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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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GCAGS Transactions

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Deposition of Tar Balls Stranded in Sediments of the Upper Eocene Manning Formation, Somerville, Washington County, Texas

Thomas E. Yancey, Ibrahim Al Atwah

Detrital Zircons from the Margaret Creek Formation, Corozal Basin, Northern Belize

David T. King, Jr., Haibo Zou, Karena K. Gill, Lucille W. Petruny, Fay Smith

Erosion of the Florida and Yucatan Carbonate Margins of the Gulf of Mexico: Subaqueous or Subaerial?

Joshua H. Rosenfeld

Extended Abstract: Character of the Caribbean Crust Revealed: Initial Observations of New and Reprocessed Seismic Data

Kyle Reuber, Jim Pindell, Antara Goswami, Chuck Campbell, Andy Bliss, Brian W. Horn

Extended Abstract: Crustal Interpretation by Gravity, Magnetics, and Seismic Data over the Gulf of Mexico

John Bain, Jason Kegel, Cian O’Reilly

Extended Abstract: Development of Deep Freshwater to Brackish Groundwater Supplies in Part of Southeastern Texas

John W. Nelson

Extended Abstract: Exploration Scheme for the Wilcox Group in Central Louisiana: Detailed Structural/Environmental Mapping with Well Logs Followed by Interpolation/Extrapolation with High-Resolution Surface-Sourced Seismic Data

Gary L. Kinsland, Anne C. Brennan, Nathan Quick

Extended Abstract: Gulf Coast Deep-Seated Subsidence Rate Dynamics, Bias, and Spatial-Temporal Depocenter Complexities

Bruce C. Frederick, Mike D. Blum, Harry H. Roberts, Richard H. Fillon

Extended Abstract: Locating Faults in Louisiana Gulf Coast Quaternary Stratigraphy by Combination of Cone Penetrometer Tests with Borings and Chirp Seismic Data, Golden Meadow, Louisiana

Allison Scates, Rui Zhang

Extended Abstract: Lower Cretaceous Sediment Preservation by Small Scale Halokinesis in the Haynesville Shale Play Area

Dale Short

Extended Abstract: Machine Learning Facies Classification as Applied to the Upper Devonian Duvernay Formation, Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin

Elisabeth G. Rau, Kathy Breen, Scott C. James, Stacy C. Atchley, Anna M. Thorson

Extended Abstract: Mexico—Perspectives of the Energy Reform, its Interruption, and Active 2019 Exploration Year

Michael Dyer

Extended Abstract: Regional Structure and Petroleum Potential of the North Panama Deformed Belt

Antara Goswami, James Pindell, Robert N. Erlich, Kyle Reuber, Brian W. Horn

Extended Abstract: Sediment Dispersal Patterns and Paleoshoreline Trajectory of Wilcox Group, South-Central Texas Coast

Hongliu Zeng, Jinyu Zhang, William Ambrose

Extended Abstract: Single-County District Groundwater Quality Studies

Paul Kirby, Andrew Donnelly, David Van Dresar, Wendi Pyle, Charlotte Krause, Carole Moore

Extended Abstract: Stratigraphy of Wilcox Canyons, Tyler and Harden Counties, Texas

Frank G. Cornish

Extended Abstract: The San Luis Pass Flood Tidal Delta: Impact of Storms on the Texas Coast

Carolina Ramon-Duenas, Julia S. Wellner

Extended Abstract: Visualizing Houston’s Drainage Systems—An Intuitive Assessment of Flood Risk

Davis Tolman

Facies in the Lower Austin Chalk Group, from a Roadcut on U.S. 90 and a Core behind the Outcrop, near Langtry, Texas

Christine Griffith, Michael Pope, Kyle Gillespie, Alexis Godet, Daniel Minisini

Flow Archives of Hurricane Harvey in Buffalo Bayou, Houston, Texas: Part 1—Flood, Adjust, and Recover

Katharine P. Kendall, Ariane Roesch, Andrew Stearns, Carolina Ramon-Duenas, Sarah Meyer, Jerome J. Kendall, Jan-Claire Phillips

Flow Archives of Hurricane Harvey in Buffalo Bayou, Houston, Texas: Part 2—Hurricane Harvey Archives in Buffalo Bayou Park: A Field Guide

Katharine P. Kendall, Ariane Roesch, Andrew Stearns, Carolina Ramon-Duenas, Sarah Meyer, Jerome J. Kendall, Jan-Claire Phillips

Geologic Controls on River Morphology and Flooding in the Southeastern Texas Coastal Region

William R. Dupré

Heat Flow in the Ocean-Continent Crustal Transition Zone of the Eastern Gulf of Mexico

Alden R. Netto, Seiichi Nagihara

Lessons Learned from a Shale Gas Hallmark Well in the Eagle Ford Formation: The Case of the Well Emergente-1, the First Shale Gas Well in Mexico

Sergio Pérez Rodríguez

Linear Relationships between Geothermal and Geopressure Gradients in the Northern Central Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

Sharon Cornelius, Peter A. Emmet

Lowstand Deltas and Incised Valleys of the Tannehill Sandstone (Cisco Group) of the Southern Eastern Shelf of the Permian Basin, West Texas

Tucker F. Hentz, William A. Ambrose

A New Method to Predict Organic Matter Porosity in Unconventional Shale Reservoirs

Wayne K. Camp

The Oligocene Play of the Perdido Fold Belt Trend, Deepwater Mexico

Stacy A. Smith, Frank Bilotti, Kenn Ehman, Chad Holmes, Jiancheng Liu

Oxfordian Erg Play Fairway Evaluation in the Gulf of Mexico Using 2D and 3D Seismic Evidence

Karyna Rodriguez, Eric Newman, Mike Saunders

Paleo-Canyon Formation and Contemporaneous Oil Seepage near the Paleocene/Eocene Boundary, Tampico-Misantla Basin, Eastern Mexico

Stephen P. J. Cossey, Mark R. Bitter, Gerald R. Dickens, Don Van Nieuwenhuise, James Pindell, Joshua H. Rosenfeld, Alejandro Beltrán-Triviño, Paul Cornick, Claudia Agnini

A Pragmatic Way of Incorporating Sub-Seismic Fault Zone Structures into a Production Simulation Model

Md Saiful Islam, Tom Manzocchi, John J. Walsh, David Stern

RhoVe T Method Empirical Velocity-Density-Temperature-Effective Stress Transform

Matt Czerniak

Table of Contents: GEOGULF TRANSACTIONS 69th Annual GCAGS Convention and 66th Annual GCSSEPM Meeting

James J. Willis, Norman C. Rosen, Dorene B. West, Jill C. Willis, Tony D’Agostino, Garrett Goettel, Kate Kipper