Change

H. Sterling Burnett

Zircon Geochronology of Glendon Formation Bentonite, Rankin Trails Park, Brandon, Mississippi

Kaitlyn LaFleur, Brent V. Miller, Thomas E. Yancey, David T. Dockery, III