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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Avoiding Reservoir Souring

John J. Kilbane II

Back to Source Rocks: Part I

Rasoul Sorkhabi

Black & Blue

Sally Morgan

Cognitive Interpretation

Jonathan Henderson

Croatia’s 2016 Licence Round: A second bite at the Big Apple

Anna Marszalek, Ashleigh Hewitt, Karyna Rodriguez, Neil Hodgson

De-risking the Barents Sea

Kim Gunn Maver, Anongporn Intawong, Howard Nicholls, Andrea Klubicka, Spectrum, ORG Geophysical

Deepwater Kwanza Basin: A Prospective Pre-Salt Province?

Cian O’Reilly, Dario Chisari, James Clarke, Sadiqah Musa, Jennifer Halliday, Ian Deighton, Erika Tibocha, Paul Chandler, TGS

Driven to Success on the Seismic Superhighway

Phillip Hargreaves, Neil Hodgson, Karyna Rodriguez, Ashleigh Hewitt, Spectrum

The East Shetland Platform: A Clearer Image: Unlocking the Platform Potential

William Reid, Stefano Patruno, PGS

Field-Based Training: Luxury or Necessity?

Gary Nichols, Simon Baker

The First Oil Shock

Rasoul Sorkhabi

Foz do Amazonas Basin: Latest Exploration Enhances Prospectivity

Lauren Penn, Paolo Esestime, Karyna Rodriguez, Spectrum

Gas Blowouts on the Yamal and Gydan Peninsulas

Vasily Bogoyavlensky

Gas Hydrates: Part IX: Hydrates in Outer Space (2)

Lasse Amundsen, Martin Landrø

Gas Hydrates: Part VI: Hydrates in the Arctic

Martin Landrø, Jürgen Mienert, Lasse Amundsen

Gas Hydrates: Part VII: Hydrates in the Arctic (II)

Jürgen Mienert, Martin Landrø, Lasse Amundsen

Gas Hydrates: Part VIII: Hydrates in Outer Space (1)

Lasse Amundsen, Martin Landrø

A Golden Celebration for Silver Seas

Will Thornton

The Great Black Giant

Thomas Smith

Gulf of Mexico: Post Well Analysis

Alessio Checconi, Peter Conn, David Little, Edward Smith, James Stockley, Erika Tibocha, TGS

The Hoop Area: New Testing Ground for Geophysical Technologies

Bent Kjølhamar

Horda Platform: Exploring the Cretaceous

Jaswinder Mann-Kalil, CGG

Improving Reservoir Characterisation

Lucy Macgregor

Integrating Data Types for Reservoir Characterisation

Scott Singleton

Iraqi Kurdistan: It’s All in the Timing

Abdullah Awdal, Jon Gutmanis

Ireland: South Porcupine Basin

Tony Pedley, Gerrard Spear, Keith Byrne, Polarcus, Lyme Bay Consulting, Providence Resources

Ivory Coast Exploration in the Transform Margin

Patrick Coole, Matthew Tyrrell, Christine Roche, Petroleum Geo-Services

Lebanon: The New Levantine Exploration Opportunity

M. Soledad Velasco

A New Global Sediment Thickness Map of the World

Sam Cheyney, Simon Campbell, Ian Somerton

New Perspectives on the Barents Sea

Stephen Rippington, Chris Anderson

North Korea: Hydrocarbon Exploration and Potential

Mike Rego

Offshore Mauritania and Senegal

Nicolas Hand, Azzurra Cillari, Ian Edwards, David Jackson, Dolphin Geophysical Multi-Client New Ventures

Offshore Senegal: Sud Profond 3D Illustrates Potential

Nicolas Hand, David Jackson

Oil Exploration in the Canadian Beaufort

Paul Barrett

The Pain and Sorrow of Reservoir Modeling

Stephen Tyson

Palaeozoic Plays of the Great Basin

Rasoul Sorkhabi

The Petroleum Gulf: Oil Discoveries Off the Arabian Shore

Michael Quentin Morton

Political Geology in the Arctic

Eugene Petrov

Puzzling Salt Structures

Thomas Smith

Reducing Risk in Offhore Planning and Development

Brian Brookshire Jr., Larry Scott

Resolving Uncertainty: The Importance of Mud Logging

Neil Cardy

River of Oil: Early Oil Exploration in Iraq

Michael Quentin Morton

Russian Fold Belts: The Next Hot Play?

Konstantin Sobornov

Shale Gas in South Africa

James Mullins

A Simple Guide to Seismic Amplitudes and Detuning

Ashley Francis

A Simple Guide to Volumetrics

Ashley Francis

Simplifying Digital Rock Physics Workflows

Gareth A. James

Smart Fields: People, Processes and Technology

C. F. Chai, F. G. Van Den Berg, P. Engbers

South East Asia: Deepwater Activity in an Environment of Oversupply

Dylan Mair, Evonne Tan

South Falkland Basin: Darwinian Evolution

Bruce Farrer, Chris Rudling

Super-High Resolution Seismic Data in The Hoop Area Norwegian Barents Sea

Tomas Kjennerud, Jan Ove Knudseth, Gaetano Salvaggio, Fjalar Reynisson, Tor Åkermoen, Exploro AS, MCG ASA

Supercomputers for Beginners: Part I

Lasse Amundsen, Martin Landrø, Børge Arntsen

Supercomputers for Beginners: Part II

Lasse Amundsen, Martin Landrø, Børge Arntsen

Teamwork at Rangely

Thomas Smith

The Tectonic Fabric of North America Uncovered

Peter Webb, David Sagi, Getech

That’s Not a Very Prospective Basin…

Gerry Sheehan

The Triassic Margin Play

Munim Al-Rawi

UK Continental Shelf: Raising the Bar for Regional 3D Seismic in the Central North Sea

Gregor Duval, Steve Hollingworth, Luke Twigger, CGG

Uruguay: Small Country, Big Opportunities

Ferro Santiago, Pablo Gristo, Bruno Conti, Cecilia Romeu, Héctor De Santa Ana

Vast Potential: Mexico’s Offshore Ronda Uno

Ian Davison, Eoin O’beirne, Theodore Faull, Ian Steel

Waking Up to Papua New Guinea

David Upton

Water Matters!

Hans-Martin Schulz, Wolfgang Van Berk, Yunjiao Fu

Western Australia: North Carnarvon-Roebuck Basins

Tony Pedley, Ian Collins, Jai Pandya, Polarcus

What Lies Beneath the Deepwater Tano Basin?

Javier Martin, Gregor Duval, Lucie Lamourette

Why Norway?

Halfdan Carstens